day family history



day family history
400 Years: 1617-2013
Floyd & Elsie Day on their wedding day
November 5, 1919
By Sandy Hudnall Day
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In 1982, Luana Hindes Day presented the Day Family Bible to her son Greg Day. The only
instructions she gave to him was that the tradition in the Day Family is that the oldest child in
the family is to hand the Bible over to their oldest child. Luana’s husband and Greg’s father,
Dwayne Day, was presented the Bible by his parents Floyd and Elsie Waechter Day because
Dwayne was their oldest child. Greg is Dwayne and Luana’s oldest child. Luana explained that
Greg was to present the Family Bible to Lori Day who is his oldest child.
We kept the Bible and very soon I got hooked on trying to see what I could find out about the
people named in the Bible. I did note that the Bible originally was owned by Stephen and Mary
Belle South Day and that they married in 1890. I caught the genealogy bug from my
conversations with Luana and started researching! This was way before the internet so
researching was performed the old fashioned way. Mostly, I wrote letters to libraries in the
locale of places where the different family members lived. I was pretty fortunate that I had
really good success, most of the time.
And then I started talking with Bill Day Holder, Greg’s cousin. He is the son of Dwayne’s only
sister Marjorie Day. In 1985, Bill was and still is very interested in genealogy. He and I had some
fascinating conversations considering Bill lives in California and I live in Ohio. I asked Bill
recently what got him interested in family history. He told me that his mom, Marjorie Day
Holder, had always told him that he was Scotch-Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch on the Holder side
of the family. He knew that his Grandmother Day’s family was from Switzerland. This is
referring to Elsie Waechter Day’s Swiss immigrant family. (Bill wrote the Waechter Family
History in 2004.) Bill was a school teacher and a friend of his talked to him in 1967 about how
much fun researching your family history could be. This got Bill hooked! The fact that Bill
started his genealogy pursuit so early amazes me. Bill has been researching family history for
over 45 years!! This makes me a “genealogy newbie” since I have “only” been doing research
for a mere 30 years!!
Within the body of this family history, you will find many citations listed as (9). When you check
the Sources Cited section at the end of the book, you will note that this refers to Bill Holder’s
research. Bill and I subscribe to the same research practices. If we don’t have positive proof to
back up a fact, we don’t include it in our genealogy notes. Therefore, the reader can feel
confident that this book is as accurate as Bill and I could make it.
In 2006, our son, Mike Day, began to get interested in genealogy. I think he told me then that
his interest in the topic came about because of the technology end of it! No surprise there since
Mike and Greg Day are technology junkies! As Mike began to really get interested in his family
history, he began to call Anthony Day “Tony” to attach a more intimate relationship with him.
Anthony is the original immigrant in this family saga. Read on and you will find his story and
that of his many descendants. Anthony Day came from England to Virginia in 1635. He moved
from Virginia to Massachusetts in 1645. Another note here is that Mike Day was born and
raised in Ohio, but in 2003 he moved to Massachusetts. He lives in the Boston area and that is
where he met his wife Melanie Woodworth. It almost seems fitting that a member of the
current Day generation now lives mere miles from the area in Massachusetts where the original
immigrant of the Day family lived. The world just gets smaller and smaller doesn’t it? As I
researched further into the Days, I found one group that lived in Milton, Chittenden, VT.
(Ruamah L. Day). This is the town Mike’s wife, Melanie, is from! Now the world really is getting
smaller. Mike has ancestors from the same town that his wife does!
Greg Day is a newcomer in this genealogy hobby. He enjoys the stories I tell him of his family
but is not as keen about the research as I am. When we visit Mike and Mel in Boston, we
usually take one day and go “ancestor hunting”. Greg did enjoy our trip to Gloucester, MA in
2011 to locate the gravesites of his ancestors. When we go to a genealogy library and view
microfilm, he likes to operate the machine and make the copies. Hey, it works for me and I
gladly accept any help I can get! Greg also really enjoyed our trip to Huron County, Ohio in 2006
where we found Stephen Day’s grave and that of his wife and children. You will read more on
this line of the family later in this book.
Read on into this family history and you will find many stories about all of the Days. This family
history is more than just names, dates and places. It includes photos and also family stories that
I could gather from various family members. I hope you will enjoy reading it.
Please keep in mind that although this book is intended to be as accurate as possible, I know
there will be omissions and errors. No Family History is ever completely accurate no matter
how hard the writer tries. Please also bear in mind that even if all events are not noted with
sources, you can presume them to be as accurate as I could determine. I have been very careful
to list dates and other information only from records I found reliable. If something did not seem
reliable or correct, I did not include it at all. If anyone finds errors, please contact me. I want to
correct my records but I do not intend to do a complete rewrite. I will leave that for a future
researcher. Keep in mind that when you do find errors, please don’t shoot the messenger!
When you have so many generations to report about, it is very easy to get side tracked and
confused. I do not claim that you will not find ANY errors herein. There may be several. Just
remember that at least I was brave enough to tackle this task that no one else wanted to write.
I can promise that it is all fact and not fiction!
As local historian/genealogist for the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County Ohio
for the past 18 years, I have compiled many historical reports on events in Jefferson County,
Ohio. I have also written 2 county histories so I have a bit of historical writing knowledge. I have
only compiled one other family history and that was on the Haskell family that you will find
mentioned later in this book. That effort was only a resource book with names, dates, places
and photos and was pretty simple to compile. It was not a family history even close to this
magnitude. This is my first endeavor into writing a complete family history. I have seen
hundreds of such family histories come across my desk at work so I have all kinds of samples to
draw from. You may wonder why I am stating this. I want future readers to understand my love
for genealogy and my desire to make this family history as unique as I can. In the first pages of
this family history, you will find historical data that lays the groundwork for a background of the
places the Days lived. This may seem non-essential to some readers, but I felt it would add a bit
of historical flavor.
Many resources were used in the writing of this family history. Some were found on reliable
online sources, others were found in other Day Family History compilations. The photos used
herein and the documents used came either from my own files or those of Bill Holder’s. Some
other Day family members donated photos for this book as well.
Within the body of this family history, you will find numbers in parentheses (1). This denotes a
cited source. Please refer to this number in the Sources Cited section at the end of the book.
You will also note another set of numbers in parentheses (2nd). This refers to 2nd Generation
etc. With all the many generations noted in this family history, I knew I needed to formulate
some way to keep all the Thomas’ etc. straight! There are 3 Thomas Day’s in succession early on
in this family history!
IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is written in the First Person format. This means that in many
cases I wrote anecdotes as though I was telling it to someone. Any time you find such personal
accounts, you may see (49) after it. I wanted to make this book as personal as I could. It is my
hope that the reader will enjoy some of these “stories”.
The Day Family Bible will soon be presented to Lori Day who will be instructed to give it to her
oldest child Andrew Day Piepho at an appropriate time.
This family history is lovingly dedicated to Dwayne Day and Luana Day and all the ancestors that
came before. It is also dedicated to all the descendants yet to come in the Day family. It is
hoped that those reading this in the future will appreciate all of the love and family traditions
that brought all of the Days together.
The writing of this Day Family History marks the 30th Anniversary (1982-2012) of the Day Family
Bible being presented to Greg Day. While it took 2 years to compile the Day Family History, the
writing was done mostly in 2012.
I need to also state here that without the help and encouragement of Bill Holder, this book
would never have been compiled. When he mailed me his “Descendants of Anthony Day”
compilation in 2011, I realized that I had about as much information to write my own book as I
would ever have. So “Thank You Bill” for giving me the push that I needed! The other important
resource I used for compiling this family history was Bill’s “Day Times” newsletter. Both
resources made a huge impact on the writing of this book.
There have been many other Day researchers through the years working on this family. Many
have added to what Bill and I have compiled. It would be next to impossible to list all of their
names herein. I do need to mention three other Day researchers that have been very helpful
with the research that has led to this family history. You will find a notation (22). Refer to the
“Sources Cited” page in the back of the book. Bonnie Jean Huish and Laurie Ryan-Day have
added thousands of Day family entries on Findagrave website. This website ( is
a true asset for all genealogists. Retha Haibach, now deceased, was a very early Day researcher
that Bill Holder was in contact with years ago. With their Day family knowledge and all the
other Day researchers, all of the research has now led to this family history.
Last but certainly not least, I dedicate this family history to my husband Greg Day. Without his
patience and technical support, this history would have not been as complete as it is today.
Greg’s technical support included scanning all of the documents and photos. He also performed
the research on getting the final product to a reliable printer/publisher. This is Greg’s family’s
history. Since I married into the Day family in 1969, I now feel it is also my family history as
much as it is our children’s and grandchildren’s family history.
Sandy Day
21st Century “Grandma Day”
Wintersville, Ohio
June 2013
Now we begin “Tony’s” story!
We believe Anthony Day to be the immigrant ancestor of this family. This means that Anthony
was the first person of this family to come to America or what was in the 17 th Century called the
New World. Anthony sailed from Gravesend, England in 1635. This does not mean this is where
he was born, just that he sailed from that port. We do not know for sure who his parents were.
More research will be needed to find those answers.
Several online sources state Anthony was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. (1) We do have an
approximate year of Anthony’s birth as 1617. I will leave this research open for any future Day
researcher to discover the exact date and place of Anthony’s birth. When your research dates
back to early 17th century, it is almost impossible to find accurate information and documents
to prove what you propose to be true.
We can guess that Anthony’s father’s name could be Thomas Day since Anthony named his first
son Thomas. In the 17th and later centuries, the tradition for naming sons was as follows. The
first born male child was named for the paternal grandfather. The second born male child was
named for the maternal grandfather. It is presumed but not proven that Anthony Day may have
followed this naming pattern for his sons.
The Day surname is reported to be of Welsh origin. There is the River Dee in northern Wales.
Dee was pronounced as Day. Those living in that area adopted the surname Dee. The spelling
was later changed to Daye and finally to Day as it is today. The Day surname refers to dairyman.
Perhaps the very early Days were dairymen. Anthony may have been from Wales. Perhaps a
future researcher will be able to answer this and other unanswered questions.
Anthony was a passenger on the ship “Paul” (sometimes shown as “Paule”) (2). There is a
conflict on Anthony’s age when he embarked on the “Paul”. The ship’s passenger list shows
him as 22 years old. This is doubtful. He most likely lied about his age. This may have been for
reasons we could not determine. Read further and you will see why I feel Anthony’s age was
probably 18 when he was a passenger on this ship. The “Paul” embarked from Gravesend,
England on 6 July 1635 with its destination Virginia. Leonard Betts was the ship’s master. The
original passenger list shows that the ship was bound for Virginia per the “Certificate from the
Minister of Gravesend of the Conformitie to the Church of England”. This ship docked in
Northampton County, Virginia on 1 August 1635. We do not know what Anthony did after his
landing in Virginia in 1635. We believe that no other member of his family travelled with him to
The “Paul” may have continued on to Massachusetts with other passengers. If this is accurate,
Anthony could have disembarked in Massachusetts. I doubt that the ship went any further than
Virginia before it set sail back to England. Hopefully, a future researcher can come up with
answers to this question.
We can only guess what transpired between 1635 and 1645 when we find Anthony in Essex Co,
MA. The passengers on the ship include a Dorothy Day but we have not been able to connect
her with our line of Days. For those interested, there were 115 passengers. There were 17
women. There were 18 children under 18 years of age on the ship. Anthony could have been a
ship’s carpenter, or a sailor. We have found evidence to state that Anthony was a ship’s
carpenter in Gloucester, MA. This is documented later in this book. Perhaps he was simply just
a common passenger.
About 60% of the immigrants into Massachusetts were from 9 eastern counties in England. The
largest contingent was from Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk counties in England. (3)
I am convinced that Essex Co, Massachusetts is named for Essex County in England. The term
New England certainly is a reference to persons leaving Old England coming to this new
Almost every town founded in early Massachusetts was named for an English community. A
sample of these would be Ipswich, Lynn, Cambridge, Boston, Weymouth, Dorchester and
Gloucester (pronounced as Glosster). Of the 3 English counties mentioned above, Suffolk, Essex
and Norfolk, it has been reported that 10,000 Puritans came from these counties in what was
referred to as the Great Migration of 1620-1640. A total of 21,000 came during this time frame
and originated from almost every county in England. It can be most helpful to know where an
ancestor lived in Massachusetts as this could provide a strong clue as to where they came from
in England. They would have named their new hometown for the town they came from in
England. Some online sources state that between 7% and 11% of these colonists that came to
the New World returned to England after 1640. (3)
An explanation is needed here about the Massachusetts Bay Colony and its importance to New
England’s history. We know that Plymouth Colony was established in 1620. Many of the settlers
to New England came here seeking religious freedom. In 1652, the first English coins were
minted in Boston and are reported to be the first such coins ever minted in New England.
The first mention of the town of Gloucester at Cape Ann was when tax records were levied
there in 1642. The town name was spelled as Gloaster and later Glosster. This fishing town is
believed to have been named for a cathedral city in England called Gloaster, from which several
of the settlers emigrated.
John James Babson’s “History of Gloucester: Cape Ann” written in 1860 has a list of persons
that he believed “comprised all who were known to have been residents of Gloucester or
proprietors of its soil from the time of its permanent settlement (1623) to the close of 1650”.
Anthony Day was listed among over 80 names. It is also interesting to note that a William
Haskell was also on this list. He was an ancestor of Luana Hindes Day. I compiled a Haskell
family history in 2010 that shows that the very early Haskells lived in Gloucester, Essex, MA. So
we can tell by this record that Dwayne Day’s ancestors and Luana Hindes’ ancestors were
contemporaries in the town of Gloucester, MA. They probably knew each other! As you read
further into this Family History, you will find Dwayne and Luana’s history together. Mr. Babson
further states that one third of the original 82 settlers remained in the town of Gloucester and
were buried there. We know that Anthony died in Gloucester so we can presume he was one of
the original settlers that were buried there! Alas, no proof of his burial in Gloucester has been
found to date. It is possible that Anthony had no tombstone, or one that survives today.
Anthony’s property could have been in the area of Annisquam which is near or part of
Gloucester is known as America’s Oldest Seaport and is located north of Boston on Cape Ann.
Prince Charles of England called this area Cape Ann in 1684 to honor his mother Queen Anne.
Marker reads (copied as it is written on the sign):
“On this site in 1623 a company of fishermen and farmers from Dorchester England under the
direction of Rev John White founded THE MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY- From that time the
fisheries the oldest industry in the Commonwealth have been uninterruptedly pursued from
this port. Here in 1625 Gov Roger Conant by wise diplomacy averted bloodshed between
contending factions-one led by Myles Standish of Plymouth and the other by Capt Hewes-a
notable exemplification of arbitration in the beginnings of New England--placed by the citizens
of Gloucester 1907. “
This would commemorate the Tercentenary or 300th Anniversary of the settlement of the New
World in 1607. This marker is located in Gloucester MA.
We believe Anthony Day (1st) married Susannah Matchett sometime after 11 Sept 1649 in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. One source for their marriage gives the date as 1650 and place as
Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. (4) This could be correct. We do not know for sure who
Susannah’s parents were. We believe Susannah was born around 1623 in England. Most
references give her name as Matchett but some give her name as Susannah Ring. (4) We do not
have records of when she came to New England. This bears further research.
Susannah was a servant of William Vinson. When Anthony and Susannah were “courting”,
William Vinson stated that Susannah was not virtuous. Anthony took him to court which
produced a confession of error from Vinson.
Salem MA Quarterly Court Records and Files (5) have the following (original wording used):
William Vinson of Gloucester, being accused by Anthony Day of reproaching his servant Susan
Matchett, unto whom Day was contracted, saying she was not virtuous, etc., confessed and was
discharged. (Susannah Matchett was a servant of Mr. Vinson and Anthony took him to court for
his statement against her character. The term “contracted” refers to Anthony and Susannah
being “engaged”.)
This record had no date; however the next record had the date of 25th day of 10th month of
1649. (Note: The Julian calendar was in use at that time)
I did find one of Anthony Day’s occupations was as a Deputy Constable in 1660. The term
Constable refers to law enforcement. In England, the starting rank in all police forces was the
Constable. In 1663, Anthony’s occupation was listed as a ship carpenter. Another record lists
him as a Deputy Marshall. In the documents I have found, Anthony only signed his mark “X” and
his name was added by someone else. This would lead me to believe that he could not read or
at least that he could not write.
While researching this family, I found many online resources that reported Court records of
Essex Co, MA. While these court reports do not tell a lot, they do prove where the family lived.
To explain a bit about these court records, I work in a public library in Steubenville, Jefferson,
Ohio. There are court of common pleas records at the county courthouse. These are commonly
referred to as the “dirty records” meaning that citizens would go to the Court of Common Pleas
and report actions against them by their neighbors. They would demand that the court fine the
neighbor for the injustice. These would not be criminal cases, only civil cases. These court
records listed below are probably similar.
Court held at Salem, MA 26 Jan 1668 (5) Original wording and spelling is used. All spellings of
Anthony’s name below are exactly as they were found in the court records:
James Traverse presented (to court) for taking a plough (plow) of Anthony Day and the irons
etc, (he) was fined.
Gloucester-Antony Dayes garden was broken up and most of the fruits (refers to vegetables or
other items in the garden) spoiled. Witnesses: Antony Daye, Thomas Daye and others.
Thomas Day, aged about 17 years (he was born 1651) deposed concerning his father’s team etc
(horses). Also the same night that his father’s (Anthony Day) irons were gone, their garden
fence was down and cattle in there and posts pulled out of the ground to the value of ten
shillings’ damage. This document was dated 23 Nov 1668. (This shows us that in Massachusetts
in this era, the money used was the English shillings and pounds.)
Anthony Day of Gloster vs Mr Blinman the pastor there for tearing a warrant he had taken forth
against William Vinson and throwing it in the fire. When the warrant was destroyed, the clerk
of the writs (clerk of courts) refused to grant Anthony another warrant. When asked why he
destroyed the warrant, Pastor Blinman answered that he did it to stop proceedings so that the
matter could be “healed privately”. Blinman was admonished for his “rash act” (This would be
in reference to Anthony taking William Vinson to court in 1649) Vol 1 pg 173, 11 July 1649 (This
proves for us that Anthony and Susannah were not yet married.)
Anthony Day fined for lying. Vol. 1 pg 313, Nov 1653
Anthony Daye was listed as a ship carpenter. This record shows Anthony using an X as his mark
or signature with someone else actually writing his name. The record showed “Ye mark of
Anthonye Day” Vol III pg 43, March 1663
Anthony Day listed as Deputy Marshall in a 1667 record
To give the reader more insight into the early life in Massachusetts, read more of these original
records found on Anthony Day and his family.
The following are samples of abstracts of land purchased by Anthony Day. (6) All original
spelling is used:
1645-John Pearse 3 ackers (acres) upland on neck of house Lotts bought of Antenie Dea
(Anthony Day) (Another Day researcher, Retha Haibach, found records stating that in
Gloucester before 1661, every homeowner was a commoner. This meant that they were
entitled to a right in the common land.)
We have a record of a land purchase between Anthony Day and John Bourne. The original
document will follow the extract below. Original wording is used. (6):
17th 4th month 1657--Edmund Marshall doth recorde unto Anthony Day his house and land
which he bought of John Bourne which was once in the possession of Charles Glover, lyinge
(lying) in Gloster as namely 7 akers (acres) of upland more or less the land that was Mr.
Stevenes (Mr. Stevens?) lying on the north side of it and the rocks called poles on the other side
with all the medos (meadows) liinge (lying) betwixt Phillip Stanwood and the sawe mill more or
less with 3 akers of medoe ground liinge betwixt Thomas Jones and Richard Bufford in
I located a land deed from Anthony Day to his son John Day recorded 15 July 1707, Essex Co,
MA Deeds, Volume 20 page 34. This deed was recorded almost 3 months after Anthony’s
death. (6) (This deed is shown on the following page. . . . . .)
In part it reads as below with original spelling used:
“To All Christian people to whom this writing shall come Anthony Day of Glosster in the county
of Essex in New England, shipwright sendeth greeting. Know ye that I, Anthony Day, and my
wife Susannah Day devise and bequeath unto our son John Day to him and his heirs forever
that parcel of land on which his house now standeth and lyeth within his owne fence as follows
that small parcel of ground which lyeth below ye highway over against his house and is also his
own fence both said parcels of land, I the said Anthony Day do give grant and confirm unto my
son John to him and his heirs to have and to hold and peaceably and quietly to enjoy free from
all manner of ? (unreadable) from or by any person whatsoever …….if my son John shall have a
mind to sell above land ? he shall give his brothers, either of them refusal of said land which if
they will give a sufficient price for his housing and said ground, then he shall sell it to one of
them and if not shall be free from this engagement and in witness of the above said premises I
have here unto set my hand and seal this fifth day of April One Thousand Six Hundred Ninety
Three (1693)
Ye marke of Anthony A Day and his seal”
It is presumed that Anthony made the mark of the A while others wrote his name for him. It
was witnessed by Samuel Day, (Anthony’s son), and Thomas Millett Sr.
It is presumed that Anthony had already deeded other land to his other sons. Anthony refers to
himself as a Shipwright in the document. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the
definition of shipwright means that he was a carpenter skilled in ship construction and repair.
Another definition I found for this occupation was someone who designs and builds boats and
ships. A professional shipwright was required to have strong math skills and be physically
strong. This gives us a better feeling of what Anthony Day was really like!
Other property deeds I located at Boston Massachusetts New England Historical and
Genealogical Society:
Anthony Day to his son Nathaniel Day, recorded 15 Oct 1700. I must add here that I did find a
land deed from Nathaniel Day to someone else and he also used an “N” for his signature with
witnesses verifying this was his “signature”. This deed will be found later in this book.
Anthony Day to Joseph Day, recorded 1723 but dated 1704 (deed appears on a following page)
Ezekiel Day to Ezekiel Day Jr. -26 Feb 1726-Anthony’s son who died in 1724. He deeded land to
his son.
Thomas Day to Ezekiel Day, dated 1711
Timothy Day to John Day, dated 1720
Timothy Day Sr. to Timothy Day Jr., dated 1720
Timothy Day to John Day, dated 1733
John Day to Pelatiah Day, dated 1735
Be patient-you will soon see the link between all of the men in these deeds!
Anthony Day died 23 Apr 1707 aged 90. (7) He was listed in Essex Co, MA Probate Index as
having died without a will or intestate. The administrator of his estate was his son Ezekiel Day
whose bond was signed on 13 May 1708. Just because Anthony died without a will, he still had
an estate to administer. The Gloucester Vital Records state he was in his 91st year. I believe this
to translate to him being aged 90 not 91. (A baby is said to be in its first year even before it
reaches the age of one.) He and Susannah both died in Gloucester. Susannah Matchett Day
died on 10 Dec 1717 aged 94. (7)
Greg Day and Sandy Day searched on microfilm trying to find Anthony’s probate records. Keep
in mind these were all handwritten documents and are very hard to read. While I was not able
to locate an estate notice for Anthony Day, I did locate a few “deeds of gift” from Anthony to
his sons. I am listing just one of these deeds that I found while researching this family. See
following page for this deed of gift.
The above deed of land was to Anthony’s son Joseph Day. This was dated 8 Feb 1704/05 (see
bottom of page) but was not recorded until 17 Apr 1723, 16 years after Anthony died. I don’t
know why it wasn’t recorded earlier. If this had been Anthony’s will, it would most likely be
recorded within a few months or at most a year or two after his death. Deeds apparently are a
different story.
In part, Anthony’s deed of gift to Joseph reads as follows. All original spelling:
“To all Christian People to whom this present Deed of gift shall come Anthony Day Senior of
Glocester in the county of Essex and the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England,
yeoman (means he owned his own farm) sendeth Greeting. Know ye that the said Anthony Day
for and in consideration of that natural love and affection which he bears to his son Joseph Day
Senior of said Glocester in the County and Province aforesaid, yeoman, as also for his
continuing with me and takeing care of me and my wife in our old age and carrying on of my
business ….. “ (Essex Co MA Grantor index Vol. 14 pg 78) This is an abstract only and not the full
There was a 1642 law in Massachusetts that required all children to be trained to read. This law
was followed by the “Old Deluder Law” which required every town that had 50 families to hire
a school master. Attendance was not compulsory but it was certainly encouraged. The primary
idea of teaching the children to read was so that they could read the Bible. This was to keep
Satan from tempting them away from religion. New England had a much higher rate of literacy
than any other part of America at that time. Between 1640 and 1660, 93% of public documents
had signatures and only 7% had marks such as Anthony Day’s and Nathaniel Day’s deed
records. There was apparently a social class in this time frame in New England. Perhaps
Anthony’s social standing may not have been on the high end of the society in Massachusetts at
that time. We are building a case with many unanswered questions that a future researcher can
try to untangle. (8)
Anthony Day (1st) was born in either England or Wales. His exact date and place of birth could
not be found. It was reported that he was 90 when he died on 23 Apr 1707. From this
information, we can deduce that he was born in 1617. We also could not find the names of his
parents. Anthony married Susannah Matchett sometime after 1649. (4) One record stated they
married on 23 Apr 1650 in Ipswich, Essex, MA. This is most likely correct. We do not know
Susannah’s date and place of birth nor do we know the names of her parents. It is believed she
was also born in England or Wales. Susannah’s age at her death on 10 Dec 1717 was 94. She
was most likely born in 1623.
(Since the very early Days had such large families, it was decided to number the children in an
attempt to make it easier to keep track of them. This format will only be used in Generation 1.)
Anthony and Susannah had 9 known children (7):
#1-Thomas Day (2nd)
#2-Timothy Day (2nd)
#3-John Day (2nd)
#4-Ezekiel Day (2nd)
#5-Ezekiel Day (2nd) (two sons with same name) (10)
#6-Nathaniel Day (2nd)
#7-Elizabeth Day (2nd)
#8-Samuel Day (2nd)
#9-Joseph Day (2nd)
#1-Thomas Day (2nd) was born in 1651 (exact date of his birth was not found) in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. He married Mary Laughton/Langton on 30 Dec 1673 in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. He died on 29 Jan 1726 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) See
Generation 2 for more details on Thomas Day.
#2-Timothy Day (2nd) was born in 1653 (exact date of his birth was not found) in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. He married Phoebe Wilds/Wildes in July of 1679 in Gloucester,
Essex, MA. He died on 8 Apr 1726. Phoebe was born about 1653 in Gloucester, Essex,
MA (9). Phoebe was the daughter of John Wilds and Sara Averill. She died in Gloucester
on 8 Apr 1723, aged about 70. (7)
Timothy Day’s name is on a “List of Freemen” dated 15 May 1690 for the town of
Gloucester. The importance of this is as follows. Before a man could exercise his right of
suffrage (voting) or hold any public office, he must be a freeman ordained by the
general or quarterly court. For this to happen, a man had to provide proof that he was a
“respectable member of some Congregational Church”. They even had to sign the
Freeman’s Oath. This was the first paper printed in New England. It was printed in
Cambridge, Massachusetts by Stephen Daye in 1639. (This is another line of Days that
came from England. As far as could be determined, this Stephen has no connection with
our branch of Days.) The clergymen of the churches had to attest to the man’s conduct
and state that he believed in the church’s doctrine. I would imagine if a man was not
listed as a Freeman in Gloucester society, he was looked down upon and not respected.
Timothy had his residence on the west side of Squam River, where some of his sons also
Phoebe’s name has also been found as Wiles and Wilder. In 1692, she was accused of
witchcraft and taken to an Ipswich, MA jail because the Salem jail was full. On 24 Sept
1692, she was released on what was probably called a personal bond. In jail with her
were Rachel Vinson and Rachel Langton who was married to Hugh Rowe. All of these
women were from Gloucester, Essex, MA. (9)
In the course of compiling this book, I debated whether to research the Salem Witch Trials
myself or to leave it to a future researcher. I couldn’t help myself. I did a cursory search online
and found proof of the statements above!
Salem Witch Trials, Salem Massachusetts: Petition of ten prisoners at Ipswich, (abstract) (21):
Phoebe Day is listed as one of ten prisoners in 1692 at Ipswich, MA. Their petition translates
that they humbly stated that some of them had been in prison many weeks and others many
months and were charged with witchcraft. They stated they were not “conscious of any guilt of
that nature”. They asked that they be released from prison because “the winter season had
approached and they feared they would perish in the cold prison”. They asked to be released
and then be bound over in the Spring for the charges against them. They related that some of
them were over 80 years old and others in the prison were “with child” or pregnant. It was
mentioned that one of the women had a ten week old baby but it was not listed whether the
child was in the prison with her. I would suspect the child was with the mother so she could
nurse the baby. Of these 10 women, one was the “wife of Timothy Day” which would be
Phoebe. Her given name was not recorded. None of these women in this transcript had their
given names recorded.
Sarah Wilds was listed as being the wife of John Wilds of Topsfield, MA. They were the parents
of Phoebe Wilds. Sarah and others were arrested on 21 Apr 1692 for “high suspicion of Sundry
acts of Witchcraft done or committed by them on the bodys of Anna Putnam and Marcy Lewis”.
(All original spelling is used). It does not tell if these 2 named women were alive or dead.
Sarah’s husband John Wilds and their son Ephraim Wilds gave testimony for Sarah. Ephraim
was a Constable at Topsfield. Sarah was charged with “bewitching” Mary Reddinton. One young
girl testified at this time that Sarah Wilds had tormented her by “pricking and pinching” her.
Sara Averill Wilds was charged with witchcraft and hung on 19 July 1692. (21)
(Some may wonder why I am adding so much on the Witch Trials that pertain mostly to Sara
Wilds who is not in the direct line of the Day ancestors. She was the mother of one of the Day
wives and I feel she is very pertinent. Besides, it is rather interesting to read of someone “in the
family” that was accused of being a witch! I don’t mean to make light of this in any way but we
all love to find such stories in our family history, don’t we?)
In 2012, Greg Day, Mike Day and Sandy Day visited Salem, MA. We located a Witch’s Dungeon
Museum. In this museum was a re-enactment of a play that was supposedly written from actual
records from the 1692 era of the Witch Hysteria. It was very realistic. Also, they had
reconstructed prison cells that the “witches” would have been placed in. Most of the prison
cells were so tiny that a person would have to stand up all of the time. I am not certain how
accurate all of this was but I would imagine it was pretty close to the reality back in 1692. We
were told that families of the accused had to provide food for the prisoner or they would die.
They also had to supply blankets to keep them warm. Even though Phoebe Day and Sarah Wilds
were in a prison in Ipswich, MA, I am sure the prisons in Salem, MA would have been very
Another Day researcher Retha Haibach, deceased, stated that the witchcraft trials often had
nothing to do with actual witchcraft. Most of these charges stemmed from local politics and
envy and a way to “get even” with one’s enemies. Phoebe’s father, John Wilds, was an early
settler of Topsfield, Essex, MA and owned extensive land there. He was on a committee to
decide boundaries between Salem, Essex, MA and Topsfield, Essex, MA. This was an emotional
subject for those involved and this may have set this family up as a target for slander.
Timothy’s family lived in Gloucester on the west side of the Squam River. Phoebe Wilds
was from Topsfield, MA. Timothy served in King Philip’s War and was in a Chelmsford,
MA garrison on 24 June 1676. (11)
Timothy Day and Phoebe Wilds had 9 known children:
#1-Timothy Day (3rd)
#2-John Day (3rd)
#3-Anthony Day (3rd)
#4-John Day (3rd) (10)
#5-Jonathan Day (3rd)
#6-Priscilla Day (3rd)
#7-Elizabeth Day (3rd)
#8-Benjamin Day (3rd)
#9-Joseph Day (3rd)
#1-Timothy Day (3rd) was born 19 Jan 1679 in Topsfield, Essex, MA. Timothy’s
parents Timothy Day and Phoebe Wilds married in July 1679. Either the child’s
birth year is incorrect or he was born out of “wedlock”. (7)
#2-John Day (3rd) was born 21 Jan 1680. He died 22 Jan 1680 in Gloucester, MA.
#3-Anthony Day (3rd) was born 20 Feb 1681 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) This
could be the same Anthony who died 12 Jan 1711/12 (7). Anthony was married
to Penelope. We do not know Penelope’s maiden name. Date and place of their
marriage has not been confirmed. Anthony and Penelope’s 2 known children:
Mary Day (4th) was born 29 Mar 1709 in Gloucester, Essex, MA, and died
on 4 Apr 1709 (7)
Penelope Day (4th) died on 24 May 1712 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Her
birth date could not be found (7)
#4-John Day (3rd) was born 1 Feb 1683 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (9) (10) John is
reported to have died about 1747 and had a son named John Day who settled in
Norwich, New London, Connecticut.
#5-Jonathan Day (3rd) was born 8 Nov 1685 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#6-Priscilla Day (3rd) was born 25 May 1689. She died on 8 Jun 1689 in
Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#7-Elizabeth Day (3rd) was born 23 May 1690 and died on the same day in
Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#8-Benjamin Day (3rd) was born 5 Dec 1695 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#9-Joseph Day (3rd) was baptized before 1703 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (9)
#3-John Day (2nd) (son of Anthony Day) was born on 28 Apr 1657 in Gloucester, Essex,
MA. (7) He married Abigail Leach on 12 Dec 1681 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He died on 9
Feb 1726. (9) John and Abigail had the following known children (55):
#1-John Day (3rd) was born on 12 Feb 1681
#2-Bethiah Day (3rd) was born on 20 Feb 1683
#3-Jeremiah Day (3rd) was born on 19 May 1689 and died on 9 Jun 1689
#4-Elizabeth Day (3rd) was born on 19 Jul 1690
#5-Hannah Day (3rd) was born on 10 Jan 1694 and died on 12 May 1715
#6-Sarah Day (3rd) was born on 7 May 1698
#7-Abraham Day (3rd) was born on 13 Jun 1701 and died on 21 Jun 1703
#4-Ezekiel Day (2nd) was born 8 Mar 1659 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He died there 12 Jul
1660. (7)
#5-Ezekiel Day (2nd) was born 19 May 1662 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) (10) He
married Mary Rowe on 27 Jan 1690 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Mary was born 5 Feb
1673 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. She died in 1741 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Ezekiel died
18 Feb 1724 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) Ezekiel Day was granted land and built his
house between Lobster Cove and Hogskin Cove in Essex Co, MA in 1694. He was one of
the first settlers in that section of town. Ezekiel and Mary’s 10 known children:
#1-Ezekiel Day (3rd)
#2-Mary Day (3rd)
#3-Rachel Day (3rd)
#4-Martha Day (3rd)
#5-Samuel Day (3rd)
#6-Jonathan Day (3rd)
#7-Abraham Day (3rd) (10)
#8-Abraham Day (3rd)
#9-Nathaniel Day (3rd)
#10-Pelatiah Day (3rd)
#1-Ezekiel Day (3rd) was born 17 Aug 1692 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He married
Elizabeth Littlehale in Gloucester, Essex, MA on 27 Nov 1714. Elizabeth was born
on 5 Jun 1694 in Ipswich, Essex, MA. We do not know her date and place of
death. She was the daughter of Isaac Littlehale and Elizabeth Davis Stacy.
Elizabeth died on 4 Apr 1718 in Ipswich, Essex, MA. Ezekiel died in Gloucester,
Essex, MA on 8 Jun 1737 (7) (22) He is buried at First Parish Burial Ground,
Gloucester, Essex, MA
Ezekiel Day and Elizabeth Littlehale’s child:
Ezekiel Day (4th) was born 7 Jan 1716 in Gloucester, Essex, MA and died
there 23 Aug 1735 (7) He is buried at First Parish Burial Ground,
Gloucester, Essex, MA.
#2-Mary Day (3rd) was born 2 Apr 1697 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#3-Rachel Day (3rd) was born 10 Feb 1699 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#4-Martha Day (3rd) was born 28 Jun 1702 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#5-Samuel Day (3rd) was born 14 Oct 1706 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7). He
married Sarah Lowery. Samuel died 12 Jul 1758. They had one known child:
Pelatiah Day (4th) was born 27 Mar 1748 in Gloucester, Essex, MA
#6-Jonathan Day (3rd) was born 29 Sept 1709 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) He
married Sarah Ingersol in 1730 and died before his son David was born in 1732:
David Day (4th) was born about 1732, place not known. He was a soldier
in the French Wars and in the Revolutionary War and died 1 May 1816
aged 84. (This requires further research.)
#7-Abraham Day (3rd) was born 1 Feb 1711 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#8-Abraham Day (3rd) was born 25 Sept 1713 (7) It is presumed that the first
Abraham died prior to 1713. (10)
#9-Nathaniel Day (3rd) was born 28 Sept 1716 (7)
#10-Pelatiah Day (3rd) birth date not known-This could be the Pelatiah Day that
later went to Maine.
In case anyone is confused here-Anthony Day’s son Ezekiel Day (1662-1724) had a son Ezekiel
Day (1692-1737). This Ezekiel Day also had a son Ezekiel Day (1716-1735). The last two Ezekiel’s
are buried at First Parish Burial Ground in Gloucester, Essex, MA. This is in reference to First
Parish Church. The church would have been located near the cemetery, presumably. It is long
gone but the cemetery is still there! I have a copy of a cemetery reading that was taken in 1898
by Mr. Dolliver. The men shown below are the only Days found buried in this cemetery. If more
of our Days are buried in this cemetery, either they had no tombstones or their tombstones
simply did not survive by the 1897 cemetery reading. The two Ezekiel’s below had tombstones
still readable 160 years later in 1897. Actually, these two tombstones were still readable in
2011!! Below is an abstract from Mr. Dolliver’s cemetery reading (12):
“Here lies ye body of Ezekiel Day who died June ye 8 1737 in ye 48 year of his age”
Ezekiel Day (son of Ezekiel Day and grandson of Anthony Day) tombstone reading in
“In Memory of Ezekiel Day Third son of Mr. Ezekiel and Mrs. Elizabeth Day who died
August 23 1735 age 20 years” (Notation in the tombstone reading by Mr. Dolliver-“This
stone is of Marble-probably replaces the original stone”) When I saw the tombstone in
September 2011, it was not of marble. The term Third son does not relate to Ezekiel
being the third son of this couple. It refers to this being the third Day named Ezekiel in
succession. Also, the epitaphs shown in Mr. Dolliver’s book for these two Ezekiel Days
are not what we found on the tombstones. Either Mr. Dolliver elaborated or these
tombstones were replaced after 1897! I think the former is a more accurate
I located an explanation of wording and images that has been found on tombstones from the
17th century. When a “winged skull” is found, this indicates that Life is fleeting. Later tombstone
carvers used a cherub’s face. Some tombstones had the “look” of a headboard on a bed. This
suggested a body’s final resting place. If it had 3 arches, this symbolized the 3 gateways a soul
must pass through upon entering Eternity. Of most interest was the explanation of the word
that appears as “ye”. Tombstone carvers used “shorthand” whenever possible. When you see a
“y” with a small “e” above it, this did not relate to the word “ye”. Actually, the “y” replaced the
“th” sound with the tiny “e”. What I read as “ye” was actually a shorthand version of “the”.
Further Notes on First Parish Burial Ground, Gloucester, Essex County Massachusetts: It was
established in 1644. It is reported to be the oldest cemetery in Gloucester. The Cemetery was
the center of the earliest settlement of Cape Ann. We know that this cemetery was most likely
connected with the First Parish Church of Gloucester. Most likely the early Day’s belonged to
the First Parish Church in Gloucester, MA. I have not found any surviving church records to
show the names of the members of the church.
This cemetery is somewhat neglected but with good reason. It would be impossible to mow
around these ancient tombstones without doing damage to them. We did find some damage on
our visit to the cemetery in 2011. Some of the damage was most likely from vandals. Other
damage was reported to have happened many years ago by the rail traffic that passed by the
cemetery. The railroad tracks are very close to this cemetery. We were told by locals that the
trains passing by the cemetery threw gravel or larger stones that hit the tombstones.
#6-Nathaniel Day (2nd) (son of Anthony Day) was born 9 Sept 1665 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He
married Ruth Rowe on 13 Feb 1689 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) Ruth was born on 26 June
1671 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Nathaniel died 25 Feb 1735 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA. (9)
Nathaniel is buried in Newell Burying Ground, Attleboro, Bristol, MA. His wife Ruth died 10 May
1736 in Gloucester, Essex, MA and is also buried in Newell Burying Ground, Attleboro, Bristol,
MA. (22)
Nathaniel and Ruth’s 11 known children:
#1-Benjamin Day (3rd)
2-Nathaniel Day (3rd)
#3-Rachel Day (3rd)
#4-Nathaniel Day (3rd) (10)
#5-David Day (3rd)
#6-Meriam Day (3rd)
#7-Mary Day (3rd)
#8-Rachel Day (3rd) (10)
#9-Meriam Day (3rd) (10)
#10-Deborah Day (3rd)
#11-Dorcas Day (3rd)
#1-Benjamin Day (3rd) was born 19 Sept 1691 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#2-Nathaniel Day (3rd) was born 30 Mar 1696 in Gloucester, Essex, MA and died there 16
Dec 1699 (7)
#3-Rachel Day (3rd) was born 7 Jul 1698 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#4-Nathaniel Day (3rd) was born 10 Sept 1700 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) (10)
#5-David Day (3rd) was born 29 Jan 1702/03 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7) His tombstone
reads that he was born in 1704. David and his wife Ruth are buried in Newell Burying
Ground in Attleboro, MA. (22) He died 19 Jan 1768 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA. David and
his family appear to have lived mostly in Attleboro, MA. He married Ruth Whipple 9 Nov
1727 in Bristol County, MA. Ruth was born 8 Jun 1708 and died in 1789. David and Ruth
had the following 9 children:
#1-David Day (4th) was born 19 Oct 1728 and died in Feb 1806.
