Difficulty level: Green
Estimated time: 1-2 h
Altitude: 130 m
The bike ride is an easy level that suits families or people
during the summer at hembygdsgården. Hembygden’s Day is
who don’t want to cycle that far. It will take you past
traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of August each
fascinating historical sites, lakes with bathing areas and via
Kvarntorpshögen, which has an unusual art exhibition. The
ride starts at the tourist office in the square. Cycle up to
Hagendalsvägen road, keep right and go under the railway.
Follow the railway north. After just over a kilometre you will
pass underneath Örebrovägen road. Just before you reach
this road, turn right along Gamla Örebrovägen road. As
you approach the residential area Smedstorp you will arrive
at the old Eriksgatan road, which followed the ridges from
Kumla, past Mosås as far as Örebro. Follow the road past
the residential area and cycle straight on to the cycle path on
Örebrovägen road. Turn right and follow the road until you
reach the turnoff for Säbylund. If you fancy a dip, you can
carry on for a few more hundred metres to Säbylundssjön lake,
otherwise turn up the gravel track towards Säbylund.
1. Galgtallen is close to the petrol station in Åsbro. This used
to be the gallows tree for the district of Kumla. The tall, cloven
pine by the petrol station is protected by law as a natural
monument. We do not know who the last person was to be
executed in Åsbro. However, we do know that Petter Svensson
from southern Lerbäck was hung here for murder around the
year 1810.
2. Klockarhyttefältet. Interesting ridge landscape featuring
what are known as ridge pits. Klockarhyttefältet is one of
the county’s main marginal plateaus. There is a great view
of the hilly farmland at Hult where the cycle path crosses
the old road. You will also pass Kyrksjön lake, which now
offers accommodation with a cafe. Next you will come to
Lerbäcks Kyrkby with its 18th century church. Preserved
former hostelry and homestead museum in Bergsmansgården
dating back to 1843. Lerbäcks Kyrkby is an old marketplace
that is resurrected every year at the beginning of July via
Lerbäck’s market. There are also outdoor theatre performances
3. Spånbrokällan – also known as Trefaldighetskällan (Trinity
spring). According to tradition, young people gathered here
the night before Trinity Sunday to dance and make offerings to
the spring. The spring was said to have special healing powers,
but there were three areas it could not help with – jealousy,
envy and quarrelsomeness. You could also come with offerings
at other times of the year. Wealthy people visited the spring
during the day, while the poor folk crept there at night.