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spider collective - DansCentrumJette
DCJ on Tour is an initiative launched by Danscentrumjette and Red Orange Productions.
Over the past few years, I noticed with pleasure that a number of evening-lenth
performances created with support of Danscentrumjette found their way to stages in
Belgium and abroad.
For newcomer artists who o en make shorter pieces, the time has arrived for their work
to nd their way to the right stages and platforms. Until now their options have been
limited to dance festivals. Danscentrumjette and RedOrangeProductions are actively
nding new possibilities for these young artists so that their beautiful, interesting, playful
and refreshing new creations may ourish.
We are happy to present this catalogue featuring creations made with the support of
Danscentrumjette. We know that many of you are already busy programming
contemporary dance and that you may be familiar with some of the artists presented here.
For others, we hope that this catalogue intrigues you to program contemporary dance in
your venue.
We hope to o er programmers a variety of possibilities to compile the dance events that
correspond to the pro le and vision of their programmation. Which is why the
performances are grouped according to length, from full evening to short format.
Should you desire, Danscentrumjette can also o er to frame or contextualize these works.
We would be happy to provide suggestions for a speci c artistic theme or certain audience
young, old, initiation to dance or experienced public… . We can also contextualize your
progam by proposing introductions, debates, workshops, lms or photo exhibitions.
Since 1996, Danscentrumjette has been stimulating, supporting and di using research and
creation in the eld of contemporary dance through residencies, professional training
programs and outreach. Danscentrumjette is based in Brussels. Red Orange Productions is
the independent management and production arm of DCJ and aims to provide an outlet
for new and experienced dance makers.
Enjoy the catalogue and please feel free to contact us any time.
Roxane Huilmand.
Full evening performances
In the rst part of this catalogue we present seven
evening-length performances by our 2010-2011
residents: Caroline D Haese & Leena Keizer, Julyen
Hamilton, Marie Limet, Mala Hierba, Giulia
Mureddu, Les SlovaKs Dance Collective and the
Spider Collective.
60 minutes, Duet
© Clara Hermans
How Ever Hard you Run, You always Remain in your Own Skin.
This landschape has no end. It is dirty, magical and quiet, it wrinkles. It is tight and breakable.
Overgrown with hair at some places and totally deserted at others. It contains stories you can not or
should not remember, scraped of the skin, encounters only your skin is allowed to remember. The
chances on getting lost are apparent. The current Magdala.
In MAGDALA two dancers turn realities inside out, each others reality and those of the women in
between them. A current of anonymous bodies ows eternally through time and space, of which
some stories come dri ing on the surface and others never catch the daylight. Stories get split over
more women or stories get a second life on somebody elses body... Ongoing, always ending and
starting, a history of female bodies.
Caroline D Haese BE and Leena Keizer FIN/NL danced together in the Dutch Muziektheater in
2007. D Haese Bachianas 2009, Elexir 2004 and Keizer winner of ITS Festival 2008 are strongly
attracked to each others maker- and performership.
With Magdala they hit the stage again together but now with own work emerging from their
intruiging collaboration. They prepared themselves for electrictiy, loneliness, alienation, coming
home, cursing, saying goodby, staying.
About Caroline D Haese
Caroline D Haese Aalst 1980 is a choreographer and dancer. She studied contemporary dance in Lier
HID , London London Contemporary Dance School and California California Institute of the Arts.
She worked amongst others with Retina Dance Company, Marie De Corte, Marc Vanrunxt en Rasmus
Olme. In 2004 she created her solo Elixir for the Kunstencentrum Netwerk in Aalst, coached by Marc
Vanrunxt. In 2008 she created Bachianas, a fABULEUS production.
About Leena Keizer
Leena Keizer Helsinki, 1982 is a choreographer and dancer who grow up in the north of Finland.
She had a classical Vaganova training, graduated in a BA journalism 2005 and a BA women studies
2006 at the Jyv skyl Universiteit, Finland. In Amsterdam, in the school for Nieuwe Dans
Ontwikkeling, Keizer found a way to combine contemporary dance and her interest for the theme
gender and combine the physical with the text. She graduated as a choreographer in 2008.
MAGDALA TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=729wWkaVOjg
Technical details
Arrival of the company: 9am unless otherwise agreed, with a crew of two or three
persons technician and graphic designer, possibly the light designer and two
dancers, three or four extra dancers, one cellist and one member of the
Construction time of play set: at least four hours. One extra construction day is
preferable, but not always necessary, depending on the venue.
Break down and cleanup time is estimated to be two hours.
We prefer to have two extra technicians at our disposition. If this is not possible,
please let us know.
MAGDALA has a frontal positioning, and preferably the stage should be at the same
level as the audience. In larger venues it can be played STAGE ON STAGE in a black
box construction, where the wings need to be hanged at speci c distances. For
smaller stages, where the audience sits lower than the stage, a more conventional
frontal positioning is possible, but the rst three or four rows cannot be sold and
the latter rows might have to be closed o in order to preserve the intimate set-up.
© Douwe Smit
Seraphine Stragier; DESIGN: Jeroen Van der Fraenen i.s.m Jannike Pharasyn, Veerle Tytgat en
Maghalie Dooms; LIGHTDESIGN: Glen D haenens; COACHING: Marc Vanrunxt, Merlin Spie, Yves
De Pauw CO-PRODUCTION: Cultuurcentrum Hasselt, CC De Spil & TAKT Dommelhof
WITH THE SUPPORT OF De Vlaamse Gemeenschap, De Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, wp Zimmer,
STUK, Danscentrumjette and compagnie Lodewijk/Louis
45 minutes, Solo
The immaterial world
© Julyen Hamilton
This is my take on the beyond as it resides right in the here and now. It is both eerie and assuring; it
wavers calmly on the edge of perception and understanding. It provides no reference except the
movement of and the sounds from the body. Welcome to the Immaterial World.
