May 2015 - Lake Alice Association



May 2015 - Lake Alice Association
Lake Alice
VOL.17, NO.1, MAY/JUNE 2015
Mission Statement of the Lake Alice Association:
To protect, preserve and improve the integrity of Lake Alice and its eco-systems
through education of and communication between concerned citizens.
Board of Directors
Glenn Mott, President
(Term Expires May 2017)
Fred Brach, AIW Coordinator
(Term Expires May 2017)
Linda Mott
(Term Expires May 2017)
Michael Toelle, Vice Pres/Newsletter Ed.
(Term Expires May 2016)
Andrea Michaud, Secretary
(Term Expires May 2017)
Gerald Bennett
(Term Expires May 2016)
Kris Toelle, Treasurer/Newsletter Editor
(Term Expires May 2016)
George Nelson
(Term Expires May 2017)
Wayne Allen
(Term Expires May 2015)
Lisa Albrecht
(Term Expires May 2017)
Ron Miller
(Term Expires May 2016)
Julianne Mossak
(Term Expires May 2015)
Annual Meeting
And Membership Drive
Information In This Issue
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Annual Meeting—June 6th, 10:30 a.m. at Bottoms Up
This year’s annual meeting will be held June 6th, at 10:30 a.m. at Bottoms Up, which
is located on Highway A. Lunch will be provided along with discussion on various important Lake Alice topics.
Topics— Invasive Species, Grants, Membership Drive, Alice In Winterland,
Association Finances/Budget, and Election of Board Members
Guest Speaker— Dave Seibel, Fish Biologist for Lincoln and Langlade Counties.
****Please RSVP to [email protected] if you plan on attending the meeting.****
By Glenn Mott, Association Board President
Why do we have a Lake Alice Stewardship program? The short answer is ―Because We Care‖. We
believe that people working together can make a difference. We can protect and restore a healthy ecosystem if we take a long-term, strategic approach. This is the plan that we followed in the 3-phase stewardship plan that we are using on Lake Alice. This plan is intended to be an adaptive plan in the sense that it
will grow and evolve. It will be evaluated, reviewed and refined as the years go by and new generations
take up their stewardship responsibility.
We encourage each property owner or any one that wants to be part of this stewardship to join the
Lake Alice Association or contact any of the Directors for further information about the program.
1909 or 1910 Kings Dam was constructed by the Bradley Company forming Lake Alice.
1998 Lake Alice Association first meeting with $10.00 per year dues.
2001 Lake Alice Association officially incorporated.
April 2009 Phase I Lake Alice Stewardship program
1. Inventory relevant information on Lake Alice and its watershed.
2. Prepare an initial adaptive management plan.
3. Deliver educational elements that convey information about Lake Alice
April 2010 Phase II Stewardship program
1. Aquatic plant management history 2. Aquatic plant community description
3. Water Quality
4. Water use
5. Riparian area
6. Wildlife
October 2012 Phase III Stewardship
1. Evaluate Lake Alice use by rare vertebrate animals [loons, bald eagle etc.]
2. Study of near shore littoral zone.
3. Assess the status of wild rice.
4. Frog and toad monitoring.
5. Update status of aquatic invasive species.
6. Update aquatic plant management plan and adaptive management plan.
April 2013 Finding the extent of Curley Leaf Pondweed
1. Evaluate the extent of CLP.
2. 2014 Determine the extent of CLP.
3. 2015 Determine how far CLP has died back.
July 2014 Early diction and rapid response to Eurasian Milfoil
1. Grant has been verbally approved by the DNR we are waiting for formal approval.
Page 3
Dom Teske 21-3/4‖
Dale Kohnhorst 21-1/4‖
Jake Nelson 20-3/4‖
2015 “Alice in Winterland”
Fishing Winners and Pictures
The winning Northern Pike
Northern Pike
Averi Petta 34-1/2‖
Claude Mackay 31-3/4‖
Fisher Richmond 30-3/4‖
Jack Lacina 14–7/8‖
Kevin Kahn 13-7/8‖
Cassidee Schoone 13-1/2‖
Troy Schoeneck 12‖
Diane Leverance 11-3/4‖
Joe Haring 11-1/2‖
Proud fisherman displaying his Perch
Blue Gill
Bob Mootz 9-3/8‖
Pat Cleveland 9-3/8‖
Bob Mootz 9‖
Cash Raffle Winners
The cash raffle was a big hit again this year with $6935 worth of tickets
being sold. Congratulations goes out to our three big winners.
