full house - 356 Registry


full house - 356 Registry
Bob Gummow, Rockton, IL; Bud West, Batavia,
OH; Bill Durland, Vienna, VA; Vic Skirmants, Warren, MI; Jerry Keyser, Westerville, OH; and Bob
Raucher, Van Nuys, CA.
President: Jerry Keyser, Westerville, O H
Vice President: Vic Skirmants, Warren, MI
Secretary: Bill Durland, Vienna, VA
Treasurer: Joel Horvitz, Gloucester, MA
Hammersmith Farm, Newport, Rhode Island. 356 Registry East Coast
Holiday XI Concours D'Elegance, 1985. Jerry Keyser photo.
membership chairman
Tom Oerther, 10552 Margate Terrace, Cincinnati,
O H 45241. (513) 733-3356.
legal advisor
Bud West, 3750 S.R. 132, Batavia, O H 45103
1985 Holiday Chairpersons:
east: Mike Tanski, 696 Chickadee Ave., Stratford,
CT, 06497.
west: Ray Stewart, 169 Crossroads Blvd., Carmel.
CA 93923. (408) 624-0449.
editorial and production staff
editor: Jerry Keyser, 2777 Cleveland Avenue, Col.
umbus, Ohio 43224
tech editor: Vic Skirmants, 27244 Ryan, Warren, M.
restoration editor: Brett Johnson, 7510 Allisonvillc
Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250
case drips writer: Dick Pike, 921 Cloud Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
four cam forum: David Seeland, 47 Flower Street
Denver, CO 80226
classifieds: Brenda Perrin, 2041 Willowick Dr., Col.
umbus, O H 43229
art director: Joe Colford, Jr., 143 Kanan Road.
Agoura, CA 91301
asleep at the wheel: Pat Ertel, 115 W. Davis Street.
Yellow Springs, O H 45387
literature collector's editor: Charlie White, 5801 E
Calle Del Media, Phoenix, AZ 85018
historian: Jim Perrin, 2041 Willowick Drive, Colum.
bus, OH 43229
reviews: Bill Block, 10211 Connecticut Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895
just one moore: Bill Moore, P.O. Box 384, Mon
mouth. OR 97361
photo editor: Llew Kinst, 760 Lowell Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
letters to the maestro: Harry Pellow, 20655 Sunrisc
Dr.. Cupertino, CA 95014
The 356 REGISTRY is the publication of 356 REGISTRY,
Inc.. an organization oriented exclusively lo the interests, need!
and unique problems of the 356 Porsche owner and enthusiast
Our mission is the prepetuation of the vintage (1948-1%5) 3%
Series Porsches. The 356 REGISTRY is the central forum fol
the exchange of ideas. experiences and information. enablins
all to share the 356 experiences of one another. The 3%
REGISTRY, Inc. is a non-aflliated, nonprofit. educationa
corporation chartered under the statutes of the State of Ohio,
by and for the members. Membership dues, $l3/yr. U S . ,
Canada & Mexico. $30/yr. t o foreign addresses, via air mail.
All rates are in U.S. dollars, checks musl be drawn on U.S.
Contributions are welcome. All submittals should be typed
or printed, preferably double spaced. Color photos generall)
d o not reproduce well; artwork should have good contrast.
If you require the return of anything submitted, please enclost
a self-addressed stamped envelope. The right to edit o r refua
publication is reserved, not responsible for errors or omissions.
All copy must be received 30 days prior to the scheduled mail.
ing date. The 356 REGISTRY is a bi-monthly publication.
mailing about the first of the even numbered months.
Retrofitting intake valve oil seals and a. update
on SCCA racing - Vic is in the running for the North American Porsche
Vic Skirmants, editor
Cup! ......................................................
I'e~f~l'afi~n More information from cast of thousands
the infamous questionnaire and find out about carpet flaps on Speedsters .
..............................................................Brett Johnson, editor
Case drips
Full House . . . The trials and tribulations of
non-cognoscente join 356 household .... Dick Pike, editor
356 Underbody Finishing Technique
Test . . . Michael Licata follows up on David's previous paint and
bodywork articles, with some surprising results ..... David Seeland, editor
asleep at the wheel
Marlow Phillips - Private Detective . . . from the Great Southwest(ern part of Ohio), Springs of the
Yellow, spews forth Pat's latest offering for our consideration .......
Pat Ertel, editor
Bill's annual holiday shopping guide . . . with a tale
or two about the East Coast Holiday XI ............. Biil Block, editor
literature collectors corner
An important source
of technical (and trivial) information, Factory service bulletins. .. from
Der White's extensive reference library ..........Charlie White, editor
just One moore
Bill gets all maudlin and misty-eyed recalling the days of his misspent youth . . . and . . . a new contest! .......
