Growing ln Grace And Knowledge


Growing ln Grace And Knowledge
Growing ln Grace And Knowledge
Tte Grace of God
Text: Titus 2:11-15
Titus 2:l I
Tihls 2:12
Titus 2: 13
Titus 2:14
Titus 2;15
For the glaco ofcod thrr bring€th salvation hdh appelrd to all m€n,
Teaching us rhat, denying ungodliness ard e,o dly lusK, $c should live soHy, right€ously, 8ad gpdly, in this pres€nt world;
and our Saviour JesuB Christ
Lookiry for that blesred Lop€, md rhe Blorious appeuillg ofth€ great
who gaye himref for us,lhd he might red€sm us from dl hiquity, ard pud& unio himselfa ptcdliar p€oplg, zcalo{s ofgood
These things speah and exhor! and rcbuke with all alhoiity. l-€t no man despise th€€.
Inuoduction: These ven€! d€ orle ofthe claar€st p3ssag€s is tb€ Bible on &e grac€ ofcod 8nd ils results.
A Christiao is on€ who
hs befl:
bycrEcc. (Sali"tion) Titus
2: I l.
Salvalion is an illclusiv€ telrtr aad contaitll a wcalth ofmeaning.
It mcans thst $9 are:
l. Cleansed iom rin by tb€ blood ofcMst.
Revclarion l:5 "And fiotn Jesu! Chrisl, rro ir drc hithful $,itn€ss, dndtrE first bcgotht offte d€a4 rnd th€ prirce offhc khg$ ofthe earttl Unlo him
lhlt loved us, ud washed us Aom qu sitrs in his own bloo4"
2. Deliyerad by his body fron lfie power ofsin.
Rqrals 6:23 "For fte waggs ofsin tJ deaft; but the gift ofcod ir etem|l life lhrougft Jesus christ our Lord.'
lolm 1027-30'l?4' sheep heat rnfroice, and I ow thea atd theyfollow ne: And I give nlo rletfl eb ml W: and ttey slul neeet lrefirh, iei Br
sdl any ntarl phtck lhefi o1d dt y hand. 1,4 Father, which gave tlcm tue, is g@dtet tlraa ell; otd ofia is able topluck t eat out d,q Fdlpr's hat td,I
ard n y Fatlet ore oE."
3. We arc lssur€d ofgtsmd lifs.
I.l,dr 14:1.3'IEt rrot yo'.t te&l be ttoubled: ye beliew in God, believ also itr rE. In rrry Fadter's hou9 ate nany dawidts: if it uteft aot so, I wovu
haw bA ya.. I go to prepare a place fol yoa And dI go atd pepare a placefor yoq I r',ill cobe again and receiw you airo n ysew that vherc I arn,
na1, be
Il. Tawhtby Grace. (Christial
Living) Titus 2:12.
A. G.!{€ teaches us the positiv€ side ofchistiar livi{g.
l. Living a godly life to givc Him praise, horcr, Frd gory.
Colossians 3:5-10 "Morti& thgrgfore your msrnbers *hich qE upod drc earth; fomigstioo, mcl9qn€ss, inordinate afr€ctior! Evil corcupiscenoe, and
idolatry: For {,hich things' sake thr rrath ofcod com€th oo tlte children ofdisobedienae: ln th€ wiicl ]e also walked some time,
when yc livcd in them. But rlow
also put ofrall thcsc; ang€r, wath, oalic€, blssphcmy, filthy conmuricdion out of
moutt. Lic not one to anoth€t,
seeing that ye hwe put offflle oLt
'€m{n {,itb his deeds; And have put on ttg nplv rrar, $hich is rsno\ €d in krowledge after
'our&e ifiag" ofhind ftat cnatcd
govotousD€6,s, whiah is
righteously, (in a right rolslionsNp with) Cod, olhers, ad ourselves.
Rornans 12:l?-21 'R€ootlp€ns€ to no mofl evil for evil. P.ovide things hon€st in tte sight ofall
Ifit be posribl€,
uch as licth it yorl live
p€$asbly $ith all rn€n- D€arfy belovo4 avcng€ rnt yourselv€,e, but /at,€/ give place unto ru!fti for 'rcn.
it is nrittei! veng€aroe tJ mioc; I will .€pcy, s&ith the
lrrd, Thqeftrc ifthhe etlemy hungor, fegd hilrl; ifhe thirst give him &ink for in so dohg thou dralt heap ooals offire or hi$ hoad. Be not overcome of
evil, but ov€rcome cvil with good."
3, Live I lifc growiry in th€ gnrg rnd howlcdgg ofJ€sus Chiist.
U Pcfer 3:18 "But grow it gtace, snd ,'| trc tno\rledge ofour Lord ard Saviour Jcsus Ctuist. To bim ,e glory botb trofl and for ever. Amen-*
IIL Ma*ed by Crace. (Chfistian Ho!e) Titus 2:13-14
A Grrc4 causes u! to look for Chkt.
I Thessalo[ilos 4:13.18 "But I would nol have you to be ignoler! bt€nrle4 concerni[g thctn vhicl ee rsle€p, that y€ sqrow no! wer rs othe$ q'hich
have no hop€. For ifrr€ bcli€vg that J€6u$ dicd ard ros€ agait! ovon ro tlrcrn also wltich sl€ep in Jesus wiu God bring with hi!n. For this rrve sry unto you by
the \ ord ofth€ Lon4 thd $€ which {E aliyc a,rdr€mflb utrto the lomiog oftte Lord shal not prevent ftao {hich sr9 asleep. Fol the l.ord himselfsl&l
descend frsn heav€o lvitlr e $ou! with 0rc yoice oftt€ arclt{ngsl, ard with th€ hunp ofcod: and the dead irr Christ stnll rise first The we vhich a&
aliY€ ard rgn|lain shall be osughl W togcther witb $ein in the clouds, to nr€€t tlle l,o.d in dle air: and so shall \it evcr be with dle lord. Whercfors aonfon
orc arc&er wifr thesr wods."
B. Graca e{uses us to be I peculiar pcoplc, (A pe{pls belongirg to Christ.)
I Corin$irns 6:19.20 "what? kro$/ ye not thd youl
is the t mple oftbe Holy chost rrrrcl, ir in you, whiah ye hsvc ofco4 ard aot your
o\an? For ye 619 bought witll a pric€i thcrsfore gloriry God in your body' Erd in your spir4 wlich am Cod's."
C. Croce causes us to look like ClEist.
Eph€sians 2: 8-10 "For by€ 8r€ ye savad tbrough fai0r; ad ftd rct ofyourselv€s: t is lh€ gift ofcod: Not ofvots, lsst atry mln should boart. Fot
t{E {9 his workmar$hip, cr€€t6d irl Chdst J€sus ltnto good worts, whio{ Cod halh b€fore ordain€d thar we should walk io 6ero."
2. Living