January 2014 - Jersey Shore Running Club



January 2014 - Jersey Shore Running Club
Newsletter of New Jersey’s Largest Running Club
Volume XXIII • Issue 1
President’s Message
Club Officers
President: Carly DePolo
Vice President: Tina Duda
Secretary: Laura Moetz
Treasurer: Mindy Brady
Web Master: Bob Both
Logistics: Phil Hinck
Directors at Large:
Jack Cheer, Jim Murphy
Editorial Staff
Newsletter Editor & Publisher:
Barbara Hay
Contributing Writers:
Bob Both, Dave DeMonico, Penny
Hinck, Laura Moetz
Bob Both, Penny Hinck,
Electronic Newsletter Distribution:
Penny Hinck
Membership Coordinator:
Penny Hinck
July Membership Summary:
Total Members: 4796
Active Members (Dues Paid): 1252
Individual Members: 1050
Family Members: 202
RRCA Insurance Members: 1032
Membership Updates:
Send your change of address to:
Membership - JSRC
P.O. Box 7492
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702.
Contact [email protected] to
update your membership information or to obtain a membership card.
Volunteer Coordinator:
Mike Procopio
Contact [email protected] to
volunteer or get information about
Footnotes is a publication of Jersey Shore
Running Club (JSRC), a non-profit,
philanthropic organization. This
publication is produced monthly.
JSRC is a member of RRCA & USATF
(Member No. CLUB 0196).
Members are encouraged to submit press
releases or articles of interest to fellow
Club members to [email protected]
Next Issue Deadline:
8:00PM January 31, 2013.
2 January 2014
As we enjoy this holiday season and the merriment it's nice to know we have
given something back to our community. As members of the Jersey Shore
Running Club we are giving back to our local charities all year long. We have
some outstanding leaders in this club and they have worked tirelessly to
ensure that our races are not only the most smoothly run but also a lot of fun.
However, some of our race directors believe it is time to pass the baton and
give someone else a chance to get involved. I encourage you join one of our
race committees and play an even larger part in the amazing things this club
does all year round. Help our club and the dozens of local charities we support
stay strong. If you are interested in becoming more involved or joining a race
committe please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
~ Carly DePolo, President
Jersey Shore Running Club is a great organization and it is that way because of you—our members.
Many of our events have been run year after year without fail by the club. In fact, some of them have
been run by the same person or committee for years!
One of the problems we have had over the years is our Race Directors do such a good job, no one wants
to replace them—even when they want to “retire” from the position and move on to other races or hobbies. To keep this club vibrant and some of our favorite races continuing, we need to new people to learn
the ropes from the “old-timers” and prepare to take over the Race Director reins as they decide to
“retire.” from race directing.
Think about it, how many times were you running a race and thought “They shoulda…”, or “If I were in
charge of this race…”? Well, here’s your chance to make a change or improvement!
You needn’t be afraid that you don’t know anything about race directing, our current race directors were
newbies once upon a time, too. Plus, you will have an added advantage of their experience and knowledge as they train you for the race. They will be there to guide you on your first time, so you won’t be on
your own. If you’ve volunteered at races you already know something.
So why not make 2014 the year where you become more involved with the club?
Here’s where we urgently need help and new race directors:
RunAPalooza: Bob Both is seeking someone to become race director for 2015. He thinks it would be best
if a new person could start now to learn the ins and outs of a multi-race, multi-town event. Bob is willing
to break it into three race director positions, one for each of the three events: the 5K, the Half and the
relay. Bob says he would likely stay involved, but cannot do it all anymore. If you are interested contact
Bob or President Carly DePolo.
Bodman Run: This is one of the Club’s founding runs and one that helped to grow JSRC. It’s been going
on every Sunday morning for years. Liz Ireland has been “spoiling” the group for years, making certain
there was plenty of water and special treats for later, but she has moved farther away and would like to
pass the job on to someone else. Mary Moriarty has been placing amenities on the course, but no one is
pitching in at the clubhouse. It’s reached crisis stage, where people don’t want to come anymore since
there’s no one managing food & treats. Without Sunday Run, we would be the same as any other club. At
present, we have volunteers for a few, including Liz, Bob Both has volunteered for one or two weeks to
make it a “Hot Chocolate Run.” But we need more than just Bob & Liz to pitch in, we need the runners
who participate to also pitch in to help our club remain the best in NJ. If each person who participates in
the run, were to take a week, offer to bring treats, bring water, show up early to open the door, put out
amenities, open the restroom, and work as a team, it would truly be a team run and team event. If you
are interested in helping out, the commitment would be 8:00 a.m. to 11:00a.m. on Sunday mornings.
For more information, please contact President Carly DePolo.
Racing News with Laura Moetz
This month’s JSRC General Meeting
held on Tuesday, November 26,
2013 at the Deal Firehouse in Deal.
The Call to order came at 7:40 p.m.
and was followed by the Pledge of
Allegiance and Approval of September Club meeting minutes.
Board requested advance approval for a maximum of $10,000
end of year donations. The floor
The last of the six Shore AC Fall
Cross Country races was Saturday,
November 2, at 9am. Final standings: Shore AC topped the team
competition with 221 points, followed by the Hoboken Harriers
(HOHA) with 405, Freehold Area
Running Club with 554, JSRC
with 571 and PAC with 780
Sat. Nov. 2: Beauty and the
Beach 5-Miler, Long Branch.
Paula said it was a fantastic day,
lots of girls and friends there. The
expo was great, love the flip flop
necklace (white this year). “I love
my flip flop necklace each year!”
Shirt was a nice polyester technical shirt. Cool and breezy, was the
traditional Pier Village course.
Sun. Nov. 3: 7th Annual Justin
Cruz Memorial 5K Run. Diane
Cheer reported there was a good
crowd, scholarship was awarded
for the Justin Cruz Scholarship
Foundation (501c3) for Wall High
School Seniors who have played
Sun. Nov. 3: First Annual Turkey
TuneUp 5K in Point Pleasant.
Runners got a nice hoodie sweatshirt, and our own president
Carly DePolo finished 3rd place
female overall in 23:30! Buffet
afterward at the Shore House.
Good turnout.
Sun. Nov. 3: New York City
Marathon. Who ran? Bob Both
said we had over 100 runners on
our buses and two buses of volunteers. One runner was hospitalized
with hypothermia and still wanted
to get his medal from the finish line
(even though he didn’t finish).
