50 Cent


50 Cent
50 Cent has had a tough life. At twelve, he was dealing cocaine. The same year, his mother was
murdered. Later, he was later arrested for drug dealing and possession, and after that he was
shot with nine bullets. Training as an amateur boxer, 50 Cent conditioned himself to rise above
his background and become a champion, which is exactly what he did when he turned to his
passion: hip hop.
Discovered by Eminem, 50 Cent made a name for himself with the 2003 album ‘Get Rich or Die
Tryin’ and 2005’s ‘The Massacre’.
Our program looks at 50 Cent’s achievements to date and his place in the music industry. As
founder of G-Unit records, 50 Cent has established himself as more than just a rapper. As well
as his own work, we look at the artists he has collaborated with, supported or fallen out with.
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