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AMA Charter #156
In This Issue:
- From the President: Rain is!, Elections,
Garbage and Fuel
- Pattern Contest Coming Up!
- Seen at the field
September 2013
San Jose Wavemasters
Board of Directors:
Walt Henzi [email protected]
Rich Cassata [email protected]
Vice President: Manny Casquilho Paul Tomaszewski [email protected]
Steve Tyson [email protected]
[email protected]
Steve Lock [email protected]
Safety Officer: Steve Lock
Treasurer: Kevin Beatty
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor: Joe DeLateur
[email protected]
President: Dan Dematteis
[email protected]
Rain is!
Hi Flyers,
Yes we haven't even made it to fall, but before we know it the raindrops are going to arrive.
Before then a few items need to be completed and we need manpower and/or ideas and/or materials and/or leads on materials
and/or any resources/help you'd like to give.
1. The transmitter impound roof structure and the barbecue roof structure is in need of repair. There is not enough slope to
install shingles. We are open for suggestions. The best one so far is corrugated aluminum.
2. The ground under and around the new shades is still dirt which will turn to mud come winter. If we don't want to track mud
everywhere we need to put something down. There are lots of ways to go. We have about $6000 that we could spend. If we try
petromat or indoor/outdoor carpet we still need to prepare the surface. Crushed granite may be a way to go.
Please send an e-mail to myself or any club officer if you have any suggestions or could help with this part of the project. If we
can't do it within the club we may have to go to outside sources.
2014 Elections
The officers and offices up for election are as follows. Pres. Dan Dematteis; VP Manny Casquilho; Secretary-treasurer Kevin
Beatty; Boardmember Paul Tomaszewski; Boardmember Walt Henzi
Please send all nominations for offices to Joe DeLateur ([email protected]) by November 1, 2013
Byron Fuel Group Purchase
Anyone interested in purchasing Byrons fuel contact Dan Dematteis, Rich Cassata or Kevin Beatty (see emails above).
The club does not have garbage collection. Please take home whatever you bring to the field. Lets have a little pride and keep
our field clean from litter.
Enjoy the upcoming fall flying weather,
Dan Dematteis
Pattern Contest on 9/14 and 9/15
On the weekend of 9/14 the Wavemaster's will be hosting a pattern contest with some top notch pattern
flyers (some are fellow Wavemasters!)
Come out and check it out and perhaps be inspired to start trying to fly the Sportsman or the classic
novice sequence. Even if you never compete (which can be a blast), practicing this will improve all your
flying and can be a fun challenge. Almost any mildly aerobatic sport plane can fly the simpler sequences.
Below is an example of the classic novice sequence. If interested in giving it a try, contact Jon Carter at
[email protected] or ask any of the pattern fliers at the field.
Two nice things in this picture:
1. The very nice Bonanza (I think)
2. Even nicer...a new pilot being trained!
I went to the first annual Paso Robles Airshow
"Warbirds over Paso" last year and took this
picture of an original prototype Northrup flying
wing from WWII.
The demo flight was very cool and very close
Also a nice parade of warbirds and they have a
pretty cool aviation museum and a race car
See the flyer on next page for more info. along
with some pictures of and from the field.