1st place- $1,000- Surewood Forest
2nd place- $500- Steve Hommerding
3rd place- $250- Peggy Lindholm
Page 4
Thank You to all of our Sponsors— Without the help of our sponsors ―Alice In Winterland‖
wouldn’t be possible. Please take the time to thank the following local and non-local businesses.
Your patronage would be appreciated and be helpful for our continued success.
A Touch of Gold
Ace Hardware
AJ Sports Bar
American Family Insurance
American Legion
Aquatic Arts Fishing Pro Shop
Augie’s Collectables
Bambino’s Italian Eatery
Bearskin Inn
Ben Franklin
Berkinsee Campground
Besse's on Clear Lake
Bethel Excavating
Billy Bob's
Bottoms Up Bar & Grill
BP Gas Station-Tomahawk
Breaman Ford-Merrill
Bridge Inn
Calhoun’s Auto Repair
Cerny’s Greenhouse
Chuck’s Sports Shop
Clover Club
Cockatiel’s Bar & Grill
Crossroads Mobil Station - Rstore
Culver's - Merrill
Diel Insurance
Dr Bobbie Voermans & Dr Grace
Zuiker @ Allied Health
Ebel’s Family Center
Edgewater Country Club
Edward Jones
Erv’s Sales and Service
Family Traditions
Four Corners
Fuzzy's Auto
Geiss Meats
Generations Funeral Home
Gin Mill
Great Lakes Foods
Happy Snapper
Harrison Oasis
Heritage Chevrolet
Hilgy’s LP Gas
HomeTown Feed Mill
HT Enterprises
Ingman’s Parkway Pub
Ingman’s Service
Jackie’s Hair Salon
Kevin Urmann State Farm Ins
King’s Dam
Kwik Trip-Merrill
Lake Aire Best Western
Lincoln County Cycles
Lincoln County Sports Club
Mike & Joannes Walleye Lodge
Muskie River Lodge
Nelsons County Market
Nimmer Swimmer
Nokomis Pub & Eatery
North Country Yamaha
Northwoods Pub
Nut-Zee's Bar & Restaurant
Oakridge gifts
Oaks Pub
Old Towne Mall
O'Reilly Auto Parts
PCA Mill of Tomahawk
Piggly Wiggly-Merrill
Pine Pointe Resort
Pine Tree Supper Club
Pomps Tire - Rhinelander
Quirt Family Dentistry-Merrill
R & K Pub
River Valley Bank
Rivers Edge
Road Lake Pub and Grill
Robert Imm Dentistry
Rodeo Saloon
Rodeway Inn and Suites
Sammy’s Subs
Scarlet Garden
Schaefer's Wharf
Sew Pieceful Quilting
Shell Gas Station
Silverbirch Supper Club
Snap-On Tools
Somo Beach Club
Somo View
Standard Merchantile
Strikers Tomahawk Bowl
Strokers on 86
Sure Strike-MS Manufacturing
Surewood Forest
Surewood Forest Campground
The Cheese Shop
The Liquor Store
The Thirsty Giraffe
Tom and Mary Fahey
Tomahawk Battery
Tomahawk Building Supply
Tomahawk Community Bank
Tomahawk Family Restaurant
Tomahawk Furniture
Tomahawk Lodge
Tomahawk Pellet Stove Junction
Tomahawk Sports
Tomahawk Surplus Store
Tomahawk Warehouse Liquor
Town and Country Realty
Twin Bay
United Steelworkers Local 460
WI Valley Improvement Co.
Wild North Saloon
Page 5
2015 “Alice in Winterland” Financials
General Raffle
Card Raffles
Food & Beer
Fish Registration
$ 12,288.00
General Raffle Prizes
Card Raffle Prizes
Food & Beer
General Expenses
Fish Prize Money
$ 6935.00
THANK YOU: We would also like to extend a big thank you for all of the volunteers at
this year’s Alice in Winterland. Thanks for all your hard work! Please visit our website, for more pictures from this years event. What a great time!
New Fish Regulations for Lake Alice
The entire Northern Wisconsin seeded territory has new bag limits for the
2015/16 fishing season. Below is a quick summary of the new regulations for
Walleyes. Please see the DNR Fishing Handbook for further information.
Walleye Bag Limit
3 fish total per day
2 times bag limit is the total possession limit per fisherman
No walleye under 15 inches or between 20 - 24 inches may be kept
One fish over 24 inches may be kept per day
Page 6
LAA Applies for WDNR Funding to Address Eurasian Watermilfoil
By Dr. Dean Premo, White Water Associates
In its mission to maintain the health of the Lake Alice ecosystem, the Lake Alice Association
(LLA) has applied for a WDNR Early Detection and Response Grant. If funded, this project
will address a newly discovered population of the aquatic invasive species (AIS) called Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM). The LAA is working with the environmental consulting firm White
Water Associates on this project. White Water has worked with the LAA since 2009 on
various lake stewardship projects.