60 minutes, Group Performance
Local Talk
Local Talk is a dance, text, space, voice and object piece. Local Talk is directed by Julyen Hamilton.
About Allens Line
Allen s Line is the company of Julyen Hamilton :
In 1991 I started a Company which I directed over the following 10 years making 13 pieces and
performing throughout Europe. Since then ... I made a whole series of solos and collaborations with
other dancers and musicians ... but did no company directing, so in the autumn of this year I will be
starting to work with a group of dancers and a poet living in Brussels. The central theme with this
group is the work with dance, space, text and voice orchestrating all and each of these elements and
doing it all on the y as an instant composition in performance.
Letting these areas of expression be made and housed all together, their individual qualities
constantly interacting at di erent levels, weaving a whole, multi layered expression. Stories,
conversations, vocal lines, melodies and dialogue all present, supporting and providing contexts for
each other.In my experience from making many pieces which explore and expose these issues, all
these elements live naturally together. The spoken voice is made through a moving body; a line of
speech inherently carries its melody; a phrase of dance automatically exists threaded with a musical
phrasing and temporal rhythms. My interest in placing these streams together is to touch the
expressive powers which they unleash through parallel support and lateral associations. We both cut
up and multi-layer the material, instantly editing as we go, letting the result be immediately
Technical details
To be negotiated as is dependent on the context and nature of the space itself.
Basic lighting rig : details to be made in-conjunction with the nature of the space.
© Patrick Beelaert
Local talk
CONCEPT & CREATION: Julyen Hamilton. PERFORMERS: Julyen Hamilton / Billie Hanne / Boris Cossio / Ana
Jommi / Agostina d Alessandro / Yoann Boyer / Barbara Pereyra / Theodossia Stathi. AUTHORS OF MUSIC/
LIGHTDESIGN/SOUND/COSTUMES : The Company. CAST: Billie Hanne as horse, Ana Iommi as thread,
Theodossia Stathi as bridge, Boris Cossio as gate, Agostina d Alessandro as bread, Julyen Hamilton as radio,
Yoann Boyer as boulevard, Barbara Pereyra as gamba.
The Immaterial world
CONCEPT & CREATION: Julyen Hamilton. PERFORMERS: Julyen Hamilton
55 minutes, Solo
Tout le monde a n existe pas
Tout le monde a n existe pas is a very physical and
theatrical solo.
The tools are : a straightforward speech round disability,
an aesthetic prosthesis, a one hand body dancing and the
music of Tom Waits.
© Laura Zuallaert
This is physical theater solo willing to question di erences, monsters and ways of looking at
the other and at oneself.
Honestly, could you imagine waking up, every single morning, with your abby legs, your 7
ngers, your scary harelip, your eyes full of shit, your holeless ass, your small boobs, your fart
face, your bimbo brain, your missing hand ?
If anyone wants to walk in my shoes for a while... jump in !
About Marie Limet & Laure Saupique
Marie Limet is a performer, author and choreographer. She studies dance, theater and music
with various artists and in many places NSCD, DCJ, Huy and Etterbeek Conservatory,
AKDT,... . She worked with Iris Bouche in Cutting Space and has always been interested in
making her own work. For her, bodies are storytellers.
Laure Saupique is a comedian, author, dramaturge, member of the Beautiful Fools short
animation lms makers ... She studied at the Ecole Florent and at the Lee Strasberg
Theatre Institute in New York. Since she has been working with various artists, companies
and theaters. It is their rst collaboration.
LIGHTDESIGN : Laure Saupique DRESS AND JACKET : Lucie Burton and Julie Feider alias Marius Pompon
MUSIC : Tom Waits
COPRODUCER : asbl Le P re Prodigue
SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS : Danscentrumjette, Maison des Cultures et de la Coh sion Sociale, Marni
Theater, AKDT of Neufch teau,
Selected by AWIPH for their Sensibilisation 2010-2013 Campaign
le pere prodigue asbl
Technical details
No d cor. Floor : dance or wooden oor 8m/8m
Sound system CD player Lights :
1 ligne de faces
1 ligne de contres
6 lat raux mi-hauteur r partis 2 cour, 2 au milieu et 2
2 projecteurs au sol en avant sc ne cour et jardin
1 point en avant sc ne milieu venant de la face.
1 point en fond de sc ne milieu en contre
Pas de g latine sur les projecteurs, mais du di useur.
jardin non group s.
55 minutes, Duet
Le pli
© Juan Adrio
The depth is a Fold of the surface Gilles Deleuze
Exploring the area of femininity and its surfaces, Le PLI brings us where the relationship and the
images are sometimes misleading. Two women, in the limit of reality and unconsciousness, between
the silence and the darkness of their beings, play with the unbalance, the stillness and the dri . A
game of sharing, dominating, being slave, controling…in a constant seek of balance in a di erent
rhythm of the time and where the space get folded in order to revelate the chiasm. A travel from the
deep to the surface.
About Marielle Morales
She performs with the Cies Provisional Danza in Madrid, Sol Pico and Lapsus in Barcelona, Pierre
Droulers, Stefan Dreher, Thierry de Mey and Fr Werbrouk in Brussels and founds the Cie mala
hierba ? in 2004 in Brussels. She is regularly invited as a teacher and choreographer. Among others
she teaches in Danscentrumjette and coaches some companies like NeedCompany, Mich le-Anne de
Mey or in art schools like RITS. She received two times the Award for the best female performer and
her piece Un gou re sous l paule A gap under the shoulder received the Award of the best mise
en scene . She created Algo in 2010 and Le PLI in 2011 best Mise en Sc ne in 2011 with Antia Diaz.
