Jupiter man arrested driving stolen Camaro with 4 flat tires on I-95


Jupiter man arrested driving stolen Camaro with 4 flat tires on I-95
Jupiter man arrested after driving Camaro stolen from airport, police say - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
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Jupiter man arrested driving stolen
Camaro with 4 flat tires on I-95
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Joshua Nadelhoff, 29, was arrested driving a red Camaro with four flat tires on Interstate 95 Monday
morning. Police say he stole the Camaro from a car rental agency at Fort Lauderdale airport where he
rammed the security gate and drove over the tire spikes. (BSO / May 6, 2013)
By Tonya Alanez, Sun Sentinel
8:17 p.m. EDT, May 6, 2013
A Jupiter man making his getaway in a stolen red Camaro
with at least three flat tires eluded police for nearly three
hours, police records show.
Joshua Nadelhoffer was arrested early Monday after he
was apprehended behind the wheel of the stolen Camaro
on Interstate 95 just south of Atlantic Boulevard.
Police say he stole the red 2013 Chevy Camaro from a
Hertz Rent-A-Car parking lot at Fort LauderdaleHollywood International Airport about 4:15 a.m.,
rammed through the parking lot security gate and over the
tire spikes and fled with three flat tires.
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Hollywood driveway
500 Terminal Drive, Fort
Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA
West Atlantic Boulevard &
Interstate 95, Pompano
Beach, FL 33060, USA
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Jupiter man arrested after driving Camaro stolen from airport, police say - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
By the time Nadelhoffer, 29, was arrested nearly three hours later, he was about 15 miles
away and all four tires were flat.
It was Nadelhoffer's fifth arrest since Feb. 6.
Most recently, he was arrested April 7 at a Lake Worth Denny's restaurant when he couldn't
pay his $36 tab because he only had $2.
Nadelhoffer now is being held in the Broward Main Jail on grand theft auto and burglary
charges. He has had his license suspended nine times, records show.
A police report outlines the rental-car caper, as follows:
Nadelhoffer allegedly entered Hertz's parking garage where employees wash rental cars, got
into the Camaro, started it up and drove to the closed security gate.
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The employee manning the gate refused to let Nadelhoffer through. But that didn't stop
Nadelhoffer. He crashed through the gate, sailed over the tire spikes and fled with three flat
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Authorities issued a bulletin warning police to be on the lookout for Nadelhoffer and the
7-month-old can't walk
but can water ski
A Fort Lauderdale police officer spotted the Camaro with four flat tires about 7 a.m.
entering northbound Interstate 95 at Commercial Boulevard.
While the officer pursued the Camaro, Nadelhoffer refused to stop, swerved repeatedly and
ran a traffic-control device.
When the Camaro eventually spun out of control near Atlantic Boulevard, Nadelhoffer
refused to get out of the car and had to be physically removed and forced into handcuffs.
Monday's arrest was Nadelhoffer's fifth this year.
On Feb. 6, he was arrested by West Palm Beach police for battery, battery on a law
enforcement officer, resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication. Those charges were dropped
March 11.
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On March 15, the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office arrested Nadelhoffer for three traffic violations,
including knowingly driving with a suspended license.
The next day, Nadelhoffer was arrested by West Palm Beach police on a burglary charge.
That count was dropped April 9.
Two days earlier, on April 7, Nadelhoffer was arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office for
the Denny's restaurant incident on charges of defrauding an innkeeper and threatening a
police officer.
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The threat charge has since been dropped, records show.
[email protected], 954-356-4542 or Twitter @talanez
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Jupiter man arrested after driving Camaro stolen from airport, police say - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
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Comments (7)
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frankieFrank at 1:04 PM May 07, 2013
So sick of seeing scumbags being arrested with recent rap sheets a mile long. Anything
less than putting this guy in jail for a few years right now, is a failure of our judicial
markbbrewers at 12:30 AM May 07, 2013
My cousin just happened to be in 95 when he saw the Camaro with flat tires zoom right
past him. He said cops were chasing the Camaro and he could see that the driver of the
Camaro was smoking CRACK! I've been trying to tell everyone at the Broward Co
Sheriff that South Florida is infested with dope. I even wrote Mitt Romney and he
wrote me back that if he had been elected president he would have rid our nation of
dope once and for all with dope sniffing, video taping, drones! God bless Mitt.
LeadArbitrator at 8:48 PM May 06, 2013
Five arrests this year for various crimes by several agencies, many charges dropped,
little jail time and we wonder why this guy continues to commit crimes? Really?
I wonder, in total cost to this guy, how much he spent on attorneys and paying traffic
citations or did he just dodge those expenses as well.
Someone who has their license suspended nine times should, at this point, have his
license revoked and should automatically receive jail time for driving without a valid
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Jupiter man arrested after driving Camaro stolen from airport, police say - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
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