Goodness Grows


Goodness Grows
Goodness Grows
NC Cooperative Extension Home Horticulture Newsletter – November 2008
Gardeners know all the dirt.
-Popular saying
Best Berry Producers
Horticulture Library
Consider incorporating these heavy fruit producing
shrubs and trees into your landscape. Keep in mind
that some may require a pollinator.
A great gift for any gardener:
Ilex verticillata
Euonymus americanus
Hearts A Bustin
Pyracantha coccinea
Scarlet Firethorn
Callicarpa americana
American Beautyberry
Gardens of North Carolina: A Traveler’s Guide
By Peter Loewer (Paperback, 2007)
From the amazing North
Carolina Arboretum in
Asheville to the wondrous
Sarah P. Duke Gardens in
Durham, this full-color guide
presents the beauty of tourist
gardens in the Tarheel State.
Explore the majestic
Elizabethan Garden in
Manteo. Wander the historic
gardens of North Carolina's
first capitol at Tryon Palace. Find natural beauty
near an urban setting at Wing Haven Gardens in
Charlotte. The gardens are organized by region and
surveyed individually, with visitor information,
directions, hours, and major attractions for each.
Make a Magnolia Wreath
Crataegus phaenopyrum
Washington Hawthorne
Ilex vomitoria
Yaupon Holly
Ideas For Herbs
If you’ve harvested the herbs from summer but
aren’t sure how to use them, try one of these ideas:
Scented Wood – Sprinkle cuttings from herbs like
lavender and rosemary on the fire to scent a room.
Lavender soother – Keep a dish of lavender by the
telephone for a soothing fragrance.
Scented Books – Put a small sachet of santolina on
your bookshelf to scent the books and discourage
Scented Candles - Buy a candle making kit and add
small pieces of dried herbs like lemon thyme, mint
or rosemary.
Potholders – Add rosemary or thyme into the
padding of potholder; scent is released when warm.
Scented Hangers – Include herbs in the padding
when making fabric-covered coat hangers.
You’ll need:
• 18” straw wreath form
• 21-gauge wire for hanging
• At least 150 medium-sized green, glycerized
magnolia leaves
• At least 150 wired wooden floral picks
1. Bind the stem of each
magnolia leaf to a wooden
floral pick with the attached
2. Fasten the leaves to the
wreath form by poking the
wooden picks into the straw
at an angle. Take care to
position the tips of the leaves so that they point in
the same direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise around the form.
3. Hide the pick-ends of the leaves by placing the
bottom, pick-end of each new leaf at least a half-inch
underneath the previous one, creating a smooth,
layered effect. (from Clemson Extension)
Keep Planting!
The ideal time to plant many trees and shrubs is
during the fall (September – December). Weather
conditions are cool and allow plants to establish
roots in the new location before spring rains and
summer heat stimulate new top growth. Visit for tree care information.