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Marimar Estate
Having travelled extensively, accompanying her father (Don Miguel) on a series of business trips,
Marimar Torres, sister of Miguel A. Torres Riera, decided to set up home on the other side of the Atlantic.
After two years searching, she bought 25 hectares of land in Sonoma County in 1983 close to the town of
Sebastopol in California – an area which arguably produces the finest Pinot Noir in all of California.
The land was carefully prepared and 3 years later the planting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes began.
Marimar Torres then went on
to buy a magnificent new 180
acre vineyard in the Sonoma
Coast, naming the
vineyard ‘Dona Margarita’
in honour of her mother.
Today the vineyard comprises of 81
acres, of which 30 are planted with
Chardonnay and 30 with Pinot Noir.
Another 20 acres of a new property in
the Freestone Valley (Sonoma Coast) are
also planted with Pinot Noir.
Top: Marimar Torres
Left: Marimar Estate
The Green Valley, one of Sonoma
County’s coolest growing regions,
with its proximity to the Pacific Ocean
provides an excellent growing
season and allows the grapes
to develop slowly to full
intensity. Nestled in the
rolling hills of Western
Sonoma County, the
Russian River Valley appellation is
a perfect microclimate for growing
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
Due to her European heritage,
emphasis on the vineyard is a natural
concept for Marimar; the wines,
made entirely from estate-grown
grapes, are a true expression of this
unique terroir.
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SONoma county, california
The first release, 1989 barrel-fermented
Chardonnay, debuted in April 1991 to
great acclaim. In 1992, a 15,000 case
winery was built and the Estate’s first
Pinot Noir was produced.
Bottom: Marimar
Estate Winery
Family pride and integrity have enabled
Marimar Torres to blend centuries-old
traditions with the latest innovations to
produce outstanding wines known the
world over. Marimar herself has become
a symbol of this heritage.
Acero Chardonnay
La Masía Chardonnay
As a passionate believer in the
environment, Marimar Torres has
employed organic practices in her
vineyards since 2003 for which she
was awarded an Organic Certificate
in 2006. Since then, she has taken
this commitment a step further by
developing bio-dynamic farming
methods across her entire estate.
la Masía Pinot Noir
Cristina Pinot Noir
SONoma county, california
Top: Aerial view Marimar Estate Winery
Bottom: Marimar Estate vineyard cover crop
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Middle Right: Marimar’s winery dining room
Bottom Right: Marimar Torres helping with the harvest