About Antia Diaz
Performer in the M galo Teatro movil Company in Madrid, in the Cie Mich le-Anne de Mey in
Brussels and collaborator of Kendell Geers, international visual and plastical artist. At the same times
she works in several projects with the emish director Michiel Soete and with the Cie mala
hierba ? . Her solo DIOLA won the Prize of the Culture s Minister in Spain, called Premio Injuve in
2009. In 2010 she created Algo with Marielle Morales and Guillaume Trontin. In 2011 she created with
Marielle Morales Le PLI. The same year she made a replacement in The ballet of Sam Hogue and
Auguste Benjamin by Thomas Steyaert and Ra l Maya. And she collaborated with the plastic artist
Amaya Gonzalez in the video Vivencias de una urraca, supported by Agadic Galicia. Spain .
Technical details
CREATION & PERFORMANCE: Antia Diaz & Marielle Morales COSTUMES: Cia mala hierba ? and Des Habits
Tu s Parijs SOUND: Michiel Soete LIGHT: Marc Lhommel PHOTO S: Juan Adrio VIDEO & GRAPHIC
MATERIAL: Sara Sampelayo EXTERNAL EYE: Sara Sampelayo, Vicky Perez, Ra aella Pollastrini.
WITH THE SUPPORT OF the French Community / Service de la Danse, Danscentrumjette, Marni Theater, La
Ra nerie/ Charleroi-Danses, Forest CC WITH THE HELP OF WBI.
55 minutes, Duet
Always known never met
The performance departs from the dialogue between a mother and her unborn child. The book
Lettere a un bambino mainato Letter to a child never born by OrianaFallaci is the inspiration.
Dancer KaterinaDietzova and actor David Eeles enter the dialogue and surf between conscious and
unconscious movements, inhibited and spoken words, visible sounds and intimate images. Through
the camera the live video images reveal themselves as an extension of the players.
By using strong images and by reducing the physical language to its essence I want to let the
spectator dive into what s happening on stage. Dance wells up - together with sound and image - in
the presence of performers Katerina and David. To me choreography is directing the intention of the
performers, the focus of the spectators, the essence of the elements forming a scene, and the journey
the di erent scenes express
About Giulia Mureddu
Over the last few years Giulia Mureddu IT/NL , brought out several projects in the Netherlands such
as : Bava 06 , Mighty MatPogo 07 , Beige, a guest-choreography for DansgroepKrisztina de Ch tel
07 , Escaping Grey 08 , the duet Amore e Merda 09 , the location project Liquid Space 6.1 09 ,
Intermezzo, a guest choreography for the company Dansgroep Amsterdam and her most recent full
evening project Prossimo. She has also presented her work, given workshops, lectures and
participated in exchange programs at several international festivals and venues including; Cyprus,
Italy, Czech republic, UK, Romania, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Poland, Germany and the USA.
In the past years Giulia has been choreographer in residency at the production house Dansmakers
Amsterdam. In 2010 she launched her own foundation Stichting Broccoli. Mureddu is also a
cofounder of Danslab in the Hague, a center for dance research and sheis also collaborating with
several international dance academies.
In 2011 her newest installation/performance Play Me was presented at several site-speci c festivals.
Technical details
minimum oor of 8x8. On stage a sofa, 3 microphones, a screen, a mirror, a video projector, a peg for
clothes, 2 lighting booms, a light spot on a tripod, few small objects.
A video projector, 3 microphones on stands, 1 spotlight on tripod, 2 lighting booms. Sound
connection to laptop.
CONCEPT: Giulia Mureddu ELABORATION: Giulia Mureddu in collaboration with de performers
PERFORMANCE: KaterinaDietzova (dancer) & David Eeles (actor) LIGHT: Roland van Ulden
DRAMATURGY: Robin Tunca ADVISE: Gaia Gonnelli MUSIC MIX: YannisKyriakide, Robert Ashley, Michele
Bagaglio, Teeth Mountain, The Originals SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jelte van Andel and DonataGelli
A cooperation between Stichting Broccoli, Danscentrumjette (Brussels), Dance New Amsterdam (New York),
Grand Theatre Groningen and with the help of Dansmakers Amsterdam.
Financially supported by VSBfonds.
60 minutes, group performance
Journey home
©Sandrine Penda
We create situations and atmospheres, develop the scenes around each ve of us as lead characters:
the folk dancer, the tough rock guy, the two inseparable brothers or the crystal silence dancer. In
subtleties between such Easter European traditions and Western cultural references, we continue to
create a playing eld onstage, where dancing reigns free and in which a special kind of physical
theatricality can emerge. Emotions, imagination, shared history and humor are all taking part in our
amalgam of short dance vignettes. Music is vital to our stage reality. Simon, as a careful tailorKapellmeister, is instantly knitting his colorful music to a perfect t for each dance scene. We sing!
Right from the centre of Slovakia, powerful and sensitive men voices sing about love and nature in
folk polyphonic harmonies. Journey Home is a voyage further into Les SlovaKs universe.
Les Slovaks Dance Collective
About Les SlovaKs Dance Collective
Les SlovaKs Dance Collective is a group of ve Slovak dancers residing in Belgium: Milan Herich,
Peter Jasko, Anton Lachky, Milan Tom ik and Martin Kilvady.
