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Several research laboratories and companies of the cluster
are working to develop new drugs or new diagnostic tools
and bring to the market and the patients new kind of
treatments, especially based on a personalized approach.
Vector development and drug targeting
Whether it is a question of delivering DNA, siRNA, proteins
or small molecules, Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster
comprises a set of unique skills in «bioformulation». This
includes not only biomolecule targeting and delivery
activities but also cutting edge academic expertise.
The biomanufacturing sector is organized as a crosscutting,
full-service solution from cloning to cGMP production in the
fields of cell & gene therapies, recombinant proteins, viral
vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. The high-energy
cyclotron Arronax adds the ability to produce
radiopharmaceuticals. Major players of the cluster enable
the provision of industrial scale services in compliance with
pharmaceutical regulatory standards. Newly opened
BIOPRACTIS Training Center enables continuing education
in clean rooms and training on the biopharmaceuticals
producing process with pilot-scale industrial equipments.
Preclinical & clinical trials
The Nantes Veterinary School (Oniris) offers a preclinical
biomedical testing service, which notably includes an
imaging facility and a study centre for large scale
experimentation (up to level 3 containment). This installation
has already enabled validation of the efficacy of gene therapy
protocols under strictly monitored conditions. Transfer into
the clinic is then facilitated by the new Biotherapies Clinical
lnvestigation Centre, which offers regulatory and logistics
support for more than 130 research programmes and a
dedicated gene therapy zone.
The cluster offers a complete expertise and solutions with
several units: cytomic, transcriptomic, biostatistic, clinical
operations, bioinformatic and Q-PCR. Several teams also
successfully work to identify new biomarkers.
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Drug discovery
Atlanpole Biotherapies gives you
access to extended skills,
from biodiagnostic to biomedicine.
Regenerative medicine
Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster benefits from a strong history in
the field of immunology with first applications designed for the
transplantation and oncology therapeutic armamentarium
Our large community of regenerative medicine stakeholders is
boosting this topic by the cross fertilization of several technologies
such as biomaterials and cell and gene therapies. This strategy is
supported by strong medical expertises in oncology, dermatology,
cardiology, orthopedia and rare diseases and by specialized core
facilities for immunomonitoring, biomanufacturing, developing
and supplying a wide range of synthetic or viral carriers and by a
strong know-how in experimental preclinical surgery and in safety
tests development.
This excellence lead to many company creations directly involved
in, or related to, the business of antibodies or tumor vaccines.
More recently the performance of the immunology community
was rewarded by the French government granting the “IGO Labex”
(“Immuno Graft Oncology laboratory of excellence) and of the
“IHU CESTI project” (European Clinical Center for Transplantation
Sciences). These two projects aim not only at improving recent
developments in diagnostics and therapies in transplantation or
oncology but also at developing next generation tools. Thus
alternatives to organ grafts are developed and tested with cell and
gene therapies techniques as well as combined biologics
approaches. Among audacious strategies developed in these
projects, we can also mention the use of innovative radioisotopes
that can be produced in the Arronax High-Energy cyclotron.
As our community is experienced in various biotherapy
developments and manufacturing techniques, it has also set up a
unique biomanufacturing education tool, “Biopractis Training
Center”. It offers a GMP-like facility to train employees and
students with pilot-scale industrial equipments. It also provides a
program of workshops that are opportunities for high level
executives to share their ideas about very specific technical issues
they want to solve.
Radiopharmaceuticals: “Isotop 4 life“
Intensive research in nuclear imaging, targeted radionuclide
therapy with radio-immunotherapy (RIT) and radiobiology is being
performed around the high-energy and high-intensity cyclotron
Arronax in Nantes. The main developments underway in nuclear
imaging consist in innovative technologies for oncology, neurology
and cardiac applications as well as improved measurement of
radiopharmaceuticals biodistribution. RIT has shown promising
results in clinical trials against cancers resistant to other
treatments. RIT for cancers with poor prognosis is a focus of our
cluster with special emphasis on a proprietary radio-labeled
monoclonal antibody with completed Phase II clinical development
to fight residual prostate cancer. Finally Atlanpole Biotherapies
provides a comprehensive value chain for assessing your lead
compounds namely trough a fully operating and open access
“Whole Body Imaging HUB”.
The unique, 70 MeV and 750A cyclotron Arronax, allows production of new
radionucleides such as Gallium-68, Iodine 124, Copper-64, Rubidium-82,
Copper-67, and alpha particles like Astatine-211.
Our community is also committed in various ambitious projects at
the regional, national or European scale:
• It is involved in a national project aiming at structuring the
large scale manufacturing of cell based therapeutic products
(C4C) or leading gene therapy manufacturing initiative (PGT
industrial demonstrator facility).
• Several European and international collaborations are
already successful. The European R&D projects GAMBA
(Gene Activated Matrices for Bone and Cartilage Regeneration
in Arthritis) and REBORNE (Regenerating Bone Defects
using New biomedical Engineering approaches) illustrate the
strengths in the filed of orthopedia. These successes also
rely on a strong European networking culture of our players.
For example they are contributors in interclustering projects
such as TERM (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative
Medicine) and BIOMAT’IN (Biomaterials Innovation Netwok).
They also lead a Doctorate Erasmus Mundus Program
For pharmaceutical and biotech companies or research laboratories looking for high level partners
devoted to healthcare and biotechnologies, Atlanpole Biotherapies is a Western French biocluster
that draws together a network which offers comprehensive and competitive solutions along the
entire biotherapeutic value chain, from discovery to patient, within 4 areas of excellence:
immunobiotherapies, radiopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and innovative technologies
for biotherapies.
With a fast increase of researchers number over the past decade – almost 1000 specialists dedicated
to life-science - the development of 4 new biotech start ups every year and the new BIOPRACTIS
training center, Atlanpole Biotherapies is clearly one of the most attractive and dynamic place for
biotherapies development. Also 5 institutes associate fundamental and clinical research- in the
fields of transplantation, oncology, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases as well as respiratory
Thus Atlanpole Biotherapies Regenerative Medicine assets are an
attractive network to join for top level students, clinicians and
scientists or to set up new businesses.
Innovative Biotherapy Technologies
To ensure the development of biotherapies at an international level, we have developed a broad
network of global and strategic partnerships, already leading to effective R&D cooperations and
business opportunities for all stakeholders and to several european projects (Afibio, Term, Win
Atlantic, BiomatIN, In2LifeSciences…).
Atlanpole biotherapies brings together players to perform
interdisciplinary research at the interface between Health and
other industry sectors (ICT, electronics, nanotechnology…) and to
provide you with state-of-the-art technologies in support of your
biotherapy applications (biosensors, implantable devices,
databases, e-health, telemedicine, imaging instruments…).
Practical cooperation have been set up with bioclusters located in Belgium, Germany, Sweden,
Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Norway, Denmark and the
United States and we are willing to develop other worldwide connexions, especially in Israel and Asia.
For companies and laboratories willing to join International Research & Development programs
and build partnerships with our members to improve tomorrow’s Health, Atlanpole Biotherapies
provides great contact and matching opportunities. Our team is dedicated to accelerating business
connexions and international R&D partnerships to facilitate innovation and speed up new treatment
availability to patients.