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Maysteel, LLC specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom, precision, OEM sheet
metal enclosures, electrical cabinets and metal fabricated assemblies. The company’s product solutions
are widely used in the banking, computing, telecom, kiosk, security monitoring, alternative energy, utility,
harsh environment electrical equipment, and self-serve/vending machine industries, as well as a variety
of other applications. Maysteel specializes in providing the lowest total product cost by employing
design for manufacturability (DFM) solutions throughout the product lifecycle. Maysteel was founded in
1936 and today has manufacturing locations in Allenton, Wisconsin and Monterrey, Mexico. Maysteel is
wholly-owned subsidiary of The Everett Smith Group, Ltd.
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ideas made in Metal
Let’s take your idea and make it in metal.
When you think about it, an idea for a great product is likely less than one percent complete
You can find many organizations with sheet metal fabrication
equipment to build the product you specify. But at the end of the
day, only a few have experienced teams that know how to improve
product designs for manufacturability, reduce costs, and refine the
product over time.
At Maysteel, our engineering teams use state-of-the-art equipment
and processes to design, test, and fabricate the products that
ultimately hold your reputation. We’ve been doing it successfully for
more than 75 years, and we’d be honored to do it for you.
at conception. The lightbulb moment for a new product now meets the real work of design,
engineering, manufacturing and integration. To bring ideas to life requires a formidable
manufacturing capability, from metal-forming presses to automated and large-enclosure paint
lines. More important, ideas must first be manufactured in the minds of professionals—people
with years of experience forming and joining metal components into the products we rely on
every day: the self-checkout station at your local grocer; the beverage dispenser in your favorite
restaurant; a data storage rack packed with computer equipment.
Our teams envision what you want to build, optimize the design for manufacturing efficiency,
validate the product, and tool our vertically-integrated facilities to produce it efficiently. At
Maysteel, we don’t simply make the product you want. We’ll make the product you need.
That’s Maysteel. Ideas made in metal.
Maysteel solutions of every shape
and size are found in the
computer, medical, gaming, electrical, retail, alternative energies, self-service,
power generation and banking industries.
A partnership with the goal of finding
the lowest total program cost.
To do the right thing, we have to hear what you need. So the people of
Maysteel listen first, understand your program goals, then deliver—from
initial engineering through final implementation. As an extension of your
organization, we closely partner with all of our clients to optimize products for
quality, strength, and manufacturability. The depth of our personnel, operational
expertise and experience with complex fabrications and weldments ensure we
can hit the ground running—confidently.
That depth is routinely relied upon to handle multiple aspects of the programs
we manage, from design through assembly. We’ll show you how to reduce
costs, increase accountability and deliver the lowest total program cost. That
only comes from being technically strong, broadly experienced and dedicated
to doing the right thing for the long-term.
For nearly eight decades Maysteel has proven its abilities as a risk-free, trusted
partner to Fortune 100 companies around the world. Let us show you how
Maysteel can bring your vision to life.
Larger manufacturing
programs require more than
technical expertise. They require deep financial strength
built on a proven business model.
Contemporary product designs aren’t exactly getting easier to build. And that is why our
clients—our partners—rely on us to design what they need, and validate their product ideas
before we race to produce it. Our design engineering teams and rapid prototyping capabilities
Maysteel clients
routinely ask us to work
with unique materials,
and investigate better
joining applications. We
can help you with your
project as well.
& robotic
•Projection Welding
work to vet ideas that simplify designs, consolidate components and improve your time to
market. All of which ensure higher quality products and more cost-effective manufacturing.
An engineering firm surrounded
by vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities.
With approved design in hand, our Innovation Center—a fully-equipped
micro-factory within our corporate facility—builds prototypes and provides
feedback on design improvements. This service helps refine every stage of the
manufacturing process to ensure your product is best designed for the realities
of a production environment. Our Tooling department builds custom jigs and
fixtures that maintain precision tolerances. Automated punch and turret presses
shape raw metal into precise components that are continually checked for
quality by trained personnel with the help of sophisticated devices that maintain
strict tolerances.
Automation ensures efficiency, but skilled craftsmen and women bring
components together with precision welding and mechanical joining
technologies. Metal finishing and inspection of every component precedes an
eight-stage pre-treatment process. Then, product reaches our automated and
large-enclosure powder coating system that provides durable, high-cosmetic
finishes for the products you use every day.
As durable finishes bake in rooftop ovens, experienced teams ready their
stations for various electromechanical assembly processes, as well as final
packaging for worldwide shipment.
•Pressure sensitive
Adhesives &
Everything we do follows ISO 9001 documented processes to ensure quality
worthy of your brand name.
•Spot welding
•Mechanical joining
Maysteel is a proven
organization that has unsurpassed depth and breadth
of sheet metal services.