#2-Lydia Day (4th) was born 5 Dec 1730 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA and died
8 May 1804. Her first husband was Christopher Bowen, Jr. They married
in Attleboro on 14 Nov 1749. He died on 3 Dec 1749. She married John
Sweetland III in 1753. Lydia and John had the following 6 children (22):
#1-William Sweetland (5th) was born in 1754 and died in 1837
#2-Bowin Sweetland (5th) was born in 1756 and died in 1811
#3-Betty Sweetland (5th) was born in 1758 and married Nathaniel
Shephardson. She died in Sept 1833 in Cumberland, Providence,
RI. She is buried in Peck Cemetery in Cumberland, RI
#4-James Sweetland (5th) was born in 1760 and died in 1784. He is
buried in Peck Cemetery in Cumberland, RI
#5-George Sweetland (5th) was born in 1767 in Attleboro, Bristol,
MA and died on 2 May 1827. He is buried in Peck Cemetery,
Cumberland, RI
#6-Oliver Sweetland (5th) was born in 1770 in Attleboro, Bristol,
MA and died in 1854 in Abbott Run, Providence, RI. He is buried in
Paine Burial Ground, Attleboro, Bristol, MA.
#3-Elkanah Day (4th) (son of David Day) (3rd) was born 29 Jan 1732 in
Attleboro, Bristol, MA. He married Levina Merrill in 1773. Elkanah died in
1803 in Stafford, Orange, VT.
#4-Dorcas Day (4th) was born in 1735 and died in 1739
#5-Ruth Day (4th) was born in 1737
#6-Comfort Day (4th) was born in 1740 and died in 1799
#7-Eliphaz Day (4th) was born in 1744 and died in 1820
#8-Dorcas Day (4th) was born in 1745 (10)
#9-Laomi Day (4th) was born in 1750 and died in 1827
#6-Meriam Day (3rd) (daughter of Nathaniel Day) was born 20 Apr 1705 in Gloucester,
Essex, MA and died there 10 Dec 1707 (7)
#7-Mary Day (3rd) was born 10 May 1707 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#8-Rachel Day (3rd) was baptized 23 May 1708 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
#9-Meriam Day (3rd) was born 1 Oct 1709 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7) (10)
#10-Deborah Day (3rd) was born 31 Mar 1712 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA
#11-Dorcas Day (3rd) was born 2 Feb 1715 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA. She married John
Fillmore on 31 May 1735 in Norwich, New London, CT. Dorcas died on 16 Mar 1759 and
is buried in Plains Cemetery in Franklin, New London County CT. (22) Her tombstone
inscription reads:
In memory of Mrs. Dorcas (Fillmore) wife to Capt John Fillmore-she died 16 Mar 1759 in
ye (the) 45th year of her age.
Dorcas Day and John Fillmore had the following 2 known children (22)
#1-Nathaniel Fillmore (4th)
#2-Luther Fillmore (4th)
#1-Nathaniel Fillmore (4th) was born 20 Mar 1739 and died 1814. He is buried at
Old Bennington Cemetery, in Bennington Co, VT. (22)
For those persons that hope to find a connection to a Famous Person, please read the
Dorcas Day (3rd) was the great grandmother of President Millard Fillmore. She was the
granddaughter of Anthony Day. Dorcas married Capt. John Fillmore 31 May 1735 in Norwich,
New London, CT. She died in Norwich, New London, Connecticut. Dorcas and John’s son
Nathaniel Fillmore (4th) was born 20 Mar 1739 in Franklin, New London, CT. He married
Hepzibah Wood 28 Oct 1767 in Bennington, Bennington, VT. Nathaniel died 7 Sept 1814 in
Bennington, VT. Hepzibah Wood was born 14 Apr 1747 in Franklin, New London, CT and died 11
May 1783.
Nathaniel and Hepzibah Fillmore’s son Nathaniel Fillmore (5th) was born 19 Apr 1771 in
Bennington, VT. He married Phoebe Millard in 1796 in Bennington, VT. Nathaniel Fillmore died
28 March 1863 in Aurora, Cayuga, NY. Nathaniel’s son Millard Fillmore (6 th) was born 7 Jan 1800
in Locke (now Summerhill), Cayuga, NY. Millard married Abigail Powers on 5 Feb 1826 in
Moravia, Cayuga, NY. (38) President Millard Fillmore died 8 Mar 1874 in Buffalo, Erie, NY.
President Fillmore’s term of office was 1850-1853. (13) Millard Fillmore was Anthony Day’s
third great grandson. Millard Fillmore is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, Erie, NY.
There is a full biography of him. (22). Nathaniel Fillmore (5 th) is buried at Oak Glen Cemetery,
Aurora, Cayuga, NY.
Nathaniel’s wife Phoebe Millard was born 12 Aug 1781 in Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA and died 2
Apr 1831 in Aurora, Cayuga, NY. She is buried at Oak Glen Cemetery, Aurora, Cayuga, NY (22).
Here is a bit of trivia on Millard Fillmore that may interest some of the readers. Would you
believe that a scrap of his hair is in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC? I am not
making this up! There is a framed collage of sorts that contains snippets of hair from various
U. S. Presidents. This display was donated to the Smithsonian in 1883, and contains locks of hair
from 14 presidents including “our” Millard Fillmore. According to the notation in the book I
found this in, it was very common to collect locks of hair from the deceased. This was an
acceptable way to honor and remember the dead in the 18th and 19th Centuries. (39)
#2-Luther Fillmore (4th) (son of Dorcas Day and John Fillmore) was born 14 Jan
1750 in Norwich, New London, CT. He married Eunice Haskins on 29 Sept 1779 in
Norwich, New London, CT. Eunice was born 5 Feb 1751 in Franklin, New London,
CT and died on 24 May 1829 in Ellisburg, Jefferson, NY. She is buried in
Woodville Cemetery, Woodville, Jefferson, NY. Luther died on 9 Feb 1809 in
Middletown Springs, Rutland, VT. He is buried at Middletown Springs Cemetery,
Rutland, VT. (22) Luther Fillmore and Eunice Haskins had the following 6 known
#1-Esther Fillmore (5th)
#2-Ethni Fillmore (5th)
#3-Daniel Fillmore (5th)
#4-Beulah Fillmore (5th)
#5-Orrin Fillmore (5th)
#6-Amaziah Fillmore (5th)
#1-Esther Fillmore (5th) was born 8 Oct 1772 in Norwich, New London, CT.
She married Samuel Ethan Truesdale in Jan 1801 in Middletown Springs,
Rutland, VT. She died on 13 Jan 1849 in Woodville, Jefferson, NY. Esther
is buried in Middletown Springs Cemetery, Middletown Springs, Rutland,
VT (22)
#2-Ethni Fillmore (5th) was born 2 Dec 1774 in Middletown Springs,
Rutland, VT. He married Eunice Colegrove. She was born 22 May 1778 in
Colchester, New London, CT. Eunice died 7 Apr 1872 in Ellisburg,
Jefferson, NY. She is buried in Woodville Cemetery, Jefferson, NY. Ethni
moved to Ellisburg, NY in March of 1815. He lived there near his brother
Amaziah Fillmore. Ethni died 25 Mar 1844 in Boylston Center, Oswego,
NY and is buried in Woodville Cemetery, Jefferson, NY. (22) Ethni and
Eunice’s 5 known children:
#1-Alzina Fillmore (6th)
#2-Brunette Fillmore (6th)
#3-Harty Fillmore (6th)
#4-Lavias Fillmore (6th)
#5-Adelia Fillmore (6th)
#1-Alzina Fillmore (6th) date and place of her birth is unknown.
She married Thurston Baxter who died in 1853. Alzina died 26 Nov
1876. They are both buried in North Boylston Cemetery, North
Boylston, Oswego, NY (22)
#2-Brunette Fillmore (6th) was born 31 Oct 1798 in Rutland
County, VT. She married Elijah Houghton. She died in 1870 and is
buried in Stowles Cemetery, Jefferson County, NY. (22) (As far as
could be determined, this really was her name!)
#3-Harty Fillmore (6th) was born 30 Oct 1802 in Rutland County,
VT. He died 8 Feb 1831 in Jefferson County, NY. He is buried in
Woodville Cemetery, Woodville, Jefferson, NY (22)
#4-Lavias Fillmore (6th) was born 1 Aug 1811. Place of birth not
known. He died 5 Aug 1885 in New York. He married Maryette
Thayer. She was born 18 Oct 1817 and died 2 Mar 1878, in New
York. Her parents were James Thayer and Fanny Burick Main. (22)
Lavias and Maryette‘s 5 known children:
#1-Harry H Fillmore (7th) was born 9 Nov 1837, place not
known. He died in New York, date not known. He married
Mary M Kemp on 27 Nov 1866. She was born 8 Oct 1837,
place not known. She died on 17 Jul 1907, in New York.
They are buried in Woodville Cemetery, Woodville,
Jefferson, NY (22)
#2-Orson B Fillmore (7th) was born 7 Aug 1839, and died 27
Jul 1843. He is buried in Stowles Cemetery, Jefferson Co,
NY (22)
#3-Hellen L Fillmore (7th) was born 23 Jan 1843, and died
15 Jun 1847. She is buried in Stowles Cemetery, Jefferson
Co, NY (22)
#4-Ferry DeForest Fillmore (7th) was born 19 Jul 1846. He
died on 11 Jul 1852. He is buried in Stowles Cemetery,
Jefferson Co, NY (22)
#5-Millard M Fillmore (7th) was born 18 Oct 1848, in
Ellisburg, Jefferson, NY. He married Jennie Chamberlain.
He died on 6 Apr 1922 in Rural Hill, Jefferson, NY. (22)
They had the following known child:
Arthur M Fillmore (8th) was born 30 Aug 1877, in
Ellisburg, Jefferson, NY. He died in 1940 in Jefferson
County, NY. His wife was Blanche Boomer. (22)
They had one known child:
Donald Lavias Fillmore (9th) was born in
1905 in Rural Hill, Jefferson Co, NY. He died
on 26 Jun 1936 in Woodville, Jefferson, NY.
He married Flora Lucinda Dickinson on 26
Jun 1930. Flora was born in 1910. After
Donald’s death, she married Mr. Hoselton.
She died in 2005. Donald is buried in
Woodside Cemetery, Rural Hill, Jefferson,
NY. His funeral was held at Woodville
Congregational Church in Woodville, NY.
#5-Adelia Fillmore (6th) No details known for this child.
#3-Daniel Fillmore (5th) (son of Luther Fillmore) was born in 1777. He died
on 15 Oct 1858. He was buried at Highgate Falls Episcopal Church
Cemetery, Highgate Falls, Franklin, VT. His wife Anna, maiden name not
known, was born in 1786 and died on 17 Oct 1868. She is also buried at
Highgate Falls Episcopal Church Cemetery. (22)
#4-Beulah Fillmore (5th) was born in 1778. She died on 1 Oct 1839. She is
buried in North Gore Cemetery, Highgate Falls, Franklin, VT. (22)
#5-Orrin Fillmore (5th) was born on 20 Mar 1787, in Middletown Springs,
Rutland, VT. He died on 11 May 1790, in Middletown Springs. He is
buried in Middletown Springs Cemetery, Middletown Springs, Rutland, VT
#6-Amaziah Fillmore (5th) was born on 8 Mar 1790, in Middletown,
Windsor, VT. He died on 23 Dec 1842, in Ellisburg, Jefferson, NY. He
moved to Ellisburg around 1810. Amaziah married Sally Richardson in
1812. (22) Amaziah and Sally had the following 6 children:
#1-Lucy Fillmore (6th) married Chauncey Smith and lived in
Ellisburg, Jefferson, NY
#2-Ferry Fillmore (6th) was born in 1814 and died in 1878.
#3-Clark Fillmore (6th) was born in 1819 and died in 1863.
#4-Orson B Fillmore (6th) died in 1862, birth date not known.
#5-Zerviah B Fillmore (6th) married Joseph Van Wormer and died
in 1856.
#6-Dyer L Fillmore (6th) was born on 7 June 1827. He married
Margelinie Worthington in 1847. She was the daughter of Seth
Worthington and Sophia Maine. They had one known child:
Fanny Sophia Fillmore (7th) married Frank H. Millard in
1884. They had one son:
Dyer F. Millard (8th) was born in 1887. (22)
#6-Nathaniel Day (2nd) (son of Anthony Day) Will.
Nathaniel’s date of death was listed as 25 Feb 1734/35, in Attleboro, Bristol, MA. It
stated he was in his 71st year (aged 70). His widow Ruth Day was listed on 10 May 1736,
as being in her 65th year (aged 64). This date is most likely the date the will was
probated. He wrote his will on 14 Apr 1733. His will is listed below in its entirety. This is
the only will I could find on this generation. All original spelling is used (29):
In the Name of God Amen, I Nathaniel Day of Attleborough in the County of Bristol in his
Majesty’s Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, being well in bodily health
and of mind and memory, thanks be given to God but calling to mind the mortality of
my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to dye, do make and ordaine
that my last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I give and
recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body to the Earth to be
buried in death and Christian Burial at the discretion of my executors nothing doubting
that but at the general resurrection shall raise the same againe by the mighty power of
God, and as such worldly estate wherewith it haith pleased God to bless me in this life
and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.
Item: I bequeath to Ruth (Ruth Rowe Day), my dearly beloved wife, all my indoor
movable goods by her to be possessed and enjoy during her widowhood but if in case
she marry again or that she dyes my widow, that then the household goods shall be
returned to my beloved daughters as hereafter in this will is expressed, and it is my will
that my Executor hereafter named see the same performed.
Item: I give unto my well beloved son Benjamin Day as a further addition to what I have
formerly given to him, the sum of Twenty pounds money or publick bills of credit of the
said province.
Item: I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Nathaniel (Day) to him, his heires and
assigned forever at an addition to what I have formerly given him, the residue of all my
lands which is not already disposed of, lying and going in Attleborough aforesaid that is
to say the Southerly part of my farm in South Attleborough of which there is so much
remains not disposed of as being joyned to thirty five acres of land I formerly gave to
him as will make up a half part of all my lands and which will be equal to the half part I
gave to my son David Day by deed of gift.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughters’ family Ruth (Day) Ingraham,
Mary (Day) Hoping, Meriam Day, Deborah Day, Dorcas Day, the sum of fifteen pounds
money or publick bills of credit of said Province to each of them which in all amounts to
seventy five pounds and my will is that this five legacies to my daughters and the legacy
of twenty pounds which in this will I give to my son Benjamin Day. I will require that my
Executor David Day hereafter mentioned shall pay them all out of his own proper estate
for which end and in consideration thereof I have given him a deed of the one half of my
whole estate and therefore I require that these legacys by him be paid as soon as
conveniently they may. The first legacy shall be paid at the furthest a year after my
decease to the (not readable) and after that he shall pay a legacy every year successively
they are all paid and further my will is that at the decease or marriage of my widow, the
household goods which I have in this will given to her shall then return to my same
daughters and be equally divided amongst them all.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son David Day whom I likewise
constitute make and ordaine my sole executor of this my last will and testament, all and
all my outdoor moveables, namely all my husbandry, tools, and all stock of cattel, sheep,
swine, horses by him, his heirs or assignes freely to be possessed and enjoyed and I do
hereby utterly disallow, revoke, and disannul all and every other former testaments and
wills, legacies, and bequeaths, and executors by me in any ways before named will and
bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day of year above written.
Nathaniel Day his mark
N (his mark was only a capital N) (29)
It is presumed he could not write his name, since he only signed his initial. This does not mean
that he could not write, necessarily. Whether Nathanial Day or his father Anthony Day could
read or write is something of which we may never learn the answer.
#7-Elizabeth Day (2nd) (daughter of Anthony Day) was born 2 Feb 1667, in Gloucester, Essex,
MA (7) She married Laurance Giddings on 15 Jan 1718, in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Elizabeth died
on 6 Oct 1728, in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (9)
#8-Samuel Day (2nd) was born on 25 Feb 1669, in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He married Rachel
Rowe on 9 Aug 1692, in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) He died on 11 Nov 1749, in Gloucester,
Essex, MA. (9) His death has also been recorded at Attleboro, Bristol, MA. Rachel was born 10
Nov 1668, in Gloucester, Essex, MA and died there on 6 Sept 1698. Samuel’s burial place is
unknown. (22)
NOTE: Mary Rowe, Ruth Rowe and Rachael Rowe were sisters who married Ezekiel Day,
Nathaniel Day and Samuel Day who were brothers. They were the daughters of Hugh and
Rachel Langton Rowe who married on 10 June 1667.
#9-Joseph Day (2nd) (son of Anthony Day) was born 4 Apr 1672, in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He
married Elizabeth Granger/Gage on 15 Aug 1695, in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He died on 14 Jun
1742, in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (9)
Joseph and Elizabeth’s children (14):
Jeremiah Day (3rd)
William Day (3rd)
Joseph Day (3rd)
and several daughters
Thomas Day (2nd) (Anthony-1) was born 1651 in Gloucester, Essex, MA to Anthony and
Susannah Matchett Day. (NOTE: It is Thomas’s line from which the current Days are
descended.) He married Mary Laughton/Langton 30 Dec 1673, in Gloucester. (7) Mary was born
1652 in Gloucester. (7) Thomas Day died 29 Jan 1726, probably in Gloucester, aged about 75.
(7) Mary died 18 Jul 1706, in Gloucester. She and her daughter Mary Day (3rd) were killed by
lightning in the entry of their home. (7) Below is an account of the wording used at the time of
this event:
“Mary Day and her daughter Mary Day, both deceased; to gather (together) in the dwelling
house of ye husband and father of the deceased who was immediately smitten (struck) with
thunder and lightning as they were in the entry (on) the 18th of July 1706” (43)
(This wording is very different from what would be written today. I found the term smitten to
be an odd word to refer to their being struck by lightning. And to also add “smitten with
thunder”, this really is odd wording!)
Thomas Day married Hannah Clark on 25 Nov 1706. They were married in Gloucester, Essex,
MA, by Rev. John White. This couple had no children. (9)
Thomas Day and Mary Laughton’s 3 children:
Thomas Day (3rd) was born 27 May 1675, in Gloucester, MA. See Generation 3 for more
information on this man.
Mary Day (3rd) was born 22 Dec 1677, in Gloucester MA. (7) She died on 18 Jul 1706, in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. She and her mother Mary Day were struck by lightning in the
entry of their home.
Joseph Day (3rd) was born 24 Mar 1679/80 in Gloucester MA (7)
One source I found states that 4 male descendants of Anthony Day went to Maine and founded
New Gloucester. This was around 1736 and the names mentioned were Ezekiel Day, Eliphalet
Day, Timothy Day and Pelatiah Day. (15) Ezekiel, son of Anthony, had a son named Pelatiah Day
so these men could be descendants of Anthony Day.
According to an online source (40), New Gloucester, ME, was established under a grant from
the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1736. A six square mile tract of land in the Maine Territory
was granted to 60 people from the Gloucester, MA, fishing village on Cape Ann. In 1739,
settlers arrived but it was soon abandoned because of the threat of Indian attack. It was
recorded that Indians did burn many of the houses that had been built. Many of these original
settlers in this town in Maine returned to Gloucester, MA. Perhaps Anthony Day’s descendants
did go to Maine. Also it is possible they returned to Massachusetts. If “our” Days did in fact
settle New Gloucester, I could not find proof. Since the town was abandoned early, there would
not have been time for any records to have been officially recorded. The town was again settled
in 1753 and was a small but thriving town.
Another unconfirmed source states that one branch of Anthony Day’s line moved from
Gloucester to Attleboro, Massachusetts. Some of this group moved next to the Killingly,
Connecticut area. Captain John Day established the town of Dayville which is in the NW section
of Killingly in Windham County, Connecticut. We do not know if the Captain actually is a
descendant of Anthony Day but may be worth pursuing at a later date. Some of the Day line
went to Stafford, Connecticut which is only 20 miles NW of Killingly. As the generations
progress, we will find connections to the Days in Stafford.
Thomas Day (3rd) (Thomas-2, Anthony-1) was born 27 May 1675 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. He
was the son of Thomas Day and Mary Laughton. He married Mary Denning 7 Mar 1700 in
Gloucester, MA. Mary was born in 1672 in Gloucester. Her parents were Nicholas Denning and
Emme Brown. Nicholas was a seafaring man as were his sons. Other spellings for her maiden
name were Dennen and Deming. Mary died in 1725 in Gloucester, Essex, MA.
Thomas Day and Mary Denning’s 7 known children:
Hepzibah Day (4th)
Josiah Day (4th)
Stephen Day (4th)
Zebulon Day (4th)
Mary Day (4th)
Thomas Day (4th)
Jacob Day (4th)
Hepzibah Day (4th) was born 11 Dec 1700 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7). She married
Francis Pinkett on 7 Jan 1719 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7)
Josiah Day (4th) was born 30 Jan 1703 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) He married Mary
Thomas on 29 Nov 1730 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Some sources state that Mary was
from Matinicus, Knox, ME. Josiah died about 1757 in Georgetown, Sagadahoc, ME. (9)
He reportedly was a soldier in the Indian Wars. (15) He apparently operated a ferry
across the Kennebec River in the Georgetown, ME area that was known then as Day’s
Ferry, later called Arnold’s Ferry. He may have been killed in the French and Indian War
in 1757.
Josiah and Mary had the following 8 children. They may not be in birth order (9):
Mary Day (5th)
Mary Day (5th) (10)
Miriam Day (5th)
Josiah Day (5th)
Stephen Day (5th)
Thomas Day (5th)
Elizabeth Day (5th)
Jacob Day (5th) was baptized Sept 19 1743 in Gloucester, Essex, MA and
married Bethany Blethen on 12 Jul 1764. Bethany was the daughter of
Samuel Blethen and Elizabeth Perry. (9) Jacob died in 1795 in
Georgetown, Sagadahoc, ME. Jacob and Bethany had the following 13
children (9):
Josiah R. Day (6th)
Eunice Day (6th)
Thomas Day (6th)
Samuel Blethen Day (6th)
Joseph Day (6th) was listed as a witness to a land purchase, not his
own, in Vermont. One source states that Joseph married Mrs.
Susan Gould on 30 Jan 1815. They reportedly lived in Bennington
County, VT in 1815 (9) (18)
Olive Day (6th)
Jacob Day (6th)
William Day (6th)
Stephen Day (6th)
Rufus Day (6th)
Hannah Day (6th)
Martha Day (6th)
Rebecca Day (6th)
Stephen Day (4th) (son of Thomas Day and Mary Denning) was born 9 Mar 1704 in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7)
Zebulon Day (4th) was baptized 4 Aug 1706 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
Mary Day (4th) was born 22 Apr 1707 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
Thomas Day (4th) was baptized 24 Aug 1712 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (7) He married
Mary Crowell. See Generation 4 for more information on Thomas Day.
Jacob Day (4th) was baptized 15 May 1715 in Gloucester, Essex, MA (7)
Thomas Day (3rd) (son of Thomas 2nd) died at sea. He went down in the Atlantic with his
brother-in-law George Denning in August of 1716 on a fishing voyage to the Isle of Sables near
Newfoundland. Daniel Stanley was the master of the schooner that Thomas and George were
aboard. Although Thomas died at sea, his death is recorded in the Vital Records of Gloucester,
Essex, MA. (7) Isle of Sables is in Nova Scotia in Southeastern Canada. This area has a reputation
for shipwrecks and is often called the Graveyard of the Atlantic. This term also refers to Cape
Cod, MA and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. While researching details for this family
history, I found that at least 350 vessels were reported to have fallen victim to the Isle of
Sables’ (also called Sable Island) sand bars and thick fogs. The island lies in the middle of rich
fishing grounds. Since the men of Gloucester were mostly sea faring fishermen, Sable Island
area would have been a huge draw to them, no matter the risk.
It is most interesting to note here that the movie “The Perfect Storm” that was released in
2000, had its setting in Gloucester, Essex, MA. This movie was based on a true story about the
“Andrea Gail”, a sword fishing boat. This boat sank on a fishing voyage that left from Gloucester
in October of 1991. In the movie, George Clooney played the part of the ship’s captain. This
true story is further proof of how dangerous the fishing industry is and was. It also should make
us appreciate these Gloucester ancestors that played a part not only in the Day family history
but also played a huge part in America’s maritime history!
There were no lighthouses at this time to aid navigation. The first lighthouse in that area was
not erected until 1873. There would have been little if any remains of these ships or their crew
and no formal listing of ships that sank there are known to exist.
John Babson, Gloucester MA (16) historian wrote:
“The excellent town clerk of that day made a particular record of this sad loss which I here
transcribe—About the middle of August 1716, Daniel Stanley, master of a new schooner, was
on a fishing voyage, near the Isle of Sables, with several other fishing vessels. There arose a
violent storm wherein as ‘tis thought said schooner was cast away upon the northern barr of
said Isle of Sables. There was in said schooner, said Stanley age 23, Thomas Day age 40 and
George Denning age 30, (and several others).”
Earlier in this same book, it is mentioned that the beginning of the 18th Century marks the start
of the maritime business of Gloucester. 1716 is the earliest date for recorded maritime
shipwrecks and lives lost at sea at the port of Gloucester.
There is a Statue at Cape Ann in Gloucester honoring all those men that died at sea. It was
erected in 1923 on the 300th Anniversary of the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The
Statue was built to honor all those who had been part of the fishing industry from 1623-1923.
Thomas Day’s name is on the Memorial Wall at Cape Ann in Gloucester. 1716 is the earliest
year noted on this memorial wall.
The memorial marker shown above reads in part:
“The first settlers came from England in 1623 to harvest the ocean’s bounty. They concentrated
on the rich fishing banks between Gloucester and Newfoundland and later ventured
throughout the Atlantic. 1716 was the first year that men lost at sea were recorded. 5368 lives
have been recorded as lost at sea from Gloucester since that date. Nearly 1000 ships were lost
at sea. Those ships lost with all of their crew-265. Between 1860 and 1906, 660 ships sank.
While many of the fishermen were saved, 3880 were lost. A single storm in 1862 claimed 15
schooners and 120 men while another devastating storm in 1879 took the lives of 159 men.
Thousands of widows struggled to survive and raise their children. Many of those fatherless
children entered the trade of their lost fathers. Let us remember, honor and celebrate these
fishermen who made their final voyage from this great port.
They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of
the Lord, and his wonders in the deep. Psalm 107: 23-24”
Thomas Day (4th) (Thomas-3rd, Thomas-2nd, Anthony-1st) was born before 24 Aug 1712 in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. We believe this date is his baptismal date. (7) Thomas was the son of
Thomas Day and Mary Denning. In some records, Thomas used this date as his birth date so
perhaps it is the day he was born. Thomas died after 1748. We do not have his exact date of
death. We do know that he did not live long after his twin sons were born in 1748.
Thomas’ residence at death was listed as Ipswich, Essex, MA and his occupation was yeoman
(farmer). He married Mary Crowell, daughter of Samuel Crowell and Sarah Allin, on 19 Feb 1746
in Manchester, Essex, MA. (9) Mary was born 7 Oct 1713 in Manchester, Essex, MA. (9) She died
18 Feb 1793 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. We believe Mary moved to Vermont with her sons
after Thomas died. Some records show prior to marrying Thomas Day, Mary married John
Webber 3 Dec 1733 and he predeceased her. Mary had twin daughters to John Webber.
Margaret Webber and Mary Webber were born 17 Jun 1739. (19)
Thomas Day and Mary Crowell had twin sons. (9)
Samuel Day (5th) was born 26 Nov 1748 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. See Generation 5 for
more information on Samuel Day.
Thomas Day (5th) was born on 27 Nov 1748 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. (9) This is either a
typo or their births occurred around midnight. According to a Vermont source recorded
in 1783, Thomas was a juror and a highway surveyor. In 1781, Samuel Day and Thomas
Day were both listed as taxpayers in Whitingham, Windham, VT. Thomas is listed as a
resident of Jericho, VT in 1795. In 1796, Samuel and Thomas were granted land by the
state of Vermont. These grants were to cover all unoccupied land in the unnamed
township. (26) These resources prove for us that both Thomas and Samuel Day were
living in Windham County, VT for the dates shown.
Samuel Day (5th) (Thomas-4th, Thomas-3rd, Thomas-2nd, Anthony-1st) was born 26 Nov 1748 in
Gloucester, Essex, MA. His parents were Thomas Day and Mary Crowell. Samuel married
Eunice Fay 16 Jan 1772 at Stafford, Windham, Connecticut. (20)
Eunice is sometimes referred to as Joanna. I don’t think this is her name. In the marriage record
for Samuel and Eunice, there is also a marriage for Joanna Fay of Stafford who married Ephraim
Munger of South Brimfield CT on 27 May 1772. I believe Joanna and Eunice are sisters. (20)
At the time of their marriage, Samuel Day lived in Monson, Connecticut (town no longer exists)
and Eunice Fay lived in Stafford, Tolland, Connecticut. Eunice’s parents were Edward Fay and
Sarah Joslin. Eunice was born 17 Sept 1751 in Colchester, Windham, CT. She died on 28 Aug
1808 in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (9) Samuel and Eunice are buried in Jericho Center Cemetery,
Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (22) Samuel died 11 May 1829 in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (9)
Samuel Day is listed in the county records of Whitingham, Windham, VT. The population of
Whitingham, VT in 1780 was 200 and Samuel’s family was part of that head count. He was
listed on a Tax List in that town in 1781. Samuel Day and other men made the following
suggestion to help control its citizens:
Intoxication was to be handled by overseers that would take control of the individual’s personal
affairs. This was dated 30 June 1786. (26) This is another proof that Samuel Day lived in that
Samuel Day is listed among the early settlers and those prominent in business and town affairs.
Samuel Day was also listed as receiving a land grant in 1776 for some type of settlement. This
was petitioned by Amos Green on 20 Oct 1776. Samuel Day’s name was listed along with some
other men. The terms of the grant included:
Planting 5 acres
Building a house of at least 18 sq ft in size
Land must be inhabited within 4 years of land survey (27)
Samuel Day’s signature was located in a Vermont history book “Green Leaves from
Whitingham, Vermont: a history of the town”, 1894, pg 136:
It is believed that this family moved to Jericho, Chittenden, VT around 1801. A large group of
Days settled in Jericho. Some of the Days there were descendants of Anthony Day while others
were descendants of Robert Day. These two men are not related as far as we could determine.
Most of the Days that came to Vermont moved there from Connecticut. Samuel Day lived on
Lots 38 and 39 in Jericho-70 acres. Later he moved to Lot 34. He deeded his farm to his son
Stephen Day in 1806 and in December of 1809 Stephen deeded it back to his father. Samuel
then deeded the property to Edward Noah Day, his second son. Edward paid $900 for over 42
acres, with the promise to care for Samuel. In February 1809, Samuel was presented a writ to
collect on a promissory note from the local Sheriff to pay for land and equipment he owed. Two
days later, Samuel sold 61 acres to pay off the debt. (9)
Samuel Day was a soldier in the Revolutionary War from the time of Bunker Hill until the final
surrender at Yorktown. Extensive research has been performed to try to determine Samuel’s
military records. As far as could be determined, the records below are Samuel’s military history.
This requires further research for proof:
Samuel Day-Corporal served in the 4th MA Regiment, 2nd MA Brigade, 3rd Division under Capt.
Knap. This unit organized in 1775 at Roxbury, MA from Worchester County. They entered Valley
Forge with 437 men assigned. Only 287 were fit for duty. They left Valley Forge with 394
assigned and 249 fit for duty. Previous engagements: siege of Boston, New York City, northern
New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA and other towns. (9)
In 1913 a marker was erected to honor those men of Gloucester, Essex, MA, who served in the
Revolutionary War. It reads:
“In memory of the Soldiers and Sailors and all others who rendered aid to the cause of
American Independence during the Revolutionary War-erected by Lucy Knox Chapter,
Daughters of the American Revolution of Gloucester-June 17 1913”
Samuel was also listed as a soldier in the War of 1812:
Samuel Day, Sgt, served in Capt. Robbins Co, Col. Wm. Williams’ Regiment, Detached Militia in
United States service 4 months and 29 days, 1812; stationed at Swanton Falls. He served from 1
May to 30 June 1814 in Capt. Alexander Brooks’ Corps of Artillery. He volunteered to go to
Plattsburgh in Sept of 1814 and was in battle, serving 9 days in Capt. George Fisher’s Company,
Sumner’s Regiment.
NOTE: It has not been confirmed that this Samuel Day is “our” Samuel Day so it does bear
further research. It is believed that this Samuel Day is from this family. If this is “our” Samuel
Day he would have been 64 in 1812. Age may not have been a deterrent for a man that had
already served in the Revolutionary War.
Samuel Day and Eunice Fay had 11 known children (9):
Samuel Day (6th)
Edward Noah Day (6th)
Thomas G Day (6th)
Benjamin Day (6th)
Sarah Day (6th)
Elijah Day (6th)
Stephen Day (6th)
Eunice Day (6th)
Mary Day (6th)
Elkanah Day (6th)
Terzey Day (6th)
Samuel Day (6th) was born 15 Jul 1772 in Stafford, Windham, CT. If this birth date is correct,
Samuel was conceived before his parents were married on 16 Jan 1772. He married Elizabeth
Munger on 10 Oct 1793 in Union, Tolland, CT. Elizabeth was his first cousin. Her parents were
Ephraim Munger and Joanna Fay. Joanna was a sister of Samuel’s mother Eunice. Elizabeth was
born 12 Aug 1773 in Brimfield, Hampden, MA and died on 20 Feb 1812 in Smithfield, Madison,
NY. Samuel Day was referred to as Dr. Day. We know this from several Huron County, Ohio
publications. One county history refers to Samuel Day as a farmer and herb doctor. It further
states that Samuel learned much of his knowledge of the use of herbs from an “old Indian”. (34)
He was referred to as Dr. Day with the notation that he was “Thompsonian or Botanic”. (35)
One source states that the first physician in Huron County, Ohio was Dr. Samuel Day. This
would have been in 1818. (36) This same county history states that the first black salts or
potash was made by Josiah Day and his father Dr. Samuel Day. (36) (Potash was salts containing
potassium in water soluble form and was pronounced as ‘pot-ash’.) Samuel Day died on 30 Dec
1839 in New London, Huron, OH. Samuel Day’s second wife Hannah Robbins will be listed after
Samuel and Elizabeth’s children.
Samuel and Elizabeth’s 9 children: (9)
John M Day (7th)
Josiah Day (7th)
Samuel Day (7th)
Elizabeth Day (7th)
Sarah L Day (7th)
Ephraim Day (7th)
Eunice Day (7th)
William Day (7th)
Samuel Day (7th)
John M Day (7th) was born 5 Jul 1795 in Vermont. He married Polly Corey in 1817 in
Clarksfield Twp., Huron Co, OH. They were the first couple to be married in that
township in 1817 so perhaps they were married in January or February? They were
married at the home of Polly’s uncle Abram Hendryx. They rode one horse together to
the wedding place and back home again in the winter cold. (9) Polly was born about
1802. She died about 1820, most likely in Huron County, OH. John M Day then married
Amanda Harman. John died in 1852. Some sources state this couple had no children.
Other sources state John and Amanda had 14 children. Amanda was born about 1806
and died about 1880. (9) John and Polly’s 2 known children:
Sylvester Day (8th) was born 16 Feb 1819. He died 10 Sept 1852 in Huron
Co, OH. (9) Sylvester is buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron
Co, OH. Sylvester married Isabella Santley about 1849. They had two
known children (42):
Mary Day (9th) was born in 1849. (9) She died in 1865. She is
buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron, OH. Her
tombstone is not very readable but it appears she was around 16
years old. She was 11 months old in the 1850 New London, Huron
Co, Ohio Census. Mary was most likely born in Huron County, OH.
Elmer Day (9th) died on 20 Sept 1855 aged 3 yrs, 2 mo, 29 da.
Using an online birth date calculator-Elmer was born on 22 Jun
1852. His birth was only a few months before his father Sylvester
Day died. He is buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron,
OH. Elmer was most likely born in Huron County, OH.
John Harmon Day (8th) (son of John M Day) (9) No further information is
known about this child. It is highly possible that John Harmon Day’s
mother Polly Corey died in childbirth with him. It is also highly possible
that John Harmon died at birth.
Josiah Day (7th) (son of Samuel Day (6th) was born 6 Mar 1797 in Connecticut. He
died on 14 Oct 1855 in Huron County, OH. (9) He married Ruth Durfee. (22)
Josiah donated the land in Huron County, OH for the Day Cemetery. Josiah and
Ruth are buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron, OH. Their son
Ephraim M Day and his wife Amanda are buried beside them in Day Cemetery.
Ephraim died on 11 Sept 1871. (22) Using an online birth date calculator,
Ephraim was born on 3 Jul 1832. His wife Amanda Keller died on 19 Jun 1873.
Her calculated date of birth was 30 Sept 1831. (42)
Samuel Day (7th) was born in 1798 and died in 1800. (9)
Elizabeth Day (7th) was born in 1800 and died in 1802. (9)
Sarah L Day (7th) was born on 24 Mar 1802. She married Upton Clark on 28 Dec
1819 in Huron County, OH. She died in 1865. (9)
Ephraim Day (7th) (son of Samuel Day) was born on 26 May 1804 in Jericho,
Chittenden, VT. He married Sarah E Parker on 25 Dec 1833 in Huron County, OH.
Sarah was born 4 Nov 1816 in Ontario, Wayne, NY. Her parents were Samuel
Parker and Ruth Root. She died 14 Feb 1901 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. Ephraim
died on 14 Jun 1872 in Huron County, OH. Ephraim may have been born in
Underhill, VT. His mother Elizabeth Munger died when Ephraim was 8 years old.
The family was broken up and he had to find work where he could. In Feb 1821,
he and his brothers John Day, Josiah Day, and William Day started on foot for
Ohio. It took them six weeks to travel on foot from Vermont to Ohio. Josiah had
gone to Ohio in 1820 to “spy out the land”. They settled in New London, New
London Twp, Huron, OH and his father Samuel Day and the rest of the children
came to Ohio in 1822. There were 18 children that originally came to Ohio per
one report. Ephraim remained at home until he was 21. (34) He then worked
chopping wood. (9) Ephraim eventually owned 300 acres of land in the
Clarksfield area. Ephraim and Sarah’s home was on Fitchville Road, southwest of
Clarksfield, Huron, OH. Their house was destroyed by fire in 1908. Their son,
Edward Day, owned the farm in 1908. When Ephraim died in 1872, Sarah
continued to live with her son Edward. (31)
Some reports about Ephraim Day’s father, Samuel Day, was that he owned 62 acres in
Jericho, Chittenden, VT. In 1804, he reportedly was in financial trouble and borrowed
money from Eleazer Demming of Burlington, Chittenden, VT. Samuel promised to repay
the loan but by 1809 he had not been able to do so. The potash factories Samuel owned
in Jericho and Underhill, VT were seized in a claim by Mr. Demming. This real estate of
Samuel Day’s was sold. The 61 acres he owned sold for $2000 and was more than
enough to pay off the debt owed. It has been stated that because of this bad debt,
Samuel Day was “warned out” of town. (37) There may have been other reasons for
this warning. Normally a “Warning Out” meant that if someone became a burden on the
town’s resources, they were Warned Out or “run out of town”. The family in question
was not in reality required to leave town, but this action resolved the town of any
financial burden. Whether or not Samuel Day actually was Warned Out may never be
proven. I am only stating this non proven theory just to show an example of how the
towns ruled in the early 19th Century.
