Done,HS : SA Indian Whos Who 1936-1937


Done,HS : SA Indian Whos Who 1936-1937
DONE, Herbert
S e l l a - D u r a ; b . Durban, Oct., 1897 ; edzcc.
Teachers' Training
Classes. passed Senior
Teacheis' Exam, 1922.
T.4, 1933, National
Seniorcertificate, June
1934 ; m. twice, first
e . d . of Rajoo Chetty,
Sea View, second 3rd
d . of Iiarappen MoodIcy, of Maritzburg ; 3 s .
Commenced teaching
April 1 , 1911 being
appointed on the staff
of the South Coast
Tunction School. Dromoted headmaste; of
the Clainvood Government Aided School, 1919, which
under his charge has grown to be one of the largest
Indian schools in the Province. Pzcblic activilies : A
foundation member of the Natal Indian Teachers'
member and now vice-presdt.
Presdt. and founder of the Suburban Indian Boy
Scouts and Girl Guides Assocn. (Durban and 1)istricts).
Was responsible for starting the Clairwood Girls'
School and the Clairwootl Preparatory Boys' School ;
one of the trustees of the Clairwood ~amil'Schoo1and
associated with several other educational and social
activities. Formerly a keen football and cricket
player; one of the founders of the Clairwood Tennis
Club ; former presdt. of the Natal Indian Lawn Tennis
Assocn. Keenly interested in the educational advancement of the Indian youth of the country. Address:
38, Chamberlain Rd., Jacobs, Natal.
I 1
DOOLA, Mahomed
M o o s a : b. Iiachol~,
1901 ; edztc. Iiacholi.
Came to South .Africa
with his parents in
1913, joining them in
business a t $~oderbuilt,
Heidelberg. After closing
down the business returned to India, came
back three years afterwards. I n 1927 opened
firm of general dealers
in the name of Doola
Hros. Has since added
a branch store a t Lichtenburg.
Has the
leading store in the
area, carrying on both
wholesale and retail trade. Public work : Represented
his district a t the S.A.I.C. Conference, Johannesburg,
1933 ; Chairman, Diamondfield Muslim Community ;
interested in all matters affecting his community.
Address : P.O. Box 28. Phone 18, Elandsputte, via
F a k i r (also known as
P . Days) ; b. Kosh,
Baroda State, 1887 ;
e d u c . Icosh ; twice
married, late Manchha,
d . of Iiama Khoosal,
Tapri, d . of Dhanjee
Came to
South Africa i n 1910.
stayed first in Cape
Town, later Port
Elizabeth, where he
has permanently resided. First in private '
employment. Opened
own business first as
a fruiterer, later boot
and shoe merchant.
a t which he is now occupied. PII/)ILCnctivilies :
Secty., Veda Dharma Sabha, 1915-18 ; asst.-secty.,
Cape British Council, 1916-19. On return from lndia
one of those who founded the Kshyatri Gugerati
Mundal, its first asst.-secty, 1924-29, afterwards its
general secty.; asst.-secty. Cape British Indian
Council. Address : 145. Walmer Rd., Phone 3624,
Port Elizabeth, Cape Province.
S h e r k h a n ; h. Isipingo,
Dec. 14, 1891; edzcc.
Higher Grade School,
St. Aidan's College and
private study, Durban.
Qualified professionally
a t Durban, passing the
Senior Indian Teachers'
Examination in 191 1.
Appointed a s s i s t a n t
teacher a t the Victoria
Street Government Indian School 1912, later
transferred t o t h e
Depot Road School.
Promoted headmaster
of the Stanger Government Indian School,
1920, which was then opened and guidctl its subsequent tlevelopment until the present time, when
i t has reached 1st grade status. Was a committee
member of the Xatal Indian Teachers' Society and
before its formation was one of those actively interestcd .
in the cause of the improved status for teachers in
Government Indian Schools. Was presdt., Stanger
Indian Teachers' Tennis Club and repstd. i t a t interclub Natal fixtures ; has held other official appointRecreation : tennis.
ments i n sporting bodies.