Sun. Nov. 10: HASHATHON!!
Phil Hinck said it was a great
turnout with 350 runners, which
is pretty close to the largest field
we’ve ever had. Mirabel Elliott
won second place in the one mile
race! Carly mentioned the fire at
Cheesequake Park this weekend,
but apparently the park is still
there. Good party afterwards at
the Haley Fire House.
Sat. Nov. 17: Johnny Mac’s
House of Spirits Train Run Gobbler Express. Bob Both said 200
people came, took the train,
everybody made it back to
Johnny Mac’s. Great shirts from
Dr. T-Shirt (as modeled by John
Donahue). Next Train Run is Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014. Proceeds of
$1,400 to be donated to Our Lady
of Mount Carmel School and
Asbury Park Youth in Asbury
Park, will clear over $2,000.Sat.
Nov. 23: Manasquan Turkey Trot
5-Miler. Sandra was there, Eddie
Alburtus was there. Carly thought
she might finally beat Eddie…but
nope. There he was, at the finish
line. Good time at the Beach
House. Jack Cheer said there were
2,030 finishers.
Other races:
Sat. Nov. 9: Dirty Pumpkin Run
and Fall Festival in Manalapan.
This was a Mud Run for parents
and kids. Good event, very cold
and we did have to go into the
water. It was really muddy! But
the kids were really into it.
ble-Cross Half-Marathon, 10K
and Kids Fun Run in Trenton. It
was 32 degrees, and a little challenging with hills. Off ramps and on
ramps. You can finish on home
plate in the stadium where the Trenton Thunder play baseball.
Fri. Nov. 29: Born to Run 5-Miler
in Freehold. Really nice course,
said Jim Murphy, sunny but cold.
Phil Hinck said we don’t do the
race within a race anymore. Great
party at the Court Jester.
Sun. Dec. 1 is the Navesink
Challenge 5K and 15K. (Unrelated, but since Dave Zurheide
used to be the race director, he is
collecting turkeys and gift cards
for Marshall Elementary School.
We met our goal; thank you.)
Race Director Leslie McKernan
predicts weather will be good for
Sunday, and will be a great day
for Chef Bob Gileski’s chicken
soup. Online registration closes
Wed. night. Can register at Road
Runner Sports on Sat. for $30, but
if you wait til race day it’s $40
with no guarantee of a shirt. New
location for post party is the Red
Bank Elks, and Pat Guadagno will
be the entertainment. The Red Bicycle is sponsoring. Phil Hinck suggests registering online; they already
have 800 preregistered and it might
get closed out. This year: the race
shirts are red tech shirts.
Sat. Dec. 7: 10th Annual Poricy
Park 5K and 5-Mile Races, Middletown: Nice, small race. Phil
Hinck said this is the race if you
want to win an award, so come.
Maybe they’ll draw 100 runners.
It’s a little city park, but you’ve
never seen this view in Middletown of all the hills there. Very
few people know about it. Come
on out and get your award! It’s a
grassy course, and hilly. Catered
by Muscle Maker Grill!
• $25 gift card to McLoone’s (any
McLoone’s): John Donahue
• Dave DeMonico: Pinball museum in Asbury park, one hour
• $25 gift card to McLoone’s:
Patrick McIntyre
• Jersey Mikes gift certificate:
• Mindy Brady: choice of large or
extra large shirt
• Jim Davis
Sat. Dec. 8: Toys for Tots 5K,
Michael Tigue Park in Freehold.
Phil Hinck said registration is
very low right now. Only $10 to
run if you bring a toy, $20 post
registration or without a toy.
They are offering a tech shirt this
year. They need runners: please
run to help keep this race alive!
FARC is our sister club; we want
to support them.
Mon. Dec. 16: Adopt a Family.
Volunteer Coordinator Mike
Procopio has posted the families
wish lists on the JSRC website
and on Facebook, also in Bob
Both’s Examiner article. You can
donate either money or gifts, and
you can come to the wrapping
party at Mount Carmel School in
Asbury Park starting at 6pm.
Sun. Dec. 29: 50th Annual 50th
Annual Asbury Park Polar Bear
5-Miler. Phil Hinck said it’s the
oldest event in the area; usually
the last race of the year.
Tue. Dec. 31: The New Year’s
Eve Twilight Run is back. This is
a 3-mile run, not a race. This year,
we’ll meet at Edgar’s Pub, 153 Sea
Girt Ave., Manasquan, race starts
at 5:45pm, then run around Sea
Girt Army Camp, go back to
Edgars, have a little party. He’s
got a lot of prizes, massage certificates, etc. Should be great, will be
a nice time. We do need some
volunteers: people on the course,
registration, etc.
Sat. Nov. 23 Second annual Douwww.facebook.com/groups/jsrc1
January 2014 3
News with&Laura
Continued from page 3
Bodman Sunday Run: The JSRC
Board has decided to do a “rebirth” of the Bodman Sunday
Run. Will begin with a Hot
Chocolate Run on Sunday, Dec.
8. Every second Sunday will be
hosted by the JSRC board. Refreshments there until around
10:30-11am. Liz Ireland had to
step down as weekly run host but
no one offered to take her place.
However, as a show of faith in the
Bodman run, the Board has decided to support one Sunday run
a month. We ARE still seeking
volunteers to take it back. You
could split it among other people
and not do it every Sunday like
Liz used to. We are also working
out some incentive offers to inspire volunteers (maybe free race
entries, maybe free JSRC gear).
Phil Hinck said it’s one of the
most scenic courses in the Monmouth County area. This is the
run that started our club, so we
didn’t want to let it go by the
Thursday Run: Jim Murphy says
it draws 25-30 people every week.
Start and finish at bar A every
Members at the Finish Line
Resolution 5K
Marti Stetter ......................23:41
(1AG) 50/59
Frosty 5k
Marti Stetter ......................23:29
Reindeer 5k
Frank Pelcher ....................26:36
Meet Our New Members:
Peggy: With Thanksgiving coming, I am a teacher and have a
student who’s in Afghanistan.
Something to remember—-our
troops who are overseas. Don’t
forget them over the holidays.
No December meeting! January
meeting will be at Red Bank Elks
on West Front Street in Red Bank.