We have another Huron County, OH, history relating the story of the first Days that
came to that county:
In the Spring of 1817, Ephraim Day, John Day, and Josiah Day came to Ohio from
Vermont. They each had twenty shillings and a filled haversack. This would be a bag
filled with whatever they felt they needed to survive the 700 mile trip that took six
weeks to walk! William also came with them although he is not immediately mentioned
in this history. Josiah settled on Section 1 Lot 25, in the southwest corner of Section Line
and Chenango roads. William settled in the southeast corner of Section 1 Lot 25. (I
believe this to be referring to New London Twp in Huron County, OH) Ephraim Day went
on to Clarksfield Township. So this tells us that Josiah Day and William Day probably
settled in New London Township. Ephraim cut down timber for 50 cents. This most likely
referred to 50 cents an acre. Some men made as much as $5 an acre for cutting down
the trees for clearing the land. (32) These accounts of Huron County, OH history mostly
match with the exception of the difference in dates. One Huron County history says they
came to Ohio in 1817 while another states it was in 1821.
Ephraim Day and Sarah Parker settled on her father Samuel Parker’s farm in Clarksfield,
Huron, OH. Sarah’s father had various enterprises including the dyeing of homespun
cloth. He was a farmer in Clarksfield but later moved to Wisconsin where he died. Sarah
and Ephraim settled on his farm in Clarksfield and cleared and improved that land. This
is where Ephraim spent the remainder of his life. He “fought well against adversity” and
overcame every obstacle that was placed in front of him. (34) When he died, he left his
wife and children one of the best improved farms in Huron County, which included 300
acres. He was a Jacksonian Democrat until 1856. He then became a Republican and was
faithful to that party until his death. He was a lifelong Baptist. Sarah was a Methodist
Episcopalian. (34) Ephraim Day and Sarah Parker had the following 5 children (9):
George Day (8th) was born in 1835. He died in 1838 in Huron County, Ohio.
Edward M Day (8th) was born on 20 Oct 1842.
Elmer L Day (8th) was born in 1844 and died in 1850 in Huron County, Ohio
Isabelle Day (8th) was born in 1849 and died in 1850 in Huron County, Ohio
Harriet Day (8th) was born in 1858 and died in 1865 in Huron County, Ohio
Edward M Day (8th) was born on 20 Oct 1842 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. He is the
only known child of Ephraim Day and Sarah Parker that lived past childhood.
Edward was raised in Clarksfield Township and received his schooling there. The
first school he attended was held in his father’s house, and Miss Fannie Barnum
was his teacher. He later completed his education in Milan Academy in Huron
County, Ohio. He learned farming and other practical lessons in life from his
father, Ephraim Day. Edward married Cynthia A Waugh on 29 March 1867 in
Wakeman Township, Huron County, OH. Cynthia was born 13 Oct 1846 in
Camden Township, Lorain County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Rev Lansing
Waugh and Docia Minor. Mr Waugh was a Baptist minister. He made certain that
Cynthia had every opportunity to become well educated. She attended school in
Norwalk and college in Oberlin in Lorain County. After Edward and Cynthia
married, they lived on a farm which was referred to as the Upton Clark farm. It is
presumed that Mr Clark was the previous owner. This most likely was in Huron
County. In 1882, Edward built what was referred to as one of the “finest farm
residences in the township”. He was a “systematic agriculturist” and a
“thoroughly progressive citizen”. The first vote he cast was for Abraham Lincoln.
He was a Republican, but in 1880 he joined the Prohibition Party. He was a
trustee in the Methodist Episcopal Church. (34) Edward M. Day died on 29 Aug
1931 in Huron County, Ohio.
Edward Day and Cynthia Waugh had the following 2 known children (9):
Nora May Day (9th) was born on 22 Sept 1868 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH.
She died on 28 May 1931 in Lorain, Lorain, Ohio. Nora married B E
Meacham of Clarksfield Township. (34) They had 2 known children as
mentioned in Edward’s obituary in 1931:
Dorothy W Meacham (10th)
Edward M Meacham (10th)
Frank Lansing Day (9th) was born on 23 Apr 1872. He died on 20 Nov 1893
in Huron County, Ohio.
Eunice Day (7th) (daughter of Samuel Day and Elizabeth Munger) was born on 28 May
1806 in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. She died on 1 Sept 1863 in Huron County, OH. Eunice
married John M Hendryx. He was the son of Abram Dayton Hendryx. John was born
about 1800 and died about 1837. Eunice and John’s 2 known children: (9)
Rosanna A Hendryx (8th) No date of birth for her has been located but it is
believed she died about 1850 in Huron County, OH. (9)
Sarah Hendryx (8th) was born 6 Feb 1827 in New London, Huron, OH. She died on
27 Jan 1877 in New London, Huron, OH. Sarah married Zebulon Brundage Jr. on
18 May 1844, place not known. Zebulon was born 16 Feb 1820 in Danby,
Tompkins, NY. He died 21 Feb 1890 in New London, Huron, OH. Zebulon Jr. and
Sarah are buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron, OH. (42) Sarah and
Zebulon’s 6 known children (33):
Lafayette L Brundage (9th)
Infant Brundage (9th)
John M Brundage (9th)
William Riley Brundge (9th)
Infant daughter Brundage (9th)
Charles Zebulon Brundage (9th)
Lafayette L Brundage (9th) was born 1845 in New London, Huron, OH. He
died 3 May 1898 in Huron County, OH. He married Senah Amanda
Stevens on 19 Nov 1868. Senah’s maiden name is given in one source as
Sly/Sligh. (42) Senah was born 1838 and died 16 May 1875 in New
London, Huron, OH. Lafayette and Senah are buried in Day Cemetery,
New London Twp, Huron County, OH. Lafayette and Sena’s child (33):
Frank B Brundage (10th) was born 11 Apr 1871 in Huron County,
OH. He married Hazel (maiden name unknown) and had one
known child (33):
Birchard Brundage (11th) (33)
Lafayette Brundage’s second wife was Lucy Clemmons. She was born in
1856. They married on 22 Nov 1877 and she died in 1941. Lucy is buried
in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron County, OH. Lafayette and
Lucy had the following children (33):
Edward J Brundage (10th) was born 24 Dec 1880 in Huron County,
OH. He died in 1930 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL. He married Emma
Huntley on 18 Jun 1903.
Maud S Brundage (10th) was born 2 Feb 1886 in Huron County,
OH. She married Jack H Reeves in 1906. They had one known
Morris Reeves (11th)
Infant Brundage (9th) (child of Zebulon Brundage and Sarah Hendryx) was
born 1846 in New London, Huron Co, OH and died on 23 Sept 1848 in
New London, Huron, OH. (33) This child is buried in Day Cemetery, New
London Twp, Huron Co, Ohio. (42)
John M Brundage (9th) was born in February 1850 in Huron County, OH
and died on 24 Jul 1851 in New London, Huron, OH. (33) He is buried
beside his unnamed sister in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron Co,
Ohio. (42)
William Riley Brundage (9th) was born in 1853 in Ohio and died on 31 Oct
1901 in New London, Huron, OH. He married Eliza Jane Hull in 1875. Eliza
was born 1852 in Ohio and died in 1937. (33) They had the following 2
known children (33):
Anna Mae Brundage (10th) was born in 1876 and died in 1920.
She married Albert L Hearson in 1902. He was born in 1876 and
died in 1934.
Ray Arthur Brundage (10th) was born 7 Mar 1877 in Huron County,
OH. He died 11 Jun 1960. He married Nellie V Thomas on 7 Jun
1899. Nellie was born 27 Sept 1880 and died on 1 Apr 1957. Ray
and Nellie’s 2 known children:
Dorothy M Brundage (11th) was born 9 May 1900 in Huron
County, OH and died in 1987. She married Donald A
Clawson. He was born in 1898 and died in 1986. Dorothy
and Donald had one child:
Donald R Clawson (12th) was born in 1925 and died
in 1926.
Kathryn Brundage (11th) was born in 1908. She married
Kenneth Harden in 1936. Kathryn and Kenneth had the
following 2 children:
Menda Harden (12th) She married Mr Shade.
Marcella Harden (12th) She married Dennis
Charles Zebulon Brundage (9th) (son of Sarah Hendryx and Zebulon
Brundage Jr) was born 29 May 1856 in New London, Huron, OH. He died
on 2 Jan 1930 in New London, Huron, OH. He married Laura Mae VanScoy
Stevens on 12 Dec 1876. Laura was born 11 Jul 1858 in New London,
Huron Co, OH. She died on 7 Mar 1927 in New London, Huron, OH. (33)
Charles and Laura had the following known child:
Daisy May Brundage (10th) was born 16 Dec 1877 in New London,
Huron, OH. She died on 7 Jun 1938 in New London, Huron, OH.
Daisy married William Curtis Hoover on 21 Jun 1899. He was born
on 1 Mar 1873 in Iowa. He died on 11 Nov 1945 in New London,
Huron, OH (33). Daisy and William had the following 2 children:
Helen Josephine Hoover (11th)
Christine Z Hoover (11th)
Helen Josephine Hoover (11th) was born 25 Apr 1900 in
New London, Huron, OH. She married William Creston
McConnell on 23 Sept 1924. Helen died on 15 Feb 1976 in
Naples, Collier, FL. William was born 22 Oct 1897 in New
London, Huron, OH. William owned a service station and
later a Buick dealership in Lorain, Lorain, OH. He died 14
Dec 1978. Helen and William had the following 3 children
John Creston McConnell (12th)
Marilyn McConnell (12th)
William Hoover McConnell (12th)
John Creston McConnell (12th) was born on 19 Mar
1926 in Oberlin, Lorain, OH. He married Virginia
“Jinnie” Ruth McCorison on 29 Jul 1950 in
Westfield, Union, NJ. Virginia was born on 27 Jan
1928 in Nashua, Chickasaw, IA. John lived in
Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO, most of his working
life. John spent many happy summers growing up
in New London, Huron, OH. He often spent time at
his grandmother Leona Perkins McConnell’s farm
with her and his Uncle Dane McConnell. He
graduated from Lorain High School in 1944 and
spent the next two years in the service, serving in
France and Germany during WWII. John was with
the 70th Infantry Division that helped push back the
Germans that created the Bulge in the winter of
1944-45. He survived 2 superficial wounds during
combat. He started school at Oberlin College in
Oberlin, Lorain, OH, in 1946. He graduated in 1950.
John worked at his father’s automobile business in
Lorain, Ohio for 4 years. He headed west to
Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO. John bought a small
hardware store that developed into a large chain.
He was president of the Mountain States Hardware
Association in 1977.
John and Virginia had two children (33):
Tom McConnell (13th) was born on 9 May
1952 in Lorain, Lorain, OH.
Susan McConnell (13th) was born on 7 Dec
1953 in Lorain, Lorain, OH. She married Mr
John and Virginia McConnell divorced in 1963. John
married Clara Fae Fowler on 21 Jan 1970. She was
born on 8 Jul 1927 in Centralia, Craig, OK. In 1982,
John and Fae retired to Naples, Collier, FL. After a
few years, they opened another 12,000 ft
hardware store. Fae was the bookkeeper for the
hardware business. John and Fae are permanently
retired and enjoying their leisure life in Florida. All
of John’s Hardware stores were called McConnell
True Value Hardware. John has done extensive
family research and has published a book on the
McConnell family of New London, Huron, OH. (33)
Marilyn McConnell (12th) was born 13 Nov 1927 in
Oberlin, Lorain Co, OH. She died on 20 May 1978 in
Muncie, Delaware, IN. She married Donald Curtis
Pollard on 26 Mar 1949. Donald was born 21 May
1926 in Lorain County, OH.
William Hoover McConnell (12th) was born 19 Sept
1931 in Lorain County, OH. He died 5 Aug 1995 in
West Lynn, Clackamas, OR. William married Carole
Coy on 18 Dec 1955. Carole was born 23 Feb 1935
in Tarentum, Allegheny, PA. William and Carole’s 5
Kathleen McConnell (13th) was born on 21
Sept 1956 in Ravenna, Portage, OH
Paula McConnell (13th) was born on 8 Aug
1958 in Lorain, Lorain, OH
Keith McConnell (13th) was born on 23 Sept
1959 in Lorain, Lorain, OH
Diana McConnell (13th) was born on 29 Jul
1962 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
Michael McConnell (13th) was born on 15
Feb 1965 in Agana, Guam
Christine Z Hoover (11th) (daughter of William Hoover) was
born 24 Oct 1904 in New London, Huron, OH. She died in
1999 in Mississippi. She married Lawrence O’Hara. He was
born 5 Sept 1904 in New London, Huron, OH, and died in
Huron County, OH in 1972. (33) Christine and Lawrence
had the following 2 children (33):
Marianne O’Hara (12th) was born 15 Jul 1932 in
New London, Huron, OH. She married Walter
Vance Hines on 24 Jul 1952.
David Allen O’Hara (12th)
William Day (7th) (son of Samuel Day and Elizabeth Munger) was born on 1 Mar 1808 in
Jericho, Chittenden, VT. He married Sarah Jane Priest on 3 Oct 1836 in Huron County,
OH. Sarah Jane was the daughter of David Priest and Amy Booth. Sarah Jane was born
on 10 Feb 1820 and died on 6 Jan 1880 in Huron County, OH (9) William died on 31 Jan
1874 in New London, Huron Co, OH. William and Sarah Jane are buried in Day Cemetery,
Huron County, OH. (22) William and Sarah’s 6 children (22):
Amy Caroline Day (8th)
William Allen Day (8th)
Marshall Day (8th)
Archie Lansing Day (8th)
Miles Westley Day (8th)
Oliver M Day (8th)
Amy Caroline Day (8th) was born 8 Feb 1839 in New London, Huron, OH. She
married John Masterson 5 Sept 1861 in Norwalk, Huron, OH. John was born
1836 and died in 1922. Amy died 16 Apr 1897 in New London, Huron, OH. Amy
and John are buried in Day Cemetery, Huron Co, OH (22)
William Allen Day (8th) was born 19 Jul 1841 in Huron, Co OH. He married
Frances A Brenenstul on 4 Mar 1864 in Norwalk, Huron, OH. She was born 25
June 1846 in Ohio. She died 29 Dec 1924 in Huron County, OH. William and
Frances are buried at Day Cemetery. William Allen Day died in 13 Feb 1917. (22)
William was known as Allen Day, probably to distinguish him from his father
William. It has been stated that William was a member of a GAR (Grand Army of
the Republic) unit in Huron County, OH. This leads us to believe he was in the
Civil War. Efforts were made to locate information on him but it was not
confirmed. Allen and Frances had the following known child:
Henry Archie Day (9th) was born 21 May 1870 in New London, Huron, OH.
His wife was Minnie, maiden name not known. See his death certificate
below to see his parents’ names and his cause of death. According to this
death certificate, his mother was born in Onondago County, NY. This may
or may not be accurate.
Marshall Day (8th) (son of William Day) was born 17 Jan 1845 New London,
Huron, OH. He died 28 Aug 1875 in New London, Huron, OH. He is buried in Day
Cemetery (22)
Archie Lansing Day (8th) was born 14 Oct 1848 in New London, Huron, OH. He
married Pluma Tripp on 6 Mar 1876 in New London, Huron, OH. Archie was a
carpenter. Archie and Pluma are both buried in Day Cemetery, Huron, OH. Pluma
was a daughter of Reuben Tripp and Sarah “Sally” Day. Sarah was the daughter
of Stephen Day and Anna Ransom. This translates that Archie and Pluma were
related; however it was pretty far back! Pluma died 22 Oct 1913 in New London,
Huron, OH. Archie died 11 Jul 1895 in New London, Huron, OH. (9) Archie and
Pluma had the following 2 known children:
Cora Day (9th) was born 14 Apr 1877. She died on 31 Mar 1886 (9). She is
buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron, OH.
Ray L Day (9th) was born 16 Mar 1884 in New London, Huron, OH. He was
a carpenter. Ray married Maude Bracy. She was born in 1887 and died in
1963. (42) Ray died 30 Apr 1923 in New London, Huron, OH. He is buried
in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron Co, OH.
Ray and Maude had one known child:
Archie Day (10th) was born in 1912 and died in 1913. (42)
Miles Westley Day (8th) (son of William Day) was born 2 Feb 1852. He died 28
Aug 1859 in Huron County, OH (9) Miles is buried in Day Cemetery, New London
Twp, Huron, OH (42)
Oliver M Day (8th) was born 10 Nov 1854. He died 17 Oct 1855 in Huron County,
OH (9) Oliver is buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron, OH (42)
Samuel Day (7th) (son of Samuel Day and Elizabeth Munger) was born in 1810 and died
in 1812 (9)
Samuel Day (6th) (son of Samuel Day and Eunice Fay) married his second wife Hannah Robbins
around 1813. She was born on 31 Jan 1792. She died on 13 Apr 1845 in Huron County, OH. He
died 30 Dec 1839 in New London, Huron, OH. Samuel and Hannah are buried in Day Cemetery,
New London, Huron, OH. (22) Samuel was referred to as Dr. Samuel Day, the first physician in
New London, Huron, OH. Samuel had a will that was administered on 28 May 1840 presumably
in Huron County, Ohio. His widow, Hannah Day, was the executor with her step son Josiah Day
as “Sureties”. The copy of this document that I have is too faded to read in full but in part it
“Know all men by these presents, that we Hannah Day, as principal and Josiah Day and C
W Page as sureties, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Ohio in the sum of $300,
well and truly paid unto the said State; for the true and faithful payment whereof, we
bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, and each and every of them,
jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated at
Norwalk, (Huron County, OH) this 28th day of May A. D. 1840. The condition of the
above obligation is such that if the above named Hannah Day shall discharge with
fidelity the duties of Administrator upon the estate of Samuel Day deceased, according
to law; then the above obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue
in law.”
Signed Hannah Day, Seal (this word with scriggly marks circling it)
Signed Josiah Day, Seal (this word with scriggly marks circling it)
Signed C W Page, Seal (this word with scriggly marks circling it)
Note: The signatures were too faded or I would have copied and added them herein.
There followed on 3 more pages a list of names and amounts owed to them, for a total
of $55.05. This was dated as having been paid on the 20 th day of Aug 1840, with Hannah
Day signing. Another page showed “goods and chattels” and included such items as:
One cow ……$10
One 2 year old steer….$6
Five sheep….$5.62
One wagon….$9
? from William Day….$90
Other items not readable but totaling $187.59
This page of items appears to be an appraisal including money owed from William Day.
(Josiah and William Day would be Samuel and Elizabeth’s children, Hannah’s step-sons.)
Samuel Day and Hannah Robbins’ children (9):
Elizabeth Day (7th) was born 30 Aug 1813 in New York. She married Abraham William
Livermore on 27 Jan 1833 in Huron County, OH. She died about 1900.
Elijah Day (7th) was born in 1815 in New York. He died after 1850.
Hannah Robbins Day (7th) was born on 24 Oct 1818 in New York. She married John Jay
Fast on 13 Aug 1835 in Huron County, OH. She died about 1899.
Almira Day (7th) was born on 13 Jan 1821 in Ohio. She married Harvey Hulbert on 23 Aug
1840 in Huron County, OH
Samuel Robbins Day (7th) was born on 18 Feb 1823 in Ohio. He married Harriet
Blackman on 11 Feb 1843 in Huron County, OH. He died about 1902.
Charles Day (7th) was born in 1825 and died in 1883.
Matilda Day (7th) was born on 28 Jul 1827. She died about 1906.
Hulda Day (7th) was born on 4 Oct 1829. She married Ezra Clark on 11 Feb 1849 in Huron
County, OH. She died about 1893.
Mary “Polly” Day (7th) was born on 20 Jun 1832 in New London Twp, Huron, OH. She
married Henry A Barnes on 23 Jan 1848 in Huron County, OH at the age of 16. She died
on 31 May 1892. (9) Polly was orphaned at age 11 when her mother Hannah Robbins
Day Stephens died. She lived with her half sister, Eunice Day and her husband John M
Hendryx, until she married in 1848 at age 16. They lived on a farm in Rochester Twp. She
was the mother of 8 children.
Samuel had a total of 20 children with his two wives. After Samuel Day died, Hannah Robbins
Day married Jonathan Stevens on 24 Jun 1842 in Huron County, OH. Her brief obituary was
found in the Huron Reflector in Norwalk, Huron, OH, dated 22 Apr 1845:
Hannah Stevens died on 13 Apr 1845 of dropsy (swelling). She was aged 53. She was the wife of
Jonathan Stevens and was previously the wife of Samuel Day, deceased, of New London.
We found further proof that Samuel Day lived in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. One residence for
Samuel Day was Bethany, Genesee, NY. (9) In the “History of Jericho, VT”, we find names of
residents prior to 1806 that “subscribed to the Freeman’s Oath” (see Timothy Day for
1801-Edward Day and Samuel Day
1810 Chittenden County, VT Federal Census shows:
Samuel Day, Edward Day, son of Samuel Day; Stephen Day, son of Samuel Day; Benjamin
Day, son of Samuel Day; Thomas Day, son of Samuel Day; and Elijah Day, son of Samuel
1820 Chittenden County, VT Federal Census shows:
Samuel Day, Benjamin Day son of Samuel Day; Edward Fay son-in-law of Samuel Day
Edward Noah Day (6th) (son of Samuel Day and Eunice Fay) was born 8 Sept 1774 in Stafford,
Tolland, CT. He died on 17 May 1841 in Underhill, Chittenden, VT. He may have gone by his
middle name Noah. Edward married Susannah Ransom, date not known. She was the daughter
of Moses Ransom and Jennet Ferguson. (Edward and Susannah may have been cousins.)
Susannah was born about on 4 Nov 1778 in Stafford, Tolland, CT. She died on 1 Dec 1848. (9)
(22) Edward and Susannah Day are buried in Underhill Flats Cemetery, Underhill, Chittenden,
VT (22).
Edward Day and Susannah Ransom’s 9 children (9):
Luther Day (7th)
Samuel Day (7th)
William Day (7th)
Ann Day (7th)
Moses Ransom Day (7th)
Oliver Day (7th)
Jared C Day (7th)
Electa J Day (7th)
Lucretia Day (7th)
Luther Day (7th) no information is known for this child.
Samuel Day (7th) was born about 1800. He died 22 Sept 1867 in Delwein, Fayette,
William Day (7th) was born about 1803.
Ann Day (7th) was born about 1806. She died about 1879.
Moses Ransom Day (7th) was born 8 Apr 1806. He died on 3 May 1880 in Huron
County, OH (9) He is buried in Day Cemetery, New London, Huron County, OH.
(22) Moses married Sarah Jane Booth, date and place are not known. Sarah Jane
was born 25 Aug 1812. She died in Huron County, Ohio on 30 Nov 1877. (22)
Moses Ransom is buried beside his wife Sarah Jane, his son Elliot Glyde/Glide
Day and Elliot’s wife Mary. He is also buried beside his infant grandchildren
Clarence and an unnamed girl. His granddaughter Estelle Day is also buried
beside him in Day Cemetery. (42)
7 MAY 1880
Moses Ransom Day’s obituary reads as follows:
Mr M R Day, an old resident of this township (Clarksfield) died suddenly
on Monday morning last at 3 o’clock after suffering great agony. The
deceased spent Saturday night at Warren Bradley’s, and on Sunday
morning was about with Mr Bradley until nearly eleven o’clock when he
complained of sudden illness. At four o’clock in the afternoon a physician
was summoned but Mr Day continued to grow worse until death ensued
the following morning. The funeral services were held on Tuesday at the
residence of his son (Elliott Glyde Day), where the deceased resided, a
large number of people attending, and the remains were interred in the
Day Cemetery. Mr Day was in town on Saturday, seemingly as well as he
had been during the past year.
Moses and Sarah Jane’s child:
Elliot Glyde Day (8th) was born 9 May 1834. He married Mary A Callin.
Mary was the daughter of James and Susanna Callin. Mary was born on
10 Mar 1840 and died on 20 Nov 1900. (42) Elliot died 16 Aug 1907 in
New London, Huron Co, OH. Elliot and Mary are buried at Day Cemetery,
Huron County, OH. (22) Elliot and Mary’s 4 known children:
Infant Daughter Day (9th)
Estelle Day (9th)
Clarence C Day (9th)
Thor Glyde Day (9th)
Infant daughter Day (9th) was born 6 Jan 1861. She died on 23 Jan
1861 in Huron County OH. She is buried in Day Cemetery, New
London Twp, Huron, OH (42)
Estelle Day (9th) was born 23 Feb 1862. She died 28 Jul 1912 in
Huron County, OH (9)
Clarence C Day (9th) was born 4 Oct 1876. He died 8 Jan 1877 in
Huron County, OH (9) (There is a huge gap in dates of birth of
Estelle, and Clarence. It is believed that all of their birth dates are
correct so perhaps there were other children born to Elliot and
Mary that were not found.) Clarence is buried in Day Cemetery,
New London Twp, Huron, OH. He is buried beside his sister and
his parents (42)
Thor Glyde Day (9th) was born 8 Nov 1880 in New London, Huron
Co, OH. He died 1 Mar 1904 New London, Huron Co, OH. His
burial place is unknown (22) His wife’s name is not known. Thor’s
Marian Estelle Day (10th) was born 6 Sept 1902 in New
London, Huron, OH. She married Leonard Harold Fletcher.
Marian died 13 Jul 1953 in Lakewood, Cuyahoga, OH.
Burial place is unknown. (22) Marian and Leonard’s child:
Leonard Howard Fletcher (11th) was born 7 Nov
1929 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. He died 9 Jul
1995 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. His burial place is
unknown (22)
It is most interesting to note more information about the Day Cemetery in New
London Township, Huron County, Ohio. The land for this cemetery was donated
to the township to establish a cemetery. Josiah Day, son of Samuel Day and
nephew of Stephen Day, donated the land, and the cemetery was named Day
Cemetery in his honor. An 1840 map shows this land belonging to Josiah Day in
Section 1, Lot 20 on the south side of New London, Section Line Road #21, just
east of the present Chenango Road. In 1848, Ohio established a law to allow its
citizens to form Cemetery Associations to “provide orderly care for a cemetery”.
By 1859, 14 men were instrumental in agreeing to properly care for the Day
Cemetery. Among those men were Moses Ransom Day, Reuben Tripp (his
daughter Pluma Tripp married Arching Lansing Day), William Day, and E. Day
(this could likely be Elliot Glyde Day). William Day and Moses Ransom Day were
on the Board of Trustees. (42)
Oliver Day (7th) (son of Edward Day and Susannah Ransom) was born
about 1810. He married Judith Ann Sweet on 13 Nov 1845 in Huron
County, OH. (9)
Jared C Day (7th) was born about 1813. He married Mary Ripley on 14 Mar
1839. (9)
Electa J Day (7th) was born about 1818. (9)
Lucretia Day (7th) was born 9 Feb 1823 in Underhill, Chittenden, VT. She
married Harry H Prior on 16 Jan 1843. Lucretia died 14 Jan 1899 in
Dunlap, Harrison, IA. (9)
Lucretia, Harry and their son John Murray Prior (8th) moved to Harrison
County, IA around 1867 when John was 18. In 1872, John married
Caroline “Carrie” Lillian McKinstry. They had a farm in Dunlap, Harrison,
IA. In 1901, John and Carrie and their children went by covered wagon to
Enid, Garfield, OK, where they filed a homestead claim. This family later
moved to Gage, Ellis, OK where they farmed until Carrie’s death on 29
Apr 1907 in Gage, Ellis, OK. John Murray Prior married Effie Adams. They
had a hotel/restaurant business in Gage, Ellis, OK. John died 17 Apr 1932
in Gage, Ellis, OK. John and Carrie’s known child (22):
Jennie Eliza Prior (9th) was born 19 Sept 1873 in Dunlap, Harrison,
IA. She married Mr Miles, date and place unknown. She died in
1932 in Saint Maries, Benewah, ID. She is buried at Woodlawn
Cemetery, Saint Maries, Benewah, ID (22)
Thomas G Day (6th) (son of Samuel Day and Eunice Fay) was born on 30 May 1776 in Stafford,
Tolland, CT. (25) He married Catherine, maiden name unknown. She was born about 1778 and
died about 1829. They had the following children (9):
Thirza Day (7th) was born about 1802
M Solomon Day (7th) was born about 1811. He died in 1860
Benjamin Day (6th) was born about 1778 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. He died 30 Jul 1845 in
Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (9) He married Electa Ransom on 9 Apr 1801 in Whitingham, Windham,
VT. (Here is another example of Day-Ransom marriages.) She was born about 1785. Electa died
22 Oct 1870 in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. Benjamin and Electa lived on a farm that they carved
out of the forest by their own hands. It was located between Underhill and Jericho Center. This
farm remained in the Day family until about 1855 when it was bought by James Shedd of
Burlington, Chittenden, VT. Benjamin and Electa are buried in Jericho Center Cemetery,
Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (22)
Some sources state that Benjamin Day and Electa Ransom were among the early settlers of
Jericho, Vermont and came there from New Haven, New Haven, CT, where a large group of the
Days lived. They lived on land that was located about half way between Underhill and Jericho
Center in Chittenden County, VT. (23)
Benjamin and Electa’s 9 children (9) (23):
Hiram Benjamin Day (7th)
Giles Day (7th)
Galusha Day (7th)
Silas B Day (7th)
Wilson Day (7th)
Buel H Day (7th)
Dennis Day (7th)
Salome Day (7th)
Ruamah L Day (7th)
Hiram Benjamin Day (7th) was born about 1804. He died in 1886. Hiram was prominent
in Jericho, Chittenden, VT town affairs. He was elected to various town offices. Twice, he
represented Jericho, VT, in the Vermont Assembly. It was reported that Hiram was a
man of great character, but was a man of “few words”. He was a member of Vermont
Gov. Thomas Chittenden’s household. (This presumably means he worked for the
Governor.) He was the only one of the sons of Benjamin Day to remain in Jericho. He
married Elizabeth Brown. She was the daughter of Joseph and Hanna Cady Brown.
Elizabeth died in 1855 and he married her sister, Polly Brown. No children were born of
this union. Polly died in 1878. Hiram and Elizabeth’s 5 known children (23):
Salome E Day (8th)
Naomi E Day (8th)
Giles H Day (8th)
Buel Harwood Day (8th)
Byron W Day (8th)
Salome E Day (8th) was born about 1835 in Vermont. (9) She married Henry
Howe. Salome died at age 22. Salome and Henry had one child: (23)
Hiram Howe (9th) married Lena Brown, daughter of George Brown of
Essex, Chittenden, VT. They lived on a farm in Jericho, Chittenden, VT,
and moved later to Rutland, Rutland, VT. They had a successful wholesale
and retail confectionary store.
Naomi E Day (8th) was born about 1837 in Vermont. (9) She married Josiah B
Scoville, who was a grain inspector at the port of Duluth, St Louis, MN, for many
years. They had one daughter (23):
Edith S Scoville (9th) was a prominent teacher in Duluth, St Louis, MN.
Giles H Day (8th) was born about 1839 in Vermont. Giles went to California and
later settled in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. He was Mayor of that city 4 terms, school
director 10-12 years, and was largely instrumental in the building up of the Ft
Worth schools. He married Annie Day of Indiana. It is not known if Day is Annie’s
maiden name or married name. Giles died in 1911. They had one known son:
Lemuel E Day (9th) birth date and place unknown. He was a prominent
citizen of Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX. Lemuel’s wife’s name is not known.
Lemuel had 4 children:
Giles Day (10th) was a doctor at Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX
Lemuel Day (10th) attended high school in Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX
Buel Day (10th) attended high school in Ft Worth, Tarrant, TX. The
record from the source I used stated that Buel Day “died in High
School there”. This bears further research. (23)
(female) Day (10th) died in infancy
Buel Harwood Day (8th) (son of Hiram B Day) was born 13 Feb 1844 in Jericho,
Chittenden, VT, and married Mary B Whitcomb on 3 July 1866. She was the
daughter of E S and Harriet Bass Whitcomb. Buel served as a state senator in
Vermont. For many years he worked for Whitcomb & Day at Riverside,
Chittenden, VT, and was the successor to E S Whitcomb. This would have been
his father-in-law’s business. (I could not determine the nature of the Whitcomb
& Day business.) Buel was a partner in the family business for over 40 years. He
was instrumental in securing the passage of the Burlington & Lamoille Railroad
through Jericho, Chittenden, VT. He was one of the County Commissioners at the
time. The company business also owned the Riverside Steam Mill that was at one
time one of the largest mills in northern Vermont. Whitcomb & Day owned many
enterprises. In 1888, the Steam Mill employed between 50 and 100 men.
Another business owned by Buel was the Underhill and Jericho Cheese Factory,
later known as the Riverside Creamery. This was built and operated by
Whitcomb & Day. In 1888, Buel moved to New York City and had a wholesale
dress goods business for 23 years. In 1910, he returned to Jericho, VT, and
purchased the home farm of Mrs. Day’s family. (This is most likely in reference to
his wife Mary Whitcomb’s family home.) It was in this home that their
grandchildren Dorothy Day, Kenneth Day and Carl Day lived with them. These
children’s parents were Carl Edward Day and Mary Pearl Day. Buel Harwood Day
died 25 Oct 1915 and was buried in the family plot in the Jericho Cemetery,
Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (23)--Buel Harwood Day compiled the history on his
family for the “History of Jericho Vermont”, that was published the year after he
died). Buel and Mary’s 3 known children:
Buel Clifton Day (9th) was born on 17 Apr 1867. He was educated in the
schools of Jericho, Chittenden, VT. He graduated from St Johnsbury
Academy and also graduated from the University of Vermont in 1888 at
the age of 21. By 1890, he was Assistant Secretary of the Senate in the
Vermont Legislature. He was principal of the Craftsbury Academy for
several years. He became Superintendant of Schools in Hampton,
Hampshire, MA. He also later studied for one year in Jena, Germany. He
came back to the United States and he became Superintendant of the
Boys’ Parental School of Boston, MA. He had a happy and sunny
disposition and had many friends. He died on 30 Mar 1910 at Colorado
Springs, El Paso, CO. He had poor health but died in an auto accident in
Carl Edward Day (9th) was born on 17 Dec 1869. He was educated at the
Underhill (Chittenden, VT) and St. Johnsbury Academies. He graduated
from the Packard Commercial College in New York City. In 1886, he
served as a page to Gov. Ormsbee in the Vermont Legislature. For 14
years he was the New York representative of the Holden-Leonard
Company in New York City. Later in Chicago, Cook, IL, Carl Edward Day
was a member of that city’s largest coat and suit manufacturing firms. He
married Mary Pearl Day of Albert Lea, Freeborn, MN. It is not known if
Day is Mary’s maiden name or married name. They had 3 children (23):
Mary Dorothy Day (10th) graduated from the Jericho Grammar
School in Jericho, Chittenden, VT in 1912. She attended
Waterman Hall Seminary in Sycamore, De Kalb, IL. She lived with
her grandparents in Jericho, VT.
Carl B H Day (10th) lived with his grandparents in Jericho, VT. He
graduated from Grammar School in 1915. This was most likely in
Jericho, VT.
Kenneth Day (10th)
Guy Warren Day (9th) was born on 25 Jan 1872. He died on 10 May 1911.
He married Bertha Ellis of Boston, Suffolk, MA. Bertha died in New York
City. Guy Warren was in the wholesale dry goods business with Lord &
Taylor, Hempstone & Day, and Rusch & Co. These businesses were
presumably in New York City, NY. Guy Warren Day was noted as being a
“smart businessman of great character”. He was also an excellent
musician. They had one son (23):
Kenneth Buel Day (10th) attended Boston High School in Boston,
Suffolk, MA. He graduated from Jericho, Chittenden, VT, grammar
school while living with his grandparents. (23)
Byron W Day (8th) (son of Hiram Day and Elizabeth Brown) was born in Jericho,
Chittenden, VT on 10 Apr 1848. Until his death, he lived on the original farm of Hiram B
Day (his father) in Jericho, VT. He married Persis M Goodwin of Underhill, Chittenden,
VT. They reportedly had 4 sons and one daughter. Byron and Persis died within 12
months of each other. Three of the children lived with their uncle Buel H Day in New
York but later returned to Jericho, VT. (23) Byron W Day’s children:
Hiram B Day (9th) was in the wholesale dress goods business of
Hempstone & Day. He was also with the firm Pray, Small & Day,
cotton goods brokers in New York City. (23)
Ernest Buel Day (9th) studied in New York and lived for a while
with his Uncle Giles Day at Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. He graduated
from the School of Mines, in St Louis, MO. (This city is reportedly
independent and not part of any county.) He became a civil
engineer In New York City and was employed by the McAdoo
Tunnel Company as an engineer and architect. (23)
Homer Giles Day (9th) lived in New York City and was the private
secretary of Henry Walters of the Atlantic Coast Railroad and
Louisville & Nashville Railroad. (23)
Roy Day (9th) was employed by the New Haven & Hartford
Railroad that ran from Providence RI to Boston MA.
Mamie Day (9th) married Dr Wiltse of Burlington, VT. She was a
nurse in that city. She graduated from the Mary Fletcher Hospital.
Giles Day (7th) (son of Benjamin Day and Electa Ransom) was born about 1806. (9)
Galusha Day (7th) was born about 1808. (9)
Silas B. Day (7th) was born about 1808. (9) Some sources have his birth year as 1814.
Silas died 26 Jan 1837 in Chittenden County, VT. He is buried in Jericho Center
Cemetery, Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (22)
Wilson Day (7th) was born about 1810. He died about 1851. (9) Wilson died in California.
(23) (California Gold rush maybe?)
Buel H Day (7th) was born about 1812. He died about 1830. (9) Buel died in Cincinnati,
Hamilton, OH as a medical student. (23)
Dennis Day (7th) was born about 1816. (9) Dennis died in the city of Albert Lea,
Freeborn, MN. (23) Dennis Day’s wife Olive E Day died on 7 Jun 1854 and is buried in
Jericho Center Cemetery, Jericho, Chittenden, VT. We do not know Olive’s maiden
name. It is presumed after Olive died, Dennis moved to Minnesota. (22)
Salome Day (7th) was born about 1817. (9) She married Nahum Whitmarsh of Jericho,
Chittenden, VT (23)
Ruamah L Day (7th) was born about 1818. She died about 1897. (9) Ruamah married
Abraham Rugg and lived for many years in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. They sold their farm
and moved to Milton, Chittenden, VT. They purchased a large farm there where the
family lived for many years. (23) Ruamah L Day’s children were born in Jericho,
Chittenden, VT (23):
Alice Rugg (8th)
Electa Rugg (8th)
Frank Rugg (8th)
Hiram Rugg (8th)
Sarah Day (6th) (daughter of Samuel Day and Eunice Fay) was born on 15 Oct 1780 in
Whitingham, Windham, VT. She married Edward Fay in Oct 1805. Edward Fay appears to be
Sarah Day’s cousin. This bears further research. Edward was born about 1783. He died about
1860. (9) Sarah and Edward’s 6 known children (9):
Sarah Fay (7th) was born about 1806.
Edward Perrin Fay (7th) was born about 1807. He died about 1871.
Mahlon Fay (7th) was born about 1811.
Sophia Eunice Fay (7th) was born about 1815.
Betsy Fay (7th) was born about 1817.
Reuben Fay (7th) was born about 1824.
Elijah Day (6th) was born on 5 Jan 1783 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. He died on 30 Mar 1856
in Hanover Twp, Chautauqua Co, NY. (9) His wife Phebe was born 1 Jul 1789 in Vermont. She
died 20 Mar 1876 in Hanover Twp, Chautauqua Co, NY. We do not know Phebe’s maiden name.
(9) Elijah and Stephen Day, his brother, were enumerated in the 1820 Chautauqua County, NY
census. They were listed on the same page as neighbors. Elijah was also found in this area in the
1830 New York census. Phebe Day is buried in Balltown Cemetery, Balltown, Chautauqua Co,
NY. Phebe was born 1 Jul 1789 in Vermont. Phebe’s tombstone states that she died 20 Mar
1876, aged 86 years, 8 months, 19 days. (22) Elijah is also buried in this cemetery, tombstone
unreadable. (22) Elijah Day and Phebe had one known child (9):
Stephen Day (7th) was born on 10 Jun 1817. He died on 23 Feb 1874 in Hanover Twp,
Chautauqua Co, NY. He married Avis Wheeler. Avis was born about 1832 in Chautauqua
County, NY. She died on 2 Feb 1873 in Hanover Twp, Chautauqua, NY. They are both
buried at Balltown Cemetery, Balltown, Chautauqua Co, NY. (22) Stephen and Avis’ only
known child: (9)
Lura Day (8th) was born about 1853 in Chautauqua County, NY.
