Garden Etiquette - Butchart Gardens


Garden Etiquette - Butchart Gardens
Garden Etiquette
For the enjoyment and safety of all visitors, and to provide a tranquil
atmosphere for all while visiting The Butchart Gardens,
n Smoking
or Vaping is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
n Visitors
must conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Anyone who demonstrates disruptive
behavior or undertakes activities unsuitable to The Gardens may be required to leave the premises.
n Quiet
voices are expected in all areas of The Gardens.
n Please
n No
be respectful of our plants and remain on the paths; do not pick flowers or fruit.
open alcohol is allowed on the premises; our restaurants will be pleased to serve you.
n Pets
must be kept on a short leash, and under control at all times; owners are required to clean
up after them.
n Wheelchairs
and children’s strollers are available on loan at the Information Centre. Please
do not mistreat or use these items for any other purpose.
n Child
and youth groups must be escorted by an appropriate number of chaperones. It is our
pleasure to offer, by pre-arrangement through our Group Services Department, complimentary
admission for chaperones.
n Visitors
with wider than average wheelchairs, scooters, or strollers must be patient and use extra caution.
n Photography
is welcome, but should not interfere with the enjoyment of other visitors; please
do not block pathways with tripods or selfie-sticks.
n Wedding
parties, wedding photos, ceremonies, and clothing resembling wedding attire is not permitted
in The Gardens except as authorized during our Wedding Season, January 15th – March 31st.
Please refrain from the following activities while visiting The Gardens,
n Throwing,
catching or kicking games, running or jogging.
n Wheeled-shoes, rollerblades, bicycles, scooters, Segways, skateboards or other
recreational wheeled devices.
n Use of kites or drones.
n Loud music or unauthorized musical performances.
n Selfie-sticks may not be used for photographing or filming our Firework Shows.
n Costumes of any sort.
n The distribution of any outside literature.
n The dispersal of ashes.