Ralph English
I finally became a member after running many 5k's and a few 5milers
over the years. I picked up a member app at a race and one day my wife
said she'd fill it out. Of course she signed me up for 3years. So along with
her duties as my official stuff holder and coach she will be happy to volunteer and help out at races. I recently completed my first Half-Marathon
in Seaside and ran my first Hashathon in Cheesequake. I run 4-8miles on
the boardwalk in Avon/Belmar/Spring Lake and hope to join the weekday group runs. Is there a marathon in my future?
Long sleeve tech shirts for $15
Gloves for $5
Great jacket too-a hot seller!
Adourned: 8:40 p.m.
The January Club
meeting will be
January 28, 2014
RunAPalooza Volunteers Needed
at the
Yes, it’s that time again. Time to start signing up for our
big race in April. in 2014 runAPalooza is going back to
Red Bank
the traditional race day set-up (that is before 2012
Hurricane Sandy) and we need all of our trusted volunElks Lodge
teers back on board!
Club members will be receiving email blasts and
40 West Front Street Many
news letters for Runapalooza volunteers from Barbara
the volunteer coordinator of the event. The first one went out in December and
Red Bank 07701 Hay
then next one is scheduled for January 15.
7:15 p.m.
See you there.
4 January 2014
At the November meeting:
Adam Makani from Brick;
Sarted running a year and a half ago. Ran a half-marathon last spring and
four since, ten races in last six months. Hopes to do his first full marathon
next fall.
Bob Ellis of Ocean Grove.
Started running about a year ago. Did Rock n Roll 10K in Brooklyn.
Kevin’s been a member for 3 years but it’s his first meeting. He’s volunteered for many of our events.
Dave Ballingall, Howell.
First meeting tonight, he just joined. Ran NY Marathon in 4:17, running
Navesink Challenge on Sunday. He’s recently rediscovered running and is
excited to be part of the club
Melanie Lerner of Rumson.
She’s done multiple 5Ks, 4 miles, 5 miles. Will do Navesink Challenge and
then her first marathon in April.
We need volunteer groups as well as individuals to help man these three events. Nonprofit volunteer groups will receive donations from Runapalooza for their time, if intrested in learning more about this, please contact Barbara.
Those who need to earn Community Service Hours, earn them on this race!
If you would like to be included in the mailings, would like to volunteer, or just want
more infor, email Barbaraat: [email protected]
You can also findo out more by joining/liking our facebook page:
Member Updates
A JSRC Tradition: The Twilight Run
Dave DeMonico reports that Jim Robbins is recovering nicely. He
moved into a therapy/rehab center and is doing well. He os sounding
strong, already working on his therapy with the goal of getting back
home and eventually back to the races & club events.
Jim said he appreciates all of your well wishes, thoughts, prayers, emails,
etc. He respectfully asks for no visitors at this time. He and his wife would
like to make the most of the time he has in rehab—to stick to the busy
therapy schedule and really focus on that— and getting enough rest, in
order to make his efforts at recovery more efficient & effective.
He does access his email—feel free to contact him, that way. He'll be
able to read the emails, but will be limited in ability to reply (So, don't be
worried if you don't receive a reply) Jim's doing great & will be back to
his regular Jimbo self, in no time !
As Dave says - good stuff!
Peggy McKean completed her 100th marathon—The Philly Maraton
on November 17, 2013. “It was a gorgeous day, I got a gorgeous
medal, old friends, lots of people on the course,” she said. “Patrick
McIntyre ran too! The good thing about Philly is that you always see
everybody on the course.” Patrick said the weather was perfect, but you
had to travel light due to security issues. Fun course.
SAVE THE DATE! & SIGN UP TODAY! Yes, it is Saturday, February 8,
2014!7:00 p.m. at Doolan’s Shore Club in Spring Lake Heights. See page
17 for more details!
If you have any news or updates you would like to share, please send
them in to [email protected]
Attention Bodman Park Sunday Runners!
These hats are available at the Sunday Run for Only $5.
Anyone who volunteers to either
open and close the club house or
put out water gets a hat for free.
Do it four times and get a great
looking Hoodie!
Running in the New Year
The Jersey Shore Running Club’s 10th Annual New Year’s Eve Twilight Run
was held on December 31. 2013 in Sea Girt, N.J. It was one last run for
The runners gathered at Edgars for registration and bib pick up starting at
4:30 p.m. At 5:30 p.m. They walked over to the Sea Girt National Guard
Training Center which is next door for the start of the 3 mile run. Many
runners came decked out in New Year’s Eve garb for the occasion.
The 300 plus runners lined up inside the Center and Race Director, Dan
Napolitan gave them instructions and thanked them for coming out. Phil
Hinck of Monmouth Beach then gave the runners the command to start.
The runners made their way around the roads inside the Center and finished
near the start.
This was a celebratory run so there were
no formal results or winners.
All the runners wore the 2014 bib number. The runners came across with happy
faces and were ready to bring in the New
Year in Ireland shortly after they finished.
The celebration continued inside Edgars
where the runners were treated to a buffet and a celebratory drink for the occasion.
Also celebrating were Phil and Penny
Hinck who were marking their 15th Wedding Anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with all their running friends.
Happy New Year and have an awesome
year of great running in 2014.
January 2014 5
What are your running goals for 2014?
The year 2013 was a memorable one for runners. Many events
continued to be troubled by the devastation from Hurricane Sandy.
Sandy had an impact on many popular running routes along the
boardwalks and parks, but most recovered by the start of the traditional summer season: Memorial Day weekend. The Boston Marathon
bombing had an impact on events and created a need for additional
security and vigilance at races and baggage checks.
Now, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to start planning your
running goals for 2014.
Goals and resolutions can be many categories such as:
• Yearly mileage. Many runners maintain meticulous running logs
and track their weekly, monthly and yearly miles. They set a goal of
running a specific target like 1000 or 2000 miles in the year. It’s a
good way to stay motivated to get out the door on some nasty days
and keep running all year round.
• Set a Personal Best. Pick a race distance and work toward a
personal best for that distance. Of course, as you get older those
personal bests might be harder to achieve. So you could set a goal of
breaking last year’s personal best or an age-group personal best.
• Run a longer distance. If you have been stuck running 5k’s set a
goal to run a longer distance race. Maybe set a goal to run a 10K, a
half marathon or a full marathon. Just be careful not to jump up
from say a 5k to a marathon distance too fast. That increases the
chance of injury and will set you back.
• Diversify. Do some cross training of some biking and swimming
and set a goal to do a triathlon or duathlon. . Don’t worry about finishing times if it is your first. Do it with some friends and do it for
• Travel. Find an interesting event some place and make a resolution
to travel to the race. It will energize your running and keep you motivated.
