Individual products for optimal pain relief.


Individual products for optimal pain relief.
Individual products
for optimal pain relief.
Dear Customer,
Thank you for placing your trust
in a Bauerfeind product. You have
received a high-quality medical
product – Made in Germany.
Motion is Life:
Active support for pain relief and
stabilization of the knee.
Active support for pain relief and muscular stabilization of the lumbar spine.
Washing Instruction for your Train support
All Bauerfeind Train supports can
be machine washed in cold/cool
water (~ 86°F), using the gentle or
delicate wash cycle setting. Wash
separately using a laundry detergent
with no additives (no fabric softener
or Woolite®). We recommend using
a mesh lingerie bag, if possible.
1. For products with Velcro® straps:
Remove the straps if possible, or fasten them securely at the place provided for this purpose.
Note: Never subject your Train
product to direct heat (e.g. heaters,
sunlight, in your car, etc.)! This
could damage the material, which
can impair the effectiveness.
Air dry your Train product. Do not
dry it in a dryer because this can
compromise the knitted fabric.
Please wash your Train product regularly to retain the compression of the
knitted fabric!
2. If possible, also remove pads/
inserts before washing.
*Standardized washing tests show that after 50 washing machine cycles full functionality of
the Train active support is retained (liquid detergent was used without additives).
Motion is Life: