we test it: pedometers


we test it: pedometers
Accusplit Eagle
Highgear Via
Yamax SW-200
Sportline Fitness
Pro Pedometer 360
Oregon Scientific
Talking Pedometer
with FM radio
Largest display of all
pedometers tested;
set stride for walk or
run mode. Measures
time, steps, and
distance; has stopwatch function.
Measures time, steps,
calories, fat burned,
and distance. Can be
adjusted if it’s over- or
undercounting steps.
Ultrathin design;
measures steps
and shows activity
time on a large
display in a sleek,
case. Security strap
clips to the waist to
prevent loss.
You can program
a daily goal of
calories, and a graph
displays percent
of total calories
burned. Measures
steps, distance,
calories, and time.
Has stopwatch.
Adjustable motion
sensitivity function
improves accuracy.
Trusted by researchers and considered
the gold standard
to which all other
pedometers are
compared. This
device counts just
steps and comes
with a security strap
and calendar log.
Double-line display
(split screen for
viewing distance and
steps simultaneously); measures
time, steps, distance,
calories, speed
(MPH), and steps
per minute. Also
includes walk and
run modes and a
7-day memory.
Measures distance,
time, and calories
along with steps;
has FM radio function. Talking feature
announces steps,
distance, and time
through headphones
(included) at
predefined intervals
or by pushing the talk
button. Backlit for
night visibility.
Measures steps
and total calorie
expenditure. Internal
clock rolls steps back
to zero daily. Has
7-day memory and
security strap. New
technology tracks
lower speeds with
greater accuracy.
Most precise device
for the large-waisted.
Measures steps,
distance, calories,
and heart rate (with
optional heart rate
transmitter strap,
not included); backlit
display for night
use. Allows you to
upload data onto your
computer (PC only) to
chart your progress.
“I was sold when it
was right on target
after I repeated the
same distance five
times,” said one
runner. This model’s
broader keypad and
boxy shape was a
little bulky for some,
but most testers
appreciated its intuitive functions.
“Had it on and
running in minutes,” a
pleased walker said.
Perfect for the “no
frills” user. Simple,
lightweight, and
extremely accurate.
When all you want is a
step counter, this is the
simplest of them all.
Lab tests gave it high
marks for accuracy.
“I’m not a whiz when
it comes to programming gadgets, but
the instructions were
simple to follow,”
a tech-tentative
tester said. Walkers
loved the hip, sporty
style. Flip-up design
allows users to view
right-side-up while
device is still clipped
to waist.
“I just want to know
how many steps I'm
walking (or not) per
day, so this is a gem,”
said one staffer.
“Great training
device for anyone
getting ready to
walk/run a race,”
one competitor
remarked. It tracks
speed and steps per
minute so users can
pick up the pace (or
increase steps) to
reach a distance in
goal time.
Great for exercisers
seeking a motivational “buddy” on
their walks. “Finally,
a device that didn’t
leave me bored
with my workout,”
said one impressed
tester. The chatty
device took more
time than others to
set up, but testers
didn’t seem to mind.
“I found myself
doing laps around
the office just to log
in more steps,” said
a step-conscious
editor. Our testers
found this to be the
most user-friendly of
the bunch. Rated one
of the most accurate
pedometers by
“Not the least bit
intimidating,” said
a gadget novice.
Perfect for people
who want to keep
a record of their
fitness progress.
Price is higher
than the rest, but a
memory chip allows
users to store data
(in the pedometer)
for several weeks.
(store locator)
www.omron healthcare.com (store
www.new-life styles.
www.walkingadvantage.com (store
www2.oregon scientific.com
www.new-life styles.
Omron Pedometer
with Calorie Counter
Acumen Jog Mate
MONTH 2006
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we test it: pedometers