The MoZone answer for Digital Signage Market


The MoZone answer for Digital Signage Market
What’s next in Customer Engagement
The MoZone answer for Digital Signage Market
Leverage your current Screens
simply add in parallel with your existing Media Players
Display into your customers Smart Phones wherever
they sit, stand or walk next to your screen
No APP is required
works with any Wifi enabled device
Works with Phones and Tablets, support Apple, Android, Windows - any device with Wifi capability
Count, Measure & Track your Audience
Track Audience size, dwell times, gender, zip code - and
drive up value for your Network
Convert your static screens to Interactive
Customers can fill in forms, order, view brochures, video’s, receive messages, get personalized content
WiFi Remote Screen Control
MoZone enables users to select content and have it display on your HDTV screens all from their own device
Reach customers even after they leave
If a MoZone customer only looks in window, stays for a few minutes MoZone helps you reach them via wifi or text message
Fast deployment and Content update
5 minute set up, content can be updated locally by USB, DropBox or for advanced users remote FTP/CMS
Industry standard,
high quality hardware
Intel x 86 based,
connect the power and
internet and power it on.
MoZone Value Proposition
Increased Value for your screens - increased CRMs
Adds Interactive Engagement
Real Analytics, Data, Demographics - OEM MoZone data to Brands
Reach customers even after they have left location
The Patent Pending MoZone System
Try it for free for 30 days - no obligation,
then pay small monthly subscription, or purchase outright
white label options for OEM’s