Address : Government Indian School, Stanger, Natal.
DULLABH, Govind,
merchant ; b. India.
Soon after his arrival
in this country, has
been engaged in business. Was a partner,
with Vallabh Jivan,
in the general dealer's
business a t Davel. H e
has now retired, his
interest having been
taken over by his son.
Public activities :
?\ highly respected
member of the Transvaal Prajapati Assocn.
Address : P.O. Box 34,
Davel. Transvaal.
B R A H I M , Haj e e S u l e m a n ; b.
Ranavav, I n d i a ,
1884 ; edz~c.Ranavav.
Came to S: Africa 1897.
settling i n Pretoria.
First in private employment, startingown business in 1905 in partners h i p i n t h e f i r m of
N. M. Ebrahim & Co.,
wholesale merchants.
I s now a partner in
the firm of Cassim &
Ebrahim, wholesalers,
in Pretoria, with extensive business connections in the Transvaal.
Has travelled
extensively, visiting Europe and Egypt ; made his
pilgrimage t o Mecca 1927. I s keenly interested in
welfare of his community, being a steady silent worker.
Address : 175 and 177, Prinsloo St., Box 709.
Phone 3 1, Pretoria, Transvaal.
EBRAHIM, Mah o m e d J o o s u b ; e . s.
of Mahomed Joosub
Moosa, merchant, Ermelo ; b . Ermelo.
Transvaal. I s engaged
in his father's business.
Address : Ravalia
Buildings, Naude St..
Phone 141. P.O. Box
108. Tel. address :
"Moosa Hros," Ermelo,
EBRAHIM, Mah o m e d ; b. Mushason,
dist. Amod, 1873. Arrived in Cape Town,
1902, where he settled.
Started business as a
wholesale f i s h an,d
general merchant. In
which he is still engaged. I s a large property owner.
activities : Presdt. of
the first Muslim Conference in South A f ~ i c a
held in Cape Town,
1933, opened by Prince
Md Ikram, of Turkey.
Trustee of several Cape
Town Mosques; one
of the principal founders of the Government Muslim
Indian Conaress :
School. R a t t s Road : v . - ~ r e s d t . Cape
onebf'the leading bffi4a1s of t h e Icanamea ~ u s l i m
League. Highly respected b y all sections of the
community. Address : Batts Rd., phone Wyn. 49,
Wynberg, Cape.
E D R U S , S a y e d Ma-!
h o m e d ; 3rd s. of His
Holiness Sayed Mustupha Edrus and grandson of the late Hon.
Sayed Hassam Edrus,
C.S.I., a family well
known for its public
work for the last 800
years in India; b. Surat,
June 17, 1897. Educ.
High School. Bulsar ;
1916 joined Elphinstone
College, passed interarts and before taking
final B.A. left when
Mahatma Gandhi, with
whom he was associated.
s t a r t e d his non-cooperation campaign, calling upon students t o leave
government colleges.
Thereafter connected with
national movement, Gugerat delegate to the Nagpur
and Ahmedabad All-India Congress ; Member of the
Subject Committee, Muslim League and Ichalifat
Conferences. V-presdt., All-India Students' Federation
Meeting a t Baroda, 1921 (the presdt. being Sir Norman
MacLeod, then Chief Justice of Bombay) ; was delegate
to other important conferences, political, social and
educational. I n 1923 entered business a t Bombay,
later was in Rangoon for five years. Returned t o
Surat when took up coaching students for the Bombay
University esan~s.,f~eceived call for educational
service from Zeerust Indians, and in response gave
u p important post in India t o come t o Zeerust. Now
Principal, Zeerust Govt. Indian School. A keen
student of Persian, Urdu, Hindi, etc. Sport : cricket,
hockey, tennis, badminton. Hobby : verse writing
and newsDaDer articles. Address : Govt. Indian
. * 101, Zeerust, Transvaal.
School, ~ . bBox