• Volunteer. Contact your local running club and offer to volunteer at
a race or in some other capacity. It’s always a rewarding experience
and a way to give back to the sport.
6 October/November 2013
Group running ettiquette
When running in a group, here are some etiquette suggestions to make
the run more enjoyable for all.
• Get there on time. If the run starts at 8:00 a.m., be there a few
minutes before and be ready to run at 8:00 a.m. It is impolite to
make everyone wait for you.
• Run with others who run at the same pace. Try to stay with a
group which runs about your pace. Sometimes in groups, I see people
running a few yards out in front of the rest. Just slow down a bit and
run at a comfortable pace with people who run about your pace and
stay together.
• It is not a race. It is supposed to be a fun run. It is not a race to see
who can make it back first.
• Avoid headphones and ear buds. It’s the worst feeling when you
are running with someone and you say something and they are
oblivious to your conversation. Remember it is a group run and the
conversation will help make the run more enjoyable and go faster for
everyone. Save the music when running alone.
• Be friendly and welcome newbies. When new runners join the
group, make sure someone who knows the route goes with them or
at least points them in the right direction.
• Empty your pockets. Don’t carry that big key chain and pocketful
of coins. The jingling on a long run can be very annoying to other
runners. Just take your car key and put it in the little key pocket of
your shorts or jacket or tie it to your shoe laces.
• Don’t crowd the path. We generally run two abreast. On running
trails leave room for others going in the opposite direction or others
to pass you. On the road, always stay far enough to the side of the
road out of the path of oncoming traffic. (Run facing traffic, too!)
• Be a windbreaker. On windy days take turns running in front to
help break the wind for those behind you.
• Conversate. It is good to talk but don’t monopolize the conversation. Let others chime in.
• Be helpful. If someone is having a problem or falls make sure someone stays with them and someone calls or goes for help. If it happened to you, you would not want to be left alone.
A little snow get your running down?
Are a few inches of snow on the ground and winter’s cold weather keeping
you indoors and creating an excuse to skip your run?
In 2010, four somewhat novice runners attempted what is considered the
most challenging series of ultra-marathons in the world.
The races are held in some of the most extreme environments on earth.
These were in Chile’s Atacama Desert one of the driest spots on earth;
China’s Gobi desert, Egypt’s Sahara and in the Antarctic with temperatures
below freezing and blizzard conditions.
The first man to ever successfully complete the Four Desert Series “Grand
Slam” was world famous “Ultramarathon Man,” Dean Karnazes.
The four runners were 56-year-old Dave, an Irish marketing director; 33year-old Ricky, a former pro American baseball player; 25-year-old Australian
actress Samantha and 40-year-old Tremaine an English ex-military security
The movie, titled “Desert Runners”, documents the four participant’s experiences in the races. According to director Jennifer Steinman the movie provides “a glimpse into the mindset of ultra-athletes, and the complex ways in
which human beings deal with both heartbreak and triumph.”
This is a movie that should inspire, humble, and entertain. Runners of all
ability will be able to relate to their experience at some level—and, after
watching this movie it may not be so easy to complain about the cold wintry conditions during your five-mile run.
The movie is now available on DVD or digital download at the Desert Runners movie web site (http://buy.desertrunnersmovie.com/). It would also
make for a nice gift for your ultra-marathon friend.
Winter running can be exhilarating!
The official start of
winter was December
21, 2013. Running in
the winter can be brutal
or exhilarating. As
we’ve seen, this first
week of January, there
can be brutal days with
driving cold wind, rain,
sleet and snow. There
are also sunny bright
days with the sun
warming you as you go
down your favorite path. It can also be treacherous with icy conditions
making for the risk of slips and falls. Here are some simple tips to help
get out and run this winter.
• Head. On those cold days wear a hat which covers the ears. You lose
a lot of body heat from the head and it is important to keep it covered to keep in the heat.
• Hands. Wear mittens rather than gloves. Mittens keep your fingers
warmer than regular gloves. When it is really cold, wear gloves and
then put mittens over the gloves.
• Core. Wear layers and don’t overdress. A wicking shirt as an under
layer helps keep moisture away from the body. Put another shirt over
that and on real cold days wear a light (unlined) windbreaker. Wearing tights are popular, but the looser fitting ones are actually warmer.
• Feet. Don’t wear cotton socks. Wear the moisture “Cool Max” or
equivalent type as they will help keep your feet dry.
• At Night. When running at night wear reflective clothing or a
flashing light for visibility.
• By Day. During the day wear your sun block. The winter sun can be
strong and cause damage to your skin as well as increase the risk of
skin cancers.
Running routes:
• Wind. On windy days try to run against the wind on the way out. It will
be tough going out, but you will be rewarded on the return. There is nothing worse than having to turn around and battle the wind after breezing
through a bunch of miles with the wind at your back.
On cold windy days running some trails in the woods really makes a big
difference as it breaks the wind.
• Traffic. Always run against the traffic—on the left-hand side of the
road so you can see oncoming traffic.
Find a lighted path to run in the evening when it is dark such as the
local boardwalks.
The best way to stay motivated through the winter is to run with some
friends or a group. When a friend or group is waiting there is a much
better chance you will not find an excuse not to run on that cold,
windy night.
October/November 2013 7
Polar Bears get wet
The Annual Shore AC Polar Bear Races in Asbury Park started in 1964 with
Elliott Denman, an Olympic Race Walker who, at the time, was a reporter
for the Asbury Park Press.
On Sunday, December 29, 2013, Elliott and several hundred other runners
and walkers were in Asbury Park for the 50th running of the races.
With a cold driving rain and temperatures in the upper 40’s the weather was
not even amenable to polar bears. But these several hundred runners did
participate in the 5-mile race which started at 1:00 p.m. on the Asbury Park
Boardwalk on the south side of Convention Hall.
In the morning, a 10-mile race walk was held on the boardwalk. Later,
runners gathered prior to the start inside the arcade of Convention Hall and
waited until just a few minutes prior to the start.
Phil Hinck of Monmouth Beach gave the runners instructions for the race
warning them to be careful on the slippery surface. Elliott Denman of Shore
AC who has been at all 50 races then thanked the runners for their support.
Runners then got the ready, set, go command and made their way south on
the boardwalk. They then turned around and headed north going around
Convention hall and back onto the boardwalk. They made their way around
the streets on the north end and then headed back to do the loop again with
a finish in front of Convention Hall.