Stephen Day (6th) (son of Samuel Day and Eunice Fay) was born on 3 Feb 1785 in Whitingham,
Windham, VT. He married Anna Ransom on 25 Feb 1807 in Jericho, Chittendon, VT. He died on
7 Sept 1825 in Clarksfield Twp, Huron Co. OH (9) See Generation 6 for more information on
Eunice Day (6th) was born on 3 Oct 1787 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. (9)
Mary Day (6th) was born on 20 Jan 1790 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. (9)
Elkanah Day (6th) was born on 12 Apr 1792 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. He died on 16 Apr
1792 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. (9)
Terzey Day (6th) was born on 5 Mar 1794 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. He died 27 Sept 1795 in
Whitingham, Windham, VT. (9)
Stephen Day (6th) (Samuel-5th, Thomas-4th, Thomas-3rd, Thomas-2nd, Anthony-1st) was the son of
Samuel Day and Eunice Fay. He was born on 3 Feb 1785 in Whitingham, Windham, VT. (30) He
married Anna Ransom 25 Feb 1807 in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. (30)
This family lived in Rutland, Rutland, VT and came to Huron County, OH around 1822. Stephen
is on the 1820 New York Census. He was living in Hanover Twp, Chautauqua County. Beside him
in this census was Elijah Day. This was Stephen’s brother. Stephen’s brother Samuel and his
sons came to Ohio beginning in 1820. The first Day that we know of to come to Ohio was Josiah
Day who came first to check on the land. He came to Ohio and went back to Vermont to tell the
family that Ohio was the place to be! He convinced his brothers Ephraim, John, and William to
come to Ohio with him in 1821. They came on foot! A year later their father Samuel came with
18 others. This probably included Stephen Day and Anna Ransom. (See Ephraim Day, son of
Stephen’s brother Samuel for more details on the Days coming to Ohio) I would guess they
were all “seeking adventure in the West”. (9) For those that care about history, Ohio was
indeed the Gateway to the West.
Stephen Day acquired a deed to his 100 acre farm in Ohio in 1823. One record I located stated
Stephen died before he paid for the land he purchased. He had no will but his land was deeded
to his heirs when he died. I was told that this procedure happened a lot when there was no will
to be probated. (46) It is presumed his children later paid it off or maybe Anna’s second
husband John Bates did. This requires further research. We do not have the deed record but
this is the date as mentioned in a Huron County history. (32) This farm was located near what
was later called Day’s Corners. We presume this was referring to Stephen Day or his
descendants. He had a log house on this land. Bill Holder found Stephen’s land in a Grantor
Index for Huron County, Ohio. That land grant or sale was dated 1835 and the land was in
Clarksfield Township. This was after Stephen had died. Interestingly enough, the land deed was
listed as “Heirs of Stephen Day”. This tells us that ten years after his death in 1825, his heirs
owned the land jointly. Also in a plat book of lands for Clarksfield Township in 1845, the 100
acres were still listed as owned by “Heirs of Stephen Day”.
Bear with me and I will give you an Ohio History Lesson—
In 1792, the Connecticut Legislature set aside 500,000 acres for the Fire Lands. The reason it
was called the Fire Lands was because this new land was set aside for a specific reason. In 1779
and 1781, many people living in Connecticut lost their homes due to fires set by the British
soldiers during the Revolutionary War. These Fire Lands were later called Firelands, one word.
This land was located on the western end of the Connecticut Western Reserve. This consisted of
all of present day Huron and Erie counties. In 1803, this became known as the State of Ohio.
Keep in mind that Stephen Day and Samuel Day’s father Samuel Day (5th) fought in the
Revolutionary War. Maybe they felt “entitled” to this new land. This Samuel Day and his wife
Eunice Fay were married in Connecticut and lived there for some time. At first, it was only
families from Connecticut that came to the Fire Lands. Once word spread, other New England
families began their adventure west to Ohio. You may wonder why they waited until 1820 to
come to this new land. Keep in mind these Fire Lands were not cleared. Someone had to clear
the land for settlement. Perhaps this was already done when these Day families arrived there.
My bet would be they had to do a lot of their own land clearing.
We do not know how Stephen Day died but he died on 7 Sept 1825 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH.
He was 40 years old.
Stephen Day is buried at Clarksfield Township Cemetery, Clarksfield, Huron, OH.
An interesting story about Stephen’s gravesite—In 2006, Greg and I decided to go to Huron
County, OH to try to locate Greg’s Day ancestors. Bill Holder kept “suggesting” that we go there
as he knew there were Days in that county. Boy, am I glad we followed up on this! We easily
found the Day Cemetery in Huron County. This is where many of this branch of the Days are
buried. Anna Ransom Day is buried there beside two of her daughters-Alzina Day Corey and
Sarah Day Tripp. This cemetery was started by Stephen’s brother Samuel’s son Josiah Day. The
Day Cemetery was not opened until long after Stephen Day died. He is buried in another
cemetery in Clarksfield Township. The following story is going to sound surreal but it is true!
Greg and I had a map and we were driving around looking for the cemetery where Stephen was
buried. We pulled over to the side of the road trying to get our bearings. I like to think that
Stephen was “speaking” to us and saying “Hey I’m over here behind you!!” There was a small
cemetery behind us but it was not marked and we just did not see it. We turned around and
realized we were sitting right beside a cemetery! We got out of the car and I went one direction
and Greg went the other. I am happy that Greg was the one who found Stephen’s grave. It was
all by itself and was leaning downward slightly. This kept the weather away from the “face” of
the tombstone so it was pretty well preserved considering it was almost 200 years old.
Stephen Day’s widow Anna Ransom Day continued to live on the farm with the children. She
was the daughter of Jonathan Ransom and Anna Rugg. She was born on 22 Feb 1791 in
Whitingham, Windham, VT. She died on 3 Aug 1861 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. After Stephen
died, she was known as Widow Day until she married John Bates in 1827. John was born about
1790 and died around 1833 in Huron County, Ohio. (In these early days, when a woman’s
husband died and she had children to raise, she needed to marry again soon to have someone
to support them.) They had two sons-John Henry Bates and Silas Bates. John Henry was born
about 1828 and Silas was born about 1830, both presumably born in Huron County, Ohio. (22)
Anna Bates is found on the 1860 Huron County, Ohio census living with her daughter Sarah and
her husband Reuben Tripp. Her age was listed as 63. If her birth was 1791 as we have recorded,
she would have been 70 when she died. This is the age for her that is inscribed on her
tombstone. Census records are known to have errors, so I am inclined to believe she was
actually 69 on that census. This family was living in New London at the time of the census.
Anna is buried in Day Cemetery in New London, Huron, OH. Anyone passing by her grave and
reading her tombstone would never know that she had ever been married to John Bates. Her
tombstone is shown below and reads as: Anne, wife of Stephen Day, died 3 Aug 1861, aged 70
yrs. (Note-her name is listed as Anna on her marriage record to Stephen and in most other
records. Her given name on her tombstone is Anne. This is most likely the name she used later
in life.) She is not listed as Anne Bates or even Anne Day Bates.
Two of her daughters died later and are buried beside her. John Bates predeceased her as far as
I could determine. He is not buried in this cemetery. I find it very curious that Anne is listed as
Day on her tombstone. I have a theory on this. Think about it and see if you agree with me. I
think that her daughters or whoever in the family paid for her tombstone did not like ole’
Johnny Bates, their step father. So when their mother died, they wanted nothing to do with
putting Bates on her tombstone. As far as they were concerned, their mother was to be known
forever as Anne, wife of Stephen Day. Her ancestry can be traced to Robert Ransom who was
born in England in 1636, and died in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, in 1697. He married Hannah
Susanna in 1660 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. This requires further research.
Anna Ransom Day Bates died on 3 Aug 1861, aged 70 years, 5 months, and 12 days. Using an
online birthdate calculator, her birth date was 22 Feb 1791.
Stephen Day and Anna Ransom’s 8 children (9):
Hiram Day (7th)
Electa Day (7th)
Lucinda Day (7th)
Alzina Day (7th)
Stephen Ransom Day (7th)
David Ransom Day (7th)
Coridon Delos Day (7th)
Sarah “Sally” Day (7th)
Hiram Day (7th) was born about 1807 in Vermont. Hiram married Elizabeth, maiden
name not known. She died after 1848 in Vermont. Elizabeth was born about 1809 in
Vermont. They had the following 5 known children (9):
Saloma Day (8th) was born about 1835 in Vermont
Naoma Day (8th) was born about 1837 in Vermont
Giles Day (8th) was born about 1839 in Vermont
Buell Day (8th) was born about 1844 in Vermont
Byron W Day (8th) was born about 1848 in Vermont
After Elizabeth’s death, Hiram Day married Mary (Polly) no maiden name known. She
was born about 1819 in Vermont. They had no children (9)
Electa Day (7th) was born about 1807. (This date bears further research. Electa and
Hiram’s birth years are only approximate dates.) She married John B Conway on 4 Jul
1844 in Huron County, OH. (9)
Lucinda Day (7th) was born on 29 Jun 1808 in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. She married
William Hendryx on 4 Mar 1824 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. William was born on 22 Nov
1802 in Penn Yan, Yates, NY and was the son of Benjamin Hendryx and Elizabeth Boyd.
William died on 28 Sept 1889 in Virgil, Fulton, IL. (9) The court record below shows
Coridon D Day as executor of William’s estate. B. D. Curtis stated that William Hendryx’s
estate owed him $75. The Fulton County, Illinois probate record below, dated March
1891 shows Lucinda’s father Coridon D Day’s signature:
Lucinda Day died on 1 Feb 1891 in Virgil, Fulton Co, IL. (9) (30) (51) She is buried in Virgil
Cemetery, Avon, Fulton, IL. (22)
Abstract of Lucinda’s obituary, source unknown:
Mrs. Lucinda Hendryx whose maiden name was Day was born in the state of Vermont
Jun 29 1807 (1808), when at the age of 15 she moved with her parents to Ohio where
she was married to William Hendryx on March 4, 1824. They moved to Illinois where
they endured the privations of the early settlers with neighbors miles away. She was the
mother of 12 children, one half of whom have preceeded her to that great beyond. She
united with the Christian Church in Ohio. In her younger years, she stated her Bible has
always been her friend. Her husband died on Sept 28 1889 since which time she has
with patience awaited the summons and passed away Sunday morning, 1 Feb 1891 aged
83 years, 7 months and 2 days. To the kind friends and neighbors who assisted during
the sickness of our mother (illegible)
Lucinda Day and William Hendryx 12 children (9):
Elizabeth Hendryx (8th) was born on 14 Jul 1825. She died in 1913.
Laura Hendryx (8th) was born on 7 Feb 1828.
Nancy Hendryx (8th) was born on 29 Jul 1830 and died in 1850.
Benjamin Hendryx (8th) was born on 1 May 1832 and died in 1848.
Anna L Hendryx (8th) was born on 28 Aug 1834 and died in 1901.
Sarah Hendryx (8th) was born on 4 Jan 1837 and died in 1882.
Alzina Hendryx (8th) was born on 16 Oct 1839.
Coridon Delos Hendryx (8th) was born on 2 Feb 1841 in Lee Township, Fulton, IL.
He was a lawyer and a veteran of the Civil War. Coridon served in Co D 102nd IL
Infantry. He was mustered into this company in 1862 and mustered out on 4 Aug
1864. Coridon next joined the 17th United States Colored Troops. All of the
officers of these troops were Caucasian. He was sworn in as 2 nd LT, and
discharged as 1st Lt. This company organized in Nashville, TN. (51) He married
Sarah Jane Hulick. She was born on 13 Dec 1840 in Fulton County, IL. Her parents
were Isaac Hulick and Ruth Mills. (22) Sarah died on 14 Oct 1920, in Galesburg,
Knox, IL. (51) Coridon Delos Hendryx died on 9 Dec 1916 in Galesburg, Knox, IL.
Coridon and Sarah are buried at Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg, IL. (22) Their 2
known children:
Lucinda Frances Hendryx (9th)
William Ransom Hendryx (9th)
Lucinda Frances Hendryx (9th) was born on 29 Dec 1864 in Lee Township,
Fulton Co, IL. She married David Lindsey Copeland on 22 Nov 1881 in
Macomb, McDonough, IL. David was born on 7 Dec 1858 in Berwick Twp,
Warren Co, IL. He died on 8 Jun 1907 in Lee Township, Fulton Co, IL.
Lucinda died on 10 Apr 1959 in Prairie City, McDonough, IL. Lucinda and
David had one known child (51):
Corydon Ransom Copeland (10th) was born on 19 Sept 1890 in Lee
Township, Fulton Co, IL. He married Nellie Belle Yocum on 17 Feb
1912 in Galesburg, Knox, IL. Nellie was born on 30 Mar 1895, in
Lee Township, Fulton, IL. She died on 17 Mar 1973 in Galesburg,
Knox, IL. Corydon died on 13 Jun 1980 in Galesburg, Knox, IL.
Corydon and Nellie had one known child:
Hazel Eleanor Copeland (11th) was born on 27 Jun 1914 in
Bushnell, McDonough, IL. She married Joseph Leo Hagerty
on 14 Aug 1937 in Galva, Henry, IL. He was born on 9 Nov
1912 in Lynn Township, Knox, IL. He died on 17 Dec 1980
in Galesburg, Knox, IL. Hazel died on 21 Jun 1989 in Peoria,
Peoria, IL. (51) They had one known child:
James “Jim” Leo Hagerty (12th) was born in 1943 in
Kewanee, Henry, IL. He married Joyce Annette
Schuchart on 26 Dec 1963 in Coeur d’Alene,
Kootenai, ID. Joyce was born in 1943 in San
Francisco, San Francisco, CA. (51)
William Ransom Hendryx (9th) (son of Corydon Delos Hendryx) was born
on 25 Oct 1868 in Fulton County, IL. He married Margaret Ann Bonney.
Margaret was born in Nov, 1866 in Illinois. She died in 1947 in Galesburg,
Knox, IL. William died on 7 Mar 1960 in Galesburg, IL. They are buried in
Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg, IL. Their 2 known children (22):
William Rex Hendryx (10th) was born on 15 Jun 1894 in Galesburg,
Knox, IL. He died on 12 Jul 1913 in Galesburg, IL. He was married
to Flora Fraker. William is buried in Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg,
Floyd B Hendryx (10th) was born on 11 Sept 1898 in Illinois. He
died on 19 Feb 1921 in Galesburg, IL. He married Beula Hare.
Floyd is buried in Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg, IL.
William Ransom Hendryx (8th) (son of Lucinda Day and William Hendryx) was
born on 19 Jun 1845 and died in 1917.
Lucinda Maria Hendryx (8th) was born on 7 Apr 1847 and died in 1935.
Mary Celinda Hendryx (8th) was born on 28 Aug 1849.
David S Hendryx (8th) was born on 2 Sept 1855.
Alzina Day (7th) (daughter of Stephen Day and Anna Ransom) was born on 25 Jan 1811 in
Jericho, Chittenden, VT. She married John Corey on 31 Mar 1827 in Huron County, OH.
She died on 15 Aug 1835 in Huron County, OH (9) (Some sources state that Alzina
married a Mr Day who was a descendant of Dr Samuel Day and eventually moved to
Sparta, Wisconsin. This would have her marrying her cousin! This bears further
research.) (30) Alzina Corey is buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron, OH.
Alzina is buried beside her mother Anna Ransom Day Bates. (42)
Stephen Ransom Day (7th) was born 8 Feb 1813 in Jericho, Chittenden, VT. Stephen
married Maria Catherine Wood on 31 Dec 1836 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. Maria was the
daughter of Ezra Wood and Nancy Rowland. Maria was born in 1818 in Danbury,
Fairfield, CT. She died on 27 Sept 1880 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. Stephen Ransom Day
was only 12 years old when his father, Stephen Day, died. He was the oldest of their
children. “It fell on him to do a man’s work in supporting the family.” (35) Stephen
Ransom and Maria lived on the old Stephen Day homestead until 1849. They built a new
frame house and lived in it until Stephen Ransom Day died on 2 Jul 1876 in Clarksfield,
Huron, OH. He was called Ransom or Stephen Rant to distinguish him from his father
Stephen Day. (9) One listing in this source refers to Stephen Ransom Day as Ransom
Day. (31)
Huron County, OH marriage records:
“I do hereby certify that Stephen R Day and Maria Wood were by virtue of a license
given by the Clerk of Court of Common Pleas united in marriage on the 31 st day of
December 1836” (1)
Stephen Ransom Day’s obituary states he was born in New York. We know that this is an
error. He was born in Vermont, per his above birth certificate.
Stephen Ransom Day died on 2 Jul 1876 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. (9)
Stephen Day and Maria Day had the following 8 children (9):
Ursula Day (8th)
Sarah Maria Day (8th)
Lucinda Day (8th)
Nancy A Day (8th)
Corintha Day (8th)
Stephen E Day (8th)
David Ransom Day (8th)
Ida A Day (8th)
Ursula Day (8th) was born in Apr 1838 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. She married
Johannes McCord in 1856. They lived in Clarksfield until 1885.
They are found on the 1885 and 1895 South Dakota state censuses. This record
states they were living in Wessington, Beadle, SD. By 1900, they were living in
Creswell, Lane, OR. Johannes was born on 29 Dec 1834 in Ulster County, NY, and
died on 24 Sept 1905 in Creswell, Lane, OR. His parents were Soloman Gilbert
McCord and Ellen B Ronk. Ursula died on 31 Mar 1903 in Creswell, Lane, OR. She
and her husband are buried in Creswell Pioneer Cemetery, Creswell, Lane, OR.
According to Ursula’s obituary (shown below) she was a member of Women of
Woodcraft. (When I researched this society, I found something very interesting.
This group was an auxiliary of the Woodmen of the World. Women of Woodcraft
are now known as Neighbors of Woodcraft. The primary purpose for these
women was to take care of each other in time of need. Members made regular
contributions and “agreed to provide for each other in the event of a sudden
death of a member of a family”. I am sure this referred to if a woman’s husband
died, they would financially provide for them. This group organized in 1897
which was before Social Security or any organized insurance companies.)
Ursula Day and Johannes McCord had the following 3 children (22):
Alice Celia McCord (9th) was born 18 Jun 1858 in Clarksfield,
Huron, OH. She married Sylvannas H Sweet in 1878. They moved
to Wessington, Hand, SD about 1885. He was born in 1853. Alice
died 11 Mar 1898 and is buried in McCord Cemetery, Beadle, SD.
Wessington actually is located in Hand and Beadle Counties in
South Dakota. Alice and Sylvannas had 3 children:
Dora May Sweet (10th)
Henry Johannus Sweet (10th)
Blair Thomas Sweet (10th)
Gilbert Ransom McCord (9th)
William Ellsworth McCord (9th)
Sarah Maria Day (8th) (daughter of Stephen Ransom Day) Sarah was born in 1840
in Clarksfield, Huron, OH and died there in 1864. (9) She married Calvin Carlton
Clark in 1859. He was born in 1831 and died in 1908. Sarah is buried in
Collinwood Cemetery, Huron Co, OH. (22) Sarah and Calvin had one known child:
Effie L Clark (9th) (22) was born 11 Mar 1861 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH.
She married Sherman F Blackman. He was born in 1856 and died in 1940.
Effie died on 7 Feb 1908 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. She is buried in
Clarksfield Methodist Cemetery, Clarksfield, Huron, OH (22) They had one
known child:
Clark Andrew Blackman (10th) was born 2 Jan 1882 in Clarksfield,
Huron, OH and died 23 Sept 1951 in Norwalk, Huron, OH. He
married Dessie M Ford. She was born in 1884 and died in 1968.
Clark and Dessie had one known child:
Randolph Andrew Blackman (11th) was born in 1911 in
Norwalk, Huron, OH, He married Leonarda Mayer on 19
Jun 1933 in Norwalk. He died on 24 Jan 1963 in Westlake,
Cuyahoga, OH. Burial place for Randolph is unknown. (22)
(After Sarah Maria died, Calvin Carlton Clark married her sister Nancy A Day.)
Lucinda Day (8th) (daughter of Stephen Ransom Day) was born on 4 May 1842 in
Fitchville, Huron, OH. She married Walter J Bissell in 1873. They divorced shortly
after this date. She married Truman Edwards on 4 Jul 1889. He died on 7 Jul
1908. Lucinda died on 9 Feb 1911 in Fitchville, Huron, OH. Lucinda and Truman
are buried at Fitchville Cemetery, Fitchville, Huron, OH. (22)
Nancy A Day (8th) (daughter of Stephen Ransom Day) was born on 2 Mar 1845 in
Clarksfield, Huron, OH, and died on 25 Oct 1917 in Ashland, Ashland Co, OH. She
was living with her son Claud Calvin Clark at the time of her death. She married
Calvin Carlton Clark on 2 Jul 1865. Calvin was born in 1831 and died in 1905.
Nancy was a member of the Clarksfield Methodist Church in Clarksfield, Huron,
OH. When she moved to her son’s home in Ashland, Ashland, OH, she joined the
United Brethren Church there. While living in Ashland, she was a practical nurse.
Nancy is buried in Collinwood Cemetery, Huron, OH. Nancy and Calvin had the
following 3 children (22):
Rupert J Clark (9th) was born in 1865 and died in 1868
Claud Calvin Clark (9th)
Edgar Leland Clark (9th) was born in 1867 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH, and
died in 1929 in Ashland, Ashland, OH. He married Anna Lavender Wells.
She was born on 13 Jul 1865 in Wakeman, Huron, OH and died on 25 Jan
1947 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. Edgar and Anna are buried in
Collinwood Cemetery, Huron, OH. (22)
Corintha Day (8th) (daughter of Stephen Ransom Day) was born in 1849 in
Clarksfield, Huron, OH, and died on 3 Jun 1857 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. She is
buried in Clarksfield Methodist Cemetery in Huron Co, OH. (22)
Stephen E Day (8th) was born in Oct 1850 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. He married
Alice J Litchfield about 1875 in Ohio. Alice was born in March 1855 in Wakeman,
Huron, OH. She died on 10 Oct 1943 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. She and Stephen
are buried in Clarksfield Twp Cemetery, Clarksfield, Huron, OH. He died on 5 Apr
1930 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. (9)
Stephen lived his whole life in Clarksfield, Huron, Ohio. He was a farmer.
Stephen and Alice had the following 2 children:
Albert Irvin “Bert” Day (9th)
Edna E Day (9th)
Albert Irvin “Bert” Day (9th) was born 30 Oct 1875 in Clarksfield, Huron,
OH. He married Florence E Jones. Florence was born on 19 Mar 1885 in
Delhi, Hamilton, OH. Her parents were Clinton M Jones and Margaret
Seidel. Florence died on 5 Jan 1964 in Wakeman, Huron, OH. She is
buried in Clarksfield Cemetery in Huron County, Ohio. Albert died on 13
Jul 1935 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. (22) (9)
Albert and Florence were members of Clarksfield Methodist Church in
Clarksfield, Huron, OH. Albert “Bert” married Florence about 1904. Albert
lived all of this life in Huron County, Ohio as a farmer. Albert and Florence
are buried in Clarksfield Twp Cemetery, Clarksfield, Huron, OH. (22)
Albert and Florence had two daughters:
Ruth Emma Day (10th)
Elizabeth Marie “Bessie” Day (10th)
Ruth Emma Day (10th) was born 22 Jan 1905 in Clarksfield, Huron,
OH. She married Roy M Peck on 5 Feb 1927 in Huron County,
Ohio. Apparently he died young, Ruth later married a Mr Palmer.
This is the name Ruth went by when she died on 31 Jan 1990 in
Willard, Huron, OH. (22) Ruth and Roy had one known child:
Charles I Peck (11th) was born 19 Feb 1928 in Oberlin,
Lorain, OH. He worked for Benard Pipeline Co. He was a
member of Guardian Angels Catholic Church. Charles was
married to Margaret Vascura. She was born on 4 Oct 1930
in Akron, Summit, OH. She was a member of Guardian
Angels Catholic Church. She died on 5 Mar 2006 in Akron,
Summit, OH. Margaret and Charles are both buried in
Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Akron, Summit, OH.
Charles died on 27 Oct 1996 in Lodi, Medina, OH.
According to Charles’ 1996 obituary in the Akron Beacon
Journal, he and Margaret had the following children (22):
Margaret Peck (12th) died as an infant
Charles I Peck Jr. (12th) resides in Akron, Summit,
OH with his wife Jill.
David Peck (12th) resides with his wife Barbara in
Copley, Summit, OH
Barbara Peck (12th) resides with her husband
Robert Rauckhorst in Wadsworth, Medina, OH
Carol Peck (12th) resides with her husband Gary
Heller in Akron, Summit, OH
Elizabeth Marie “Bessie” Day (10th) (daughter of Albert Day) was
born on 6 Oct 1906 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. She married Frances
Edward Nestor. He was born on 13 Jul 1904 in Clarksfield, Huron,
OH. He died 10 Dec 1979 in New London, Huron, OH. Elizabeth
died on 6 Nov 1970 in Norwalk, Huron, OH. Burial place for
Elizabeth and Frances is unknown. (22)
Edna E Day (9th) (daughter of Stephen Day and Alice Litchfield) was born
in Aug 1882 (9) She married Elver Jewitt Clark. She died in 1966. She is
buried in Wakeman Twp Cemetery, Wakeman, Huron, OH. (22) Edna and
Elver had two children:
Alice E Clark (10th)
Andrew J Clark (10th)
David Ransom Day (8th) (son of Stephen Ransom Day) was born on 17 May 1853
in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. (Please note here that David’s middle name is Ransom.
His great grandmother’s maiden name was Ransom-Anna Ransom who married
Stephen Day. The surname Ransom has been used frequently as a middle name
in the Day family.) David died on 20 Apr 1926 in Oberlin, Lorain, OH. He was a
farmer. He married Jessie French on 17 Oct 1876 in Wakeman, Huron, OH. (45)
Jessie was born in Sept 1856 in Wakeman, Huron, OH. Her parents were Burton
H French and Hannah Celeste Bills. Jessie died on 1 Mar 1916 in Rochester,
Lorain, OH. David and Jessie are buried in Rochester Station Cemetery,
Rochester, Lorain, OH. (22)
David and Jessie had two children:
Walter C Day (9th)
Lena Grace Day (9th)
Walter C Day (9th) was born in Jan 1878 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. He
married Jennie Stocking on 29 Nov 1900. Her parents were Dennis
Stocking and Ann Elizabeth Fish. Walter died on 14 May 1960 in Brighton,
Lorain, OH. They are buried at Brighton Township Cemetery, Brighton,
Lorain, OH. (22) Walter and Jennie had one known child:
Donald Dennis Day (10th) was born on 31 Dec 1901 in Brighton,
Lorain, OH. He married Helen E Bargdill around 1923. Her parents
were Leroy O Bargdill and Anna Brannick. Helen was born 19 Apr
1902 in Springfield, Clark, OH. She died on 28 Nov 1986 in New
London, Huron, OH. Donald died on 24 Nov 1969 in Brighton,
Lorain, OH. Donald and Helen are buried at Brighton Township
Cemetery, Brighton, Lorain, OH. (22) Donald and Helen had one
known child:
Donna Doreen Day (11th) was born about 1945. According
to some sources, Donna was married to Fred Gott of New
London. (22)
Lena Grace Day (9th) (daughter of David Ransom Day) was born on 27
Sept 1882 in Clarksfield, Huron, OH. She married Cortland Ira Marshall on
10 Dec 1902. She died on 22 Sept 1961 in Ashland, Ashland, OH. She and
Cortland are buried at Ashland, Ashland, OH. He was born in 1877 and
died in 1952. (22) They had 3 known children:
Martha A Marshall (10th)
Lawrence D Marshall (10th)
Hugh R Marshall (10th) was born on 28 Jun 1908 in Rochester,
Lorain, OH. He died on 8 Nov 1987 in Ashland, Ashland, OH and is
buried in Ashland Cemetery. (22)
Ida A Day (8th) (daughter of Stephen Ransom Day) was born in March, 1860. She
died on 12 Apr 1931 in Lorain County, OH. She married Cyrus Bidwell. He was
born in April 1854 and died on 10 May 1936 in Lorain County OH. They are both
buried in Brighton Township Cemetery, Brighton, Lorain, OH. (22)
Ida A. Day and Cyrus Bidwell had the following known child:
Rose May Bidwell (9th) was born on 20 Sept 1878 in Brighton, Lorain, OH.
She married Joseph C Reimel. Rose died on 18 Nov 1949 in Cleveland,
Cuyahoga, OH. She is buried at Acacia Masonic Memorial Park Cemetery,
Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH. (22) Rose and Joseph had the following
child (22):
Marian Ruth Reimel (10th) was born on 9 Dec 1916 in Cleveland,
Cuyahoga, OH. She died on 5 Sept 1937 in Painesville, Lake, OH.
She is buried at Acacia Masonic Memorial Park Cemetery,
Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH
David Ransom Day (7th) (son of Stephen Day and Anna Ransom) was born in 1815. He
married Aurilla Blackman on 11 Oct 1837 in Huron County, OH. Aurilla was born on 27
Oct 1817 and was the daughter of Allen Blackman. Aurilla died sometime after the birth
of their third child. David and Aurilla had 3 children (9):
Harriet Day (8th) was born in 1837. She died in 1919.
Alzina Day (8th) was born in 1839.
Czarina Day (8th) was born in 1841.
On 21 Mar 1846 David married Eliza Hoteling in Huron County, OH. They had two known
children (9):
Sidney Day (8th) was born in 1849. He died in 1874.
Emma Day (8th) was born in 1862. She died in 1934.
David died on 28 Apr 1897 in La Grange, La Grange, IN.
Coridon Delos Day (7th) (son of Stephen Day and Anna Ransom) was born on 25 Sept
1819 in Hanover, Chautauqua, NY. (9) See Generation 7 for more details on Coridon. (In
the beginning, the family believed the spelling of this man’s first name was as Corydon.
In doing genealogy research, you often find misspellings of first and last names. Since it
is spelled as Coridon on his tombstone and on other primary documents, it is believed
that this is the way he spelled his name.)
Sarah “Sally” Day (7th) was born on 8 Mar 1823. Sarah was most likely born in Huron
County, OH. She married Reuben Tripp on 3 Oct 1844 in Huron County, OH. She died on
6 Mar 1892 in New London, Huron Co, OH. Sally is buried in Day Cemetery, New London
Twp, Huron, OH. Beside her is buried her mother Anna Ransom Day Bates and her sister
Alzina Day Corey. (42) Reuben died on 13 Feb 1881, aged 58, and is buried in Day
Sally’s obituary:
Mrs Sarah “Sally” Tripp, wife of the late Reuben Tripp, died at her home in New London
Twp, March 6th after suffering for nearly a year from that dread disease, cancer. Mrs.
Tripp was a sister of the late (Stephen) Ransom Day of Clarksfield, where she lived in her
younger days and until she married Reuben Tripp, afterwards coming to New London
where she resided until her death. She lacked one day of being sixty nine years of age.
The daughters of the deceased tender their heartfelt thanks to the friends for comfort
and sympathy during their mother’s illness. (Source unknown, dated 24 March 1892)
(NOTE: the obituary states in the last sentence that “the daughters” of Sarah tendered
their thanks. From what we know, Ruth Ann died as an infant and Pluma was the only
child left to mourn her mother. It is presumed the writer of the obituary made an error.)
Sarah Day and Reuben had 2 known children:
Ruth Ann Tripp (8th) was born about 1845. She died on 29 Aug 1848 in Huron
County, OH. She is buried in Day Cemetery in Huron County, OH. (9)
Pluma Tripp (8th) was born on 24 May 1853 in New London, Huron, OH. She
married Archie Lansing Day on 6 Mar 1876 in New London, Huron, OH. Pluma
and Archie were first cousins. They later divorced. She died 22 Oct 1913 in New
London, Huron, OH. Pluma is buried in Day Cemetery in Huron County, OH.
Pluma and Archie’s 2 known children:
Cora Day (9th) was born 14 Apr 1877. She died on 31 Mar 1886. She is
buried in Day Cemetery, New London Twp, Huron, OH (9)
Ray L Day (9th) was born 16 Mar 1884 in New London, Huron, OH. He was
a carpenter. He died on 30 Apr 1923 in New London, Huron, OH. He is
buried in the Day Cemetery in Huron County, Ohio. (9)
Coridon Delos Day (7th) (Stephen-6th, Samuel-5th, Thomas-4th, Thomas-3rd, Thomas-2nd,
Anthony-1st) was born on 25 Sept 1819 in Hanover, Chautauqua, NY. His parents were Stephen
Day and Anna Ransom. Some records state he was born in 1821. (57) The spelling of his first
name has been seen as Coridon and as Corydon. He was most likely born in New York, while the
family was on its way from Vermont to Ohio. While researching Coridon, all of the history books
I found that mentioned him simply stated that he “went west and died”. He was born in New
York so just about every place was west of that state! So they were being truthful just not very
Coridon’s given name means Shepherd. His middle name Delos was for an island in Greece. (9)
The naming of children in the early 19th century provided some very interesting names!
Coridon is listed as a farmer and stock raiser and that he owned 120 acres of land in Section 24
of Berwick Township in Warren County, IL. This source states he came to Warren County in
1855. His land was valued at $6000. This source also states that Coridon was a Democrat and a
Methodist by faith. (52)
In 1845, in Fulton County, IL there was a lein placed on Coridon Day by Thomas J. Moore. It was
described as being a Mechanic’s Lein. This type of lein was to secure a payment for work and
materials in erecting or repairing a structure.
I have a copy of this 8 page document. In brief, it states that Coridon Day hired Thomas J Moore
to build a house on Coridon’s land. This property was located in Lee Township, Fulton County,
IL. It was located in NW ¼ of Section 3, Twp 7, Rg 1. The original agreement was for Thomas to
build a one story house and that Coridon would supply the timber required. At some point,
Coridon decided to add on an additional story and a half to the house. Thomas stated that he
wanted Coridon to pay him room and board and extra materials to the sum total of $64.37½
cents. (Yes, they used half cents in 1845!) It was further stated that according to Thomas
Moore, Coridon Day did not provide the required extra timber in a timely fashion.
What this boils down to is a money dispute between them. The papers do not say if Coridon
paid Thomas anything but I doubt he did. The final disposition was that the suit was dismissed
at plaintiff’s (Thomas Moore) costs. So I presume that at the least Thomas had to pay court
costs. Gee, a law suit in 1845 is not much different than a law suit today, is it? The wording of
the court document was as hard to understand as a similar document would be today!
Coridon Day’s first marriage was to Laurena Louk. They married on 30 Dec 1842 in Lee Twp,
Fulton, IL. Laurena was the daughter of David Louk and Clara Scott. She was born 27 Aug 1823
in New York. She died on 27 Mar 1851 in Lee Twp, Fulton, IL. Laurena is buried in Virgil
Cemetery, Lee Twp, Fulton, IL (9) Coridon and Laurena had the following 4 children:
Clara Ann Day (8th)
David Ransom Day (8th)
Hannah M Day (8th)
Jefferson Eugene Day (8th)
Clara Ann Day (8th) was born on 22 Apr 1845 in Fulton County, IL. She was a twin sister
to David Ransom Day. She married Charles Thomas Howard on 25 Jan 1866. She died on
5 Sept 1919 in Shenandoah, Page, IA. (9) Charles was born on 25 Mar 1844 in Warren
County, IL. He died on 5 Jul 1904. Clara and Charles are buried at Locust Grove Cemetery
in Fremont County, IA. (22) Clara and Charles had the following 6 children (9):
Della L Howard (9th) was born about 1868
Mamie I Howard (9th) was born about 1870
Edward E Howard (9th) was born about 1872
Cora M Howard (9th) was born about 1875
Clara G Howard (9th) was born about 1877
Laura E Howard (9th) was born about 1880
David Ransom Day (8th) was born on 22 Apr 1845 in Fulton County, IL. He was a twin
brother of Clara Ann Day. Around 1861, the family moved to Warren County, IL. In 1865,
at the age of 20 David enlisted in the Army. He had served about 6 months when the
Civil War ended. He married Martha “Mattie” J Duncan on 2 Feb 1869 in Warren
County, IL. She was born in September 1845 in Ohio. She died in April 1918 in
Shenandoah, Page, IA. David Ransom Day died on 3 Jul 1903 in Shenandoah, Page, IA.
(9) David’s obituary tells us that he died in Clarinda Hospital for the Insane. He had a
tumor in his bowel that put pressure on his spine and this somehow affected his brain.
He was a successful stock raiser and farmer and was quite prosperous in this business.
He later moved to Colorado, and this turned out to be a big mistake for him. He took
some of his cattle with him to Colorado. For some reason, he was not able to find feed
for them, and they had to be sacrificed. This caused David to fall into a state of
depression. The family returned to Iowa after living in Colorado about 3 years. He spent
about 7 years in a Soldier’s Home at Marshalltown, Marshall, IA. He recovered and
returned home and did well for about 5 years. David was a member of the Christian
Church since the age of 23. He was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. (9)
According to one source, David died on 1 July 1903. He enlisted in the Army on 8 Mar
1865 as a Private and was mustered into Co D 7th Illinois Cavalry. He mustered out on 4
Nov 1865 at Nashville, Davidson, TN as a Corporal. He is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery,
Shenandoah, Page, IA. (22) David and Mattie had the following 8 children (9):
?? Day (male) (9th)
Glenn Day (9th)
Myrtle/Myrta Day (9th) was born about 1870. She lived in Sloan, Woodbury, IA
and married Mr Stone
Willis G Day (9th) was born in March 1872.
Carrie Day (9th) was born about 1874
Frank D Day (9th) was born in Jul 1879
Guy S Day (9th) was born in Oct 1882
Harry O Day (9th) was born in Nov 1887
Hannah M Day (8th) (daughter of Coridon Day and Laurena Louk) was born in 1847 in
Virgil, Fulton, IL. She married Charles C Hope on 25 Nov 1866 in Warren County, IL.
Charles C Hope was born on 25 Oct 1845 in Ohio. They had the following 6 known
children (9):
Frank D Hope (9th) was born about 1867 in Iowa.
David Hope (9th) was born about 1869 in Iowa.
Adelbert Hope (9th) was born about 1874 in Iowa.
Fannie Hope (9th) was born about 1877 in Missouri
Mary Hope (9th) was born about 1879 in Missouri
William Hope (9th) was born about 1880 in Missouri
Jefferson “Jeff” Eugene Day (8th) was born on 24 Jun 1850 in Fulton Co, IL. He married
Mary Ann Catt on 4 Jul 1871 in Illinois. He died on 2 Jan 1929 in Bruning, Thayer, NE.
Mary Ann was the daughter of Jesse Mason Catt and Cyrena Tibbets and was born on 18
Jul 1852 in Howard County, IN. She died on 28 Feb 1908 in Strang, Fillmore, NE. Mary
Ann was of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry. (9)
Jefferson and Mary Ann Catt had the following 6 known children (9):
Effie Mae Day (9th)
Jessie D Day (9th)
Louis A Day (9th)
Clara E Day (9th)
Charles Eugene Day (9th)
Jefferson “Jeffie” Eugene Day Jr (9th)
Effie Mae Day (9th) was born on 1 Jul 1872 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. She married
Wallace Landon Wright on 26 Aug 1891. She died on 4 Jan 1959 in Englewood,
Arapahoe, CO in the Swedish Memorial Hospital. Wallace was born on 2 Aug
1869. Wallace died on 14 Nov 1901. He is buried in Harmony Cemetery, Strang,
Fillmore, NE. (9)
Effie and Wallace had the following 3 children:
Edith Wright (10th) was born about 1893. Edith married Mr Messman and
lived in Bruning, Thayer, NE in 1959.
Ethel Wright (10th) was born about 1895. Ethel died on 30 Dec 1931. She
married Mr Skipton.
Mae Wright (10th) was born about 1900. Mae married Mr Redelfs and
was living in Omaha, Douglas, NE in 1959.
On 30 Jul 1904, Effie Mae Day married Henry Dunker. They had two daughters:
Lola Pearl Dunker (10th) was born on 27 April 1906 in Strang, Fillmore, NE.
She married Wilson Ben Veatch on 20 Nov 1928. She died on 12 May
1982 in Englewood, Arapahoe, CO. She also lived in Kiowa, Elbert, CO. (9)
Lola and Wilson are buried at Elizabeth Cemetery, Elizabeth, Elbert, CO
Faye Charlotte Dunker (10th) was born on 11 Mar 1908 in Strang,
Fillmore, NE. She married Lester Frederick Abbey on 12 Dec 1927 in
Denver, Denver, CO. Faye died on 19 Oct 1999 in Kiowa, Elbert, CO. (9)
Henry Dunker was the son of Frederick Dunker and Sophie Gottsche and was
born on 22 Dec 1877 in Carleton, Fillmore, NE. He farmed in Nebraska until 1915
when they headed to Yuma, Yuma, CO. This move was prompted by a doctor’s
advice due to Faye’s poor health. Henry Dunker died on 2 Jul 1956 in Elizabeth,
Elbert, CO. He is buried in the Elizabeth Cemetery in Elizabeth, Elbert, CO. After
his death, Effie Mae lived with her daughters in Colorado. Effie was baptized in
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. At one time, she worked as a
milliner, making hats. At her death, Effie Mae left 4 daughters, 14 grandchildren,
29 great grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren, a sister Mrs. Clara E Day
Wright of Stockton, Rooks, KS and a brother Charles Day of, Thayer, NE. (9)
Jesse D Day (9th) (son of Jefferson Eugene Day) was born 19 Apr 1874. He died on
5 Apr 1876. He is buried at Cherry Grove Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox, Illinois.
Louis A Day (9th) was born on 19 Nov 1875. He married Tena L. Lenhard in 1895.