Dancing since childhood, they form their discipline in academies in Banska Bystrica and
Bratislava. Later, they departed to Brussels to complete their education at PARTS and began to dance
together. In 2006, a er a few years in which they accumulated individually rich experiences in
companies and by choreographers such as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Thomas
Hauert, David Zambrano and Akram Khan, they decided to develop a common work and established
Les SlovaKs Dance Collective. They created a rst show, Opening Night 2007 ,
then a second, Journey Home 2009 , and in 2010 Les SlovaKs The Concert
CHOREOGRAPHY AND DANCE by Les SlovaKs Dance Collective: Milan Herich, Milan Tomasik, Martin Kilvady,
Peter Jasko, Anton Lachky. COMPOSITION AND LIVE MUSIC: Simon Thierr e. SET DESIGN: Les SlovaKs
Dance Collective, Joris De Bolle. LIGHT DESIGN: Joris De Bolle. COSTUME DESIGN: Mat Voorter, Pepa
Martinex. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Joris De Bolle. PRODUCTION: Phileas Productions Belgium .
COPRODUCERS: Kaaitheater Belgium Charleroi/ Danses Belgium Teatre Mercat de les Flors Spain
Hellerau European Center for the Arts Dresden Germany . PARTNER: Danscentrumjette Belgium .
SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS: Ministry of the Flemish Community, Flemish Community Commission
and Eleonor Bauer.
Technical details
Minimum stage s size: 12 x 12 mt proscenium opening min. 11 mt
Minimum high: 6 mt tech grid or y bars .
The stage is covered by a white or grey dance Marley oor 10 x 10 with a black Marley around the
white square both Marley oors to be provided by the venue
The venue should provide 8 wooden chairs and one table +/- 60 cm x 1 mt
Light to be provided by the venue :
19 x PC 1 kW + revolving barndoors
6 x fresnel 1 kW + revolving barndoors
10 x fresnel or PC 2 kW front of house + revolving barndoors
5 x Pro le 1 or 2 Kw with gobo holder size A
4 x Pro le 1 Kw
15 x ADB Asymm. oodlight 1 kW
7 x striplights sunstrip by showtech
A good computer lighting board total of 50 channels of 2 kW
SOUND to be provided by the venue
A stereo high power quality PA system that covers the listening area
3 high power monitors for the dancers on stage, need to be 500 watt minimum!
Stereo sound console on stage, with preset FX
3 mono outputs 2xfoh, 1xmonitor
5 inputs
We need a high quality-mixing console
Two EQ S on the master FOH
©Sandrine Penda
Multidisciplinary group performance
Spider on the edge/spider expand
Spider is a travelling artistic manifestation that combines dance, visual arts & writing and includes
artists from all over Europe. Together they have created a unique event format in which a core set of
works meet new works and works in progress and meld into a performative event that re ects the
environment in which it manifests.
The idea of the Spider project developed from scratch , dealing with concepts and principles from
the edge . How is it possible to build an international interdisciplinary structure out of nothing in
these days? With a lot of work, a lot of nerve, a lot of dialogue, but with a clear idea: Let s be
realistic and demand the Impossible!
About Spider
The project Spider on the Edge is a collaboration between the following
Organisations : Kink Kong/ Pekinpah Association, Collectif Loge 22, De Facto & Studio Za Suvremeni
Ples and now also Danscentrumjette and RedOrange Productions. The Spider project emerged as
an idea of the three dancers and choreographers: Matej Kej ar Slovenia , Michael Pomero France ,
who met in Brussels at Rosas and Antigone Gyra Greece .
GR : Antigone Gyra ARTISTIC DIRECTORS LYON FR : Micha l Pomero & Julien Monty ARTISTIC DIRECTOR
Klebel WRITING LJUBLJANA SI : Andreja Kopa WRITING LYON FR : Pierre Tallaron Visual Art the false
project: Alexandros Psychoulis & Yannis Arvanitis GR Visual Art Project L.I.G.H.T.: Ur a Vidic SI TEXTS &
Pekinpah Association DESIGN: Boris Balant atelje.Balant WEB DEVELOPMENT: LJUDMILA Ljubljana
Digital Media Lab Artistic DIRECTOR SPIDER BRUSSELS: Danscentrumjette & Matej Keizar.
Short performances
In the second part of this catalogue we present
performances by Delivery Cie, Dominique
Duszynski, David Hernandez, Peter Jasko, Milan
Tomasik and Louise Vanneste.
These performances were made with the support
of Danscentrumjette over the last two years. They
are each about 30 minutes long and can be
combined for a double or triple bill.
30 Minutes, Duet @ Home
Delivery performance
Delivery Performance is an improvisation project where dance, music and other elements come
together with the same aim, to transform a private non scenically space in a stage. With the private
space we speci cally mean your home. We want to transform your house through a performance by
giving you a new view of the space that you inhabit every day, keeping the intimacy of it.
Delivery Performance takes form depending on the place that you o er us. The improvisation
performance will be a ected by the form, light, objects, history…. that belong to the place.
Our goal is to bring an artistic expression to people in a particular way, through the concept of
sending and delivering. To make this happen it is necessary to follow the next steps:
1- The interested person has to contact us & indicate the date and place where she/he would like to
receive the Delivery Performance. A erwards we will make a second appointment before the
performance to visit the space that the customer proposes.
2- Visit the place house
3- De ne the work that is going to be done.
4- Performance
About Delivery Cie
Delivery company started this work with the creation of a research laboratory about space, with
improvisation as a technique for composition. We created short pieces based in the relationship
between bodies and space. The way space changes when a body moves in it, the way context a ects
the movement and how all this in uences the instantaneous composition are the bases of our work.