Coming in first overall and for the men was Andrew Brodeur of Brick in a
time of 25:13. He was followed by Gerard Sclafoni of Rutherford, N.J. in a
time of 26:15. For the women it was Caitlin Dorgan of Red Bank in a time
of 30:27. She was followed by Amanda Tripodi of Englishtown in 31:43.
Harry Nolan of Middletown who has participated in all 50 of the events
winning the race numerous times finished in a respectable time of 33:40
good for 27th place overall.
Chickie “Penguin” Ebers played his drums and Dave DeMonico played
his trumpet for the runners on the course giving them needed encouragement.
After the race the participants headed over to the Berkeley Hotel where
awards were presented to the winners and the top age-group finishersby
Race Director, Shannon Gillespie.
January 2014
Teens dominate at Poricy Park Races
The Tenth Annual Poricy Park races were held on Saturday, December
7, 2013 at Poricy Park in Middletown, N.J.
The race was staged by the Poricy Park Conservatory. Poricy Park is an
environmental and education nature preserve on 250 acres, featuring
scenic trails, prehistoric fossil beds, wildlife and their habitats, and
home to the historic 1770 Murray Farmhouse.
The course took the runners through some scenic trails of the park.
There was a 5K and a 5 Miler. The races started at 9:30 a.m.
In the 5K for men it was Matt D'Auria, age 14, Ocean Township in a
time of 20:40. For the women it was Caitlin Mendina, age 13 of
Navesink, N.J. in 23:29.
In the 5-mile race for the men it was Daniel Chawner, age 40, of
Middletown in 33:17 and for the women, it was another teenager
Rachel Kenny, age 13 of Matawan in 34:26. Rachel is also a young
member of the Jersey Shore Running Club.
13th Navesink Challenge attracts record field
The Jersey Shore Running Club’s 13th Annual Navesink Challenge Races
were held on December 1, 2013 in Middletown, N.J. The races consisted of a
5K and a 15K through some scenic back roads in the Navesink section of
Middletown, There were over 900 participants this year — a record field for
the event
The weather was near ideal for the runners, spectators and volunteers with
moderate temperatures in the upper 40’s, sunny skies and almost no wind.
The start of both events was in Bodman Park located just off of Navesink
River Road in Middletown where the runners lined up. First to go off at exactly 10:00 a.m. was the 15K. Ten minutes later the 5K began. Prior to the
start there was the traditional singing of the National Anthem as the runners
stood at attention. Then Phil Hinck of gave runners last minute instructions
before sending them on their way.
Both courses included challenging hills and scenic, winding dirt roads
prior to the runners return to the finish in Bodman Park where throngs
of spectators awaited them.
In the 5K: Coming in first for the men was Matthew Coleman of
Oceanport in a time of 18:19. He was followed by Donavan Hackley
of Hazlet in 18:39 and, rounding out the top three, Michael Mulroy of
Sea Girt, N.J. in 20:10.
For the women, first was 13-year-old Rachel Kenny of Matawan breaking the tape in a time of 21:05. She was followed by Barbara Brennan
in 22:07 and Rebecca Platz of Killeen, Texas in 22:30.
In the 15K: First for the men was Jay McGovern of Atlantic Highlands,
in a time of 55:36. He
was followed by Farnese DaSilva of West
Long Branch in 56:27
and then Joshua
Prown of Red Bank in
For the women it was
Rachel Farnsworth of
Red Bank who came in
first at 1:01:40. She was followed by Madelyne Marrone of Belford, in
1:02:31 and Brianna Feerst of Brick in 1:02:44.
Holding the finish tape for the winners were Race Directors Leslie
McKernan and Geoff Nicholas. Geoff was also making announcements on the loudspeaker in the park. After the completion of the
races awards were presented to the overall and age group winners in
each event as well as team competitions by Leslie and Geoff.
It was an awesome day of running and another great event staged by the Jersey Shore Running Club led by Race Directors Leslie McKernan and Geoff
Nicholas together with many volunteers from the Middletown Youth Athletic Association which was the primary benefactor of the race.
Afterward many of the participants headed over the Red Bank Elks
Lodge for a post-race celebration featuring local favorite Pat Guadagno
which continued on through the afternoon.
November/December 20139
Born to Run for the 28th time
The 28th Annual Born to Run 5 Mile Race was held on Friday, November 29, 2013 in downtown Freehold, N.J.
It was a cool brisk morning with temperatures in the 30’s and a sunny
sky for the 11 a.m. start. A large field of over 500 runners crowded the
street at the start. The runners took off and passed the Monmouth
County Court House and ran through the tree lined streets of historic
Freehold Borough which is the hometown of a local rock star hero.
Just after the start Jim Robbins of Eatontown, a fellow local reporter
for the Atlantic Herald collapsed near the finish line and had to be
taken to the hospital. We all pray for the best and hope he will be back
covering the races which he always loved to do.
Coming in first overall for the men was 22 year old Mark Leininger of
Colts Neck in a time of 25:33. He was followed by Paul Lagno age 23
of Salt Point, N.Y. in 27:45 and then Peter Forgach age 25 of Long
Branchin 27:51 to round out the top three.
For the women it was Allison Nolan of Central, South Carolina,
age 24 in a time of 29:40 coming in first. She was followed by Molly
Applegate age 18 of Toms River in 31:47 and then Kristen Andrews of
Manalapan age 24 in 32:14.
After the race awards were presented at the local fire house to overall
and age group winners. Many participants then made their way to the
Court Jester on Main Street for the traditional post run celebration.
10 January 2014
Turkeys trot in Manasquan
The 30th running of the Manasquan Turkey Trot was held on Saturday,
November 23, 2013 in Manasquan, N.J.
It was a cool morning with temperatures in the 40’s for the trotters. The one
mile preliminary started at 10 a.m. and the 5 mile feature race started at 11
a.m. There were nearly 3000 participants total in both events.
The races were started with a
firing of a shotgun to start the
runners. The courses took the
runners through the streets of
the borough and back to a finish near the baseball fields.
In the one mile coming in first
was Ryan Zimny of Manasquan
in a time of 6:03 followed by
Dennis Parker of Fairfield Connecticut in 6:23 and then Aidon
Horan of Howell in 6:41 to
round out the top three.
For the females it was Ryan’s sister Bridget Zimney of Manasquan in a
time of 6:23. She was followed by Maddie Condon of Manasquan in
7:14 and then Sydney Podo of Clarksburg.