Last summer (2014), the Lincoln County AIS coordinator discovered a small patch of EWM.
This was the first know occurrence of EWM in Lake Alice. With assistance from lake steward Fred Brach, White Water staff immediately visited the site to locate and document
EWM in the vicinity of the original find. Fred Brach also worked with White Water biologists Angie Stine and Caitlin Clarke to investigate all of Lake Alice for additional
EWM. Although no more EWM was found, Fred showed Angie and Caitlin some purple loosestrife plants (another invasive species) on the margins of Lake Alice. The Lincoln County
AIS coordinator was informed of these plants and will remove them. Later in the summer,
White Water biologists hand-pulled 56 pounds of EWM from the originally identified sites.
The new grant will assist the LAA to continue this work in 2015 and 2016. The team of
White Water biologists and LAA volunteers will continue to monitor for EWM and hand-pull
any that are encountered. White Water biologists will conduct a point-intercept aquatic
plant survey in all of Lake Alice. White Water conducted this type of survey on Lake Alice
back in 2010. The new survey will allow the lake scientists to determine how the aquatic
plants in Lake Alice may have changed over the years. This is an important way to determine
if AIS like EWM and curly-leaf pondweed are being detrimental to the native plants. The
grant will also allow White Water to include all of this new information in an updated version
of the Lake Alice Aquatic Plant Management Plan.
Finally, the WDNR grant will allow the LAA to host a workshop for lake volunteers and other
interested people, with emphasis on the plant community of Lake Alice. The workshop will include hands-on experience in identifying plants including EWM so that volunteers can continue to monitor the status of the plant community.
Lake stewardship in this new millennium is an ongoing effort in vigilance when it comes to potential impacts like AIS. When a new population is encountered early, it can sometimes be
managed by fairly simple efforts. The more Lake Alice users that can identify problem species and report them to authorities, the more likely that early detection and speedy response can be conducted.
Please see AIS photos on the back page— Eurasian Watermilfoil and Purple Loosestrife
Page 7
Why Is The Association Running a Membership Drive?
By Michael Toelle, Association Vice-President
The mission statement of the Lake Alice Association is ―To protect, preserve and improve the integrity of Lake Alice and its eco-systems through education of and communication between concerned citizens‖. In order to complete our mission we need to increase our membership
base. Currently, the association has 200 memberships
which consists of full time lake residents, summer residents, businesses, and even off-water individual who
frequently use Lake Alice for recreational purposes.
Over the last 5 years the association board has written
numerous state grants to improve the quality of the eco
-system on the lake. While completing the grant funded
lake studies, several eco-system issues have been identified such as: Purple Loosestrife plants, a small
amount of Eurasian Watermilfoil, Rusty Crayfish,
and about 40 acres of Curley Pond Weed. To
remedy these issues it will take funding, manpower, and expertise. We do realize the vast backgrounds, talents, and connections individuals on the lake have and in order to tap into all resources we
want to work with and educate as many individuals as possible. The old phrase ―strength in numbers‖
applies as to combat the issues the association will need a strong membership base. Membership dues
are only $10.00 per year which includes two newsletters loaded with information. Please consider joining your association by filling out the membership form below.
Lake Alice Association Memberships run from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. When
you receive your May newsletter the expiration date will be reflected on your mailing label. If you receive
your newsletter via email, you will receive a separate email letting you know when you are due for renewal.
Members may renew for up to 5 years at one time at a cost of $10 per year. Renew your membership or
pass this form on to a friend or neighbor and encourage them to become a member. Send the membership
form to: Kris Toelle at the address below. Make checks payable to ―Lake Alice Association‖.
Mailing Address______________________________________
City ___________________________State ______ZIP _______
Email address:____________________________________
I have enclosed $ __________ to renew my membership for
___________ years.
Mail renewals to:
Michael and Kris Toelle
2850 Tomorrow River Road
Amherst Junction, WI 54407
Above photos taken by White Water staff on Lake Alice during the summer of 2014
Left—This is a picture of the Eurasian Watermilfoil that was hand-pulled by White Water biologist Angie Stine.
Right—This is Purple Loosestrife plant along with several other we found in Lake Alice wetlands in 2014.
Lake Alice Website
The Lake Alice Association website, , is a valuable tool used to post information and communicate with association members. Please visit the website for more information
on grants, projects, Alice in Winterland Fundraiser and general association information.
Amherst Junction, WI 54407
2850 Tomorrow River Road
Lake Alice Association Newsletter Editors
Michael and Kris Toelle

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