To all those elements we added , the voice, the manipulation of objects that became part of the
relationship body-space in the pieces, music, installation, video….A er a long period of research, we
decided to change the dance studio for a non-scenically place. Is this way, the concept of the
Delivery Performance and the shortmovie Derri re Elle were born.
© Delivery Cie
CONCEPT&CREATION: Laida Aldaz Arrieta and Natalia Sardi PERFORMERS: Natalia Sardi and Laida
Aldaz Arrieta will always perform and sometimes depending on what the space needs we will invite
other guests to work with us more dancers, musicians… AUTHORS OF MUSIC/LIGHTDESIGN/
SOUND/COSTUMES: We will work with di erent musiciens depending on what the house inspired
us, but we will o en work with the music composer Thomas Turine SUPPORTING
ORGANIZATIONS : Danscentrumjette
30 Minutes, Duet
Nourished by her past with the Pina Bausch Dance Theater, enriched by the several encounters an
choreographic experiences that she has made, Dominique Duszynski presents Ri , a duet that
arrives like an onomatopoeia, like a whistling, like a rhythmic refrain ...
2 generations of women are composing with time, and its forms, obviously sinuous...
Time is the element that one cannot stop but is always present. Time pulls apart but also brings
together. Time is the obvious detail. Time is the space between 2 notes, an interval, a suspension.
Time is the music played by Jacques Stotzem, a gi ed international Belgian guitar player. The groove
drags, leaves a trace and pushes forward… The tempos and the rhythms of the music allow changes
and open the space for: sensual, suspended, initial, chaotic moments.
About Dominique Duszynski
Dominique Duszynski has been dancing with Pina Bauschs dance theatre from 1983 till 1992. She has
been working on creations and mythical pieces such as: The Rite of spring, Kontakhof, Blaubart,
Nelken, Arien, 1980… Since 1988, she teaches for institutions and companies in Europe and abroad.
In 92, she started her own research and collaboration with dancers and actors on the creation of a lot
of pieces. She has been also performing for JF Duroure and Pippo Delbono. She took part to the lm
Die Klage der Kaiserin from Pina Bausch and Berlin-J rusalem and Golem from Amos Gitai. She
teaches at PARTS Brussels since the school was founded in 1995. In 2007, she creates her solo Fuga
and in 2008, dances in the trio Barroco that travelled from Lyon to Brazil including Brussel, Italy
and Germany. In 2009, she composes a new solo Luz , for the 9th festival Voix de femmes in
Belgium. In 2010, in collaboration with the light designer I.Corten, she proposes a street project along
the river in Li ge Sous les ponts .
About Zoi Efstathiou
Zoi Efstathiou was born in Greece in 1989. She graduated from the Professional Dance School of Niki
Kontaxaki-Nikoletta Bakali in Athens 2010 . She participated in workshops all over Europe with
several worldwide known teachers and dancers. She worked with Cruz Isael Mata Bolos , Jozsef
Csaba Hajser Hungarian Sketches , the dancer of Les Ballets C.de la B, Athanasia Kanellopoulou
The Revenge of Giselle , Mafalda Deville Tie me in series and Dominique Duszynski Sous Les
Ponts , Sotto Voce . For the moment she prepares her own project-solo Yellow and dances with
Dominique Duszynski in the duet Ri .
Technical details
The stage is a circle of 8 m across 8m = diameter
The circle is ful lled with white sand that I bring with me when it s in Belgium
The public is sitting around in a half circle. The other half is open.
Naked stage or black curtains for a black box.
Light: All the possible light to make a full light
plein feu
Sono: CD player + I-pod connection
With the possibility of Live music …
We wish to play it live with Jacques Stotzem himself if the conditions allow the possibility. This
would be a real plus for the performance.
CONCEPT & CREATION: Dominique Duszynski in collaboration with Zoi Efstathiou PERFORMERS:
Dominique Duszynski and Zoi Efstathiou MUSIC: CD Jacques Stotzem Catch the spirit PHOTOGRAPHER:
Charlotte Sampermans SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS:Compagnie Mich le Noiret
Tandem asbl.
L Administration Communale de Blegny. Danscentrumjette, Festival Voix de Femmes
25 minutes, 2 dancers & one singer
d Hernandez
A new short-form choreography by David Hernandez and collaborators. A trio for Stanislav Dobak,
Colas Lucot & vocalist Phillipe Cap. Thirst is a short story told in movement that explores basic
instinctive human need- how does a body move when it wants or needs something, when it is driven
by something besides a thought process? The choreographic language moves from something inside
invisible force and is in uenced by an outside. We weave a story of two characters driven by their
involuntary desire, told in a language of movement.
About David Hernandez
Born in Miami, David Hernandez studied studio music, jazz and opera at the University of Miami and
dance at the New World School of the Arts. He apprenticed with Trisha Brown before coming to
Belgium to join Meg Stuart as member of Damaged Goods in 1993. In his own work, he created solos
and group work such as Love Letter, 2000, and Blueprint, 2002 . He collaborated with Alexander
Baervoets on the Mapping of Canada, 2000, and Schouet Doch, 2001 and worked as a dancer with
choreographers such as Brice Leroux, Olga de Soto among others. As an improviser he worked with
Steve Paxton, Katie Duck and Vera Mantero. He has created various installations as well as
performances, multi media and improvisation events such as Crash Landing, in collaboration with
Meg Stuart and Christine de Smet , and Filter, on invitation from Cregie Horse led & Palais des
Beaux Arts 2001 . Recently he has been collaborating on projects with Rebecca Murgi, LaborGras,
Anouk van Dijk Company and Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker.
