the little brown church



the little brown church
Where Family Matters Most!
Consider having your Wedding down the street from
Because time is fleeting & life is ever changing,
setting roots and establishing traditions are among
the greatest treasures that families can share together.
“the little brown church”
“the little brown church”
The Little Brown Church is back in business!
Having established its roots in the early 1900s as the
Whidbey Island Free Methodist Church,
George & Lila Mills rededicate this 100-year-old historic treasure!
7027 Maxwelton Road, Clinton,Washington 98236
Phone: (360) 579-2007
George & Lila Mills, grandchildren of the original-founding members,
have been collecting wedding photos to share with the community.
They invite you to consider holding your Wedding Ceremony at
The Little Brown Church.
Current cost: A happy couple, a photo of your special day, and a donation
Thank you!