Biil Moore, editor
der l'naestr0
Mr. Vebose, from the West Coast, needs no
........................................Harry Pellow, editor
Copyright 356 Registry, mc., 1985L
2777 Cleveland Avenue
Columbus, OH 43224
All Rights Reserved
This issue: press run of 4,100 copies
It is with a heavy heart that I must report the untimely death
of Bud West, 356 Registry Trustee and Legal Advisor, in an
automobile accident October 8 on his way home from work.
Bernard N. ''BUD" West
1929 - 1985
My first recollection of Bud was in 1975, on the way to the
first Holiday, where I saw him stopped along the interstate, under
a highway overpass, in a torrential downpour. Bud was sponging out his Speedster and wiping off his side curtains. It was the
standing joke that weekend about how Bud had to keep stopping to open his doors to let the water out.
As I got to know Bud, it became clear that he was a 356 enthusiast extraordinaire and extremely knowledgeable. Bud was
involved with 356s when they were contemporary cars, first owning a 1961 'B' and then in 1964 he picked up a sunroof Coupe
at the Factory. Bud was the complete enthusiast who did all the
work on his own cars.
As busy as he was with his many projects and his legal practice, Bud was always willing to help out. Bud unselfishly donated
countless hours of his talents to and for the Registry cause.
Through Bud's insistence that we do things right, the Registry
was incorporated and a formal structure was instituted. When
it became evident the the Registry was exposed to undue risk,
Bud drafted the Holiday contract and waivers for the driving tours
and insisted that we obtain liability insurance.
Bud hosted the first of the now famous Cincinnati "Bull Sessions" and as of recent was actively involved in helping out Tom
Oerther with membership details. Bud was also a prime mover
in the decision to upgrade the data processing for our membership details.
We'll miss you, Bud, rest in peace.
During the course of any given year, I receive several inquiries
regarding the requirements of setting up a 356 Holiday. The
original premise behind the Holidays, at least those held in the
Eastern half of the country, was to hold a low-key, minimally
competitive event. All Holidays are to be self-supporting events
and this has been the case in every one to date. A Holiday is
designed to have as.few restrictions as possible to avoid stifling
any creative, untried ideas, thus, the requirements are few. They
are: a jacket patch commemorating the event is to be made
available to the participants, an absolute prohibition of any competitive moving events, and the execution by the chairperson of
a contract defining responsibilities. For your area to be considered, the procedure is simple: get your local fellow 356ers
together to decide what you want to do, work up the details and
submit a proposal to me for consideration by the Registry trustees.
We don't require a formal presentation, so each proposal will
stand on its own, as submitted. Unfortunately, it is late in the
year, so, first and last calls for the 1986 Holidays. Please have
your proposals in by December 31st - trustee approval should
take about 2 weeks.
Let's try again to get the Holiday program together early
enough so that the 1987 Holidays can be announced at the 1986
Holidays. So, first call for the 1987 Holidays. . . say a June first
We are trying very hard to get back on our publication schedule
of every other month, but to no avail. In fact, we have been losing ground. There has been a lot of concern in the general
membership, I know, about our erratic appearances. It's becoming clear, as the Registry continues into its second decade, that
we are too large, with too many details to look after, to remain
an all volunteer organization. We have resisted, but it looks like
we are going to start burning out our valuable volunteers and
general membership if we don't pay someone to do the clerical
chores so that once all the material is in from our editors, we
can get it edited, published and distributed in a timely fashion.
I know it is becoming a worn cliche', but remembering that for
now we are still a 100% volunteer organization, your patience
and understanding is appreciated. It really isn't our intention to
be 356 Registry Quarterly, honest!
If you would ever stop to think about it, it should be pretty
evident that turning out a meaningful, interesting and informative
column every other month (or quarter!), year in and year out
would be extremely difficult, maybe impossible, without help
from others. Burn out should probably be more of a problem
than it has been - after all, the Registry has been around for eleven
years now with most of our original crew still aboard. Knock on
wood. However. . . I know from talking to our editors that they
all have approached the brink of burnout at least once. Fortunately, no one yet has gone over the edge. Your cards and letters are
appreciated - your ideas and input are needed. Our editors' addresses are all on the inside front cover. Four Cam Forum editor
David Seeland says it best, ". . There are a lot of knowledgeable,
talented people out there and if we could get 1% of the Registry
members to write something - articles, short notes or ? . . . WOW!"