He has been extensively teaching technique and various workshops in composition and
improvisation to companies, organizations and has been a regular professor at P.A.R.T.S. for the last
10 years. He has lead improvisations for festivals such as Klapstuk, Springdance and Sum of the Parts.
MUSICAL ADVICE: Michel Debrulle DRAMATURGICAL ADVICE: Moya Michael and Haider Al Tamimi
Borcsok PRODUCTION: Lenneke Rasschaert SUPPORTED BY: VGC Brussels, Rosas/PARTS, Danscentrumjette,
Buda Kortrijk.
©David Hernandez
©David Hernandez
25 minutes, Solo
©Leif Firnhaber
One day I closed my eyes and saw a land.
Land of power, rhythms, emotions, motions and sentiments….
This performance is a result of themes, ideas and thoughts related to life, nature and dance as a part
of it.
Solo2009 is a dance of journeys through di erent lands. It is about the spontaneous composition of
poetry of movements, inspired by the rules of nature and human reality. Playful, powerful, personal
and physical, Peter Jasko`s dancing embraces a wide range of possibilities, while breaking through
categories. He invites you to share how he feels, what he misses, where he goes and how he gets
About Peter Jasko
Peter Jasko was born in 1982 in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. He took his rst dance classes at the folk
dance company Dumbier Slovakia. From 1996 to 2001, Peter studied and graduated at the
Conservatory J.L. Bella of dance, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. He continued his higher education at the
University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava before entering at the international school of
dance P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels 2002 , under the direction of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker. His
professional experience ranges from dancing with di erent international artists and companies such
as Zuzana Hajkova, Opera Banska Bystrica, ASpO, Company Roberto Olivan, OXOXOX - Juri Konjar,
G. Barberio Corsetti, Fatou Traore, Company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui MYTH creation 2007 . Since 2001,
Peter is collaborating with David Zambrano as a performer, and also as an assistant for his classes and
workshops. Peter Jasko is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance Collective.
LIGHT DESIGN: Joris De Bolle TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Joris De Bolle PRODUCTION: Phileas Productions
Belgium RESIDENCY: Quartiers danses Festival Transatlantique Canada
Technical details
Minimum stage s size: 10 x 10 mt
Minimum high: 6 mt tech grid or y-bars
Black dance Marley to be provided by the venue.
1 smoke machine / haze maker to be provided by the venue.
Light: 20 x PAR 64, CP62
7 x PC 2 kW front of house
9 x asymm. oodlight 1 kW + color gels 3 prim colors RGB bv. R:27 G:139 B:119
8x Pro le 1 kw
Color gels 200, 201 and frost 114
The PC have revolving barndoors and the pro le spots have an iris
A good computer lighting board total of 50 channels of 2 kW
A stereo high power quality PA system that covers the listening area
1 microphone + stand + cable 15m
2 monitors for the dancer 500 watt minimum .
2 CD player
EQ S on the master FOH
©Joris De Bolle
40 minutes, Solo
©Peter Uhan
To confront breathing with the rhythm of music, the movement impulses of a con-temporary dancer
with baroque music, to enter into a dialogue with the originators of Modern Dance. In his dance solo
O -Beat, Milan Tom ik explores a contemporary dancer s relation to rhythm, placing his inhale and
exhale in relation to the coded rhythmical structures of Baroque music and simultaneously moving
between the external in uences from the history of dance and the inner concentration of a dancer.
About Milan Tomasik
Born in 1981 in Slovakia, Milan currently lives and works in Slovenia and Belgium. He studied dance
at Conservatory J.L. Bella in Banska Bystrica and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In
2004 he graduated from P.A.R.T.S. Milan Tom ik has been working with several artists including
Jackie Gray NZ , Katar na Moj i ov SK , Mala Kline SLO , Snje ana Premu SLO , Alexander
Gottfarb S , Iztok Kova SLO , a.o. He has created ve dance performances: the solo Within
2006 , Baga-Basta in collaboration with Alexander Gottfarb 2008 , 3NITI, a show for three female
performers 2008 , the multimedia performance Displaced Body in collaboration with Jelena
Milovanovi 2010 and the solo O -Beat 2011 . Milan Tomasik is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance
Collective. They created Opening Night in October 2007, Journey Home in November 2009 and in
2010 Les SlovaKs - The Koncert. From 2007 Les SlovaKs performed and toured in Europe, Africa,
Middle and North America.
Krstnik Dolar, Sa o Kalan LIGHT DESIGN: Luka Curk COSTUMES AND SET DESIGN: Jasna Vastl ADVISER FOR
MUSICOLOGY: Lidija Podlesnik Tom ikov PRODUCTION: Phileas Productions Belgium , Plesni Teater
Ljubljana Slovenia , Muzeum Institute Slovenia COPRODUCTIONS: Stuk Leuven, Belgium , Stanica ilinaZ rie ie Slovakia , Ex Ponto International Festival of Performing Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia .
Technical details
Dimensions: 10 meters wide / 11 meters deep / 5 meters high to light grid
Black-box situation on stage
Black Marley dance oor to be provided by the organizer.
We are using dark grey cyclorama Gerriets Studio . It should be hanged 9,5 meters from the edge
of the stage and not less then 1 meter form the back wall.
We are using lights from the back. Cyclorama must be weighted and have black side wings.