He died on 24 Mar 1953 in Strang, Fillmore, NE. It is believed but not proven that
Louis is buried in Harmony Cemetery, Strang, Fillmore, NE. (9) Louis and Tena
had the following known child:
Jeffie E Day (10th) (perhaps his full name was Jefferson Eugene Day,
named after his grandfather?) was born on 7 Dec 1928 in Fillmore Co, NE
and died there on the same day. His birth was listed as stillborn. He is
buried at Fairmont Cemetery, Strang, NE in Potters field (poor section of
the cemetery) (9)
Clara A Day (9th) was born on 28 Oct 1877 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. She married Asa
Wright. Her death date and place is not known. They had the following known
children (9):
Alta Wright (10th)
Irvin Wright (10th)
Leona Wright (10th)
Charles Eugene Day (9th) (son of Jefferson Eugene Day) was born on 1 Oct 1881
in Abingdon, Knox, IL. He married Laura Effie Hendricks on 16 Dec 1903 in
Bruning, Thayer, NE. Laura was born on 4 May 1883 in York, York, NE. She died
on 15 Jul 1962 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. (Laura was descended from Robert Morris,
a signer of the Declaration of Independence.) Charles and his children owned a
photo studio in Hebron NE, known as the Griffin & Day Studio. He graduated
from Bruning High School in 1899. After working with Mr Griffin for many years,
Charles became the owner of Day Studio. He was a Democrat and served 6 years
on the town council. He also served 12 years as member of the local school
board. He was a trustee of the First Christian Church and was involved in many
organizations and enjoyed sports. Charles Eugene Day died on 9 Nov 1977 in
Lincoln, Lancaster, NE. (9)
Charles and Laura had the following 6 known children (9):
Eugene Drew Day (10th)
Lee Allen Day (10th)
Charlene Day (10th)
Dorothy Day (10th)
Charles Eugene Day, Jr (10th)
Robert Dwain Day (10th)
Eugene Drew Day (10th) was born on 7 Mar 1905 in Hebron, Thayer, NE.
He married Marie Thelma Willy on 15 Sept 1922 in Belleville, Republic,
KS. Marie was born on 30 Jul 1906 in Carleton, Thayer, NE. She died on 8
Jun 1975 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. Eugene was in business with his father
Charles Eugene Day in 1932. (This is most likely referring to the Day
Studio.) Eugene died on 5 May 1965 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. They had the
following 3 children (9):
Dean Willy Day (11th) was born on 27 Sept 1923. He married
Winifred Doris Ordway on 15 Sept 1945.
Betty Jean Day (11th) was born on 8 Aug 1925. She married Albert
Franklin Hayes on 6 Sept 1946.
Donald Lee Day (11th) was born on 13 Feb 1927. He married
Phyllis Fern Mumm on 3 Sept 1946.
Lee Allen Day (10th) was born on 4 Oct 1907 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. He
married Dorothy Vandervoort on 22 Jul 1929 in Chicago, Cook, IL.
Dorothy was born 5 Aug 1907 in Chicago, Cook, IL. She died on 31 Oct
1970 in Lincoln Park, Wayne, MI. Lee was reportedly a shoe salesman, at
least in 1932. He died on 17 Nov 1973 in Lincoln Park, Wayne, MI. Lee
and Dorothy had the following 2 known children (9):
Lee Allen Day Jr (11th) was born on 25 Apr 1937. He married
Sandra Stemmerman on 2 May 1958.
Mary Agnes Day (11th) was born on 3 Oct 1942. She married
Harold Mylan Huyck on 8 Feb 1964.
Charlene Day (10th) was born on 13 Jun 1910 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. She
married Elmer John Beisner on 26 Jun 1929 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. Elmer
was born on 12 Sept 1905 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. Charlene and Elmer had
the following 2 children (9):
Eugene Jay Beisner (11th) was born on 17 Jul 1932. He had 3
wives: Jane, Judith and Mary Ann (maiden name of each wife is
Robert Lee Beisner (11th) was born in March 1936. He had two
wives: Mary Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) (1961); Valerie
Dorothy Day (10th) was born on 2 Mar 1918. She married Asa Maxwell
Meek on 26 Dec 1938 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. Asa was born on 25 Apr
1914 in Ottumwa, Coffey, KS. Dorothy died in 1978 in Salem, Marion, OR.
Dorothy and Asa had the following 2 children (9):
Kent Allen Meek (11th) was born on 5 Aug 1939.
Mary Ann Meek (11th) was born on 11 Jan 1946.
Charles Eugene Day Jr. (10th) was born on 12 Sept 1920 in Hebron,
Thayer, NE. He married Norma Gottschalk in 1943 in Hebron, Thayer, NE.
Norma died on 7 Jan 1997 in Kingman, Mohave, AZ. Charles died in 1980
in Fullerton, Orange, CA. Charles and Norma had the following 2 known
children (9):
Vickie Day (11th) married Mr Mooneyham
Nancy Day (11th) married Mr Edwards
Robert Dwain Day (10th) was born on 2 Apr 1925 in Hebron, Thayer, NE.
He married June Rita Karcher on 26 Dec 1949 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. June
was born on 27 Jun 1926 in Camden, Camden, NJ. Robert and June had
the following 5 children (9):
Robert Dwain Day Jr. (11th) was born on 14 Dec 1950. He married
Carol Tyler on 8 Sept 1973.
Bradley Charles Day (11th) was born on 17 Oct 1952. He married
Martha Minn on 3 Apr 1982.
Cheryle Lynn Day (11th) was born on 15 Nov 1955. She married
Kevin William Fleming on 9 Apr 1977.
Charles Eugene Day II (11th) was born on 9 Nov 1963. He married
Antoinette Hubbard on 24 Aug 1989.
Matthew David Day (11th) was born on 6 Apr 1966. He died on 25
Aug 1989.
Jeffie E Day Jr (9th) (son of Jefferson Eugene Day Sr and Mary Ann Catt) His name
is presumably Jefferson Eugene Day Jr, officially. He was born on 9 Jul 1896. He
died on 18 Oct 1927 in Strang, Fillmore, NE
After Mary Ann’s death, Jeff Day married Mary Jane, we do not know her maiden
name. Jeff and his wife Mary Jane had been ill with the flu that developed into
pneumonia. Mary Jane died two weeks before Jefferson died, probably in Dec,
1928. The Bruning Banner, Bruning Thayer Co, NE, newspaper death notice was
dated 10 Jan 1929. Jeff died around this date. Jeff is buried in Harmony
Cemetery, Strang, Fillmore, NE (22) It is presumed Mary Ann is buried in
Harmony Cemetery, but proof was not found.
Coridon Delos Day (son of Stephen Day and Anna Ransom) married Lucinda Banta Griffin
on 22 Feb 1854 in Lewiston, Fulton, IL.
Lucinda Banta was the daughter of Jacob Banta and Cillinda Wilder. She was born on 23
Jul 1829 in Bloomington, Monroe, IN. Lucinda was a Baptist by faith. (The Banta family
has been traced back to Epke Jacobse who was born in 1619 in Holland. I have a family
history on the Banta family that was compiled in 1983 by Bill Holder.) Her family moved
to Illinois in 1838. She married William Griffin on 15 Jul 1847 in Warren Co, IL. (22) They
had two children: Robert M Griffin and Lorena Griffin. Lorena died in infancy. William
Griffin died in 1852. (9)
Coridon and Lucinda moved to Warren County, IL about 1861. They lived in Pretty
Prairie, Berwick Twp. In the 1870 Warren County, IL Federal Census, Coridon is listed as
having $4900 in real estate (land) and $2200 in personal property. Lucinda’s son Robert
Griffin, aged 21, was living with them as a farm laborer. The family lived on Section 34 in
Berwick Township where Coridon owned 240 acres. Coridon owned a 40 x 40 house that
had 2 stories and a 24 x 30 brick barn. (For the record, this house would not be the
house that was built in Fulton County, IL that caused the monetary dispute with Thomas
Moore.) He was a farmer and owned short horned cattle. He also owned 35 Norman
horses and 25 sheep. In politics, he was known as a Jacksonian Democrat. One source
stated that Coridon’s father and grandfather served in the American Revolution and that
his father was also in the War of 1812. (41) His father Stephen Day was born in 1785 so
could not have been in the Revolutionary War. Stephen could have been in the War of
1812. His grandfather, Samuel Day, was in the Revolutionary War. (9) See Generation 5
for more on Samuel Day.
I located a Civil War Draft Registration Card on Coridon Day dated 1 July 1863 when he
was 43 years old. His residence on that record was Berwick, Warren, IL. This list shows
“All persons subject to do military duty in the 4th Congressional District” which is where
he resided. He was listed as Class II (Class 2?). We have no record of him being in the
Civil War. Perhaps he was never “called up for duty” but was required to be listed on the
Coridon Delos Day and Lucinda Banta’s 7 children (9):
Mary Cillinda Day (8th)
Lucinda Emaline Day (8th)
Jason Day (8th)
Sarah Olive Day (8th) Sarah and her brother Silas were twins
Silas Day (8th)
Stephen A Day (8th)
Saphronia Lucretia Day (8th)
Coridon had a total of 11 children with his two wives, including 2 sets of twins. (9)
Mary Cillinda Day (8th) was born on 19 May 1855 in Berwick, Warren, IL. She
married Edward Mathias Sampson on 25 Jan 1875 in Monmouth, Warren, IL. She
died on 21 Oct 1921 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. Mary and Edward are both buried in
Abingdon Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox, IL. Edward was born in 1855 and died in
1936. (22)
They had one known child:
John Eugene “Bud” Sampson (9th) was born on 12 Mar 1879 in Knox
County, IL. He died on 4 Jun 1943 in Price, Carbon, IL. He is buried in
Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Denver, CO. He married Lulu May
Rothrock. She was born on 9 Nov 1880 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS. She died
on 3 Oct 1953 in Denver, Denver, CO and is buried in Fairmount
Cemetery, Denver, Denver, CO. (22)
They had one known child:
Gladys Marie Sampson (10th) was born on 14 Apr 1903 in Salida,
Chaffee, CO. She died on 13 Jan 1993 in Denver, Denver, CO. She
married Mr Jones and is buried at Fort Logan, Cemetery, Denver,
Denver, CO. (22)
Lucinda Emaline Day (8th) (daughter of Coridon Delos Day) was born on 27 Jun
1858 in Warren County, IL. She was often called Emma. She married Peter
Franklin Butler on 3 Feb 1881 in Warren County, Illinois. He was born on 13 Jul
1855 in Monmouth, Warren, IL, and died on 2 Jun 1928 in Napa, Napa, CA.
Lucinda died on 28 Sept 1887 in Albion, Boone, NE of typhoid fever. Peter
married Dora (maiden name not known) who was born in Germany. (9) Lucinda’s
date of birth on her tombstone reads as 17 Jun 1859 in Knox Co, IL. (22) This
requires further research.
Lucinda Day and Peter Butler had two known children (9):
Guy Edmund Butler (9th)
Epha May Butler (9th)
Guy Edmund Butler (9th) was born on 2 Sept 1882 in Monmouth, Warren,
IL. He married Bessie Edna Samuels around 1909 in California. She was
born on 28 Dec 1889 in Napa, Napa, CA. She died on 24 May 1978 in
Napa, Napa, CA. They are buried at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, Napa, CA.
Guy died on 13 Mar 1971 in Napa, Napa, CA. (22)
Guy Edward Butler and Bessie Edna Samuels had the following 2 known
children (9):
Franklin P Butler (10th) was born on 10 Oct 1915 in Napa, Napa,
CA. He died on 26 Aug 1999 in Colton, San Bernardino, CA. Burial
place unknown.
Myles Milton Butler (10th) was born on 31 Mar 1917 in Napa,
Napa, CA, and died on 10 Nov 1984 in Napa, Napa, CA. He married
Martha Alma Marie Borchers. She was the daughter of Albert
Borchers and Lisette M. Felt. Martha was born on 28 Apr 1917 in
North Dakota. She died on 22 Dec 2006 in Napa, Napa, CA.
Martha and Myles are buried at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, Napa,
CA (22)
Epha May Butler (9th) was born on 27 Jan 1886 and died on 21 Oct 1887,
about one month after her mother died. She is buried in Abingdon
Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox, Il. (9)
Lucinda Emaline Day Butler obituary, source unknown:
Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of his saints—Among such could be
truthfully classed Mrs Lucinda E, wife of P E Butler and the daughter of Mr and Mrs
Coridon Day, of Abingdon, (IL) whose sweet spirit peacefully and quietly took its flight to
the better world from Albion, Nebraska….She joined the Christian Church at age 16.
After her marriage she transferred to the Methodist Episcopal Church and her home
was near Monmouth (Warren Co, IL) until Feb, 1886, when she moved to Albion, Boone,
NE. About two weeks before her death and before she was taken sick, she startled her
husband with the statement that the Lord had informed her of approaching death, and
that would be the only day she would be able to talk with him on the subject. While she
regretted that her zeal had not been greater for the Master, she rejoiced in the fact that
they had tried to live as Christians and expressed herself as ready and resigned to the
divine will. The very next day she was delirious with typhoid malarial fever and died a
few days later, two small children (Guy and Epha) were left without a mother and a fond
husband (Peter Butler) to bear the greatest sorrow that comes to life. Her body was
brought to Abingdon for burial and the funeral services were held in the M. E.
(Methodist Episcopal) Church.
Lucinda is buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox, IL
Illinois Marriage records show her name as Laura Emeline Day. (9)
Jason Day (8th) (son of Coridon Day and Lucinda Banta) was born on 8 Oct 1862 in
Warren County, IL. His tombstone reads that he was born in 1863 but his death record
states he was born in 1862. (22) He married Francis Luna Roberson on 26 Feb 1890 in
Indianpoint, Knox County, IL. Jason died on 17 Oct 1946 in Galesburg, Knox, IL.
Luna Roberson was born on 19 Apr 1861 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. She died on 21 Jan 1944
in Galesburg, Knox Co IL. Her father was James Roberson and her mother was Mary
Smith. Jason and Luna had the following 4 children (9):
Ralph Delos Day (9th)
Ina May Day (9th)
Myrel Ransom Day (9th)
Clara Marie Day (9th)
Ralph Delos Day (9th) was born on 24 May 1891 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. He
married Eliza Ann Brown. She was born on 24 Mar 1889 in Abingdon, Knox, IL.
Her parents were Thomas South Brown and Coral Sheets. Ralph died in January
1976 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. Eliza died in 1969 in Knox County, IL. They are both
buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox, IL. (22)
They had the following child:
Thomas J Day (10th) was born on 9 Feb 1921 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. He
died on 9 March 1958. His inscription reads “ILL PFC MP plot Americal
DV” He is buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox, IL. (22) (It could
not be determined what this inscription meant. It is presumed he was
Private First Class in an Illinois unit, perhaps an MP-military police?-the
plot he is buried in at Abingdon Cemetery is apparently the Americal DV.
He most likely was a Private either in WWII or Korean War.) This requires
further research.
Ina May Day (9th) was born on 11 Nov 1893. She married Verne Senders on 4
Sept 1916 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. She died on 5 Apr 1982. They had the following
8 children (9):
Eva Marie Senders (10th) was born on 6 Sept 1917
Florence Myrel Senders (10th) was born on 17 May 1920
Alice Lillian Senders (10th) was born on 11 Jun 1921 (more on Alice below)
Frances Emily Senders (10th) was born on 13 Sept 1923
Anna Ruth Senders (10th) was born on 1 Mar 1926
Irven LaVern Senders (10th) was born on 31 Jul 1928
Forrest Jay Senders (10th) was born on 16 Jul 1930
Lois Pearl Senders (10th) was born on 13 Nov 1932
Myrel Ransom Day (9th) (son of Jason Day) was born on 6 Dec 1897 in Knox
County, IL. He went to Iowa and became a barber. On 24 Dec 1922, Myrel
married Alice M Rutt of Sterling, Logan, CO. He died on 1 Dec 1923 in El Paso
County, CO. Myrel is buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Abingdon, Knox, IL. Myrel
had belonged to the Modern Woodmen of America since he was 18. Soon after
he married, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. The Modern Woodmen group
was very good to him. He went to their sanitarium near Colorado Springs, CO for
treatment. They attended his funeral service and had charge of the services at
his grave. Myrel and Alice had no known children. (9)
Clara Marie Day (9th) (daughter of Jason Day) was born on 22 Aug 1902. She
married Samuel Hood Whiteneck in 1928. Samuel was born on 27 Sept 1868 in
Monmouth, Warren, IL. He died on 13 Apr 1962 in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Clara was
Samuel’s 3rd wife. She died on 30 Sept 1943. (9)
We have a nice 5+ page story written by Alice Lillian Senders, one of Jason Day’s
granddaughters. Just reading the first page shows us all how much Alice loved her Day
grandparents, Jason Day and Luna Roberson. This is a wonderful memorial to Jason and
The rest of Alice’s writings include the following. I have abstracted but used Alice’s
(The farm she is speaking of was in Macomb, McDonough, IL. Note on page one she tells
how Grandma Day (Luna Roberson Day) was a real inspiration to her. She told her to try
new things and do her best. Luna taught Alice to make a schedule for the day and stick
to it as best she could. This is a good lesson for all of us!!)
“As soon as breakfast was over, the dishes were washed in water taken from a reservoir
on the end of the stove. They were then set to dry on a white flower sack. All dishes
were put on shelves in the pantry. Even if it was 90 degrees outside, Grandma still had
to make a fire in the cookstove to cook the meals. The only means of transportation in
1926 was a horse and buggy. Monday was always wash day. As soon as breakfast was
over, Grandpa would put the copper boiler on the cookstove and fill it with rainwater
from the barrel at the corner of the house. While the wash water was heating, Grandma
and I took the cows down a long lane to the pasture. We liked to help Grandpa all we
could because he had a stiff hip that made it hard for him to walk. He had fallen off the
windmill years before while he was greasing the motor. Grandpa and Grandma were a
hardworking team and helped each other all they could. By the time Grandma and I
returned from taking the cows to pasture, Grandpa would have the two wash tubs on
the back porch ready for doing laundry. The washboard and handmade soap was in the
first tub. The second tub was for the rinse water. It was back breaking work. It was hard
to carry a basket of wet clothes out to the clothesline. (Remember they did not even
have a wringer to take the water out of the clothes. They just squeezed out as much
water as they could by hand) I carried the sack of clothespins to help Grandma all I
could. The clothesline was close to the chicken yard, so we’d let the chickens out of the
henhouse while we were out that way. We got them fresh water and fed them ground
corn in the chicken yard and made shade for the chickens. (I presume the laundry
hanging on the clothesline provided the shade.) In turn, the chickens fertilized the
grapes. They also had a big strawberry patch. Five long rows in the truckpatch (this
would be a vegetable garden solely for the purpose for selling to grocery stores) told a
10 year old girl someone had a big job picking berries. (This tells us that the date of this
story was 1931 since Alice was born in 1921.) My older sister and I (this would either be
Eva Marie Senders or Florence Myrel Senders) agreed to help and Grandma paid us 2
cents a quart! When we had a case of 24 quarts, Grandpa hitched the horse to the
buggy, set the case of berries in the back and we were off to the grocery store. The
grocer allowed Grandma 12 cents a quart for the berries and she traded this for sugar,
flour, salt and coffee. She also traded cream, eggs and cottage cheese she made.
Grandma always “dressed up” to go to town. She put on her newest pink and white
checked dress, always wore her hat and white gloves. There was a nice cave in
Grandma’s yard. It was cool in there in summer and never froze in there in winter.
Barrels lined the wall on one side, shelves on the other side for home canned fruit and
vegetables. Barrels held apples, potatoes, meat in salt brine, and dill pickles filled a 10
gallon stone jar. Between the barrels there was room for pumpkins and squash. The
onions with their tops on were tied in bunches and hung from the ceiling. Milk and
butter were kept in the cave in summer because few people had a refrigerator. All that
food looked like a gold mine to me and gave me a sense of security for the coming
winter. Roads were a constant problem. In summer they were so dusty. Spring rains
made them deep with mud and there were no snowplows in that day. Farmers would
team up and scoop snow by hand to get the roads open. In the summer, farmers would
cut logs and 25 or 30 men would work on low places near bridges. They would lay the
logs across the road and side by side. These were called corduroy roads. The road was
bumpy when the wagon wheels went from log to log. They did keep us from getting
mired in the mud. In the very early 1930’s, the depression hit and they lost the farm.
They moved to a rented farm house owned by their daughter-in-law Lisa Day and near
Abingdon.”(This is most likely referring to Ralph Delos Day’s wife.)
(This compilation came from the files of Retha Haiback, deceased, to Bill Holder in 1997.
This is a real treasure to read and I am so grateful that Retha passed it on to Bill.)
Further information on Jason Day states that after living on the tenant farm of their
daughter-in-law, they next moved to St. Augustine, south of Abingdon. Jason worked as
a janitor for a church across the street from where they lived. Luna died at this home
and Jason lived out his life either with his son Ralph or his daughter Ina. (9)
Sarah Olive Day (8th) (twin sister of Silas Day and daughter of Coridon Day and Lucinda
Banta) was born on 12 Apr 1865, in Warren County, IL. She married William McClellan
Stillman on 23 Aug 1886 in Warren County, IL. William was the son of William Warren
Stillman and Adeline E Button. He was born on 22 Jan 1863 in Peoria County, IL. William
died on 14 Feb 1962. He is reported to have outlived 3 wives and was 99 at his death.
Sarah Olive died on 13 Aug 1897 in Warren County, IL. It was reported that Sarah and
William had 6 children but only 5 survived. Lillie Blond Stillman lived with her dad in
Fullerton, Nance, NE. (9)
According to Sarah’s obituary above, there were other children who died in infancy and
apparently Lillie is the only one who lived to adulthood. (9)
Sarah and William had the following 2 known children (9):
Lillie Blond Stillman (9th)
Harry Stillman (9th)
Lillie Blond Stillman (9th) was born on 13 Nov 1892 in Warren County, IL and
moved to Fullerton, Nance, NE as a child. Lillie taught school at Belgrade, Nance,
NE. She died on 29 Aug 1961. She is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Sterling,
Logan, CO.
Lillie married William Marion Adamson in Fullerton, Nance, NE on 1 Aug 1917.
Lillie and William moved to Padroni, Logan, CO in 1929. They next moved to
Sterling, Logan, CO where William died on 30 Mar 1959. Lillie was a member of
the Methodist Church. They are both buried in Riverside Cemetery, Sterling,
Logan, CO. (22) At her death, Lillie was survived by her father William M Stillman,
her daughter and son, one step sister Marion Dickson, 3 step brothers: Theodore
Stillman, Richard Stillman, and Stephen Stillman. They all resided in Sterling, CO.
(22) Lillie and William had two known children:
Floyd Adamson (10th)
Mable Adamson (10th) She married Mr Ivan
Harry Stillman (9th) was born on 22 Apr 1895 and died on 16 Sept 1895.
Silas Day (8th) (son of Coridon Day) was born on 12 Apr 1865 in Warren Co, IL. He was a
twin to Sarah Olive Day. (This was the second set of twins born to Coridon Delos Day.) In
the 1910 Federal Census for Michigan, Silas was found living as a patient in an asylum
for the criminally insane in Berlin Twp, Ionia County, MI. (An important note here-while
researching Silas, I found that the fact that he was in an asylum does not necessarily
mean that he was insane. Many times in these early years, if there was not a regular
hospital near where the person lived, they went to the closest facility where any doctor
was located. In these so called mental hospitals, sometimes births and normal surgeries
occurred. So we need to be careful in judging Silas at this point.) He was married to
Elnora “Nora” I Lethco who was born about 1874 in Illinois. They married on 17 Apr
1894 in Knox County, IL. It is presumed that Nora must have died young. (9) Their son
lived with her parents:
Jesse D Day (9th) was born around 1895 in Illinois. He lived with his maternal
grandparents, Stephen D and Elizabeth Lethco in Knox County, IL according to
the 1910 Illinois census. In the 1930 Federal Census for Colorado, Jesse was
listed as being in the Colorado State Prison. From the information supplied in
that census, we feel it is safe to assume that this is the correct Jesse D Day. (9)
Stephen A Day (8th) (son of Coridon Day) was born on 5 Oct 1868 in Warren County, IL.
He moved to Strang, Fillmore, NE in 1903 and was a farmer. Stephen owned land in
Section 6 of Belle Prairie Twp in Fillmore County, NE in the NW corner of that township.
His farm was 4 miles southwest of Yuma, Yuma, CO. (9) See Generation 8 for more
details on this man.
Saphrona Lucretia Day (8th) (daughter of Coridon Day) was born in 1872. (9) Some
sources state her birth date was in March, 1870 in Berwick Twp, Warren County, IL (22).
Her first name is sometimes spelled as Sophrona. (22) She married William Archibald
Dickerson on 1 Oct 1890 in Warren County, IL. (54) Saphrona died on 15 Mar 1893 of
consumption (tuberculosis) in Abingdon, Knox, IL. She is buried in the Cherry Grove
Cemetery in Abingdon, Knox, IL. (22)
Saphrona and William had one known child:
Thena Lucretia Dickerson (9th) was born on 7 July 1891 in Indian Point, Knox, Ill.
(54) When her mother died in 1893, Thena was only 2 years old. We do know
that William Dickerson sent Thena to his parents to raise. Thena is on the 1900
Knox Co, IL census living with Martin V and Nancy M Dickerson. They were 63
and 59 years of age respectively, and Thena was 8 in 1900. She continued to live
with her grandparents at least past 1910. By the 1920 census, she has married
William G Nelson. From what could be determined, William and Thena most
likely married in 1916. William was the son of Samuel S and Rachael E Nelson.
William was born in Illinois. (Thena’s husband and children bear further
research.) Thena and William’s 2 known children:
Bertha L Nelson (10th) was born about 1917 in California, probably in
Napa County.
Merle W Nelson (10th) was born about 1919 in California, probably in
Napa County.
We know that Thena’s father, William Dickerson did remarry because he had a son by
his second wife. His name was Floyd C Dickerson. We do not know Floyd’s mother’s
name. (9)
Coridon Delos Day died on 28 Oct 1891 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. His obituary states that he
was buried in Swartz Cemetery. Actually he was buried in Abingdon Cemetery,
Abingdon, Knox, IL. Further research into Coridon’s burial place shows that his obituary
was actually correct. The Abingdon Cemetery was previously referred to as the Swartz
Cemetery because it was on land owned by Mr Swartz. One of Coridon’s obituaries
states that he was born in Huron County, OH. This is an error. He was born in New York.
His exact date and place of birth is listed elsewhere in this family history. He was
Methodist by faith.
Coridon died intestate, without a will but he still had an estate to administer. Following
are documents showing how his estate was handled.
Lucinda Day was the Administratrix of Coridon’s estate; however, their son Jason Day
petitioned the court for his estate to be administered. We don’t know what the estate
laws were in 1891 in Illinois so we really cannot understand the reasoning here. It is
curious that on a General Affidavit page of this estate record it is mentioned: “In the
State of Illinois, in the county court of Warren County…..Lucinda (Banta) Day being duly
sworn, doth depose and say that her father’s family record shows she was born on the
23rd day of July 1829 and she was 65 years of age on her last birthday on the 23 rd day of
July 1894”. She signed this affidavit.
I have several documents in regard to Coridon Day’s estate. Below is an abstract of one
of them showing Coridon’s estate value at his death. The personal estate of $1600
mentioned is most likely cash funds and household value. His real estate relates to his
home and land and was valued at $9600. The following family members were to receive
portions of his estate:
Lucinda (Banta) Day, his widow
David R Day, his son with Laurena Louk
Jefferson Day, his son with Laurena Louk
Clara A (Day) Howard, his daughter with Laurena Louk
Mary C (Day) Sampson, his daughter with Lucinda Banta
Jason Day, his son with Lucinda Banta
Silas Day, his son with Lucinda Banta
Sarah (Day) Stillman, his daughter with Lucinda Banta
Stephen A Day, his son with Lucinda Banta
Soprona (Saphrona) (Day) Dickerson, his daughter with Lucinda Banta
David Hope, son of Hannah Day, his daughter with Laurena Louk, (Coridon’s grandson)
Franklin Hope, son of Hannah Day, his daughter with Laurena Louk (Coridon’s grandson)
Guy Butler, son of Lucinda Day, his daughter with Lucinda Banta, (Coridon’s grandson)
NOTE-This document shows Franklin Hope’s name whereas a later document showing
heirs only lists David Hope. Coridon’s daughter Hannah is not listed as an heir but his
other children with Laurena Louk are mentioned.
The final settlement with distributions was not made until July 1895, four years after
Coridon’s death. This was probably normal for that time frame. One page of the estate
record shows that fees and bills owed out of the estate amounted to $3857.15.
Lucinda Banta Day, his widow, was the Administratrix of the estate. She sold the
following property for $3280—West half of the NE quarter of Section 24 in Township 9
Warren County, IL. This was listed as being sold under “order of the court”.
Amount received for this sale
Several people owed Coridon Day money
Edward M. Sampson (son-in-law) owed $100
Total cash on hand
An additional amount of $106 due to Lucinda Banta Day, administratrix, made the grand
total of $3857.15. Lucinda received $148.02 as a “widow’s dower” (portion of Coridon’s
real property that was legally due her.) Apparently, they owed $2143.00 on a bank loan
with First National Bank of Abingdon. It may have been a property loan on the home or
land purchased and not paid in full.
Here is the interesting part-after all money on hand was determined and all bills were
paid all that was left was $106 which went to Lucinda. It is stated on the document that
there was “nothing on hand 1 Jul 1895 to distribute to the heirs”.
The above land deed was dated 5 Nov 1891 after Coridon Day had died. At this time,
Clara relinquished her inheritance in her father’s personal estate. The date of the final
filing of this deed was 15 May 1896. Clara A Day Howard was the daughter of Coridon
Day and Laurena Louk.
Lucinda Banta Day died on 10 Mar 1907 in Strang, Fillmore, NE at the home of her son
Stephen A Day. Lucinda’s first husband’s name has been spelled as Griffin and as
Griffing. Note that in her obituary below, her first husband’s name is spelled as William
Griffing. We believe it was actually Griffin. Lucinda used the name Lucinda Griffin when
she married Coridon Day.
Stephen A Day (8th) (Coridon-7th, Stephen-6th, Samuel-5th, Thomas-4th, Thomas-3rd, Thomas-2nd,
Anthony-1st) was born on 5 Oct 1868 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. He married Mary Belle South on 24
Dec 1890 in Knox County, IL. Mary was born on 3 Sept 1874 in Abingdon, Knox, IL. Stephen was
22 and Mary was 16 when they married. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Edward South and
Minerva Catherine Honts. (9) Mary Belle died on 15 Apr 1918 in Omaha, Douglas, NE. Mary is
buried in Abingdon Cemetery in Abingdon, IL with her 4 babies that died young. On Mary’s
death certificate, her father’s name is given as David South. The informant was Stephen Day,
her son. On their marriage record, she lists her father as Thomas E South. (47) Stephen A Day
died on 26 Jan 1941 in Denver, Denver, CO. (9)
Stephen was a farmer and had farms in Illinois and in Fillmore County, NE before moving to
Yuma County, CO in 1918. Stephen owned land in the NW corner of Section 6 of Belle Prairie
Twp in Fillmore County, CO. He was a member of Trinity Methodist Church. Stephen died on 26
Jan 1941 in Denver, Denver, CO. He was living with his son Everett Day in Denver when he died.
(9) Stephen A Day is buried in Fairmont Cemetery in Denver, Denver, CO beside his second wife
Florence Hamilton Herron.
family Bible)
(found in Day family Bible)
Stephen A Day and Mary Belle South had 10 children. The first three died in childhood (9):
Verdie Adaline Day (9th)
Harley E Day (9th)
Arthur R Day (9th)
Floyd Leroy Day (9th)
Baby Day (9th)
Mary Edith Day (9th)
Everett Edward Day (9th)
Infant son Day (9th)
Stella Linetta Day (9th)
Harold Verneal Day (9th)
Verdie Adaline Day (9th) was born on 2 Dec 1891 in Berwick, Warren, IL. She died on 1
Jan 1892 in Berwick, Warren, IL. She is buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Knox, IL. (9) (22)
Harley E Day (9th) was born on 1 Mar 1893 in Berwick, Warren Co, IL. He died on 16 Dec
1898 in Berwick, Warren, IL. He is buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Knox, IL (9) (22)
Arthur R Day (9th) was born on 6 Jan 1895 in Berwick, Warren, IL. He died on 20 Feb
1895 in Berwick, Warren, IL. He is buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Knox, IL (9) (22)
Floyd Leroy Day (9th) was Mary’s first baby to survive past childhood. He was born on 5
Nov 1896 in Ellison Twp, Warren, IL. He married Elsie Viola Waechter on 5 Nov 1919 in
Yuma, Yuma, CO. He died on 4 May 1968 in Denver, Denver, CO. There will be more
information on Floyd in Generation 9.
Baby Day (9th) this unnamed baby was born on 30 Sept 1898 in Abingdon, Knox, Il. He
died on 7 Nov 1898 in Abingdon, Knox, Il. He is buried in Abingdon Cemetery.
Mary Edith Day (9th) (daughter of Stephen Day and Mary Belle South) was born on 24
Oct 1899 in Warren County, IL. She married Wilbur Dale Clark on 12 Sept 1921 in Yuma,
Yuma, CO. She died on 3 May 1986 in Kremmling, Grand, CO. Wilbur was the son of
George W Clark and Leila A Worley. He was born on 16 Jun 1901 in Washington,
Washington, KS. He died on 13 Jan 1978 in Hot Sulphur Springs, Grand, CO. Dale was an
Under Sheriff (assistant/deputy sheriff?) to Chauncey Van Pelt in Grand County, CO.
Wilbur (as Dale was sometimes known) and his family lived at 683 Newton St. in Denver,
Colorado in 1930. Wilbur and Mary’s 2 children (9):
Verlyn D Clark (10th) was born on 12 Apr 1924 in Yuma, Yuma, CO. He married
Gloria Mae Van Pelt on 4 Sept 1949 in Grand County, CO. (Was Verlyn’s wife the
daughter of Wilbur Dale Clark’s boss, Chauncey Van Pelt?) Verlyn died on 12 Dec
2002 in Montrose, Montrose, CO. He was a Colorado State Highway patrolman.
He is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson, CO (22)
Carroll Dean Clark (10th) was born on 12 Jul 1936 in Hialeah, Dade, FL. He
married Georgia Maxine Reiff on 19 Sept 1951 in Grand County, CO. Maxine was
born on 13 Jun 1929 in Russell, Russell, KS. He died on 22 Nov 1990 in
Kremmling, Grand, CO. Carroll is buried in Kremmling Cemetery, Kremmling,
Grand, CO (22) Carroll and Maxine had the following children (9):
Carol Denice Clark (11th) was born on 26 Jan 1953 in Kremmling, Grand,
CO. She married David Leland Duffy on 9 Jan 1972 in Grand Co, CO.
Mark Clifford Clark (11th) was born on 8 Jun 1959 in Kremmling, Grand,
Abstract of Mary Edith Day Clark’s death certificate:
Mary died on May 3, 1986 in Kremmling, Grand County, CO. She was 86 years old
at her death. She was born on 24 Oct 1899 in Illinois. She resided at Apt 103, 607
Eagle St, Kremmling. Mary was a widower. Her “origin of descent” was listed as
English/Irish. Mary was a widower and homemaker. Her parents were listed as
Stephen Day and Mary Belle South. The informant on the death certificate was
her son Carroll D Clark who also lived in Kremmling. She was buried on May 8
1986 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, CO. The Funeral Home used was
Schoenfeld Mortuary in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. The cause of death was listed
as cardiac arrest.
Longtime Grand County resident, Mary D (Mary Edith Day) Clark died Saturday,
May 3 at her home in Kremmling. She was 86. Born in Abington (Abingdon), IL on
24 Oct 1899, Mrs. Clark and her husband W Dale Clark moved to Grand County in
1932. The Clarks had previously lived in Strang (Fillmore County) NE. In 1918,
they homesteaded in Yuma, Colorado. Mrs. Clark lived in Hot Sulphur Springs,
(Grand County, CO) for many years and was a member of the Hot Sulphur
Springs Community Church. She was a homemaker most of her life. Funeral
services will be held at the Hot Sulphur Springs Community Church today (May 8,
1986) at 11 a.m. Burial will follow at Crown Hill Cemetery in Denver, Denver, CO.
Pallbearers include Richard Clodfelter, Bob Ruth, Dave Schoenfeld, John Sheriff,
Vernon Weimer, and Walter Whitelaw. Survivors include Kremmling residents
Verlyn D Clark and Carroll D Clark (sons); one brother Harold V Day of
Sweetwater (Nolan Co) TX, four grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.
Donations may be made in her memory to the Hot Sulphur Springs Community
Church. (9)
Mary Edith Day Clark and Wilbur Dale Clark are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery,
Wheat Ridge, Jefferson, CO (22)
Everett Edward Day (9th) (son of Stephen Day and Mary Belle South) was born on
22 Aug 1902 in Abingdon, Knox Co, IL. He married Willa Gertrude Johnson on 22
Aug 1925 in Sedalia, Douglas, CO. Willa was the daughter of Ernest Johnson and
Dessa Richardson. She was born on 24 Sept 1904 in Axtell, Marshall, KS. Willa
died on 26 Sept 1992 in Pocatello, Bannock, ID.
Everett Edward Day graduated from Yuma High School. He farmed and then
taught school near Yuma, Yuma, CO for several years. In fact, according to their
daughter Willetta, both of them taught school in Yuma. This would have been
one room schools in those days. She also states that her mother Willa told her
how Everett would often take sharp turns on the roads in their car. Sometimes
the car would tip over on its side! The cars were a lot “lighter” in those days so
they just crawled out of the window and lifted the car upright and away they
went! (48) In 1927, Everett graduated from Barnes Business College. He worked
for Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company until he joined the Denver
Police and Fire Dept. He worked there until a richocheting bullet on a shooting
range put out his eye. In the 1930 Colorado Census, Willa was listed as a sales
lady in a seed house. Their rent was $25 month. Other occupations Everett held:
In Rocky Ford, Otero, CO-bookkeeper at a sugar beet factory (3 months);
returned to Denver where he finished his schooling and Willa returned to the
seed store; 1931, he was appointed as the Police Dept. radio operator. They
moved to a new home in Denver where his daughter Willetta Marie was born in
1937. In the 1940 Denver, CO census, Everett is listed as Radio Operator for the
Police Department. This would be the same position he had in 1931, presumably.
In 1940, his salary was listed as $1900 a year. He retired from this job in 1941 not
long after the shooting incident. In 1941-1945, they owned a 6 unit motel and
service station. This was called Hilltop Cabins. Willetta Day Hill stated in 2004
that the cabins were still there, in the 1700 Block of Broadway in Englewood,
Arapaho, CO. That is truly amazing that they are still there! In 1949, he moved
his family to Vancouver, Clark, WA where he bought a 21 room motel and 24
space trailer park. Everett’s next venture was to build a new shopping center.
Later descendants of Everett’s are not certain if the shopping center ever
became a reality. By 1956, Everett had a heart attack and his ill health
continued. He had heart surgery on 8 Jan 1959, and died during the surgery in
Portland, Washington, OR. He is buried at Evergreen Memorial Gardens in
Vancouver, Clark, WA. (9) Willetta recalled that music often filled the air in the
Day family. Everett’s brother Floyd Day played the organ and the family sang
along with him. Floyd sang tenor and Everett sang baritone. Their sisters Mary
Day and Stella Day sang alto and soprano. Reading this helps us to know more
about Everett and Floyd Day. (I am very happy these stories were told to Bill
Holder and that he made certain they were added to the Day Times Newsletter
that he has published since 2002.)
Everett and Willa’s only child:
Willetta Marie Day (10th) was born on 26 Sept 1937 in Denver, Denver, CO. She
married Richard David Hill on 12 Aug 1962 in Vancouver, Clarke, WA. Dick Hill
was born on 2 Aug 1939 in Bozeman, Gallatin, MT. Willetta died on 12 Oct 2008
in Pocatello, Bannock, ID. She had many health problems but died peacefully
while taking a nap on 12 Oct 2008. Willetta truly loved music. As a child, she
played piano and the violin. Singing was what really made her happy. She
attended the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Pierce, WA. While a student
there, she sang with the Adelphian Touring Choir and was given the opportunity
to see the world and sing. She moved to southern California after college
graduation and taught 3rd and 4th grades. It was in Garden Grove, Orange, CA
that she met Richard “Dick” Hill. It was love at first sight. They married just 7
months later on 12 Aug 1962 in Vancouver, Clarke, WA. In 1967, Willetta Hill and
Dick Hill and their daughters Jennifer Hill and Cindy Hill moved to Pocatello,
Bannock, ID and fell in love with the area that they soon called home. Jeffrey
David Hill was born there. Willetta was very active in her church and community.
