Black on Black - Diamond Back Gutter Covers


Black on Black - Diamond Back Gutter Covers
Black on Black
Product Specifications:
• 22—Gauge Steel Base
• Finish: Powder Coated Base with Black
Aluminum Screen
• Warranty: Lifetime Material Warranty
Industry Summary: Diamond Back’s Black on
Black product is a combination of expanded
metal base, powder coated and topped with
an aluminum 18 mesh screen for superior
The design is ideal for all homes and does not
interfere with shingles. Does not penetrate the
roof. The combination of the strength of the
expanded metal and the performance of the mesh
screen protects your gutters from Maple Seeds,
Oak Tassels and Small Debris. Excellent for all
roofs, including: Slate, Shake, Flat, Tile, and Metal.
Conclusion: Outperforms most products and
is a great value. Designed to be low profile and
virtually invisible.
Features & Benefits: Powder Coated to prevent
dissimilar Metal Reaction—This is crucial. Bare
Galvanized Steel will eat bare Aluminum.
■ Standard
■ Reverse/Standard
• Almost invisible
• No end caps
• Pops in and out (pressure fit) Won’t blow out!
• Does not interfere with shingles (Read this again)
• Fits Slate, Shake, Tile, Metal and Flat roofs also
• No roof penetration
• Covers entire gutter–no debris gets in
• Can be sold in combination with hard covers
in problem areas like flat roofs, metal pole
buildings, etc
• Handles a ton of rain water
Over all Performance Rating: 5.0

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