In the five mile race coming in first was Kyle Price of Milltown in a
time of 26:18. He was followed by Tyler Gillies of Howell in 26:39,
Liam Wall of Manasquan in 27:29, Zachary Kudlok of Long Branch
in 27:45 and Ken Walsh of Point Pleasant in 28:40for the top five.
For the women it was Rachel Farnsworth of Red Bank in 30:37 followed by Meagan Drapkin of Brick in 31;39, Lauren Gilbert of Wall
in 32:15, Katie Connor of Rumson in 32:24 and then Sheila O’Grady
of Manasquan in 32;27.
After the races awards were presented to the overall and age group winners
by long time Race Director Patty Hoey of Manasquan. Runners then retreated to one of the many post-race celebrations throughout the town.
The Jersey Shore Running Club kept with holiday tradition an
adopted several local families in need to help make their Holiday cheerier. For more than 16 years, JSRC has made the AdoptA-Family a happy and uplifting annual event.
Families in need receive contributions from the club and club
members each year. Members donate gifts from the families’
wish lists or contribute money to purchase the gifts. The club
donates up to $800 ($200 per family) in gift cards as well as
needed items.This season the Club elves gathered together on
Monday, December 16, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at Mount Carmel
School in Asbury Park to organize and wrap the presents. All
club members were invited to participate, bring an unwrapped
gift, and help join in the fun of wrapping gifts for the families.
As always, it was a great way to get in the holiday spirit!
Don’t forget to come to and/or register for these great
JSRC meetings and events:
• Next Club Meeting
Tuesday, January 28, 7:15 p.m.
Red Bank Elks, 40 West Front Street, Red Bank
• JSRC Hot Chocolate Sunday Run, Boman Park January 12
• JSRC Holiday Party, February 8, Spring Lake Heights.
Online Registration available for JSRC Party
Special Olympics New Jersey will be
the host for the USA Special Olympics
Games this year (2014).
Please help support these very Special
Athletes and be part of something
January 2014 11
Phot Ops
Santa Run 2003
Santa Run 2001
Santa Run 2000
12 January 2014
JDates & times are subject to change. We are not responsible for accuracy of event dates and times. Please check the race applications. Race Applications are
available at Club meetings and events. Applications can be downloaded from the JSRC web site: www.jsrc.org. Look for our Club tent and wind feather at
events listed in bold. You can register for most events by going to www.JerseyRunner.com.
Event Event
Start Time Location
INFO / ContactNov. 9 Harbor
Dec. 25
Christmas Day Run
6.55M /13.1M
9:00 AM Van Cortlandt Park, NYC.
Dec. 29
Polar Bar Races
Asbury Park, N.J.
Dec. 29 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
Dec. 29
50th Annual Asbury Park Polar Bear Races 5M
1:00 PM Asbury Park Boardwalk
Dec. 29
50th Annual Asbury Park Polar Bear Races10M Race Walk 10:00 AM Asbury Park, N.J.
Dec. 29
50th Annual Asbury Park Polar Bear Races5M Health Walk10:00 AM Asbury Park, N.J.
Dec. 29 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Twilight Run
Sea Girt Army Camp, Sea Girt
January 2014
January 1 NYRRC Midnight Run
Central Park, New York City, N.Y.
January 1 Hamilton Hangover
1M/12 Noon 5M/12:30 PM Veterans Park, Hamilton, N.J.
January 1 CJRRC Hangover Run
12:00 Noon Westfield, N.J.
January 1 1st Day 5K
11:00 AM Fair Lawn, N.J.
January 1 Resolution Run 5K
11:00 AM Hillsborough, N.J.
January 4 Half Marathon Training Program Starts
Asbury Park area.
January 4 Freezing Cold Hash
10:00 AM Edison, N.J. Run Preview
January 5 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
January 5 FARC Winter Series
10:00 AM Tighe Park, Freehold, N.J
January 12 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
January 12 FARC Winter Series
10:00 AM Tighe Park, Freehold, N.J
January 12 N.J Winter Trail Series Race 3
Lewis Morris Park, Morristown, N.J.
January 19 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
January 19 ORC Winter Series
Ocean County Park, Lakewood, N.J
January 19 FARC Winter Series
10:00 AM Tighe Park, Freehold, N.J
January 25 Chocolate Frosted Buns 5K
5K & ½ M Fun Run 9:15 AM Robesonia, PA
January 26 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
January 26 FARC Winter Series
10:00 AM Tighe Park, Freehold, N.J
January 26 PCRC Winter Series
11:00 AM Wayne, N.J
January 26 ORC Winter Series
Ocean County Park, Lakewood, N.J
January 26 Big Game Day 5K
9:00 AM Paramus, N.J.
February 2014
February 1 N.J Winter Trail Series Race 4
Lewis Morris Park, Morristown, N.J.
February 1 Run for The End Zone 6K
9:30 AM , Montclair State University, Montclair, N.J.
February 2 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
February 2 Pre-Game 4 Miler
11:30 AM Morristown, N.J.
February 2 ORC Winter Series
Ocean County Park, Lakewood, N.J
February 8 JSRC Holiday Party
Doolan's Shore Club, Spring Lake Hts N.J. On Line Registration. Mail in Application,
February 9 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
February 9 PCRC Winter Series
11:00 AM Wayne, N.J
February 9 FARC Winter Series
10:00 AM Tighe Park, Freehold, N.J
February 9 ORC Winter Series
Ocean County Park, Lakewood, N.J
February 9 PCRC Winter Series
11:00 AM Wayne, N.J
February 15 Mid Winter Beach Run
11:00 AM Manasquan, N.J.
February 16 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
8:00 AM Bodman Park, Middletown, N.J.
February 16 ORC Winter Series
Ocean County Park, Lakewood, N.J
February 23 PCRC Winter Series
11:00 AM Wayne, N.J
February 23 Winter Train Run
1,3,4 or 6 M
10:58 AM Asbury Park, N.J.