The set 4 balloons + 4 tiers provided by the company
Light to be provided by the venue :
10 × 750W pro les 36 -50 with knives ETC Source 4
12 × 1 kW PAR 64 cp62
21 × 1 kW PC s with barndoors
5 x 650 W PC s with barndoors
1 × 1 kW simetric oodlights
12 x 500 W asimetric oodlights
STANDS to be provided by the venue :
12 x oor stand
6 x stand for side lights min 2 meters pro les
You have to provide us Aluminum tape.
Rosco E-colour : 22, 119, 160, 201, 204, 205 or equivalent to be provided by the venue
Preferably Compulite Spark Top or another comparable mixer with the operator
Overall number of 2 kW dimmer channels is 50.
A stereo high power quality PA system that covers the listening area
The soundtrack will be played back from 2x CD player with auto cue.
The mixer should have at least 4 subgroups and 2 main outputs. Subgroup 1-2 = Sub L R
Subgroup 3 - 4 = Beck
Main = Front L R
1 x Floor microphone Shure beta 91A or similar
30 minutes, Solo
© Arnaud Gerniers
At the back of the stage stands a wall with a frame of intense, indirect light. A dancer moves in the black
space, in the re ection of the light frame. The choreography shows everything yet nothing, an in nite space in
the niteness. From her inner energy the performer slowly begins interacting with the external surroundings.
In HOME, Louise Vanneste, in association with plastic designer Arnaud Gerniers and the composer C dric
Dambrain, creates a unique atmosphere, physical and tangible. The performance does not represent a
narrative evolution, but a pure expression, a complete sensory experience, stripped of all psychology. The body
of the dancer evolves with the light, the music and the space. Louise Vanneste brings her body closer to
cosmic forces and a vital energy, bere of a human social context. HOME shows a form of dehumanizing, a
loss of reference, an unknown other dimension, a bare attempt to show the foundations of being.
About Louise Vanneste
Louise Vanneste had a classical ballet education. She continued her studies at P.A.R.T.S., where she graduated
in 2000. With a grant from the SPES foundation, she had a one-year training at the Trisha Brown Dance
Company. Intrigued by the confrontation of dance with other media and artists, she collaborated with video
artist St phane Broc, sound designer Marc Doutrepont, light designer Renaud Ceulemans, dancers Ayelen
Parolin and Eveline Van Bauwel,composers C dric Dambrain and Antoine Chessex, light designer Renaud
Ceulemans, plastic artist Arnaud Gerniers, and many others. Louise created her rst solo Spell! in 2003,
followed by two duets Sudden Life and Iris . In June 2008, she created her rst group choreography, Sie
Kommen. In the fall of 2010, her second solo, HOME, had its premi re. The pieces of Louise Vanneste have
toured in Belgium and abroad.
Gerniers, Benjamin Van Thiel MUSIC: C dric Dambrain ADVICE Eveline Van Bauwel PRODUCTION Caravan
Production WITH THE SUPPORT OF Danscentrumjette, Brigittines and VGC, SACD THANKS TO Charleroi/
Technical details
In the third part of this catalogue we present
short and very short pieces by young artists such
as Bogl rka B rcs k & Yukihiro Taguchi, Ernesto
Edivaldo, Maya Dalinsky, Piergiorgio Milano ,
Natalia Pieczuro and Tupperware Collective. The
Platform formula is an
la carte collection of
work featured in the Platform evenings held
monthly at DCJ. These evenings give young artists
the opportunity to show their new work in a
minimal technical setting. The Platform format
can be adapted throughout the year by
integrating new pieces.
15 minutes,
solo performance & installation
©Yukihiro Taguchi
Counting each movement, which initially seemed like an obstacle I had to overcome, a er all
became a statement, a short solo and an approach to movement and performance. Resulting in ten
minute sketch, the research material opened my vision towards di erent perspectives through which
I can direct the focus of the audience to zoom into di erent places of the body where the movement
occurs. My research focused on understanding a moving body in relation to a single count. The
attempt to count each movement is highly controversial, however that factor o ers the possibilities
for re ection, giving constant reference to every action on stage. Something so abstract such as
counting can create a lot of tension, emotions and the feeling of expectancy.
My objective is to keep on performing and include the event of performance as part of developing
my research and the piece itself.
Having been o ered the residency in Danscentrumjette, at rst I experimented with a visual artist
from Berlin, Yukihiro Taguchi to go away from my approach a little bit and have something to make
comparisons to. He is busy with making/ building installations and with the technique called stop
motion animation, he rearranges photographed material which he then uses in his video installation.
We performed together in October 2010 in Berlin as part of the Lucky Trimmer Showcase, where we
decided to built an installation in relation to DISCOUNTS. The two approaches namely, counting as
isolating movements visually and photographing as capturing stillness, which is transformed by the
stop motion technique into moving sequences a er all, deal with a very similar way of directing the
attention to where the movement happens.
CONCEPT & CREATION: Bogl rka B rcs k PERFORMERS Bogl rka B rcs k INSTALLATION: YukihiroTaguchi
EXTERNAL VIEW: N stor Garcia Diaz, Alix Eynaudi
SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS: Danscentrumjette, lucky trimmer e. v, p.a.r.t.s. performing art research and
training studios THANKS TO: Kraczkowska Karolina, Colas Lucot, Liz Lerman, John Borstel.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=madtrlxh5a8 with music
About Boglarka Borcsok
Her solo DISCOUNTS - premiered in Beursschouwburg in Brussels. Since then it s been presented at
ArtFart Festival in Reykjavik, Volksb hne at the Lucky Trimmer e.V, Belg Art, Now & Next ,
TanzImpulse Salzburg, Secret Solo , Reverie 2011, Atelier PACT Zollverein, OPUS 1
choreography, 638 kilo Tanz festival prize and in Moment Festival. She worked with the visual artist
Yukihiro Taguchi during her residency in DanscentrumJette.