She was Professor of Economics and Interim Director of the Center for Teaching
and Learning, at Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID. This is only a highlight of
her many endeavors. She received her PhD. from Washington State University in
1995. (9)
Willetta and Dick’s children:
Jennifer Lynn Hill (11th)
Cynthia Diane Hill (11th)
Jeffrey David Hill (11th)
Jennifer Lynn Hill (11th) was born on 18 Jan 1965 in Corvallis,
Benton, OR. She married David Calhoun in Carson City, NV. (9)
The family lives in Reno, Washoe, NV. Their children:
Rodney Scott Calhoun (12th) was born on 16 Apr 1994 in
Reno, Washoe, NV. He graduated in 2012 from Damonte
Ranch High School in Reno, Washoe, NV.
Lindsay Michelle Calhoun (12th) was born on 27 Aug 1998
in Reno, Washoe, NV. She is a student at Deopli Middle
School in Nevada (2012)
Cynthia “Cindy” Diane Hill (11th) was born on 21 May 1967 in
Corvallis, Benton, OR. Cindy married Michael Jay Rowe on 9 Jan
2010. They live in Pocatella, Bannock, ID. Cindy is Professor of
Economics at Idaho State University. She and her dad Dick Hill
have taught at Idaho State for a combined 60 years. They are a
rare father-daughter team in higher education. As of 2012, Dick
Hill has taught at Idaho State for 45 years and his daughter Cindy
Hill has taught there for 15 years. Cindy and her father Dick Hill
are the only father-daughter professors in the history of Idaho
State University. In 2004, Cindy Hill was named Idaho Professor of
the year and was selected for this honor from 400 top professors
in the United States. Cindy is co-author of a new college textbook
The Economy Today (2012).
Jeffrey David Hill (11th) was born 2 Dec 1968 in Pocatello,
Bannock, ID. He married Denise Marie Cannady. They are
divorced. He is a tremendous sports enthusiast and is very active
in his church, the First United Methodist Church. Their children:
Rachel Diane Hill (12th) was born 8 Apr 1991 in Twin Falls,
Idaho. (48) She is a senior at the University of Idaho and is
pursuing a degree in Journalism and Advertising. She spent
a semester travelling abroad in Australia in 2012. (49)
Whitney Marie Hill (12th) was born on 15 Sept 1994 in
Pocatello, ID (49)
Infant son Day (9th) (son of Stephen Day and Mary Belle South) was born on 11
Jan 1906 in Strang, Fillmore, NE. He died on 13 Jan 1906. He is buried in
Harmony Cemetery, Strang, Fillmore, NE. (9)
Stella Linetta Day (9th) was born on 23 May 1907 in Strang, Fillmore, NE. She
married Benjamin Franklin Wells on 12 Jun 1934 in Arvada, Jefferson, CO. Stella
died on 14 Aug 1962 in Arapahoe County, CO. She is buried in Ft Logan National
Cemetery, Denver, Denver, CO. She is listed as being a Sgt. in the Army. (9) We
have no records to prove she was in the military so this may be an error. In the
1930 Dade County Florida census, Stella Linetta Day is listed as a practical nurse,
22 years old, single and renting a room with the family of Adam Meister. It is
highly possible she was a military nurse.
Harold Verneal Day (9th) was born on 8 Oct 1912 in Strang, Fillmore, NE. This
date is noted in the Day Family Bible. Some sources list his date of birth as 18
Oct 1912. His obituary in 1987 stated his birth date was 8 Aug 1912. Further
research is required to determine his actual date of birth. Harold married Hattye
May Simms on 22 Sept 1942. She was born on 30 Aug 1902 in Blackwell, Nolan,
TX. Her parents were Fred and Ida Simms. Hattye died on 5 Apr 1985 in
Sweetwater, Nolan, TX. Hattie May Simms is buried at Garden of Memories
Cemetery in Sweetwater. (9)
Verneal (as he was known by some) was a veteran of WWII. (We have conflicting
reports of what name he actually went by. Some sources state he used Harold
and others state he used Verneal.) He enlisted on 14 Jan 1941 and was listed as a
Warrant Officer. He is also listed as a Pvt. for the Panama Canal Dept. He worked
for Lone Star Cement Company and was a member of the First Baptist Church of
Sweetwater TX, and member of Sweetwater Masonic Lodge #571. Harold
Verneal Day died on 15 Jan 1987 in Sweetwater, Nolan, TX. He was buried at
Garden of Memories Cemetery in Sweetwater. (9)
Harold and Hattye had one child:
Douglas Melvin Day (10th) was born on 24 Jul 1933 in Mitchell County, TX.
He was adopted by Harold sometime in the 1940’s. We do not know if he
was Hattye’s child from a previous marriage or if he was adopted from an
orphanage. He died in January 1987 in Sweetwater, Nolan, TX. Douglas
married Veleta Glen Windham. She was the daughter of Alphonse
Windham and Audry L Pate. She was born on 5 Oct 1934 in San Augustine
Co, TX. Douglas and Veleta had the following 2 children (9):
Victoria Leigh Day (11th) was born on 27 Aug 1957 in Nolan Co, TX.
She married Kim D Winter on 8 Sept 1984 in Dallas Co, TX. They
divorced on 11 Apr 1991 in Collin County, TX. Victoria married
Wade A Hinkle on 23 Feb 1996 in Collin County, TX.
Charlotte Lynn Day (11th) was born on 23 Jan 1967 in Tarrant
County, TX
The 1930 census for Colorado showed Stephen Day was a truck gardener. This means he
most likely grew vegetables to sell to stores in the Denver area.
After Mary Belle South Day died in 1918, Stephen married Florence Hamilton Herron.
We do not have an exact date of their marriage. They most likely married in Colorado.
They had no children. Florence was born on 12 Jan 1861 in Decatur County, IN. Her
mother was Jane Hamilton. Florence died in Feb 1933 in Denver, Denver, CO. Stephen A
Day died on 26 Jan 1941 in Denver, Denver, CO. Florence and Stephen are buried side by
side in Fairmont Cemetery in Denver, CO. Mary Belle South Day is buried beside her 4
children that died young. They are buried in Abingdon Cemetery, Knox County, IL. (9)
Floyd Leroy Day (9th) (Stephen-8th, Coridon-7th, Stephen-6th, Samuel-5th, Thomas-4th, Thomas3rd, Thomas-2nd, Anthony-1st) was born on 5 Nov 1896 in Ellison Twp, Warren Co, IL. He was the
son of Stephen A Day and Mary Belle South. He married Elsie Viola Waechter on 5 Nov 1919
(Floyd’s birthday) in Yuma, Yuma, CO. He died on 4 May 1968 in Denver, Denver, CO. Elsie was
the daughter of Alfred Newton Waechter and Saphrona Ellen Tracy. She was born on 4 Feb
1897 in Hebron, Thayer, NE. Elsie died in her sleep while taking a nap on 17 Dec 1974 in Denver,
Denver, CO. (9)
Floyd was only 5 ft 6 in tall. He was a farmer in Illinois and Nebraska. He graduated high school
in Strang, Fillmore, NE or Hebron, Thayer, NE (exact place unknown). (9)
He served in WWI but stayed stateside. He later belonged to the American Legion and though a
Democrat his politics were conservative. His grandson, Greg Day, now has Floyd’s American
Legion cap. Floyd’s WWI draft registration card dated 5 Jun 1918 shows Stephen Day as both his
father and his employer. Floyd listed the color of his eyes as gray and the color of his hair as
dark. His signature is on the card. Floyd completed this registration in Wray, Yuma, CO and at
that time was living on a farm in Yuma, CO. (48) (9)
Floyd was known by many names: Dad, Pop, Grand-dad or Grandpa. He was known to be a
good natured, soft spoken man who loved gardening, sports, and tinkering on his Plymouth or
Dodge cars. He was the 4th of 10 children and was the first of Stephen and Mary Belle Day’s
children to survive to adulthood. (48)
About 1928, the family moved to Ft Collins, Larimer, CO. In the 1930’s, Floyd found work doing
construction projects with WPA (Works Progress Administration, later known as Works Project
Administration, this was a federally funded works project that was part of the New Deal. The U.
S. Government funded projects to put the unemployed back to work. In 1936, when it began,
they employed over 3.5 million men. They built roads, dug ditches, built buildings, etc.) Floyd
did construction projects along the highways in the Rocky Mountain National Park. By 1940, the
family had moved from Ft Collins, Larimer, CO to Denver, Denver, CO. He found work in Denver
in a training program to become a draftsman. He worked the rest of his life with the Bureau of
Reclamation doing cartographic and other drafting work. (9) Floyd’s son Howard remembers
that the job at the Bureau was his first permanent job. He was an engineering draftsman there.
This would have been around 1940, and his starting annual salary was $1200. (29) Howard
further states this barely kept the “wolf away from their door”. The family rented a brick house
on East Mississippi Avenue in Denver for $30 a month.
During the Great Depression, Floyd lost his life savings when the banks went broke. The Great
Depression began with the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and lasted until about 1933. (This was way
before FDIC insurance so anyone that lost money in the Depression simply lost all the money
that they had in the bank.)
In 1928, the Day family was having really hard times and they lived for a time in a gas station.
According to Floyd Day’s son Howard Day, the Conoco filling station was on Highway 287
halfway between Loveland and Fort Collins CO. Howard mentions it was a filling station/farm.
Possibly there was a farm adjacent to the station, and Floyd worked the farm and the gas
station. Surely, there were not that many cars in the 1928 era to keep him that busy. This is
where Bob Day was born in 1928. Howard states his finger got cut off in an accident while living
there. (48)
Many years ago, Dwayne Day told me that the family lived in the back of a gas station. I would
guess it was just a few rooms. Maybe it was a small structure behind the gas station, but at any
rate I am certain it was not very large. (49) The children at that time were Dwayne Day aged 6,
Marjorie Day aged 3, Howard Day aged 1 and Bob Day who was an infant. What a hard life that
had to be. They lived there at least until 1930. On the 1930 Larimer Co, CO census, Floyd Day
was listed as living on a farm/proprietor of a filling station. Elsie Day was listed as a station
attendant. I wonder if she pumped gas? I would imagine she most likely took care of keeping
the station clean. We know they were gone from that place by 1931. Their son Donald Day was
born in 1931 and his brother Howard Day states at that time the family lived south of Ft. Collins
and this land was always referred to as “the Tract”. (9)
Floyd and Elsie Day’s only daughter Marjorie Day recalled that her father once went door to
door offering to cut people’s hair to earn money. Floyd did have a high school diploma that he
earned in 1914. This was at a time when an 8th grade education was the norm! Even so, there
were just no jobs to be had when he graduated. When this family first moved to Denver, they
lived on E. Mississippi Avenue. Bill Holder recalls they had chickens in the backyard. He got his
finger bitten when he was foolish enough to put his finger into the chicken wire fence. By 1948,
they moved to a 2 bedroom house on S. Canosa Court in Denver. Elsie told Bill that they paid
$4500 for it. And when she sold the house in 1972, she thought it outlandish that someone
would pay her $14,000 for it. This was when she moved into an apartment near her church. (48)
From various family members, we do know that Floyd Day loved gardening. He had a small
garden behind their house in Denver, CO at 153 S. Canosa Court. He loved tending to his
strawberries in his garden. Floyd loved sports and knew his teams and players well. He laughed
a lot and always slapped his knee when he laughed. He was mostly a quiet man but once he got
started he would talk in great detail. Sounds like his grandson Greg Day inherited this trait!
Greg also inherited at least one other trait from his Grandpa Day. Floyd loved to drive fast and
so did Greg when he was younger! Bill Holder tells the story that Floyd Day was in his 60’s when
he got his first and only speeding ticket. He tried hard to talk his way out of the ticket. He even
told the cop that he had driven for 40 years and never got a ticket before. The cop is reported
to have replied, “There’s always a first time and this is yours!” So he did get a speeding ticket.
Grandson Greg Day reports that riding with Grandpa Day was like being on a wild ride at
Disneyland. Floyd was quite the “hot rod driver” in his 3 speed stick shift Dodge Lancer. As
Floyd Day got older and he and Elsie could not travel like they liked to do, he turned to painting.
He did the paint by number kind of painting and his goal was to complete a set of 2 paintings
for each of their 15 grandchildren. Bill Holder has the two that were painted for him. He says
the paintings were very meticulous. Elsie called him Rembrandt! (48)
Floyd Day survived jaundice and rectal cancer. He died of a blood disorder. Grandson Bill Holder
has the watch Floyd owned when he died. Bill also has the flag that draped Floyd’s coffin. In
2012, Bill sent his cousin Greg Day, Floyd’s American Legion cap that Bill had in his possession
for many years. Greg got very emotional when he received this cap and really treasures the
memory of his Grandpa Day. Family members recall that Floyd played the old pump organ that
was in their living room. He played and sang “You Are My Sunshine” and “Going back to
Oregon”. He had a rich tenor voice. When he shaved, he often sat on the sofa with his electric
razor and used no mirror! Guess he knew the shape of his face well enough that he did not
need a mirror to shave! (48)
Floyd’s grandson Bill Holder (son of Marjorie Day, Floyd’s only daughter) has many fond
memories of Floyd Day. Below is one Bill recently shared with me (49):
“Granddad was soft spoken but could easily ‘talk your head off’ on a topic of serious interest to
him-like sports or a car repair problem. He was a person you could rely on and he was his wife
Elsie’s ‘chauffer’ anywhere she wanted to go, which was mostly to church. During one summer,
I borrowed my mother’s old Chevy. The oil line broke on the freeway blowing oil all over the
engine. The engine came to a halt just short of freezing up altogether. I was able to get the car
off of the highway. Granddad was the first person who came to mind to help me out. He drove
over with some jars of used oil that he put into the engine, reattached the line, and then
followed me as I drove the car back to my mother’s. It was a nice thing for him to do and was
done with patience and support. By the way, the car was soon scrapped because the engine
was ruined.”
Elsie Viola Waechter was the daughter of Alfred Newton Waechter and Saphrona Ellen Tracy.
Elsie’s Waechter ancestry has been traced to Switzerland by her grandson Bill Day Holder. (Bill
wrote the Waechter family history in 2004.) Elsie’s early life revolved around taking care of her
father and brothers. Her mother died in 1915 when Elsie was 18 years old. Her family then lived
in Riverton, Franklin, NE and in 1916 moved to Yuma, Yuma, CO. Perhaps her father wanted a
fresh start in a new place after his wife died. Elsie was a strong woman. She was firmly
grounded in her faith. She was a Methodist and later joined the Christian Church. Bill Holder
recalls she was a loving grandmother to him and one of the largest influences in his life. Elsie
finished high school in the Riverton, Nebraska area. She then went to the Peru, Nebraska
Normal School where she prepared to become a school teacher. In 1916, she moved with her
brother Arthur Waechter to Yuma, CO. It is presumed her father Alfred Waechter moved with
them. In 1916, a Riverton NE newspaper printed a greeting from her telling how life was in
Yuma. Below is an abstract of that news story (48):
“We have been in the wild and wooly west 5 weeks and haven’t seen many ‘jack rabbits’, lambs
or sheep. We did see a wolf. Arthur drove an Overland out here. (The Overland automobile she
mentions was most likely a Runabout. This style of car was small, inexpensive and was an open
topless car and seated only 2 people.) Colorado is a pretty country and we like it fine. The
ground is almost level. There aren’t many trees here. We have a nice home 3 ½ miles NW of
Yuma and we can see the Yuma lights plainly. There is an epidemic of Scarlet Fever spreading so
the schools and churches have been closed for a week. Arthur has begun farming and Papa
helps me and then him. We are well now even if the Grippe (Influenza or Flu) did catch me after
we came here. The people here are very sociable but while we like our home and the country,
and are making new friends, we would not forget our old ones at Riverton, NE. We will always
remember you and appreciate what you have been and what you have done for us.
Regards to all, I am your Friend, Elsie Waechter”
She did teach briefly although we do not know where. After she married Floyd Day in 1919, her
family of a husband and 5 kids became her “career”. (48)
We are not exactly sure how or where Elsie and Floyd met. Floyd did attend high school in
Hebron, Nebraska and Elsie did live there so it’s possible they met there.
Bill Holder states she was a robust energetic woman who always looked like a grandmother in
her funny black “grandma shoes”. She had alert blue eyes and a dimple in her chin. Her
greetings to the grandkids that visited her in Denver was always a big hug and a kiss on the
cheek. Elsie loved plants, inside and out. Gladiolas were among her favorites. Bill Holder
remembers helping her plant them one Spring. She also had African Violets in her home.
Another memory of Bill Holder’s: Elsie hired him to trim the edges of the grass after Grandpa
Floyd Day had mowed the lawn. What was his pay? A sandwich and soft drink and 25 cents! By
the way, he walked over a mile to get there! Elsie had much sadness in her life before she
married Floyd Day. This never changed her cheerfulness and ready laugh. She was a lifelong
Democrat. Elsie’s son Don Day joked that she was so healthy, she would probably live to the
year 2000. He said this because her tombstone was already carved with the year “19__” on it.
And it would have to be re-carved if she lived past 1999. She died in 1974 so that “problem”
was solved. Both Elsie and Floyd Day are buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Denver, CO.
Floyd’s father Stephen Day is also buried there. (48)
The last time Bill Holder saw Elsie alive she told him “Bill I’m just tired of living, and wish that I
could just lay down and sleep and not wake up”. You know what, that is exactly how Elsie died.
She was taking a nap on her couch in her home with a newspaper covering her for “warmth”. It
is suspected she had either a stroke or a heart attack but she never woke up from her nap. Elsie
never learned to drive. After Floyd died and she decided to sell her Canosa Court house, she
moved to a place close to her church.
She told me once that she would walk to her church and fold the church bulletins for Sunday
service. She would take the bus into Denver to pay her bills. I got to meet Elsie Day and really
thought she was a sweet Grandma. She was visiting Dwayne and Luana Day the Christmas of
1973. Our daughter Lori Day was born on December 29th that year. Dwayne, Luana and Elsie
came to the St. John’s Hospital in Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio from Gahanna, Franklin, OH to
meet the latest addition to the family. Lori was Dwayne and Luana’s first grandchild. Everyone
was snapping photos of me and Lori and all I can recall is that I thought I looked a mess after
going through childbirth. But I guess to them I didn’t look so bad, considering! I am happy I got
to meet Elsie. She did come to see Greg and I get married in 1969. Floyd Day died in May 1968
and I did not get to know Greg until June 1968 so I never met Floyd. Another memory of Elsie is
what she called her “unmentionables”, she called them seat covers! She had a good sense of
humor. Elsie collected salt and pepper shakers. Greg Day recalls one that was a little brown
console TV that had two square shakers that popped up when a lever was activated. She also
had a pair of cow salt and pepper shakers that he recalls. Greg’s sister Cyndy Day Abbuhl drew
inspiration from this collection and in 2002 had 250 sets of salt and pepper shakers. Cyndy
states she still has them but most are in storage and she does not buy them much anymore. It
has been said that Elsie’s favorite snack was bread broken into a glass of milk. (49) (9)
Some of Elsie and Floyd’s family heirlooms are still in the family. The organ they had now
belongs to grandson Bill Holder. Elsie referred to this piece of furniture as the Rogue’s Gallery
since she showcased family photos on it. She told Bill that her father bought it for her when she
was 9 years old. This would have been around 1906. It originally had a hutch on top of it. This
was removed and tossed when the family moved to Denver from Ft. Collins in 1940. Bill
obtained the organ after Elsie passed away. He tried to fix a couple of the “dead” keys once and
could not. He did find inside of it a piece of paper that stated it was made in 1879! The finish on
it today is original. Bill’s sister Sharon Holder had Elsie’s dining room set and sideboard for
many years. Her son Troy Gedack now has it. He refinished it years ago and it is still in use
today. Sharon has a few other items from Elsie’s home and their brother Fred Longhart has
Floyd’s two .22 rifles. It is gratifying to see that some of the Day heirlooms still remain in the
Bill Holder has the very last letter he received from Mom Day (Elsie Day) as he called her. It was
postmarked December 16, 1974, the day before she died. It may be the last letter she wrote to
anyone. It had a 10 cent stamp on it, by the way. Below is an excerpt of her letter to Bill:
“My dear Grandson Bill
I have been busy writing cards and letters for Christmas. I have run out of cards so won’t be
able to send you one. I presume you got your Reader’s Digest. (she sent him this as a gift.) I had
lunch with your mother (Marjorie Day) Friday at Ward’s and she is coming next Thursday to
have dinner with me. I talked to her yesterday and had a Christmas card from Fred (Fred
Longhart, Marjorie’s son and Bill’s brother). I nearly fainted! I was shocked. He said on his card
“To my favorite, sexy, wonderful, voluptuous, foxy Grandmother, Merry Christmas, your loving
Grandson Fred” Oh that boy! I am going downtown tomorrow to mail my cards and packages to
Ruthie Pearce’s kids. (Ruthie Pearce would be a reference to Elsie’s brother Arthur Waechter’s
daughter who married Hal Pearce.) I am feeling pretty good and I’m “woozy” in the head so
much of the time. I’m sort of today, but I manage. I’m going to Don’s (son Donald Day) for
Christmas dinner. I miss you and I wish for you a Happy Christmas. Too bad you gave up the
idea of coming to Denver. Maybe next summer will be better. I’m tired now as will close. Love
to you. Mom Day”
Below is an excerpt of a letter to Bill Holder dated May 23, 1966:
Dear Bill
How sorry I am to have been so long in writing you. Didn’t realize it had been so long. We were
at Dwayne’s (Dwayne and Luana Day and family in Wintersville, Jefferson, OH) for only 2 weeks
so have been home for over a month. We did enjoy the flight, only 3 hours in the air. We had to
fly to Pittsburgh, (Alleghany Co, PA from Denver, Denver, CO) where Dwayne’s met us. They live
about 45 miles into Ohio from the Pittsburgh Airport. We had a nice time while there. The kids
have grown so much. Greg who is 17 ½ and more than 6 feet, a regular bean-pole has one more
year in high school. Doug is as tall as Dwayne (5 ft 6 in.) and is almost 15 and is in 9th grade. The
girls (Denise and Cyndy) are 11 and almost 13 and have grown too. It has been 8 years since our
family reunion (in 1958 in Denver) when you saw them last. They expect to be in Denver the
first week in August as does Howard’s (Howard Day and his family) so they will see each other.
I’m not sure how I will make out but will do my best. I have slipped and so much confusion does
make me weary. Both Granddad and I keep going but some days it is an effort. He planted our
bulbs today, a little late but the weather has been up and down ever since we got home. He
manages the lawn but it isn’t easy. Am not sure how much longer we can keep up the place but
it is nice to have the home. It is almost paid out, will be in December of 1967. We went to
Greeley (Colorado) both Friday and Saturday to attend the High School Baseball play-off. Don’s
(Donald Day) Sophomore team won City, losing only 1 game. I’m so brown the Sun was so hot.
You may have heard by now that you are an Uncle again. (Sharon Holder Gedack’s daughter
Monika Kay Gedack was born 20 May 1966) We haven’t seen the new Great (great grandchild)
but will one of these days. Sharon was to go home from the hospital today. We hope you have
a very nice summer.
Bless you and with all our love, Mom and Grand-dad
Floyd and Elsie Day’s children:
Dwayne Leroy Day (10th)
Marjorie Belle Day (10th)
Howard Eugene Day (10th)
Robert W. Day (10th)
Donald Erwin Day (10th)
Dwayne Leroy Day (10th) was born on 17 Jan 1922 in Yuma, Yuma, CO. See Generation
10 for more information on this man.
Marjorie Belle Day (10th) was born on 11 Jul 1925 in Yuma, Yuma, CO. She was born on
the Day Farm. She died on 19 Mar 1982 in Denver, Denver, CO. She is buried at Ft. Logan
National Cemetery in Denver, CO. She started school about 1930.
It is believed she attended the Franklin Elementary School in Ft Collins, CO. The family
had moved to this town by that time. By 1940, when she was 15 the family had moved
to Denver. This is when Marjorie began South High School. Marjorie met Billy Farrow
Holder sometime while she was still in high school. Bill had graduated from South High
in 1939 so it is unlikely they could have met there. They were going together when Pearl
Harbor was attacked on 7 Dec 1941. Billy Farrow Holder and Marjorie Belle Day married
on 24 January 1942 in Littleton, Arapahoe, CO. In July, Bill had left for the Navy.
Marjorie was 16 at this time and dropped out of school. Bill was 20 when they married.
Bill was the son of Claude Manford Holder and Myrtle Olivia Huitt and was born on 11
Apr 1921 in Denver, Denver, CO. He died on 11 Oct 2001 in Anaheim, Orange, CA. One
story told by Marjorie’s son Bill Day Holder is that one time when some of her husband’s
Navy guys came to dinner she served them horsemeat! Beef was in short supply and
was rationed during WWII. She always told the story that the men ate it and said it was
delicious. I don’t think they ever knew it wasn’t beef! (48)
Marjorie worked as a bookkeeper for Montgomery Ward’s in Denver for over 25 years.
She also worked for Hendrie & Bolthof in downtown Denver, CO. She worked in the
payroll department. She once explained that she worked “in the cage” at that job. (48) I
would guess the payroll clerks worked behind a metal cage to keep the payroll accounts
safe. It was at this job that she met her second husband Frank Longhart. Marjorie’s son
Bill Holder recalls that his mother was a room mother at one time or another at the
schools where her 3 children attended. He says she made him a toga for some Roman
activity when he was a student at Byers Junior High. He wore that outfit on the city bus
all across town to the school. His mother would not abide by any cursing in the house.
Bill recalls the taste of bar soap once when he broke that rule! She was involved with
daughter Sharon Holder in Brownies (Girl Scouts) and was an avid supporter of son Fred
Longhart’s sports involvement. Marjorie was only 5 ft 2 in tall. She was a very warm
hearted person. When family visited, she always greeted them with a hug and another
hug was given when they departed. One of her favorite expressions was “Good night,
Marjorie Day Holder was a local steward of the Teamsters Union and worked hard in
this capacity. She taught her children early responsibilities around the house. Her
children Bill Holder and Sharon Holder were doing the dishes by the time they were 8
and 6. It was Marjorie that found her mother Elsie when she passed away on her sofa in
Marjorie Day and Billy F. Holder had two children:
Billy Day Holder (11th)
Sharon Kay Holder (11th)
Billy Day Holder (11th) was born on 7 Aug 1943 in Denver, Denver, CO. Bill
attended school in Denver, CO. He graduated from high school in California in
1961. He earned his BA at California State University, Long Beach with a teaching
credential for history and geography in 1967. He earned his MA at California
State University, Fullerton in 1975 in urban/political geography. Bill’s first wife
was Jo Ann (Jodie) Breece. They married on 19 Jun 1965 in Long Beach, Los
Angeles, CA. She was born on 6 Aug 1943 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO. Her
father was Harvey Tattershall. Jodie’s mother, Mary Evelyn Hess, later married
John Wayne Breece who adopted her and she became Jo Ann Breece. Bill and
Jodie later divorced. (9) Bill’s hobbies include genealogy, reading, playing piano
and photography. He was a geography teacher in grades 9 through 14 in
California. (Grade 13 and 14 refers to 2 years of community college. That is how
California teaching credentials are listed.) Bill taught at Fountain Valley High
School in Los Angeles, CA from 1969 to 2001 when he retired. He also taught 2
years at West High School in Torrance, Los Angeles, CA before going to Fountain
Valley. He taught at Orange Coast Community College from 1985 to 2011. He
spent a total of 44 years in the classroom altogether. The classes he mostly
taught in high school were AP American History, Government, Geography, World
History, Economics and Psychology. At the community college, he mostly taught
World Regional Geography, Cultural Geography and Physical Geography. Now
that Bill has retired, he has a new hobby-traveling! He states during his lifetime
he has taken 4 trips to western Europe. He has been to all but 3 states, primarily
through driving trips. He has yet to visit Alabama, Florida or Hawaii. He has a
coin collection from around the world. (9) (48) As stated in the Introduction, Bill
Holder has been researching his family roots since 1967.
Bill and Jodie had one child:
David Wayne Holder (12th) was born on 15 Aug 1968 in Long Beach, Los
Angeles, CA. He married Laura Jean Rebai on 7 Oct 2006 in Santa Ana,
Orange, CA. They met while both were working at Thomas Brothers
Maps. She went elsewhere to work and they became reacquainted
sometime later. They are both geographers. Laura is the daughter of
Kenneth Ray Rebai and Shirley Benjamin. She was born on 16 Aug 1971 in
Orange County, CA. David has an MA in Geography and works for
Burns/McDonald. This is an engineering firm and David works as
Cartographer/Geographic Information Systems Technician. He does
mapping work and data management that routes power lines from new
solar facilities in the desert to the cities of Southern California. David and
Laura live in Costa Mesa, Orange, CA with their child (9):
Coral Ann Holder (13th) was born on 26 Oct 2008 in Newport
Beach, Orange, CA. Her first name was derived from the coral of
the oceans that David and Laura enjoyed so much on their
honeymoon to Tahiti. Coral’s hobbies are talking and playing and
going to dance class. She currently attends a Montessori School 3
days a week.
Bill married Ida LaGayle Black on 5 Jun 1976 in Newport Beach, Orange, CA. They
had no children. LaGayle is the daughter of James Robert Black and Augusta K.
Howlett. She was born on 27 Apr 1941 in Richland, Pulaski, MO. Bill and LaGayle
later divorced. (48)
Bill Holder married Donna Dale Springer on 25 May 1984 in Cypress, Orange, CA.
Donna is the daughter of Damon Dale Springer and Iva Violet Krueger. She was
born on 21 Feb 1948 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH. They had no children. Donna
has one daughter, Debra Steffen. She was born on 19 Oct 1968. Her father is
John Steffen Jr. of Dayton, Montgomery, OH. (48) (9)
Sharon Kay Holder (11th) (daughter of Marjorie Belle Day and Bill Farrow Holder)
was born on 27 Mar 1946 in Denver, Denver, CO. She graduated from North High
School in Denver, Denver, CO in 1964. She married Franz Gedack 19 June 1963 in
Brighton, Adams, CO. Franz is the son of Jakob Gedack and Monika Muller. He
was born on 9 Apr 1942 in Krems, Austria. Franz immigrated to the United States
in 1960 to Denver, Denver, CO. Sharon has held a variety of jobs in her life. She
was a housewife, and a principal’s secretary at elementary schools and high
schools in Fairplay, Park, CO. She and Franz divorced and Sharon moved to
Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO. She graduated from Colorado College in 1992 and
taught in an elementary school there. Sharon later got her master’s degree in
computer technology and is the Instructional Technology person at her school.
She is also the school librarian. Sharon wears many hats-one of these is teaching
an English language tutoring class to people learning the language for the first
time. Another hat she wears is a Red Hat for a women’s social club.
Sharon and Franz Gedack had the following children (9):
Franz Jeffrey Gedack (12th)
Monika Kay Gedack (12th)
Troy Michael Gedack (12th)
Franz Jeffrey Gedack (12th) was born on 9 Dec 1963 in Denver, Denver,
CO. He married Darlene Marie Newton on 27 Jul 1985 in Arvada,
Jefferson, CO. She was born on 23 Jan 1967 in Santa Maria, Santa
Barbara, CA. Darlene is the daughter of Harry and Bonnie Newton. They
have the following children (9):
Jeffrey Scott Gedack (13th) was born on 16 Apr 1987 in Denver,
Denver, CO.
Matthew James Gedack (13th) was born on 15 Aug 1990 in
Denver, Denver, CO.
Franz Jeffrey Gedack married Darcey A. Quigley on 4 Sept 1999 in Adams
Co, CO. They had no children. Darcey was born 8 Jun 1970 in South
Dakota. (9)
Monika Kay Gedack (12th) was born on 20 May 1966 in Denver, Denver,
CO. She married Bruce Alton Davis on 6 Sept 1986 in Newport Beach,
Orange, CA. He was born on 29 Apr 1962 in Houston, Harrison, TX.
Monika and Bruce had the following 7 children (9):
Ryan Alton Davis (13th) was born on 19 Feb 1987 in Whittier, Los
Angeles, CA.
Mikayla Jace Davis (13th) was born on 4 Mar 1988 in Santa Ana,
Orange, CA. She is the twin sister of Natasha Kacey Davis.
Natasha Kacey Davis (13th) was born on 4 Mar 1988 in Santa Ana,
Orange, CA. She is the twin sister of Mikayla Jace Davis.
Houston Lewis Davis (13th) was born on 16 Oct 1989 in Grand
Junction, Mesa, CO.
Grace Davis (13th) was born on 29 Feb 1992 in Grand Junction,
Mesa, CO.
Jesse Elijah James Davis (13th) was born on 13 Oct 1997 in
Lynnwood, Snohomish, WA.
Dustin Riley Davis (13th) was born on 18 Apr 1999 in
Snohomish, WA.
Monica and Bruce are divorced. She married Marshall McClurg on 21 Jun
2012 in Lyons, Boulder, CO.
Troy Michael Gedack (12th) (son of Sharon Kay Holder) was born on 1 Jun
1970 in Denver, Denver, CO. Troy married Wendy Holloway on 1 Jul 1995
in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO. Wendy is the daughter of Danny Alan
Holloway and Sharon Rose Backes. She was born on 5 Dec 1969 in
Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA. We have an interesting story on Troy and
Wendy. They both graduated from Manitou High School located in
Manitou Springs, El Paso, CO. Troy came to this high school in his junior
or senior year. Before his arrival, Wendy was expected to be the school’s
valedictorian. Troy arrived and his grades slated him to be valedictorian
with Wendy being salutatorian! I guess we can safely say she did not hold
it against him since she later married him! Troy earned his degree in
History/Social Studies at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, El Paso,
CO. He has a Master’s degree in educational technology and later was
licensed as a school administrator. He is an Assistant Principal at a middle
school in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO. He is also the part time pastor at
their church and is an excellent pianist. (9) Troy and Wendy have two
Kaylee Rose Gedack (13th) was born 1 Apr 1999 in Colorado
Springs, El Paso, CO
Joshua Kaleb Gedack (13th) was born 17 Mar 2001 in Colorado
Springs, El Paso, CO. When Joshua was born, he was delivered by
his father Troy! (9)
Sharon married Edward Allen Dockery on 27 Nov 1993 and they later
divorced. Edward was born on 2 Nov 1941 in Colorado Springs, El Paso,
CO. He died on 4 Apr 2007 in Colorado Springs. They had no children.
Marjorie Belle Day married Frank Herman Longhart on 1 Jan 1950 in Denver, Denver, CO
at the South Broadway Christian Church. Floyd and Elsie Day were members of this
church. (There was a Day Family Reunion in 2004 in Denver. Some of the families in
attendance went to a worship service in that church that year, in honor of Elsie and
Floyd Day. Greg Day and Sandy Day, Doug Day and Kathy Day and Bill Holder and Donna
Holder were in attendance for this service.) Frank was the son of John Herman Longhart
and Louisa Gasser. He was born on 14 Oct 1909 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO. Marjorie
and Frank divorced. He died on 19 Jan 1997 in Montrose, Montrose, CO. (9) Marjorie and
Frank had one child:
Fred Lee Longhart (11th) was born on 28 Aug 1950 in Denver, Denver, CO. He married
Diane T. Harty on 21 Jun 1975 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO. They divorced and had no
children. Fred married Karen M Anderson on 9 Feb 1982 in Leadville, Lake, CO. Karen
was the daughter of Malcolm Anderson and Helen D Sparling. She was born 19 Jun 1960
in Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO. They moved to Kalispell, Flathead, MT the following
year. Fred has stated that Karen was truly the love of his life and a true soul mate for
him. Karen died at their home of cancer on 1 Jun 2010. Her ashes were scattered in
Glacier National Park. This was a favorite hiking place for Fred and Karen. They had no
Fred retired in 2002 from Flathead High School in Kalispell, Flathead, MT, after teaching
math there for 31 years. Fred and Karen both received many state and national awards
for their expertise in teaching math to high school students.
Fred and Karen Longhart were both awarded Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math.
They were both selected as Radio Shack Teachers of the Year (date not known). Fred
enjoys cross country skiing in Idaho and Montana. Another hobby for him is his
vegetable garden in his backyard. (9) (50)
Marjorie Belle Day was next married to William Robert Eidson. They married about 1952
in Denver, Denver, CO. They had no children. Bob was the son of Clarence Edward Eidson
and Elsie Ann Gregory. He was born on 28 Jul 1921 in Deepwater, Polk, MO. He died on 6
Dec 1984 in Aurora, Adams, CO. (9)
Marjorie married Earl P Rears about 1962 in Denver, Denver, CO. They had no children.
Earl was the son of Henry C F Rears and Nellie M Rears. He was born on 26 Jul 1919 in
Yuma, Yuma, CO. He died on 16 Mar 1997 in Arvada, Jefferson, CO. (9)
Marjorie married Roy E Moorhouse about 1965. They had no children. Roy was born on
23 Mar 1916 in Oklahoma. He died on 5 Feb 1972 in Denver, Denver, CO. (9) (48) He is
buried at Ft. Logan National Cemetery in Denver, CO. Roy was in WWII. Marjorie is also
buried in this cemetery.
Howard Eugene Day (10th) (son of Floyd Day) was born on 19 May 1927 in Yuma, Yuma,
CO. He married Marilyn Ruth Fowler on 12 Aug 1949 in Denver, Denver, CO. Ruth was
born on 26 Apr 1930 in Omaha, Douglas, NE. Her parents were Howard Haskell Fowler
and Mabel Marie Morgan. Howard attended Byers Jr. High and graduated from South
High School in Denver, CO in June 1945. He graduated from college at the University of
Denver in June 1951. His first teaching assignment was at Duniway School in Portland,
Multnomah, OR in Sept 1951. (9) (53) Howard enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1945.
Howard states the years 1940-1945 were the most memorable of his youth. Everyone
worked hard and found whatever odd jobs they could to help the family survive. The
boys delivered the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post newspapers. In the
summer, they mowed lawns and in the winter they shoveled snow. Other jobs Howard
recalls that he had were: soda jerk at Ullery Drinkwater Drugstore, operated a push
mower at Washington Park (attendees of the 2004 Day family reunion will remember
our group photo taken there), stock boy at May Company in downtown Denver and
working at R. W. Braun Wholesale Florist shop, growing carnations. Howard further
recalls spending his 18th and 19th birthdays in the United States Navy as a Hospital
Corpsman. He was stationed on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. (48)
Howard Day attended Denver University on the G. I. Bill. Howard and Ruth’s first home
was in a basement apartment across the street from Floyd and Elsie Day on Canosa
Court in Denver. They later rented Lloyd and Alberta Hindes’ house on South Clayton.
Lloyd and Alberta Hindes were the parents of Laurabelle Luana Hindes who married
Howard’s brother Dwayne Day. Howard recalls that when the family moved to Portland,
Multomah, OR for an elementary school teaching position, his auto was a 1937 Packard.
He stated that car used about the same amount of oil as it did gasoline! The family
moved to Hayward, Alameda, CA in 1953. In case you wonder what his teaching salary
was that year-a whopping $4200! Howard retired from teaching in 1982 after teaching
4th, 5th and 6th graders for 32 years. (48)
Howard and Ruth’s 4 children:
Jody Lyn Day (11th)
James Howard Day (11th)
Steven Morgan Day (11th)
Nancy Susan Day (11th)
Jody Lyn Day (11th) was born on 24 May 1950 in Denver, Denver, CO. She
married William “Bill” Cecil Morris Jr. on 28 Oct 1972. Bill is the son of William
Cecil Morris Sr. and Yolanda Katherine Pesci. He was born on 2 Jul 1949 in
Oakland, Alameda, CA.
Jody and Bill had the following child (9):
Anthony “Tony” William Morris (12th) was born on 12 Sept 1975 in
Hayward, Alameda, CA
James Howard Day (11th) was born on 28 Feb 1953 in Vancouver, Clarke, WA.