January 2014 13
February 23 Sunday Hot Chocolate Run
3, 6, 10+M
March 2014
March 9 PCRC Winter Series
March 15 Annual Michael Cassidy Shamrock "n" Run 5K
March 16 KEA Pot of Gold 5K
March 22 Spring Rat Race
10K & 20K
March 22 Kilt Run/March
March 23 Miles for Music
March 29 Cross & Crown 5K
March 29 Lacey Elks Run for the Heroes
March 29 D & R Canal Watch 5k Fun Run
March 30 Apple Chase 5K and 10K
5K & 10K
March 30 Ocean Drive Marathon
26.2 M
April 2014
April 6
Essex County Cherry Blossom 10K Run 10K
April 6
Indian Trails
15K & 3 M
April 12
Ship Bottom Sprint for Life
April 12
Yuengling Light Lager Jogger
April 12
Run with the Royals
April 13
Run to Overcome
April 13
Unite Half Marathon & 8K
13M & 8K
April 26 Asbury Park Half Marathon
April 26 Jersey Shore Relay Marathon
26.2 M
April 26
Jersey Shore Five
April 27
MS Walk Run
April 27
Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5K
May 2014
May 3
Expand Your Horizons 5K & 1-Miler
May 3
Newport 10000
May 3
Susan Zabransky Hughes Memorial Run 5K
May 4
Run the Hills
May 4
Escape to The Palisades
13.1M & 5K
May 4
Fit 5k
May 4
Our House 5 Miler
May 17
Spring into Summer
May 18
Miles for Mike
May 18
Run for Rachel
May 18
SuperHero Half Marathon
May 18
The Wild Half Marathon
May 24
Spring Lake 5
May 26
Fred D'elia Ridgewood Run
June 2014
June 7,
Sgt John Lyons Run to Remember
June 7,
Sgt John Lyons Run to Remember
June 7
Runway 5K and One Mile Walk
July 2014
July 26
Grand Canyon Half Marathon
July 27
Grand Canyon Marathon
August 2014
August 23 RBC 5K
14 January 2014
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Wells Mills Park, Waretown, N.J.
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Seaside Park, N.J.
Seaside Park, N.J.
500 Forrestal Dr., Rio Grande N.J.
Wellsboro, Pa.
Wellsboro, Pa.
Oceanport, N.J.
The Jersey Shore Running Club is
about promoting the benefits of
running. However, we are also largely
about helping the community. All of
or our races are put on by volunteers.
All of the money from the sponsors
and race fees after general expenses
goes to local charities. As you are
planning your race calendar please
continue to support your local running
clubs and local races.
• Celtic Tribute 5K
Long Branch (varies; weekend
before Easter)
• RunAPalooza*
Seaside Heights to Asbury ParkMarathon, Relay and Half
Marathon) (April)
• Lake Como 5K
Lake Como(April)
• Father’s Day 5K
Wanamassa, Ocean Twp (June)
• JSRC Summer Series
Wall Twp (Aug – Sept)
• Saturday in the Park
Holmdel Park (Saturday of Labor
Day weekend)
• 9/11 Remembrance Run
Belmar (September)
• Boardwalk Relay
Asbury Park (September)
• Trick or Trot
Seven Presidents’ Park, Long Branch
• Hashathon
Cheesequake Park (November)
• Navesink Challenge
Bodman Park, Middletown
• New Year’s Eve Twilight Run
Asbury Park(December 31)
JSRC Events
• Club Holiday Party
(February 16, 2013)
• JSRC Day at the Races
Monmouth Park Race Track,
Oceanport (September)
* No Relay Marathon in 2013 due
to Hurricane Sandy
The next issue is scheduled for December
2013 Your submissions, ads and race
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Information is due 8:00 PM on the
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From baseball caps to socks, JSRC can
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Items are available at Club Runs,
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Get involved in YOUR Running Club.
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Offering to help out takes only a few
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you may even make a few new best
friends in the process. Plus, after volunteering (and working) for four or more
events, the beautiful JSRC lapel pin will
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If you think you’d like to help out,
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JSRC recycles those little safety pins
that we provide at no charge to you at
all the races. You know the ones you
use to attach your racing number bib
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January 2014 15
JSRC Certified Coaches
Join one of our Club Runs near you!
If you are interested in improving your running and would like to get a coach,
there are several RRCA Certified Coaches in the local area. This Jersey Shore
Running Club listing does not endorse any specific program. It is a way for you to
become aware of what coaching and training programs are available to you. The
listing indicates the Coach’s name, their homebase, and an email address so you
may contact them for more information.
Come out to the club's group runs.Running with a group is a great way to meet
fellow members and a good way to keep your running on track all year round. All
paces are welcome at each Club Run. Thursday in Belmar is attracting a large
group every week. Sunday also has a strong following particularly for the longer
runs. See you there! Check out our website for current running information.
RRCA Certified Coaches
• Robert Both, Wall Township | [email protected]
• Karen Charles, Spring Lake | [email protected]
• Liz Ireland, Red Bank | [email protected]
• Robert Neugass, Marlboro | [email protected]
• Joan Scrivanich, MA | [email protected] | 201-906-3209
Triathlon & Running Coach; USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach; USA Track & Field
Level 1 Certified Coach; NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
• David Zurheide, Middletown, [email protected]
NJ Programs
• Certified Chi Running® / ChiWalking®
David Stretanski, Instructor | www.eChiFitness.com | 908-930-8878å.
• Half-Marthon Training Program:
Karen Charles | [email protected]
Robert Both | [email protected]
• Triathlon Coaching - USAT Level 1
Joan Scrivanich, Certified Coach | [email protected] | 201-906-3209
[email protected] | http://riseendurance.com
• Run College: Running Classes and Coaching at the Jersey Shore
Karen Charles | [email protected]
Robert Both | [email protected]
• Rundamentals:
Liz Ireland | [email protected]
Asbury Park Half Marathon will be held Saturday, April 26, 2014
The Asbury Park Half Marathon to benefit Special Olympics New Jersey
will be held on April 26, 2014. 8:30 a.m. Start
$60 until February 1, 2014
$65 until March 1
$70 until April 1
$75 after April 1 or until limit is reached.
Event will be held rain or shine. No Refunds.
Bib Pick Up Dates and Locations
Bib Pick Up Dates and Locations will be posted and sent to all registered runners.
Bib Pick Up Day of Race will require a $5 personal check donation to
Special Olympics. Bring a valid photo ID. We must do this to insure you are who
you say you are!
Medals To All Finishers, Dri Release Shirt to All Pre Entrants, Overall and Age
Group Awards
Sunday Run
Bodman Park just off Navesink River Road at 8:00 AM. Groups run from 6 to 22
miles mostly on trails through Hartshorne Woods Park & Huber Woods & the surrounding areas with scenic views. There is also the opportunity to walk on Sunday mornings. The distance is 6 miles, and start time is variable.