About Yukihiro Taguchi
Yukihiro graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Painting Department
B.A. in oil painting . ZeKuSchEx, Berlin-Kreuzberg. He recieved Excellence Prize 2008 12th Japan
Media Art Festival Tokyo, Japan, Grand prize Hunt for This Century s Leonardo da Vinci!
International Art Triennale 2007 Osaka, Japan. He is currently living in Berlin.
Group Performances
Tupperware collective is a group of dansers and circus performers that got togheter to share their
tupperware boxes. Coming from di erent backgrouds, they have studied in schools such as, Le Lido,
France , SNDO, Holland , ESAC Belgium , Theater Institut of Barcelona Spain , ERG Belgium .
Their professional experience has been completed by working with directors such as Josef Nadj,
David Zambrano, Lizi Estaras, Roberto Olivan, Camille Boitel.
As a group, they con rmed themselves in El cruce festival and Santa Fe baila Argentina, 2009.
Through those experiences, they felt encourraged to continue and established themselves in Brussels
as a collective and a permenant residency studio called Garage29. A er two years of collaboration,
they have reinforced a methode of sharing consisting in add without divide and they realised The
Banquet a videodance movie directed by Murielle Felix and The walk , performed in Deltebre
Danza Festival, Spain, 2011.
PERFORMERS: Nicanor de Elia, Piergiorgio Milano, Florencia Demestri, Anna Calsina Forellad, Sabina
Scarlat,Tiziano Lavoratornovi.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT : Jean-Louis Gille, Syvain Formatche, PRODUCTION: Garage29
EVENTUALLY EXTERNAL VIEW OR COACHING : Coached by Rootlessroot Company
SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS : Deltebre Danza Festival, Danscentrumjette
14 minutes, Solo
© Laura Zuallaert
All signi cant truths are private truths , T.S. Eliot
The solo of Natalia is as a book written by movement and gesture. Through her strong physical
presence she overcomes her disability to see.
External eye: Roxane Huilmand / Supporting Organisations: Danscentrumjette
Concept & Creation & Performance : Natalia Pieczuro.
14 minutes, Solo
A struggle hidden in between the folds of a jacket
Denti is the Italian translation of teeth.
In many ancient cultures the loss of teeth is connected with the loss of a loved one, with the feeling
of jealousy, and the urgency to leave one s home country.
Denti makes a sensible journey through physical sensations and memories, a struggle between the
impossibility to leave and the wish to forget. Denti is the feeling of being trapped, the illusion to
return back, it is the sensation of falling, is the wish of receive attention, is the need to hide ourself.
MADE AND PERFORMED: Piergiorgio Milano ARTISTIC ADVISERS : Brune Campos, Claudio Stellato MUSIC:
Georges Bizet, Gian Maria Testa PARTNERS AND CO-PRODUCTION: Danscentrumjette La Ra nerie Bruxelles
Garage29 Bruxelles Balletto Teatro Torino Sosta Palmizi Arezzo MANY THANKS TO Natalia Medina, Fre
Werbrouck, Brechie Moerman
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJeDVG4OYgc Solo DENTI @ DCJ
15 minutes, Solo
One of the best dancers I have ever met dixit David Zambrano. A er training in traditional, classic
and contemporary dance, Edivaldo Mozambique performed in several pieces of Faustin Linyekula
and David Zambrano. He is a permanent ensemble member of Sasha Waltz & Guests since a few
years. Last year he participated in the 50 Days with David Zambrano in Costa Rica. Ernesto will do an
instant composition, where the thought starts to construct memories of an ongoing situation.
During the trip all kinds of emotions are involved.
5 minutes
©Giovanni Cittadini Cesi
The trio is a ve minute dance-piece that I made for DCJ - students. The challenge for making this
piece was to create a dance in which each dancer depends on the precision of the others in terms of
musicality, intention, and spacing. By pushing up the limits of speed and changes of quality in
fractions of time we show the audience a light and playful dance in a blink of an eye.
concept and creation : Roxane Huilmand Dancers : Silke Muys, Celia Crahay, Pauline Rigot-Muller,
12 minutes, Solo
All I need is here
©Maya Dalinsky
Everything one needs in order to create a dance is available in the present moment: A body, a space,
and the potential for communication. Here the performer uni es these elements to create a unique
portrait of individual consciousness.
About Maya Dalinsky
Maya Dalinsky 1981, US grew up in Rockville, Maryland. She studied dance and music as a child and
French and German as a young adult. She moved to Europe in 2005 and has been based in Brussels
since autumn 2008.
Maya works mainly in improvisation and has collaborated with a number of movers and thinkers
who ve deeply in uenced her practice, a.o. Rosalind Crisp, David Hernandez, Anouk Llaurens and
Julien Bruneau. She s performed in pieces such as Marshmallow by Sonia Si Ahmed 2007 and Sur les
traces du wombat... by Rosalind Crisp 2011 , in addition to developing her own solo experiments in
improvisation called Finding the Real Dance and All I Need Is Here 2009-2011 . In 2012 she ll
continue developing The Greater, a collaboration with Sonia Si Ahmed, as well as perform in
phr atiques by Julien Bruneau and In Jouw Schoenen by the Mechelen-based puppet theater De
CONCEPT & CREATION: Maya Dalinsky. PERFORMER: Maya Dalinsky
SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION: Le Chien Perdu, Danscentrumjette.
For more information about the performances, program possibilities and
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