The family lived in Portland, OR at the time of his birth. The hospital where he
was born was across the state line in Vancouver, Clarke, WA. He married Paula
Mabry on 4 Jul 1986 in Berkeley, Alameda, CA. Jim is Sports Editor at the
Statesman Journal in Salem OR. Paula was born on 29 Nov 1953 in Dallas, Dallas,
TX. Her parents are Bill Mabry, deceased and Marge Miller. Her stepfather is Jim
Dicks. They have the following children (9):
Matthew Mabry Day (12th) was born on 16 Apr 1988 in Mountain View,
Santa Clara, CA. He graduated from Macalester College in St Paul, MN in
2010. Since college graduation, Matt has worked as a business reporter
for the Dow Jones News Service in New York. Some of his stories have
appeared in the Wall Street Journal. (48)
Hallie Mabry Day (12th) was born on 26 Jun 1992 in Mountain View, Santa
Clara, CA. She is a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene and is
majoring in theater. (48)
Steven Morgan Day (11th) was born on 22 Nov 1954 in Hayward, Alameda, CA.
Steve graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT and is a
marine engineer. Steve married Susan Lucille Hill on 19 Jun 1976 in Hayward,
Alameda, CA. Susan is a registered nurse and was born on 11 Jan 1954 in
Muskegon, Muskegon, MI. She is the daughter of Clarence R Hill and Verna
Lucille Bjorkland. (9) Steve’s work with EXXON takes him around the world,
literally. In 2011, he and Susan lived in Indonesia. Steve’s occupation has taken
his family to many countries. (48) Steven and Susan have the following children:
Morgan Ashley Day (12th) was born on 22 Sept 1986 in San Diego, San
Diego, CA. She married George “Geo” Albert Woolsey, III on 8 Jan 2011 in
Del Mar, San Diego, CA. George is the son of George Albert Woolsey, Jr.
and Monique Serra. She graduated with honors from University of
Southern California at San Diego in Anthropology and a minor in
communications in May 2008. They have one child (48):
George Albert Woolsey IV (13th) in May 2011.
Courtney Allyson Day (12th) was born on 15 Jan 1989 in Alameda,
Alameda, CA. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego
with a BA in International Studies. She also studied Law and Society while
in college. (48)
Nancy Susan Day (11 ) (daughter of Howard Day) was born on 10 May 1962 in
Castro Valley, Alameda, CA. She graduated in 1985 from the University of
California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Susan is a
licensed Civil Engineer in the State of California. She married Leo Joseph
Bragagnolo on 8 Jun 1991 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. Leo is the son of
Leo Jack Bragagnolo and Mary Jane Camilleri. He was born on 8 Feb 1960 in San
Francisco, San Francisco, CA. Leo also went to the University of California,
Berkeley and is a licensed Civil Engineer. Susan worked for 26 years with Pacific
Gas & Electric Company in San Francisco. She is currently a Vice President at
Parsons, a large engineering and construction firm. The family enjoys traveling
and has traveled to Mexico, Central America, Canada, Southeast Asia, Europe
and most of the United States. The family also enjoys many outdoor activities
including hiking and skiing. Susan enjoys genealogy research and her small
garden. They have the following children (49):
Jack Morgan Bragagnolo (12th) was born on 23 Mar 1995 in San Francisco,
San Francisco, CA. Jack attends Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San
Francisco. He plays on the school varsity soccer team as well as a local
club soccer team, the San Francisco Seals. Jack also enjoys mountain
biking and snowboarding.
Griffen Erik Bragagnolo (12th) was born on 20 Mar 1998 in San Francisco,
San Francisco, CA. He attends Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School
in San Francisco, CA. Griffen plays on two local club soccer teams, the
San Francisco Seals and the San Francisco Vikings. He also enjoys skiing.
Robert W Day (10th) (son of Floyd Day) was born on 28 Dec 1928 in Ft Collins, Larimer,
CO. (It is believed that he had no middle name, just a middle initial.) He married Carolyn
“Carol” Louise Bailey on 27 Mar 1954 in Chicago, Cook, IL. Carol is the daughter of Roy
Oliver Bailey and Clara Alvina Emma Koch. She was born on 9 Jun 1932 in Chicago, Cook,
IL. Bob was known for his excellent memory and his intelligence. He had lived many
places in his life and he could recall every address he ever had. He could easily cite
details about sports figures. Bob attended Byers Jr. High and graduated from South High
School in June 1947. (53) He graduated from the University of Denver in June 1951. (53)
Bob had degrees in math and education. His career was in the banking industry. He
worked in data processing and computer systems analysis. Bob retired from Seafirst
Bank in Washington as an Assistant Vice President. This bank is now known as Bank of
As Bob got older, he looked more and more like his father Floyd Day and had many of
Floyd’s mannerisms. During the 1950’s, Bob served in the Army in Germany. Later he
was in the FBI in its Chicago office. His FBI training began on Jun 9, 1952 and his first
assignment was in Indianapolis, IN in Sept 1952. (53) His nephew Bill Holder recalls his
Uncle Bob Day coming to his 4th grade class in Denver, CO in 1954. He told the class what
it was like to work for the FBI. Bill was very proud to have his uncle come to his class.
Bob was a “world championship talker” according to Bill Holder. Family meant a lot to
Bob Day. He and Carol often traveled to see his extended family all over the United
States. Carol Bailey and Bob Day met while Bob was working for the FBI and Carol was in
the “steno pool”. Two of Bob and Carol’s early hobbies were bowling and dancing. They
really loved to dance. Carol was with Bob when he was stationed in Germany and they
did much sight-seeing there. On their trip home from Germany, they traveled on a
“troop ship”. They traveled through the English Channel and did much dancing on the
Bob Day was discharged from the Army in 1955. One of his early jobs was as Assistant
Manager of the Bookkeeping Dept. at Northern Trust Company. He later worked in Data
Processing and at that bank he designed and implemented their Demand Deposit System
for checking and savings accounts on the computer. They were told years after he left
there that his programs were still operating and in use! When they would get ready for
an update to his programs, they found that this was not needed. Bob had “built in” the
required upgrades. (48)
Bob died on 11 Aug 1993 in Renton, King, WA. He is buried in Sunset Hills Cemetery in
Bellevue, King, WA. (9) (48)
Bob and Carol’s 4 children (9):
Kathleen Louise Day (11th) was born on 6 Jul 1957 in Oak Park, Cook, IL. She is
single and lives in Washington.
Michael Robert Day (11th) was born on 9 Mar 1959 in Elgin, Kane, IL. He married
Laura Carolyn Campbell on 16 Mar 2008 in Portland, Multonomah, OR.
David Alan Day (11th) was born on 22 Dec 1960 in Elgin, Kane, IL. He married
Michelle Hargitt on 7 Aug 1982 in Bellevue, WA.
Janet Eileen Day (11th) was born on 9 Apr 1964 in San Mateo, San Mateo, CA. She
married Rodney Merle Fowler, Jr. on 8 Jun 1985 in Bellevue, King, WA.
Donald Erwin Day (10th) (son of Floyd Day) was born on 7 Mar 1931 in Ft Collins, Larimer,
CO. He attended Washington Park Elementary, and Byer’s Junior High School in Denver,
CO. Don graduated from South High School in 1949 and from the University of Denver on
28 Aug 1953. (53)
Don Day married Barbara Lee Jones on 12 Feb 1953 in Denver, Denver, CO. Barbara is
the daughter of Mahlon William Jones and was born on 15 Apr 1932. Don received his
Master’s Degree from the University of Denver. Don had a long teaching and coaching
career at Alcott Elementary School in Denver, Denver, CO. He started teaching there in
Sept 1953. (53) In the early 1950’s, Don was drafted into the Army but was rejected
when the physical showed he had flat feet. From 1963-1969, Don was head football
coach at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, CO. By 1970, he became involved with
college football and worked for 18 years as a referee in the Western Athletic Conference.
From 1988 to 2003, Don worked with ESPN and ABC working with television and college
football. When Don retired, he was Dean of Boys at Thomas Jefferson High School in
Denver, CO. After retirement, he went to work at another school district as a counselor.
Later he worked with physically and mentally challenged kids. He has been involved in
education for over 40 years. (9)
Don and Barbara had the following 2 children:
Debra Lyn Day (11th)
Terri Lee Day (11th)
Debra Lyn Day (11th) was born on 19 Nov 1955 in Denver, Denver, CO. She
married Joseph Allan Strain, Jr. on 29 Dec 1975 in Denver, Denver, CO. Joseph
was born on 30 Apr 1954 in Denver, Denver, CO. He played Major League
Baseball for the San Francisco Giants. He is the son of Joseph Allan Strain, Sr. and
Jeannette Marie Scoggin. Debra and Joseph married on 29 Dec 1975 in Denver,
Denver, CO. (9) Debbie and Joe’s 2 children:
Ryan Strain (12th) was born on 15 Oct 1980 in Denver, Denver, CO. Ryan
was a 3 sport standout at Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village,
Arapaho, CO. He earned All State honors as a senior in baseball. Ryan was
inducted into the Cherry Creek Hall of Fame in 2011. He earned his
undergraduate degree in secondary education/history in 2003 and his
Master’s degree in educational administration in 2007. Ryan played 2
seasons with the San Francisco Giants organization after college. Ryan
was assistant coach at the University of Northern Colorado. While at that
school, he guided the UNC Bears to set new school records in baseball.
Prior to being at UNC, Ryan spent 2 years as the graduate manager with
the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He has received many sports honors. (50) In
2008, Ryan married Katie (maiden name unknown). They have one child:
Addison Strain (13th) was born in July 2011.
Whitney Strain (12th) was born on 11 Feb 1984 in Denver, Denver, CO.
Whitney was named Female Athlete of the year in 2001-2002 at Cherry
Creek High School in Greenwood Village, Arapaho, CO. She received
many sports honors. Whitney received her degree in Marketing from the
University of Iowa. She obtained her Journalism and Mass
Communications degree from the University of Iowa. In 2011, she
received her Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies at the University of
San Diego, CA. Whitney is currently the Assistant Director of Athletic
Facilities and Operations at the University of San Diego. (50)
Terri Lee Day (11th) was born on 7 Aug 1958 in Denver, Denver, CO. She married
Robert Hevilin Reed on 30 Dec 1982 in Denver, Denver, CO. Robert died on 7 Dec
2004 in Denver, Denver, CO. They had the following 2 children (50):
Kyle Robert Reed (12th) was born on 25 Mar 1987 in Colorado
Brett Hendee Reed (12th) was born on 24 Apr 1991. In 2012, he was listed
as a junior at the University of Colorado, studying Finance. He graduated
from Cherry Creek High School in Denver, Denver, CO.
Don Day was the youngest of Floyd and Elsie Day’s children. He followed his brothers
and became a newspaper carrier at the tender age of 6. One of his very early hobbies
was to catch mice! When they died, he would bury them in the vacant lot next door to
their house in Ft Collins, CO. He even placed crosses on their graves. When his sister
Marjorie Day would give him a hard time, he would dig up one of the dead mice and
scare her with it. Of course, Don got in trouble with his parents over this and got a
spanking. (48)
Don married Christine “Chris” Lynn Markano on 22 Nov 1980 in Denver, CO. They had no
children. She was born on 22 Mar 1951 in Denver, CO and is the daughter of Al and
Rosann Markano. They currently live in the Denver area. (9)
DON DAY 1968
Don’s nephew Fred Longhart has fond memories of his Uncle Don. Read his story:
“While growing up, there is no doubt Uncle Don was my idol. He was always funny and
an athlete. I loved to play football mostly because of him. Uncle Don was head football
coach at Thomas Jefferson High School and I attended North High School in a different
area of Denver, CO. When I was a senior in high school, I was the captain of our team
and I wanted to beat Uncle Don’s football team in the worst way! Our team that year
was the best team in recent history at North High School and we were determined to
beat the more prestigious team across town. Needless to say, Uncle Don and his well
coached bunch of athletes gave the North Denver boys a pretty good run for their
money. The game was pretty competitive at any rate, even though we lost to them. I
later played small college football at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. All of my high
school buddies attended Colorado State College where they met several players who
played for and were coached by my Uncle Don. These players really loved Don Day but
they also respected me for my “gene pool”. One day at a bar, some of us started
rehashing our high school football stories and one of Uncle Don’s players told me that
the letter I wrote to his team prior to our game together was a real motivator for them! I
told the guy “Are you crazy, I never wrote such a letter!” This was Don’s way of further
motivating his team to beat the other school. My mother and Don’s only sister Marjorie
Day gave Uncle Don a scathing lecture about the incident. She asked him how he could
do such a low down act against his own blood relation! We don’t know how Don reacted
but it is known this was one of hundreds of motivators that he used over the years. He
just used what he knew would work! In 2010, I met with Uncle Don after my wife Karen
had passed away from cancer. He was still the motivating great guy he always was. Not
only did he pull me out of my grief, we also had a good laugh about the old “phantom
Dwayne Leroy Day (10th) (Floyd-9th, Stephen-8th, Coridon-7th, Stephen-6th, Samuel-5th, Thomas4th, Thomas-3rd, Thomas-2nd, Anthony-1st) was born on 17 May 1922 in Yuma, Yuma, CO.
Dwayne Day married Laurabelle Luana Hindes on 27 May 1944 in Denver, Denver, CO. She was
the only child of Lloyd Gaylon Hindes and Alberta Martha Edna Stanley. Luana was born on 30
May 1923 in Loveland, Larimer, CO. They were married at the First Avenue Presbyterian Church
in Denver, Denver, CO.
Dwayne died on 26 Jan 1978 in Gahanna, Franklin, OH. Luana died on 27 Apr 1997 in Wheeling,
Ohio, WV. His cremains are interred at Highland Hills Memorial Gardens in Follansbee, Brooke,
WV. This location is just across the Ohio River from Steubenville, Jefferson, OH. Luana’s
cremains are interred there as well. They were both cremated.
Dwayne Day graduated from Fort Collins High School in Ft Collins, Larimer, CO, in June 1939 at
age 17. His first job was as a news carrier for the Denver Post. He had a paper route all through
high school and his first year of college. Dwayne attended college at Colorado State College of
Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now known as Colorado State University). He had to wear the
mandatory freshman beanie and also wore an ROTC uniform. (ROTC stands for Reserve Officer
Training Corps.) He transferred to Colorado School of Mines when the family moved to Denver
in 1940 or 1941.
He was a senior in college in 1944 when military service interrupted his studies. Dwayne served
in the U. S. Navy during World War II as an Electronics Technician’s Mate, 2nd Class. In 1945, he
attended an “advanced radio materiel” (equipment and supplies of the military) instruction
class. He graduated 11th out of a class of 64 and became an instructor. Dwayne was stationed at
Treasure Island, CA, where he attended the Naval Training School. He taught there about 8
months and became an Apprentice Petty Officer 3rd Class. He was discharged from the Navy on
5 Mar 1946 as Electronic Technician’s Mate 2nd Class. When he was discharged, he was
awarded the following medals: American Area Medal, Victory Medal and Points. (9) Dwayne
Day graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Jefferson, CO, in January, 1947.
Dwayne started work at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Franklin, OH, on 1 Feb 1947.
(53) He worked there as a research engineer and was a principal metallurgist specializing in
research of nonferrous metals, especially Titanium. He received his MS degree from Ohio State
University, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, in December, 1953. (53) He was a metallurgical engineer.
(9) (48) Dwayne went to work at Titanium Metals Corp. of America (TMCA) in 1953 in
Henderson, Clark, NV. He was a Senior Research Metallurgist there. (9) (48)
Dwayne’s brother Howard Day remembers that Dwayne had a tremendous work ethic. He
states “He would come home from college in the late afternoon and without taking off his
jacket, sit down on the couch and start studying. He worked full time for one year (1941-1942)
to help pay for the rest of his college education.” (48)
Dwayne and Luana’s daughter, Cyndy Day Abbuhl, recalls her mother telling her that she and
Dwayne met on a streetcar in Denver, CO. She says her mother told her that she sat down on
an empty seat beside him and they struck up a conversation. (Knowing Luana the way I did, I do
not doubt this story in the least. She never met a stranger!) I guess Dwayne never formally
proposed to Luana. After they had been seeing each other for some time, she said to him “Well,
should I order the invitations?” (48) I guess he must have said yes! This story reminds me of the
story of Dwayne’s mother Elsie Waechter “proposing” to Floyd Day! See Generation 9 for this
story and photo! Dwayne and Luana honeymooned at the Shirley-Savoy Hotel in Denver-2
nights for $7.41!! They married on May 27, 1944. Dwayne enlisted in the U. S. Navy on May 30
and headed for basic training on 2 Jun 1944. (49)
The Las Vegas NV Sun newspaper dated 3 Sept 1957 stated that Dwayne Day and 2 other
Henderson, NV, “metal scientists” or metallurgical engineers had co-authored a scientific paper
which was presented at the 39th National Metals Congress held in Chicago, IL, in November,
1957. Their paper was one of 58 chosen from 96 submissions.
Dwayne was transferred in 1959 to the new Toronto, Jefferson, Ohio, Titanium Metals
Corporation of America (TMCA) plant where he was Senior Development Metallurgist. He
headed a large staff in the company’s Toronto Technical Lab (TTL). He was instrumental in
developing several new titanium alloys and products. It was during this time with Titanium
Metals that Dwayne obtained 2 known patents:
PATENT # 3,364,017 FILED 10 MAY 1966, PATENTED 16 JAN 1968
The above patent shows only Dwayne’s name on it so he was the sole inventor with this patent.
PATENT # 3,481,799 FILED 19 JUL 1966, PATENTED 2 DEC 1969
This patent shows Dwayne’s name and Albert A Haskell, Jr.
Dwayne’s patents were mostly shared with other Titanium Metals employees but all of their
names were on the patents. One patent he secured but is not shown here was for something
later called NITINOL or Nickel Titanium. (This is most likely a secondary patent. NITINOL was
originally developed and patented by the U. S. Navy.) We have a hand written note of Luana
Day’s, dated 1981, stating that Dwayne had been paid $100 for the NITINOL patent he helped
secure. The patent had been developed much earlier than 1981 so $100 would have gone a lot
further than it would today. If you search for Nitinol on the internet, you will see what it is. It is
a nickel and titanium alloy that had two closely related properties-shape memory and elasticity.
Many years ago, an illusionist named Uri Geller was made famous with his “Bending Spoon”.
The spoon was made of Nitinol. The spoon was normal, then bent and then returned to normal
shape once subjected to heat. The heat would come from the illusionist’s hand.
I need to include here that I have many fond memories of Luana and Dwayne Day. I met their
son Greg Day in 1968, and we married in 1969. Luana and I bonded right away. I learned so
much about Life from her. She taught me so much. Dwayne was a soft spoken man. I could tell
by listening to him that he was very intelligent and loved his family a lot. He was always very
kind to me.
In 1974, in Gahanna, Franklin, Ohio, after Luana had cancer surgery, I brought our daughter
Lori, who was a baby at the time, to stay with them. I stayed a week and cooked and cleaned
for them. I would get up and fix Dwayne’s breakfast and lunch. He was a real creature of habit.
He ate cornflakes every day of his life for breakfast. On their kitchen table that week, I noticed
a jar of peanut butter. To me, the jar looked completely empty and I almost tossed it out. Luana
told me not to toss it. Dwayne would continue to clean that jar until it was almost sparkling!
That comes from growing up in the Depression, I guess. One day that week, when I fixed his
lunch, he wanted a left-over pork chop from the night before. I proceeded to put in two
buttered pieces of bread into the lunch bag. Somehow I got distracted and forgot to put in the
pork chop! All he said when he came home was that I had forgotten it. He did not get mad at
me but all through the years I felt bad about that incident. I have never forgotten about that
pork chop after over 39 years!
Dwayne and Luana Day were members of the Church of Religious Science in Columbus,
Franklin, OH. Below is a Meditation that he wrote in 1974. This is a fine example of his
handwriting and also of his religious beliefs. It also shows his signature:
When Greg and I were dating, I would often go to their house. Every weekend, Dwayne would
have a “To Do” list on the refrigerator reminding him what he wanted to get done. This would
be written on the back of a discarded envelope, another testimony to his living in the
depression. Mostly, he wrote these notes in pen but sometimes they would be written with a
Dwayne Day pencil. You don’t know what a Dwayne Day pencil is, you say? Let me fill you in. He
would continue to sharpen a pencil until they were mere stubs! There was hardly anything left
to hold onto, but he still used them as long as possible. Every time I see a very short pencil, I
think of Dwayne Day. For anyone familiar with Golf pencils, a Dwayne Day pencil would be even
Luana Day often told the story about how one day Dwayne made the Rain Stop! All four of their
kids were inside watching it rain. They wanted to go back outside and play. This was in the days
when all kids played outside all day long. They kept asking their dad to make the rain stop. So
Dwayne said “Rain Stop!” Guess what, at just that moment the rain did stop! He was just as
surprised as the 4 kids were. Of course, he could never repeat this event for them!
Dwayne Day enjoyed working with flowers just like his father Floyd Day did. Dwayne especially
loved growing roses. He had a pretty good Green Thumb. Unfortunately, he was not very good
at fixing things that were broken. I recall one time seeing him sitting at a table trying to fix
something. I think it was a watch. At any rate, he did not succeed. I was amazed at how much
he had perspired just sitting down trying to fix something! Sweat just rolled off his forehead like
he had been in a marathon! Floyd Day had the talent for fixing just about anything. This talent
skipped Dwayne but his son Greg Day inherited Floyd’s talent. Greg can also fix just about
Dwayne’s daughter, Cyndy Day Abbuhl, recalls how faithful her dad was with his flowers and
bushes he was growing. He had holly bushes and even had a couple of Japanese cherry trees in
the front yard. His mortal enemy was the Japanese beetles that loved to feast on the petals of
his roses. Cyndy says she can recall seeing him with a bucket of water handpicking each beetle
off his precious roses and drowning them in the water! Their back patio had deep maroon
colored roses that he “slaved over all summer long.” (48)
Dwayne’s son, Doug Day, recalls his dad’s strength of character. Dwayne would take a long time
before his anger would show and, even when he was mad at someone, he never held a grudge.
He was not a tall man. His height was about 5’ 6’’ and he wore a size 5½ shoe! (Dwayne’s father
Floyd Day was this same height.) Doug remembers the great vacations the family took. They
never went to amusement parks but went to learn about the great United States. Doug states
that when he graduated from high school in 1969, he had been to 37 of the 50 states. (49)
Dwayne Day died when our daughter, Lori Day (daughter of Greg and Sandy Day) was only 4.
Our son Mike Day was not born until after he died. Dwayne would get on the floor and play a
board game, Candyland, with Lori. He loved playing games with her. I can still recall his laughter
at watching her or his other granddaughter, Bernadette Day, play. She is the daughter of
Dwayne’s other son, Doug Day. One of Dwayne’s favorite TV programs was “The Three
Stooges.” He would continually chuckle at that program. I enjoyed watching him enjoy this TV
When Greg and I were engaged in 1968, I had not yet learned how to cook. I told Luana about
this and I have not forgotten what she told me “You know how to read, don’t you?” She gave
me several recipes that she knew Greg loved. She had given Greg a Betty Crocker cookbook
when he went off to college. I don’t think he ever used it but when he gave it to me I used it a
lot. I don’t have the cookbook any longer but I do have a recipe from that book that I still use
today-Oven BBQ steak-that I have used for over 43 years. Our daughter, Lori Day, now uses this
recipe for her family.
I learned a lot from Luana. She and I often discussed religion and she was a well read person.
She never met a stranger. Early on, when she and I would go shopping together, she would
amaze me that she could talk to strangers about anything! We would be standing in line
somewhere, and she would start up a conversation with someone she did not know, and she
seemed to have fun doing it. When I would ask her about why she did that, she would comment
that it made the wait seem shorter, and maybe she had brightened someone else’s day! I was
pretty shy in those days so I could not imagine myself talking to a stranger. These days I do it all
the time, and I often think that Luana Day was my teacher!
Bear with me, and I will tell you of a great example of Luana Day at “work”. One time, she was
at the Pittsburgh, PA airport waiting for someone to arrive. She noticed a lady standing off
alone and she went up to her and told her how beautiful she looked in her outfit. She did not
know this lady at all. The lady almost cried at Luana’s comments. She told her “You made my
day. I have had the worst day of my life and you just made it brighter.” That is the Luana Day I
I have another fond shopping memory with Luana Day. We would see a dress that one of us
liked. She would turn the garment inside out and state that the dress was not made very well
for the price they were asking. Since she sewed a lot she could truthfully make this statement.
She made my wedding dress, her two daughter’s bridesmaid dresses and her own suit for our
wedding (Greg Day and Sandy Hudnall). She also made her own wedding dress. Luana made
many curtains and bedspreads for her home. She was also great at knitting. She always had a
knitting project along when she would visit. She was working on a knitted bedspread for herself
when she passed away.
Luana’s daughter, Cyndy Day Abbuhl, recalls how her mother practically made all of her and her
sister Denise’s clothes. This was a cost saving endeavor, but it appears that Luana really enjoyed
sewing for her family. Every year at Easter, Cyndy, Denise and Luana had matching
mother/daughter dresses! Luana taught her two daughters how to sew. Dee “took” to the
sewing better than Cyndy did. Luana apparently taught her daughters the same lessons her
own mother taught her when she was learning how to sew. If the garment sewed did not look
exactly correct, it had to be taken apart and re-sewn!
When Greg and I started our family, Luana showed me how to knit. I loved knitting for my
babies. Many of the items I knitted were handed down to our daughter, Lori Day, for her
children to use. Luana also taught me how to sew. She and I had lots of fun together. We would
sit around knitting together and we really enjoyed each other’s company.
Dwayne and Luana’s children:
Gregory Michael Day (11th)
Douglas Martin Day (11th)
Cynthia Diane Day (11th)
Denise Robin Day (11th)
Gregory Michael Day (11th) was born on 1 Nov 1948 in Columbus, Franklin, OH. See
more about Greg in Generation 11.
Douglas Martin Day (11th) was born on 5 Sept 1951 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.
Doug Day married Kathleen Ann Canestraro on 7 Jul 1973 in Wintersville, Jefferson, OH.
Kathy is the daughter of Domenico Canestraro and Maria “Mary” D’Avanzo. Her parents
were both born in Italy and came to Ohio and married in Jefferson County, Ohio. Doug
went to school in Wintersville, Ohio and graduated in 1969 from Wintersville High
School in Wintersville, Jefferson, OH. He worked at various jobs but retired from
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation in Steubenville, OH. Doug developed Multiple
Sclerosis around 1974 and worked as long as he could. He now enjoys his Model
Railroad hobby that he has had for decades. He has built his own buildings and made his
own landscapes. In one house they lived in, he filled almost the entire basement with
his model railroads. He has always had a great eye for detail when it comes to operating
and designing his “stations”. Doug is also quite the story teller, once you get him
started! (49)
Doug and Kathy’s children:
Bernadette Marie Day (12th) was born on 20 Sept 1974 in Steubenville, Jefferson,
OH. She married Benjamin Ring in 1997. They divorced and had no children. She
married Jeff Urbanski on 15 Jul 2011 in Pickerington, Fairfield, OH. Jeff was born
on 13 Aug 1970 in McKeesport, Allegheny, PA. His parents are Leo and Barbara
Urbanski. Bernadette graduated from the University of Akron, OH. Bernadette
and Jeff live in Pickerington, OH. Bernadette is step mother of Jeff’s two sons
with his first wife Barbara:
Alexander Patrick Urbanski was born on 29 May 1995 in Columbus,
Franklin, OH. He attends Pickerington Central High School, Pickerington,
Fairfield, OH.
Nicholas Franklin Urbanski was born on 11 Jun 1997 in Columbus,
Franklin, OH. He attends Pickerington Central High School, Pickerington,
Fairfield, OH.
Douglas Martin Day Jr. (12th) was born on 13 Nov 1977 in Steubenville, Jefferson,
OH. He married Alicia Homko on 1 April 2008 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV. They were
married by “Elvis”. Doug and Alicia reside in Wheeling, Ohio, WV.
Dwayne Domenico Day (12th) was born on 20 Jul 1981 in Steubenville, Jefferson,
OH. Dwayne was named for both of his grandfathers-Dwayne Day and Domenico
Canestraro. He married Lori Anne Provenzano in 2007 in Ohio. They are
divorced. They had no children. Dwayne lives with his family in Wintersville,
Jefferson, OH. Dwayne has two children with Tiffany Saltkield. Tiffany was born
12 Mar 1983 in Wheeling, Ohio, WV. Her mother is Cheryl Saltkield. Dwayne and
Tiffany’s children:
Luke Anthony Day (13th) was born on 17 Feb 2010 in Steubenville,
Jefferson, OH
Steven Nicholas Day (13th) was born on 23 May 2011 in Steubenville,
Jefferson, OH
Dwayne’s step son Ethan Saltkield was born on 8 Apr 2004 in
Wheeling, Ohio, WV.
Daniel Joseph Day (12th) was born on 10 Sept 1986 in Wheeling, Ohio,
lives in Wintersville, Jefferson, OH.
WV. He
Cynthia “Cyndy” Diane Day (11th) was born on 31 Aug 1953 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.
She graduated from Wintersville High School in 1971. Cyndy married Steven Eberly in
1973 in Columbus, Franklin, OH. They divorced. They had no children. Cyndy married
Stephen Allan Abbuhl on 6 Aug 1983 in Woodbine, (located in both Howard and Carroll
County) MD. Steve was born on 30 Apr 1952 in Cheverly, Prince Georges, MD. He is the
son of Forest Emerson Abbuhl (deceased) and Marguerite “Marge” May Wilson. Cyndy
is a supervisor at Kohl’s Department Store in Columbia, MD. She states this store is the
6th busiest store in the entire chain! She is known as the “Cookie Lady” at her store
because she is always supplying cookies for her co-workers. The cookie of choice is
Chocolate Chip! Cyndy’s hobby besides baking cookies includes doing needlework with
plastic canvas. She also loves embroidery. (49)
Steve’s daughter Holly Allison Abbuhl was born 26 Nov 1978. Her mother is
Carolyn Jean Deckert Gill. Holly married Steven Armand Hebert on 17 May 2003
in Wilmington, New Hanover, NC. They are divorced. They had one child:
Sydney Michelle Hebert was born on 1 Dec 2004 in Wilmington, NC.
Cyndy and Steve have one child:
Emily Marie Abbuhl (12th) was born on 11 May 1989 in Columbia, Howard, MD.
Emily graduated from River Hill High School in 2007. She graduated from
Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA in 2011.
Denise Robin Day (11th) was born on 10 May 1955 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV. Her parents
Dwayne and Luana Day moved to Nevada around 1953 when Dwayne started working
for Titanium Metals Corp. in Henderson, NV. She attended school in Wintersville,
Jefferson, OH. Denise was married four times and had no children:
Leonard Baldauf in 1971
George Hicks in 1977
Monty Montgomery in 1981
Bill Longo in 1991
Denise “Dee” Day is described by her brother Doug Day as being a lot like their mother.
She was a caring and generous person. She loved people and was loved by many
people. This was witnessed by the many people who attended her funeral. Denise died
on 15 Oct 2002 in Green Belt, Prince Georges, MD.
Her sister Cyndy describes Dee as not only her sister but her best friend. Denise
inherited her mother’s sewing expertise. She made her own wedding dress and did the
same for people she knew. She also was creative with Quill work. She made many quill
paper framed works of art out of wedding invitations. Bill Holder and his wife Donna
Holder have one as does Lori Day and her husband Keith Piepho. Since she had no
children of her own, she “adopted” Cyndy’s daughter Emily Abbuhl as her own. She
would often call Cyndy and ask to “borrow” Emily for the weekend. They would have
lots of fun together. Dee also loved Halloween and made Emily’s handmade costumes
for many years. These were very elaborate and beautiful costumes that Emily loved to
Dee worked in retail and when she was shopping would go out of her way to
compliment any clerk that waited on her. Cyndy says she talked with Dee almost on a
daily basis, sometimes for hours. Dee would always end their conversation with “I Love
You.” (48)
Cyndy’s daughter Emily Abbuhl has many happy memories of her Aunt Dee. Emily’s first
Christmas present from Dee was a hand stitched teddy bear that she named Bear.
When she got him he wore a floral vest with a matching bowtie. Over the years, the
wardrobe changed many times. Bear had many “surgeries” by Aunt Dee. One memory
that Emily recalls vividly is one night when she was hugging Bear in bed with her, she
noticed his head had almost fallen completely off. She went tearfully to her parents’
bedroom but her mom reassured her that Aunt Dee could fix it for her. And of course
Aunt Dee did fix Bear! I am sure Emily still has that bear today since it was such a
treasure from her beloved Aunt Dee. (49)
I recall many memories of Dee myself. She was fun to be with and when she and I
would go to craft stores, she never bought much. This was because she told me she
could go home and make it herself cheaper! She had an eye for detail on any craft or
sewing project so much like her mother! Dee loved shoes. I mean really loved shoes. I
don’t know how many pairs she had when she died but I know it was a lot. She worked
in retail at different jobs. Her favorite job was at any shoe store. She kept many of her
shoes even after she quit wearing them. I recall one cute story she told me once. She
had a customer in her shoe store that wanted to buy a pair of unique platform shoes
but they did not have her size. Dee happened to mention that she had a similar pair at
home that was the size the customer wore. That customer was willing to pay Dee $100
sight unseen for a used pair of shoes. Dee would not sell them to her as she was not
ready to get rid of them! She was manager of at least one shoe store in Maryland and
this had to have been her dream job! In regard to Dee’s sewing expertise, she received
this talent from her mother, Luana Day. Luana received her sewing talent from her
mother Alberta Stanley Hindes. Dee also loved antiques and had many in her home in
Maryland. When she passed away, it was known that she wanted to be cremated like
her parents had been. Cyndy went shopping and found a very unique antique urn that
was just perfect for Dee’s cremains. (49)
Gregory Michael Day (11th) (Dwayne-10th; Floyd-9th; Stephen-8th; Coridon-7th; Stephen-6th;
Samuel-5th; Thomas-4th; Thomas-3rd; Thomas-2nd; Anthony-1st) was born on 1 Nov 1948 in
Columbus, Franklin, OH. His parents were Dwayne Leroy Day and Laurabelle Luana Hindes.
When Dwayne and Luana were deciding on a name for their first child, they said if they had a
boy they wanted to name him after both of their fathers. They almost chose Floyd Lloyd Day.
That would have been quite a name to live up to! Floyd Day was Dwayne’s father’s name. Lloyd
Hindes was Luana’s father’s name. Greg married Sandra “Sandy” Faye Hudnall on 15 Nov 1969
in Bloomingdale, Jefferson, OH. She is the daughter of Joseph Calhoun Hudnall and Verta “Ora”
Veatrice Tatum. Sandy was born on 4 Jul 1949 in Mobile, Mobile, AL. (49)
When Greg and I were engaged, Luana told me that she would give me a very special wedding
present. She told me she would make my wedding dress for me! She and I went shopping for
the right pattern and material and she made me the most beautiful wedding dress. Greg’s
sisters Cyndy and Dee were in the wedding and Luana made their dresses as well. She also
made her own Mother of the Groom dress. They were all so beautiful. Our colors were pink and
When Greg was born, Dwayne worked at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Franklin, OH.
Greg was very inquisitive as a young child. His mother, Luana Day, often told the story of his
pull toy that he learned how to take apart! She said he was only about 2 years old when he did
this. His dad, Dwayne Day, would put it back together and tighten it as tight as he could.
Somehow, Greg would loosen the screws and take it apart again. Greg still has the uncanny
talent of taking things apart, fixing them and putting them together to look like new again. As a
child, he loved to see what made things “tick” and he still does.
Greg’s father, Dwayne Day, had quite an extensive collection of technical books, and, of course,
many of these dealt with the field of metallurgy, Dwayne’s field of work. He also had, because
of his Navy background in electronics, several radio and electronic oriented books. Greg read
these over and over, not necessarily understanding everything in them at his young age, but
sparking a keen interest in electronics, none the less. Dwayne also had a collection of various
electronic components. He also had a fairly complex AM Radio Receiver he had built while in
the Navy. All of this learning, along with Greg’s curiosity about how things work and his own
intuitions led him to start building and repairing various electronic devices.
Very early on as a teenager, Greg would take his parents’ TV’s apart when they were not
working. He could just about always fix them. He had no books to tell him how they worked, he
just used his newly found knowledge of electronics and his own intuitions. This led him to
repairing TV’s for their friends. Luana had a note in one of his baby books that at age 4, one of
the things he loved to pretend to be was a TV repairman. Well, I guess that as a teenager, he
fulfilled that wish!!
Greg later started repairing cars. He got pretty good at that too. In one of our cars, he pulled
the engine and replaced it. Again, he did this by using what he knew and trusting his instincts.
Greg graduated from Wintersville High School in Wintersville, Jefferson, OH, in 1967. He
attended college at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. In 1971, Greg
graduated from the Jefferson County Technical Institute in Steubenville, OH, with an Associate
of Science Degree in Electrical/Electronics Technology. He graduated from the Wheeling Jesuit
College in Wheeling, Ohio, WV, with a BA Degree in Human Resource Management in 1991.
In 1971, Greg enlisted in the U. S. Army Reserves. He enlisted on 6 Mar 1971 and was
discharged on 5 Mar 1977.
In the 1970’s, Greg worked for Graphic Sciences Inc, in Steubenville, OH and Pittsburgh, PA.
Later on, he worked for this company in Westerville, Franklin, OH. He repaired facsimile
machines all over Ohio. Today, these machines are simply known as “fax” machines, but in the
1970’s, this name was not yet known. I can recall seeing facsimile machines on our kitchen
table when he sometimes worked on them at home. Greg later worked at Wheeling Pittsburgh
Steel Corporation in Steubenville, OH, as an Electrical Maintenance Supervisor. He also worked
for many years at Titanium Metals Corp of America (TMCA or TIMET) at their Toronto,
Jefferson, OH, plant where his dad Dwayne Day worked for many years. He was a Maintenance
Supervisor and finally Superintendant of Maintenance there until 1994.
In 1994, Greg and a partner started a Computer Consulting Business that was called Daytamark
Technologies, Inc. Greg bought his first home computer in 1980. This was way before most
anyone else had a computer in their home. The main reason he did this was because he wanted
to know how they worked. He would take the computer apart and see what made it tick! (Do
you see a pattern here?) He taught himself how to use and repair computers, so the computer
repair business was a good fit for him. After Mike Day graduated from high school in 1997, he
joined his dad as a computer consultant. They made a great team. Daytamark Technologies Inc.
consisted of Greg Day, Mike Day as consultants and Sandy Day as Bookkeeper.
Greg continued with Daytamark until he retired in 2009, after 15 years of operating his own
business. For Christmas 2009, Mike presented his dad with a Plaque honoring his many years in
the computer business. Greg is shown below holding the plaque. It reads:
“From 16 to 64 and all the bits in between (computer terminology) Golden Phillips Award
presented to Gregory M Day, President Daytamark Technologies Incorporated, 15 years of
dedicated service to the Ohio Valley”
In every avenue of his work life, his primary focus was on “fixing things”. We figured out once
that he has been fixing things for over 50 years. This does not, of course, include the pull toy he
used to “fix!” Greg enjoys his retirement, and now has time for his primary hobby-Amateur
Radio. He has had this hobby for decades and can now enjoy it more. His Grandpa Lloyd Hindes
(Luana Day’s father) had a next door neighbor and friend who was an Amateur Radio operator
and Greg became interested in how this worked. He was not yet into his teens. Greg’s father,
Dwayne Day, was a Radio Technician in WWII so the fact that Greg liked electronics was also
related to his dad’s interest. (49)
One story about Greg and Doug Day is that when they were young, they tried to build a
helicopter! This did not fly but they had fun working on it. Greg once built a go cart from parts
of a lawn mower. He built a Radio Station in his parents’ basement in Wintersville, Ohio. The
call letters were DLBS (Day Local Broadcasting System). He built a real working transmitter from
a kit and it would transmit about half a mile which covered their neighborhood! This was in the
early 1960’s. Doug later took it over and changed the call letters to WEAK. This probably
referred to the weak signal strength it had. (49)
Greg Day and Sandy Day’s children:
Lori Ann Day (12th) was born on 29 Dec 1973 in Steubenville, Jefferson, OH. She married
Keith Arthur Piepho on 1 Aug 1998 in Akron, Summit, OH. Keith is the son of Robert
Piepho and Betty DuFrain. Keith’s step parents are John Miller and Jane Carlson Piepho.
Keith was born on 5 Jun 1969 in Barberton, Summit, OH. Lori graduated in 1992 from
Wintersville High School in Wintersville, Jefferson, OH. She graduated from the
University of Akron, Summit, OH in 1996. Lori graduated with a BS in Mathematics. In
1999, she graduated from the University of Akron with an MS in Mathematics. She is a
high school math teacher at Nordonia High School, Macedonia, Summit, OH. She
teaches Geometry and AP Calculus.