Tuesday Run
Long Branch Windmill across from Seven President’s Park at 6:00 p.m. We do a
4-6 mile run along theboardwalk and around Lake Takanassee passing the Dr.
George Sheehan Memorial. This Tuesday run has been somewhat sporadic, but
several people have asked about it. We are trying to get more people out there.
Thursday Run
Lake Como: We have a new location for the fall and winter at Bar A on 16th Ave
in Lake Como—it’s a few blocks from the boardwalk. Meet at 6:00 p.m. We do a
4-7 mile run and normally finish at Bar A for food and drinks.
The Tuesday run has been somewhat sporadic but several people have asked
about it. So we will try and gt some people out there starting this Tuesday at 6
pm. The group meets at teh Windmill parking lot across the street from Seven
President's park.
Saturday Run
Spring Lake: Meet at the south end of the Spring Lake Boardwalk at 8:00 a.m.
Holmdel Park: Come & run 4-6 miles through the hills of Holmdel Park. The
run starts at 10:00 a.m.
We’re waiting for you to join us!!!!
16November/December 2013
4 hour open bar ² EXWOHUVW\OHKRUVG·RHXYUHVbuffet style dinner
Please come on out and join us on sat. feb 8th
for a night full of good friends, good food, good
drinks and lots of fun !!!
the blast starts promptly @ 7:00 pm in the
atrium with the cocktail hour followed by dinner,
dancing, silent auction and big $$$ 50/50
$3 .00
'22/$1¶66+25(&/8%± 700 HWY. 71 Spring Lake Hts., NJ
ROOMS AVAILABLE ² Standard $65. Deluxe $85. (732) 449-3666
FOR ADDITIONAL INFO ABOUT THE PARTY CALL (732) 223-55307, e-mail [email protected] ±
on-line registration @ jerseyrunner.com
REGISTRATION FORM: Sign up early and get the discount (no registration the night of the party)
Name_________________________________________________________ Member Yes No Member # __________________
Names of Guest(s) _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
Total Amount Enclosed $_________________________
List JSRC Events Volunteered ffoor Here: ____________________________________ ___________________________________
______________________________________________ _________________________________________
MAKE CHECK PAYABLE AND MAIL TO: JSRC Holiday Party, 151 Lake Ave., Manasquan, NJ 08736
November/December 201317
December 1
Hailey Brind’Amour
Brian Feehan
Nicole Schena
Gina Grieco
Melissa Saul
Lori Bogert
Patricia Anderson
David Campbell
Mary Fox
December 2
Eileen Greb
Carolyn Hill
December 3
Peggy Schaab
William Jarman
Jeff Bamond
Lori Itinger
Jamie Graziano
Kathleen Sullivan
December 4
Bill Young
Aileen Jennings
Jake Raymond
Jennifer Favato
December 5
Lynn Murphy
Kevin Kline
John Kelly
December 6
Kathleen Sweeney
Kathleen Doyle
December 7
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JSRC Membership Application
You are invited to join the Jersey Shore Running Club — NewJersey’s Largest and Most Fun Running Club!
The Jersey Shore Running Club also sponsors several races to benefit local community & charitable organizations.
These races are made possible by the help of Club volunteers. Volunteering is not a requirement for membership
but is strongly encouraged. Renew or Join Online
Please note: There is no set family rate. You must add $6 (one year) or $18 (three year) for each additional
“running” family member to your base fee.
Fill out this form, sign the waiver (children under18 require signature of parent/guardian), and return with check
made out to JSRC Membership. Make certain to provide a valid email address as the newsletter is distributed
twelve (12) times a year electronically via email.
Award-Winning Website:
Questions? Email [email protected]
• Sunday Run Bodman Park,
• Trail Run, Allaire State Park
• Tuesday Run, Long Branch
• Wednesday Run, Holmdel Park
• Thursday Run, Belmar/Spring Lake
• Monthly Club E-Newsletter
• Reduced Entry Fee to Club Events
• Team Entries
• Marathon Training Programs
• Discounts at Local Merchants
• Discount to Annual Holiday Party
• Annual Summer Party
• Track Workouts
Member USATF Club No 0196
Member RRCA Club No 969
Membership Fee:
Individual +$/Family Member
+$6 / f.m.
+$18 / f.m.
Please check one:
❏ New Membership
❏ Renewal of active membership
❏ Returning member (membership expired
Date of Birth
_______________________________ ________________________ ______________ _______________________________
_______________________________ ________________________ ______________ _______________________________
_______________________________ ________________________ ______________ _______________________________
Street Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City ___________________________________________________________
State ___________ Zip ______________________________
Home Phone _______________________ Cell or Work Phone____________________________ Email _____________________________
Release: I know that running & volunteering to work at Club Events & road races is a potentially hazardous activity & that I should not
enter & run unless I am medically able & properly trained. I agree to abide by any race official relative to my ability to safely complete the
run. I assume all risks associated with running this event including but not limited to: falls contact with other participants, the effect of the
weather, including low or high temperatures &/or humidity, traffic & the conditions of the course, all such risks being known & appreciated by me. Having read this waiver & knowing these facts & in consideration of your accepting my entry, I, myself & anyone entitled to
act on my behalf waive & release the Road Runners Club of America, the Jersey Shore Running Club, its Officers, Members & Volunteers,
& all Sponsors, their representatives, employees & successors from any & all claims & liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in
any Club event or carelessness of the persons named in this waiver. Further, I grant to all of the forgoing to use any photographs, motion
pictures, recordings or any other record while participating in Club events for legitimate purposes.
Signature of Primary Member_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Referred By: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mail completed form & check to: JSRC Members, PO Box 7492 Shrewsbury, 07702.
PO Box 7492
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
Next Club Meeting:
TUESDAY, January 28,
Elks Lodge
40 West Front St., Red Bank
Newsletter of the Jersey Shore Running Club
Vol. XXIII, Issue 1 • January 2014
• President’s Message
Page 2
• Racing News with Laura
Page 3
• Meet Our Members
Page 4
• Member News
Page 5
• Bob Both’s Race Recaps
Page 6
• Hashathon
• Race Calendar
• Coaching & Training Info
Page 14
• Bits & Pieces
Page 15
• Photo Ops
• Member 2 Member
• Membership App
2014 Resolutions
• Renew my dues
• Pay my dues
• Join a weekly run
• volunteer at a race