Thema 8 Unit 3 File - Camden Haven High School e


Thema 8 Unit 3 File - Camden Haven High School e
Eine Einladung
In this unit you will:
• complete your Thema 8 work
• write a poem in German
• do the tests for Thema 8
Abbreviations: Kb
Kursbuch (Textbook)
Arbeitsbuch (Workbook)
Blackline master (worksheet)
Website CD or website:
Revision and Consolidation
This lesson will be time to finish your work and revise, to prepare for the
Thema 8 tests.
Firstly, a word game: Ab p94, Ex 11 Ein Wortspiel.
See how many words you can make!
Next, reading a poem about the seasons.
Go to Ab p96, Ex 16: Lies mal! Ein Gedicht and read the poem carefully.
Perhaps you could read it to your teacher, as poetry is best spoken!
Then answer in German the questions which follow it.
Check your Solutions.
-1Camden Haven High School
Now, try Ab p99, Ex 22, Mach mit! Ein Handygespräch
This exercise could be done with your teacher, but make sure you are wellprepared beforehand.
If you have time available now or during the next lesson, use it to complete
any unfinished exercises, revise and go through Checkliste, Ab p100, to
prepare for your tests.
Writing a short poem in German
Find BLM 8.2 Elfchen and read through the introduction.
To write an eleven word poem, an Elfchen, is not hard if you follow the
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Line 2:
Line 3:
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Line 5:
one word
the topic of the poem
two words
three words
four words
one word
summarising the poem content
Here are some examples, called Frühlings – Elfchen, written by some
young German children. The themes are related to Spring, Easter, etc.
If you have trouble understanding them, check with your teacher (but try
yourself, first, with a dictionary!)
-2Camden Haven High School
(i) About eggs
(ii) About Easter eggs
warm gekocht
schmeckt einfach lecker
mit viel frischem Spinat
bunt wie
die weite Welt
gelb rot grün blau
(iii) About snowdrops
(little green and white flowers)
grün weiß
sie sind schön
und nicht sehr groß
(iv) About icecream
lecker schmecker
große gute Kugeln
ist ganz schnell weg
Now try writing an Elfchen or two, yourself.
You could use things you have studied recently as your topic, such as a
season, a festival, holidays, food, etc.
The key is simplicity, keep it simple and don’t try to use complicated
Send in your Elfchen with this TP.
Your teacher will certainly enjoy reading it!
-3Camden Haven High School
Test Time!
Your test consists of BLMs 8.3 – 8.7 (inclusive).
Print these and send them to your teacher with this TP.
BLM 8.3
Hör mal!
Audio CD 4 track 32
BLM 8.4
Mach mit!
(prepare then read your answers to your teacher)
BLM 8.5
Lies mal!
BLM 8.6
BLM 8.7
Schreib mal!
(Vocabulary and grammar structures)
Please complete these pages under test conditions (that is, no referring to
your notes/text unless your teacher says otherwise).
-4Camden Haven High School