On July 31, the day before Lori and Keith’s wedding in 1998, her brother, Mike Day, and
her mother, Sandy Day, were on their way to see Lori. Her father, Greg Day, was in a
separate car on his way to her apartment. Mike and Sandy were involved in a very bad
car accident on the way to Akron. Sandy was not hurt but Mike had a severed tendon
and broken kneecap in his right leg from the head on collision with a trailer being towed
by a Department of Highways truck. We both went to the emergency room at the
hospital back in Steubenville. It was a little while before Greg Day knew of this awful
event. He drove back to find out why we were delayed and he told me later that he had
a premonition that we had been in an auto accident. Once he got to the accident site
and saw my car, he said he fell to the ground because he just knew we must be dead.
The rescue squad had to use the “Jaws of Life” to get Mike out of the driver’s side of the
car and it was pretty mangled up between that and the accident. While Greg was trying
to comprehend our imagined deaths, he was told by a very kind Sheriff’s Detective that
we were both alive and did not have any life threatening injuries. He was told what
hospital we were sent to and arrived soon after we got there in the ambulance. Once it
was decided by the emergency room doctor that Mike was basically okay and not in a
life threatening situation, we were told that he would, however, require surgery on his
leg. I had called Lori on my cell phone to let her know about the accident but had lost
my cell phone shortly after the call to her. Lori was in quite a state of mind that
afternoon. With the assurance from her future step mother-in-law, Jane Piepho, Lori
calmed down a bit. She didn’t know how bad either of us were hurt until later that
afternoon. I asked the emergency room doctor if Mike’s surgery could be postponed
until early the next week, explaining that we were headed to Mike’s sister’s wedding in
Akron the following day. He told us that it would not be a problem to wait so he
wrapped Mike’s leg into a brace to protect it until the surgery. Mike does not recall
much about that day and it is probably best he does not. He does not really recall much
about the wedding, either. We believe he was still somewhat in shock and was also on
pain medication for his injuries. We borrowed a wheel chair from Greg’s brother, Doug
Day, for Mike to use until we could get him home. Mike will be shown in some of Lori’s
wedding photos sitting in Uncle Doug’s wheelchair. He had his surgery the following
week and was fine after the healing process and a couple of months of rehabilitation. By
the way, Doug’s wife, Kathy Day, who owned a flower shop, did all the flower
arrangements for Lori and Keith’s wedding.
Lori and Keith have the following children:
Andrew Day Piepho (13th) was born on 31 Aug 2003 in Akron, Summit, OH.
Andrew’s hobbies are the piano and Tai Kwon Do. He started both in 2009 and in
2013 he obtained his Black Belt, at age 9. His dad, Keith Piepho, also obtained his
Black Belt in 2013. Andrew’s mom, Lori Day, assists him with the piano since she
took lessons for several years when she was a child. His real hobby, however, is
anything to do with Legos!
When Andrew was born, he came home from Akron Hospital wearing an outfit
that was his Uncle Mike Day’s when he was little. He also wore a blue sweater
set that was his Grandpa Greg Day’s when he was a baby.
Grace Elizabeth Piepho (13th) was born on 8 Aug 2008 in Akron, Summit, OH.
Grace takes gymnastic classes and swimming lessons and loves anything to do
with Princesses and Barbies! She now has a new hobby-Legos!
When Grace was born, she came home from the hospital wearing a white cotton
dress that her mother wore home from the hospital when she was born in 1973.
This same dress was also worn by Grace’s Grandma Sandy Day when she was
born in 1949. Sandy’s mother Ora Hudnall saved the dress for her and presented
it to her on her 20th birthday in 1969.
Michael Scott Day (12th) was born on 1 Feb 1979 in Steubenville, Jefferson, OH. When
Mike was born, he came home from the hospital wearing his dad’s (Greg Day) blue
sweater set that he had as a baby. He graduated in 1997 from Indian Creek High School
in Wintersville, Jefferson, OH. (This is the same high school building that both Lori Day
and Greg Day graduated from, but it had been renamed from Wintersville High School in
the process of school consolidation, the name being changed after Lori graduated in
Mike worked from 1998-2003 as a computer consultant for Daytamark Technologies
Inc., his dad’s computer consulting and repair business. It is interesting to note here that
while working for Daytamark, Mike worked as a consultant on a regular basis at
Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) in Toronto, Ohio. Even though Mike was not
employed by TIMET, he did a lot of work there as an outside contractor. This just adds
another link of the Day family being associated with TIMET since Dwayne Day and Greg
Day were both employed there for many years.
Mike married Melanie Lynn Woodworth on 4 Jul 2009. She is the daughter of Perry
Woodworth (deceased) and Donna Siple. Mel’s step father is Andre’ Godin. Mel was
born on 11 Jun 1984 in Burlington, Chittenden, VT. (This is the same county in Vermont
that some of the Days are from. This is another of many coincidences in the Day Family
Tree!) When Mike and Mel were planning their wedding, they decided on getting
married on Lake Champlain in Vermont. The only date that was available in early 2009
was July 4th. They chose that date realizing it was on my birthday. They later asked me if
I minded sharing my birthday with their wedding date. Since I was turning 60 on that
day, I told them it would soften that event very much so I did not mind at all. What a
great way to celebrate my 60th Birthday!
Mike is an Insurance Underwriter for Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation in Boston,
Suffolk, MA. He enjoys genealogy and has helped a lot with the Day family research. In
the future, he will become the keeper of All Things Day, or all of the data I have on the
Day Family.
DECEMBER 24 1890
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AUGUST 1 1998
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Crawford, Dennis, 62
Mary, 43, 49, 50
Samuel, 49
Curtis, B D, 90
D'Avanzo, Maria "Mary," 246
Bruce, 203
Bruce Alton, 202
Dustin Riley, 204
Elizabeth, 27
Grace, 203
Houston Lewis, 203
Jesse Elijah James, 204
Mikayla Jace, 203
Monika, 203
Natasha Kacey, 203
Ryan Alton, 203
Abraham, 26
Abraham (1711), 28
Abraham (1713), 28
Albert, 102
Albert Irvin, 101
Albert Irvin "Bert," 100
Almira, 69
Alzina, 85, 89, 93, 109
Alzina (1839), 105
Amy Caroline, 65
Ann, 70
Anna, 71
Anna Ransom, 85, 87, 88, 93, 105
Anne, 88, 89
Annie, 76
Anthony (1617), 1, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 28, 30,
33, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 53
Anthony (1681), 25
Archie, 68
Archie Lansing, 65, 66, 74, 106
Arthur R, 7, 155
Baby, 7, 155
Barbara, 176, 221
Barbara Jones, 175
Benjamin, 70, 76, 79
Benjamin (1691), 31, 37, 38
Benjamin (1695), 25, 26
Benjamin (1778), 54, 75
Bernadette, 242, 248, 250, 306
Bernadette Marie, 249
Bethiah, 26
Betty Jean, 115
Bob, 181, 195, 216, 217, 219, 292
Bradley Charles, 117
Buel, 77
Buel Clifton, 77
Buel H, 76, 79
Buel Harwood, 76, 77
Buell (1844), 89
Byron W, 76, 78, 79
Byron W (1848), 89
Carl, 77
Carl B H, 78
Carl Edward, 77, 78
Carol, 176, 217, 219
Carolyn Bailey, 175
Carrie, 111
Catherine, 75
Charlene, 115, 116
Charles, 69, 114
Charles Eugene, 113, 114, 115
Charles Eugene II, 117
Charles Eugene Jr, 115, 116
Charlotte Lynn, 169
Cheryle Lynn, 117
Cindy, 257, 258
Clara A, 109, 114, 141, 145, 146
Clara Ann, 110
Clara E, 113, 114
Clara Marie, 127, 130
Clarence, 71
Clarence C, 73
Comfort, 32
Cora, 67, 106
Coridon, 110, 111, 118, 120, 124, 125,
132, 140, 141, 142, 143, 146
Coridon D, 90, 109
Coridon Delos, 89, 105, 108, 117, 119,
123, 134, 136, 137, 138
Corintha, 96, 99
Courtney Allyson, 214
Cyndy, 186, 188, 238, 242, 243, 256, 267,
Cynthia Diane, 175, 245
Cynthia Diane "Cyndy," 254
Czarina, 105
Dan, 248, 249, 254
Daniel Joseph, 253
David, 143
David (1702), 31, 32, 37, 38
David (1728), 31
David (1732), 27, 28
David Alan, 175, 219
David R, 109, 141
David Ransom, 89, 96, 102, 103, 104, 110
David Ransom (1815), 105
Dean Willy, 115
Debbie, 221
Deborah, 31, 32, 37
Debra Lyn, 175, 221, 222
Dee, 261, 267
Denise, 188, 258, 260
Denise "Dee," 257
Denise Robin, 175, 245, 256
Dennis, 76, 79
Don, 186, 195, 221, 223, 224
Donald, 176, 181, 188, 190, 291
Donald Dennis, 103
Donald E, 6, 176
Donald Erwin, 175, 191, 220
Donald Lee, 116
Donna Doreen, 104
Dorcas, 31, 33
Dorcas (1715), 32, 37
Dorcas (1735), 32
Dorcas (1745), 32
Dorothy, 10, 13, 77, 115, 116
Doug, 188, 205, 236, 242, 247, 248, 249,
253, 257, 258, 271, 276, 295
Doug Jr, 248, 249, 305
Douglas, 246
Douglas Martin, 175, 245
Douglas Martin Jr, 250
Douglas Melvin, 168
Dwayne, 1, 8, 14, 176, 181, 186, 188, 190,
193, 209, 210, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231,
232, 233, 234, 236, 237, 238, 241, 242,
245, 251, 256, 257, 263, 267, 268, 269,
271, 282, 283, 284, 286
Dwayne (1981), 248, 249, 252
Dwayne Domenico, 251
Dwayne L, 6, 176, 240
Dwayne Leroy, 175, 191, 226, 239, 262
Edna E, 100, 102
Edward, 56, 70, 74
Edward M, 57, 58, 59, 60
Edward Noah, 53, 54, 70
Effie Mae, 113
Electa, 89, 109
Electa J, 70, 74
Elijah, 54, 70, 80, 83
Elijah (1815), 69
Eliphalet, 40
Eliphaz, 32
Elizabeth, 39, 42, 89
Elizabeth (1667), 23, 38
Elizabeth (1690), 25, 26
Elizabeth (1800), 55, 56
Elizabeth (1813), 69
Elizabeth, Mrs, 28
Elizabeth Marie "Bessie," 101, 102
Elkanah, 32, 54
Elkanah (1792), 81
Elliot Glyde, 71, 73, 74
Elliott Glyde, 72
Elmer, 55
Elmer L, 57
Elsie, 181, 182, 183, 186, 187, 190, 195,
205, 210, 216, 223, 258, 264, 307
Elsie W, 6
Elsie Waechter, 1, 175, 177, 189
Emma, 105
Ephraim, 55, 57, 58, 83
Ephraim (1804), 56
Ephraim M, 56
Ernest Buel, 79
Estelle, 71, 73
Eugene Drew, 115
Eunice, 43, 51, 69
Eunice (1751), 54
Eunice (1787), 54, 81
Eunice (1806), 55, 60
Everett, 147, 154, 158, 161, 162, 308
Everett E, 6, 175
Everett Edward, 7, 155, 157, 160
Ezekiel (1659), 23, 26
Ezekiel (1662), 20, 23, 26, 27, 28, 38, 40
Ezekiel (1692), 27, 28, 30
Ezekiel (1716), 27, 28, 29, 30
Ezekiel, Jr, 20
Floyd, 1, 154, 160, 167, 171, 172, 173,
174, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 185, 186,
190, 195, 205, 208, 210, 215, 217, 220,
223, 238, 242, 258, 262, 263, 264, 283,
284, 307
Floyd L, 6, 7
Floyd Leroy, 155, 170, 175, 178
Frank D, 111
Frank Lansing, 58
Galusha, 75, 79
George, 57
Giles, 75, 77, 79
Giles (1839), 89
Giles H, 76
Glenn, 111
Greg, 1, 2, 8, 9, 20, 25, 48, 85, 87, 88,
178, 181, 182, 183, 186, 188, 205, 236,
240, 241, 242, 243, 246, 257, 258, 263,
264, 265, 267, 268, 269, 270, 271, 272,
273, 274, 275, 276, 278, 279, 281, 282,
283, 285, 286, 287, 288, 308
Gregory, 266
Gregory Michael, 175, 245, 262
Guy S, 111
Guy Warren, 78
Hallie Mabry, 213
Hannah, 26, 43, 68, 141
Hannah M, 109, 110, 111
Hannah Robbins, 69
Harley E, 7, 155
Harold, 7
Harold V, 6, 157
Harold Verneal, 155, 167, 168
Harriet, 57, 105
Harry O, 111
Hattye, 6, 167, 175
Henry Archie, 66
Hepzibah, 42
Hiram, 78, 89, 109
Hiram B, 77, 79
Hiram Benjamin, 75, 76
Homer Giles, 79
Howard, 176, 180, 181, 188, 190, 209,
210, 211, 214, 237, 290, 309
Howard E, 6, 175
Howard Eugene, 176, 191, 208
Hulda, 69
Ida A, 96, 104, 105
Ina, 132
Ina May, 127, 128
infant daughter, 73
Infant son, 166
infant son, 155
Isabelle, 57
Jacob, 42, 43
Jacob (1715), 43
James, 300
James Howard, 175, 211, 213
Janet, 299
Janet Eileen, 175, 219
Jared C, 70, 74
Jason, 109, 119, 120, 125, 126, 128, 130,
132, 138, 140, 141, 143
Jefferson, 109, 113, 141, 143
Jefferson Eugene, 110, 114
Jefferson Eugene "Jeff," 111
Jefferson Eugene Jr "Jeffie," 113
Jefferson Eugene Sr, 117
Jeffie E, 114
Jeffie E Jr, 117
Jeremiah, 26, 39
Jesse D, 114, 134
Jessie D, 113
Jody, 294
Jody Lyn, 175, 211, 212
John, 56, 57, 83
John (1657), 18, 19, 20, 23, 26
John (1680), 25
John (1681), 26
John (1683), 25, 26
John Capt, 41
John Harmon, 56
John M, 55, 56
Jonathan (1685), 25, 26
Jonathan (1709), 27
Joseph, 39, 43
Joseph (1672), 20, 21, 22, 23, 38, 39
Joseph (1679), 40
Joseph (1703), 25, 26
Josiah, 42, 55, 56, 57, 68, 69, 74, 83, 85
Josiah R, 43
Kathleen Canestraro, 175
Kathleen Louise, 175, 218
Kathy, 205, 219, 248, 249, 276
Kenneth, 77, 78
Kenneth Buel, 78
Laomi, 32
Laurie Ryan, 9
Lee Allen, 115, 116
Lee Allen Jr, 116
Lemuel, 77
Lemuel E, 77
Lena Grace, 103, 104
Lisa, 132
Lori, 1, 3, 186, 241, 242, 243, 249, 259,
272, 273, 274, 275, 276, 277, 281, 283,
286, 287, 288
Lori Ann, 175
Louis A, 113, 114
Luana, 176, 186, 188, 193, 209, 217, 233,
236, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 256,
257, 261, 263, 267, 268, 286
Luana H, 235
Luana Hindes, 1, 8, 14, 175, 229
Lucinda, 89, 90, 91, 92, 96, 97, 98, 109,
143, 145
Lucinda Banta, 120, 138, 140, 141, 146
Lucinda E, 109
Lucinda Emaline, 119, 120, 123, 124, 125
Lucretia, 70
Lucretia (1823), 74
Luke, 252, 253
Luke Anthony, 251
Luna, 132
Luna Roberson, 131
Lura, 80
Luther, 70
Lydia, 31
M Solomon, 75
Mamie, 79
Maria, 96
Maria Wood, 95
Marian Estelle, 73
Marjorie, 1, 175, 181, 183, 188, 190, 193,
223, 224, 289, 291
Marjorie B, 6
Marjorie Belle, 191, 192, 198, 205, 208
Marshall, 65, 66
Martha, 27, 43
Mary, 42, 71, 121, 160, 167, 175
Mary (1677), 40
Mary (1697), 27
Mary ((1707), 31
Mary (1707), 32, 43
Mary (1709), 26
Mary (1790), 54, 81
Mary (1849), 55
Mary Agnes, 116
Mary B, 7
Mary B South, 153
Mary Belle, 180
Mary Belle South, 1, 152, 154, 169
Mary C, 141
Mary Cillinda, 119, 120, 122
Mary Dorothy, 78
Mary Edith, 7, 154, 155, 156, 157
Mary Jane, 117
Mary Pearl, 77, 78
Mary "Polly," 69, 89
Mary S, 109
Matilda, 69
Matthew David, 117
Matthew Mabry, 213
Maude, 68
Meriam (1705), 31, 32, 37
Meriam (1709), 31, 32
Michael Robert, 175, 219
Michael Scott, 281
Mike, 1, 2, 25, 48, 249, 270, 271, 272,
273, 274, 275, 276, 278, 282, 283, 286,
287, 288
Miles Westley, 65, 68
Minnie, 66
Miriam, 42
Morgan, 305
Morgan Ashley, 214
Moses Ransom, 70, 71, 72, 74
Mr, 93
Myrel Ransom, 127, 128, 129
Myrtle/Myrta, 111
Nancy, 117
Nancy A, 96, 97, 98, 99
Nancy Susan, 175, 211, 214
Naoma, 89
Naomi E, 76
Nathaniel (1665), 20, 22, 23, 30, 31, 32,
37, 38
Nathaniel (1696), 31, 37
Nathaniel (1700), 31
Nathaniel (1716), 28
Nora May, 58
Olive, 43
Olive E, 79
Oliver, 70
Oliver (1810), 74
Oliver M, 65, 68
Pelatiah, 20, 28, 40
Pelatiah (1748), 27
Penelope, 26
Phebe, 80
Phoebe, 24, 25
Pluma Tripp, 107
Priscilla, 25, 26
Rachel (1698), 31
Rachel (1699), 27
Rachel (1708), 31, 32
Ralph, 132
Ralph Delos, 127, 132
Ransom, 109
Ray, 68
Ray L, 67, 106
Rebecca, 43
Robert, 53, 190
Robert Dwain, 115, 117
Robert Dwain Jr, 117
Robert W, 6, 175, 176, 191, 215, 218
Roy, 79
Ruamah L, 2, 76, 80
Rufus, 43
Ruth, 31, 37, 176, 211, 309
Ruth (1737), 32
Ruth Ann, 106
Ruth Emma, 101
Ruth Fowler, 175
Ruth Rowe, 37
Saloma, 89
Salome, 76, 80
Salome E, 76
Samuel, 56, 57, 65, 70, 74, 75, 80, 81, 83,
84, 85, 119
Samuel (1669), 20, 23, 38
Samuel (1706), 27
Samuel (1748), 49, 50, 51, 52, 54, 56, 68,
Samuel (1772), 54, 60, 68, 69
Samuel (1798), 55, 56
Samuel (1800), 70
Samuel (1810), 68
Samuel (1813), 55
Samuel Blethen, 43
Samuel Dr, 54, 55, 68, 93
Samuel Robbins, 69
Sandy, 9, 20, 25, 205, 242, 270, 272, 273,
274, 275, 280, 287, 288, 308
Sandy Hudnall, 175
Saphrona, 141
Saphrona Lucretia, 134
Saphronia Lucretia, 119, 120
Saprhona, 135
Sara Jane, 71
Sarah, 26, 80, 85, 109, 120, 141
Sarah (1780), 54
Sarah L, 55, 56
Sarah Maria, 96, 97
Sarah Olive, 119, 132, 133, 134
Sarah "Sally," 66, 89, 105
Sidney, 105
Silas, 109, 119, 120, 132, 134, 141, 143
Silas B, 75, 79
Sophronia, 109
Stella, 7, 160, 176
Stella Linetta, 155, 166
Stephen, 42, 43, 70, 74, 80, 96, 102, 109,
Stephen (1704), 42, 43
Stephen (1772), 70
Stephen (1785), 2, 53, 54, 67, 81, 82, 83,
84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 93, 105, 108, 109,
117, 119
Stephen (1817), 80
Stephen (1868), 1, 5, 7, 120, 126, 148,
149, 150, 151, 155, 157, 166, 172, 178,
180, 283
Stephen (2011), 252
Stephen A, 119, 141, 147
Stephen A (1868), 134, 154, 169, 170
Stephen E, 96, 99
Stephen Ransom, 89, 93, 94, 95, 97, 98,
99, 102, 104, 106
Steven Morgan, 175, 211, 213
Steven Nicholas, 251
Susan, 301, 302
Susannah, 19
Susannah Matchett, 20, 40
Sylvester, 55
Terri Lee, 175, 221, 223
Terzey, 54
Terzey (1794), 81
Thirza, 75
Thomas, 3, 10, 42, 43, 70
Thomas (1651), 16, 20, 23, 40, 42, 43, 49
Thomas (1675), 40, 42, 44, 46, 49
Thomas (1712), 42, 43, 49, 50
Thomas (1748), 49
Thomas G, 54, 75
Thomas J, 127
Thor Glyde, 73
Timothy, 40, 70
Timothy (1653), 20, 23, 24, 25
Timothy (1679), 25
Timothy, Jr, 20
Ursula, 96
Verdie Adaline, 155
Verneal, 175
Vickie, 116
Victoria Leigh, 169
Virda A, 7
Walter C, 103
Willa, 6, 160, 161, 175, 308
Willa Johnson, 158, 159
Willetta, 159, 161, 163, 164, 176, 199
Willetta M, 6
Willetta Marie, 160, 162
William, 39, 43, 56, 57, 65, 66, 68, 69, 71,
74, 83
William (1803), 70
William (1808), 55
William Allen, 65
Willis G, 111
Wilson, 76, 79
Zebulon, 42, 43
Daye, Stephen, 23
Deming, Mary, 42
Eleazer, 56
Mr, 57
Dennen, Mary, 42
George, 43, 44, 46
Mary, 42, 43, 49
Nicholas, 42
William, 46
Floyd C, 136
Martin V, 136
Nancy M, 136
Saphrona Day, 135, 141
Thena, 143
Thena Lucretia, 136
William, 136
William Archibald, 134
Dickinson, Flora Lucinda, 36
Dicks, Jim, 213
Dickson, Marion, 134
Edward Allen, 205
Sharon, 208
Dolliver, Mr, 28
Duffy, David Leland, 156
DuFrain, Betty, 275
Duncan, Martha "Mattie" J, 110
Faye Charlotte, 113
Frederick, 113
Henry, 113
Lola Pearl, 113
Durfee, Ruth, 56
Steve, 175
Steven, 254
Lucinda Day, 98
Mr, 117
Truman, 97
Clarence Edward, 208
Marjorie Day, 175
William Robert, 175, 208
Ellis, Bertha, 78
Dyer L, 36
Esther, 34
Ethni, 34
Fanny Sophia, 37
Ferry, 36
Ferry DeForest, 35
Harry H, 35
Harty, 34, 35
Hellen L, 35
Hepzibah, 33
John, 32, 33
Lavias, 34, 35
Lucy, 36
Luther, 33, 34, 36
Millard, 33
Millard M, 35
Nathaniel (1739), 33
Nathaniel (1771), 33
Orrin, 34, 36
Orson B, 36
Orson B (1839), 35
Zerviah B, 36
Fish, Ann Elizabeth, 103
Fleming, Kevin William, 117
Leonard Harold, 73
Leonard Howard, 73
Ford, Dessie M, 97
Clara Fae, 64
Howard Haskell, 208
Janet, 220
Marilyn Ruth, 208
Rod, 220
Rodney Merle Jr, 219
Ruth, 175, 210, 290
Fraker, Flora, 92
Burton H, 102
Jesse, 102
Valerie, 116
Fast, John Jay, 69
Betsy, 80
Edward, 51, 70, 80
Edward Perrin, 80
Eunice, 50, 51, 54, 68, 70, 75, 80, 81, 82,
Joanna, 51, 54
Mahlon, 80
Reuben, 80
Sarah, 80
Sophia Eunice, 80
Faye, Joanna, 50
Felt, Lisette M, 123
Jennet, 70
Verona, 176
Adelia, 34, 36
Alzina, 34
Amaziah, 34, 36
Anna, 36
Arthur M, 35
Beulah, 34, 36
Brunette, 34
Clark, 36
Daniel, 34, 36
Donald Lavias, 35
Dorcas, Mrs, 32
Gage, Elizabeth, 38
Gasser, Louisa, 205
Franz, 175, 198, 200, 293
Franz Jeffrey, 175, 201, 202
Jakob, 198
Jeffrey, 202
Jeffrey Scott, 201
Joshua Kaleb, 205
Kaylee Rose, 205
Matthew, 202
Matthew James, 201
Monika, 175
Monika Kay, 188, 201, 202
Sharon Holder, 188
Troy, 187, 205, 303
Troy Michael, 175, 201, 204
Wendy, 205
Giddings, Laurance, 38
Gill, Carolyn Jean Deckert, 254
Glover, Charles, 17
Godin, Andre, 282
Goodwin, Persis M, 78
Gott, Fred, 104
Gottschalk, Norma, 116
Gottsche, Sophie, 113
Gould, Susan, 43
Granger, Elizabeth, 38
Green, Amos, 52
Gregory, Elsie Ann, 208
Lorena, 117
Lucinda, 109, 146
Lucinda Banta, 117, 118
Robert, 119
Robert M, 117
William, 117, 146
Florence, 147, 169
Jane, 169
Kenneth, 62
Marcella, 62
Menda, 62
Hare, Beula, 92
Hargitt, Michelle, 219
Harman, Amanda, 55
Harty, Diane T, 207
Haskell, 2
Albert A Jr, 240
William, 14
Haskins, Eunice, 33, 34
Hayes, Albert Franklin, 115
Hearson, Albert L, 62
Steven Armand, 254
Sydney, 255
Sydney Michelle, 254
Heller, Gary, 102
Hendricks, Laura Effie, 114
Abram, 55
Abram Dayton, 60
Alzina, 91
Anna L, 91
Benjamin, 90, 91
Coridon Delos, 91
Corydon Delos, 92
David S, 93
Elizabeth, 91
Floyd B, 92
John M, 60, 69
Laura, 91
Lucinda Frances, 91
Lucinda Maria, 93
Lucinda Mrs, 91
Mary Celinda, 93
Nancy, 91
Rosanna A, 60
Sarah, 60, 61, 62, 91
William, 90, 91, 92
William Ransom, 91, 92
James "Jim" Leo, 92
Joseph Leo, 92
Haibach, Retha, 9, 17, 25
Haiback, Retha, 132
William Rex, 92
Herron, Florence Hamilton, 147, 169
Hess, Mary Evelyn, 196
Hewes, Capt, 15
Hicks, George, 257
Cindy, 163, 165
Clarence R, 214
Cynthia Diane, 176
Cynthia Diane "Cindy," 164
Dick, 164, 165
Jeffrey David, 163, 164, 165, 176
Jennifer, 163
Jennifer Lynn, 164, 176
Rachel Diane, 165
Richard David, 162
Richard "Dick," 163
Susan Lucille, 213
Whitney Marie, 165
Willetta, 163
Willetta Day, 160, 164, 176
Alberta, 176, 210, 258
Alberta S, 176
Alberta Stanley, 261
Laurabelle Luana, 210, 228, 262
Lloyd, 176, 210, 258, 262, 263
Lloyd G, 176
Lloyd Gaylon, 228
Luana, 1, 8, 14, 175, 229, 230, 284
Hines, Walter Vance, 65
Hinkle, Wade A, 169
Bill, 3, 9, 84, 85, 117, 132, 160, 175, 181,
182, 183, 186, 187, 198, 205, 206, 208,
217, 259, 298
Bill Day, 1, 184, 192
Bill F, 289
Bill Farrow, 198
Billy, 195, 199
Billy Day, 176, 193, 196
Billy F, 193
Billy Farrow, 192
Claude Manford, 192
Coral, 198
Coral Ann, 196, 197
David, 198, 304
David Wayne, 176, 196
Donna, 198, 205, 259
Jo Ann Breece, 176
Laura, 198
Marjorie, 194, 195
Marjorie Day, 1, 193, 291
Sharon, 187, 188, 192, 199, 200, 206, 293
Sharon Kay, 176, 193, 198, 204
Danny Alan, 204
Wendy, 204, 303
Homko, Alicia, 250, 305
Honts, Minerva Catherine, 147
Christine Z, 62, 65
Helen Josephine, 62
William, 65
William Curtis, 62
Adelbert, 111
Charles C, 111
David, 111, 141, 143
Fannie, 111
Frank D, 111
Franklin, 141
Mary, 111
William, 111
Hoping, Mary Day, 37
Hoselton, Mr, 36
Hoteling, Eliza, 105
Houghton, Elijah, 34
Charles Thomas, 110
Clara A, 143
Clara A Day, 141, 145, 146
Clara G, 110
Cora M, 110
Della L, 110
Edward E, 110
Laura E, 110
Mamie I, 110
Henry, 76
Hiram, 76
Howlett, Augusta K, 198
Hubbard, Antoinette, 117
Joe, 286
Joseph Calhoun, 262
Ora, 280, 286
Sandra, 265, 266, 267
Sandra Faye "Sandy, 262
Sandy, 175, 243, 285, 286
Huish, Bonnie Jean, 9
Huitt, Myrtle Olivia, 192
Hulbert, Harvey, 69
Isaac, 91
Sarah Jane, 91
Hull, Eliza Jane, 61
Huntley, Emma, 61
Huyck, Harold Mylan, 116
Keller, Amanda, 56
Kemp, Mary M, 35
Kidder, Almon, 143
Koch, Clara Alvina Emma, 215
Krueger, Iva Violet, 198
Mary, 23, 40
Rachel, 24, 38
Laughton, Mary, 23, 40, 42
Leach, Abigail, 26
Lenhard, Tena L, 114
Elizabeth, 134
Elnora I "Nora," 134
Stephen D, 134
Lewis, Marcy, 24
Alice, 102
Alice J, 99
Elizabeth, 27
Isaac, 27
Livermore, Abraham William, 69
Frank, 192, 291
Frank Herman, 205
Fred, 187, 188, 192, 206, 208, 224, 296
Fred Lee, 176, 207
John Herman, 205
Karen, 207
Bill, 257, 259
Dee, 236
Denise, 259
Denise Day, 260
David, 110
Laurena, 110, 111, 141, 146
Lorena, 109
Lowery, Sarah, 27
Ingersol, Sarah, 27
Ingraham, Ruth Day, 37
Ivan, Mr, 134
Ernest, 157
Willa, 158, 159
Willa Gertrude, 157
Barbara, 175, 291
Barbara Lee, 220
Clinton M, 100
Florence E, 100
Mahlon William, 220
Mr, 122
Thomas, 17
Joslin, Sarah, 51
Karcher, June Rita, 117
Bill, 213
Paula, 213, 300
Main, Fanny Burick, 35
Maine, Sophia, 36
Al, 223
Christine Lynn "Chris," 223
Rosann, 223
Cortland Ira, 104
Edmund, 17
Hugh R, 104
Lawrence D, 104
Martha A, 104
Masterson, John, 65
Matchett, Susannah, 15, 16, 17, 20, 23, 40
Mayer, Leonarda, 97
McClurg, Marshall, 204
Dane, 63
Diana, 64
John, 64
John Creston, 63
Kathleen, 64
Keith, 64
Leona Perkins, 63
Marilyn, 63, 64
Michael, 64
Paula, 64
Susan, 63
Tom, 63
Virginia, 64
William Creston, 62
William Hoover, 63, 64
Alice Celia, 96
Gilbert Ransom, 97
Johannes, 96
Soloman Gilbert, 96
William Ellsworth, 97
McCorison, Virginia "Jinnie" Ruth, 63
McKinstry, Caroline "Carrie" Lillian, 75
B E, 58
Dorothy, 58
Edward M, 58
Asa Maxwell, 116
Kent Allen, 116
Mary Ann, 116
Merrill, Levina, 32
Messman, Mr, 113
Miles, Mr, 75
Dyer F, 37
Frank H, 37
Phoebe, 33
John, 275
Marge, 213
Millett, Thomas Sr, 20
Mills, Ruth, 91
Minn, Martha, 117
Minor, Docia, 58
Montgomery, Monty, 257
Mooneyham, Mr, 116
Thomas, 119
Thomas J, 108
Moorhouse, Roy E, 208
Morgan, Mabel Marie, 208
Anthony William "Tony," 212
Bill, 212, 294
Jody, 212
Robert, 114
William Cecil Jr "Bill," 211
William Cecil Sr, 211
Muller, Monika, 198
Mumm, Phyllis Fern, 116
Elizabeth, 54, 56, 60, 65, 68
Ephraim, 50, 51, 54
Bertha L, 136
Merle W, 136
Rachael E, 136
Samuel S, 136
William G, 136
Nestor, Frances Edward, 102
Bonnie, 201
Darlene Marie, 201
Harry, 201
Perry, Elizabeth, 42
Pesci, Yolanda Katherine, 211
Andrew, 275, 278, 279, 288
Andrew Day, 3, 277
Grace, 275, 277, 280, 281, 288
Grace Elizabeth, 279
Jane, 276
Jane Carlson, 275
Keith, 259, 275, 277, 286, 287, 288
Keith Arthur, 275
Robert, 275
Pinkett, Francis, 42
Pollard, Donald Curtis, 64
Powers, Abigail, 33
David, 65
Sarah Jane, 65
Harry, 75
Harry H, 74
Jennie Eliza, 75
John Murray, 75
Lucretia, 75
Lucretia Day, 74
Provenzano, Lori Anne, 251
Putnam, Anna, 24
David Allen, 65
Lawrence, 65
Marianne, 65
Ordway, Winifred Doris, 115
Page, C W, 68
Palmer, Mr, 101
Samuel, 56, 57
Sarah, 57, 58
Sarah E, 56
Pate, Audry L, 168
Christine Ann, 176
Denise, 176
Hal, 188
Hal Sr, 176
Hal W, 176
Ruth Waechter, 176
Ruthie, 188
Pearse, John, 17
Barbara, 102
Carol, 102
Charles I, 101
Charles I Jr, 102
David, 102
Jill, 102
Margaret, 101
Roy M, 101
Perkins, Leona, 63
Quigley, Darcey A, 202
Anna, 67, 81, 82, 83, 85, 87, 93, 102, 105,
108, 117
Annie, 109
Electa, 75, 79
Jonathan, 87
Moses, 70
Robert, 89
Susannah, 70, 74
Rauckhorst, Robert, 102
Earl P, 208
Henry C F, 208
Nellie M, 208
Kenneth Ray, 196
Laura, 304
Laura Jean, 196
Reddinton, Mary, 24
Redelfs, Mr, 113
Brett Hendee, 223
Kyle Robert, 223
Robert Hevilin, 223
Jack H, 61
Morris, 61
Reiff, Georgia Maxine, 156
Joseph C, 105
Marian Ruth, 105
Dessa, 157
Jennie, 176
Sally, 36
Benjamin, 249
Susannah, 15
Ripley, Mary, 74
Robbins, Hannah, 55, 68, 69
Francis Luna, 125
James, 127
Luna, 127, 130, 131
Ronk, Ellen B, 96
Root, Ruth, 56
Rothrock, Lulu May, 122
Hugh, 24, 38
Mary, 26, 27, 38
Michael Jay, 164
Rachel, 38
Rachel Langton, 38
Ruth, 30, 31, 37, 38
Rowland, Nancy, 93
Abraham, 80
Alice, 80
Anna, 87
Electa, 80
Frank, 80
Hiram, 80
Ruth, Bob, 157
Rutt, Alice M, 128
Sakys, Mr, 63
Cheryl, 251
Ethan, 251, 252
Tiffany, 251, 252
Edward, 121
Edward Mathias, 120
Gladys Marie, 122
John Eugene "Bud," 122
Mary C, 143
Mary C Day, 141
Mary Cillinda Day, 122
Mary Day, 121
Samuels, Bessie Edna, 123
Santley, Isabella, 55
Schoenfeld, Dave, 157
Schuchart, Joyce Annette, 92
Scoggin, Jeannette Marie, 222
Scott, Clara, 110
Edith S, 76
Josiah B, 76
Seidel, Margaret, 100
Alice Lillian, 128, 130
Anna Ruth, 128
Eva Marie, 128, 131
Florence Myrel, 128, 131
Forrest Jay, 128
Frances Emily, 128
Irven LaVern, 128
Lois Pearl, 128
Verne, 128
Serra, Monique, 214
Shedd, James, 75
Sheets, Coral, 127
Shephardson, Nathaniel, 31
Sheriff, John, 157
Shuhan, Verona Ferguson, 176
Fred, 167
Hattye May, 167
Ida, 167
Siple, Donna, 282
Skipton, Mr, 113
Sligh, Senah Amanda, 61
Sly, Senah Amanda, 61
Chauncey, 36
Mary, 127
David, 147
Mary B, 5, 153
Mary Belle, 1, 147, 152, 154, 155, 157,
166, 169, 170, 283
Thomas Edward, 147
Sparling, Helen D, 207
Damon Dale, 198
Donna Dale, 198
Stacy, Elizabeth Davis, 27
Standish, Myles, 15
Alberta Martha Edna, 228
Daniel, 43, 44, 46
Stanwood, Phillip, 17
Debra, 198
Donna, 298
John Jr, 198
Stemmerman, Sandra, 116
Hannah, 70
Hannah Robbins Day, 69
Jonathan, 69, 70
Mr, 17
Senah Amanda, 61
Harry, 133, 134
Lillie Blond, 132, 133
Richard, 134
Sarah, 143
Sarah Day, 141
Sarah Olive Day, 133
Stephen, 134
Theodore, 134
William M, 134
William McClellan, 132
William Warren, 132
Dennis, 103
Jennie, 103
Stone, Mr, 111
Addison, 222
Joseph Allan Jr, 222
Joseph Allan Sr, 222
Katie, 222
Ryan, 222
Whitney, 222
Susanna, Hannah, 89
Swartz, Mr, 136
Blair Thomas, 96
Dora May, 96
Henry Johannus, 96
Judith Ann, 74
Sylvannas H, 96
Betty, 31
Bowin, 31
George, 32
James, 32
John III, 31
Oliver, 32
William, 31
Tattershall, Harvey, 196
Tatum, Verta Ora Veatrice "Ora," 262
James, 35
Maryette, 35
Mary, 42
Nellie V, 62
Tibbets, Cyrena, 111
Tracy, Saphrona Ellen, 170, 184
Traverse, James, 16
Pluma, 66, 74, 106, 107
Reuben, 66, 74, 87, 105, 106
Sara, 87
Sarah Day, 85
Sarah "Sally," 106
Truesdale, Samuel Ethan, 34
Tyler, Carol, 117
Elsie, 1, 171, 175, 177, 185, 189, 238, 284
Elsie Viola, 155, 170, 184
Ruth, 176
Walters, Henry, 79
Cynthia A, 58
Lansing Rev, 58
John, 49
Margaret, 49
Mary, 49
Weimer, Vernon, 157
Anna Lavender, 98
Benjamin F, 6
Benjamin Franklin, 166
Bennie, 176
Stella Day, 166, 176
Stella L, 6
Vivian E, 6
Wheeler, Avis, 80
Whipple, Ruth, 31
E S, 77
Harriet Bass, 77
Mary B, 77
White, John Rev, 15, 40
Whitelaw, Walter, 157
Whiteneck, Samuel Hood, 130
Whitmarsh, Nahum, 80
Cillinda, 117
Phoebe, 24
Salida, 109
Wildes, Phoebe, 23
Ephraim, 24
John, 23, 24, 25
Phoebe, 23, 25
Sarah, 24, 25
Wiles, Phoebe, 24
Willy, Marie Thelma, 115
Wilson, Marguerite May "Marge," 254
Wiltse, Dr, 79
Alexander Patrick, 249
Barbara, 249
Bernadette Day, 250
Jeff, 249, 306
Leo, 249
Nicholas Franklin, 250
Van Pelt
Chauncey, 155
Gloria Mae, 155
Van Scoy, Laura Mae, 62
Van Wormer, Joseph, 36
Vandervoort, Dorothy, 116
Vascura, Margaret, 101
Veatch, Wilson Ben, 113
Rachel, 24
William, 15, 16, 17
Alfred Newton, 170, 184
Arthur, 176, 184, 188
Alphonse, 168
Veleta Glen, 168
Winter, Kim D, 169
Witters, Florence, 176
Arthur, 179
Ezra, 93
Hepzibah, 33
Maria, 95
Maria Catherine, 93
Melanie, 1, 2, 275, 286, 288
Melanie Lynn, 282
Perry, 282
George, 305
George Albert III "Geo," 214
George Albert IV, 214
George Albert Jr, 214
Worley, Leila A, 155
Margelinie, 36
Seth, 36
Alta, 114
Asa, 114
Clara E Day, Mrs, 114
Edith, 113
Ethel, 113
Irvin, 114
Leona, 114
Mae, 113
Wallace Landon, 113
Yocum, Nellie Belle, 92