www.diana-candles.com ...in a modern design


www.diana-candles.com ...in a modern design
...in a modern design
285 employees
Aprox €. 30.000.000 turnover
Three factories, two in Denmark and one in Latvia
First choice for flexibility and logistic in Scandinavia.
Production Capacity
• Pillar candles – aprox 10.000 pcs/hour.
• Stearin Crown candles – aprox 15.000 pcs/hour.
• “Hand” dipped taper candles - aprox 7.500 pcs/hour.
• Extruded taper candles - aprox 9.000 pcs/hour.
Consumption PARAFFIN = aprox 5.000 tons per year.
Consumption STEARIN = aprox 4.500 tons per year.
Warehouse capacity = 32.000 pallet spaces.
Our candles
We can offer a very wide range of candles in many colors.
We produce more or less all kinds of basic candles,and
have a very wide range of special candles for the seasons
like easter, summer, autumn and Christmas.
We have our own development and design department
and have 3 designers in-house. This means that there is
a very short way from idea to reality and we can assist in
setting up and develop our customers own ideas.
We only produce candles of the BEST QUALITY!
The European Quality Association for Candles herewith awards,
due to the present test report of its Quality Committee, the following mark for
Pillar candles > 40 g, Ø > 30 mm to ≤ 60 mm
Pillar candles > 40 g, Ø > 60 mm
Tapered candles
Ball candles
Star candle
SIA Diana Sveces
Rupniecibas iela 33
Lettland – 3601 Ventspils
which is accepted by
(RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Marking) and
protected by the law of trademarks and registered at the German Patent Office:
“Quality Mark Candles”
European Quality Association for Candles
Stuttgart, 12 December 2012