I bd4 1
Letters and Other Miscellany
Seen in the Letters-To-The-Editor column in a recent Hemmings Motor News.
D e u HMN,
Here is a photo o f a car that was recently uncovered
after 30 years of storage. I t is reglatered as a 1948
Porsche. serial %IO85552. I t is very much like a Cmund
e u underneath, but seems t o be earllev yct by theserial
number. From what Icould ascertain so far, Ibelieve i t
t o be from a design study dated 1947& 1948in puticular
drawings #I05 Cabrio, 106 Cabrio, 107 Coupe, 108
"In New Mexico enroute home to Indiana from the 356 Gathering of the Faithful at Cunningham Museum, Costa Mesa, CA
on July 2." Mike Robbins, Indianapolis
The car was bodied in Switzerland by a man named
H.S. Wuibel. The car is o f all aluminum construction
except for the chassis pan. I t features a curved windshield, r o l l up windows, full instrumentation and suicide
door configuration. I t was the first 356 delivered t o M r .
Von Senger o f Zurich, Switzerland. who subsequently
purchased six o f the Rrst C n v n d cars.
Ihave been a Porsche enthusiast for some time now
and this is the most exciting car I've seen t o date. Judgi n g by the documents I've gathered. this seems t o be the
fint car t o bear the Porsche name.
Iwould grertly appreciate your help i n getting the
complete story o n this car. Would anyone with any
information at all please h d p me t o restore this car as
correctly as possible? I'llbe glad t o pay any postage or
other cost involved.
Michael Rizzuto
"I would like to inquire whether the Registry has any plans
to issue a list of members. It is difficult to contact other members
simply by word of mouth. There have to be a lot of 356 owners
in this area who would like to get together, but simply have no
way of getting in touch." Peter CRIZ,N. Caldwell, NJ.
Ed.%Note: It is our intention to issue State Registers to new
members and renewals, as we did in our early years. It should
be underway once our computer is up and running.
"The West coast Holiday was great . . . learned some things
about Dellorto carbs that I would like everyone to know. One
came from Ray Hestand, one from the Maestro and one from
me. (1.) Ray said that his Dellorto had 50's for throttle pump
jets, and that stock should have been 33's. I checked mine & sure
enough, mine were 50's. When I put in 33's, sure cleaned up low
end & midrange under acceleration. (2.) The Maestro said that
CB Performance sells rubber gaskets w/projections that plug a
cast-in hole in carb base. This stops the squeal. I ordered some,
2 packages, 4 gaskets at $2.50 per package. (3.) Sept. '85 VW
Trends had a tuning article for Dellortos. I'll send anyone a copy
for a dollar bill for copying & postage." Steve Proctor, 4651
Coconino Way, San Diego, CA 9211 7.
first annual west coast gathering of the faithful
The kickoff event for the Southern California Chapter of The
356 Registry was an overwhelming success. On July 2, 1985,479
of the faithful gathered at The Briggs Cunningham Automotive
Museum in Costa Mesa, CA. Besides the 100 plus 356's that were
displayed in the parking lot, five best of show winners from past
356 Registry West Coast Holidays were on display inside the
museum. The cars included: Steve Schmidt's 1963 Carrera 2, currently owned by Mike Strub, A1 Laudel's 1962 356B Roadster,
Tim Goodrich's 1965 356C Coupe, Ken Ito's 1965 356C Coupe,
Terry Moorhouse's 1955 Continental Coupe, owned and
displayed by Ray Hunt at the first West Coast Holiday in 1977.
What a thrill to see these cars share the floor with one of the
finest automobile collections in the world!
Tours of the museum were personally given by the Director,
John Burgess, who has been with the museum for twenty years.
It was a rare opportunity for those gathered to share in Mr.
Burgess' knowledge of these unique automobiles. A special award
was presented to the Briggs Cunningham Museum on behalf of
The 356 Registry. Mr. Burgess accepted the award and stated that
the gathering was the largest, most enthusiastic and well-behaved
group that has ever attended the museum. Awards were also given
to Bob Lief who initiated the gathering and to the owners of the
cars on display in the museum.
Almost every 356 model was represented in the parking lot:
Pre A's, Carrera 2's, numerous Speedsters, including a Carrera
GT. One member counted over 25 Roadsters alone. Cabriolets
and Coupes were reminiscent of early Christophorus photographs
of the Porsche factory parking lot. This was by no means a Contour show, but a true gathering of enthusiasts whose cars ranged from driveable projects to those in show condition. Cameras
clicked, eyes twinkled, faces smiled and oohs and ahs were heard
by all.
The enthusiasm was carried from the parking lot into the
garden area of the museum where a picnic was in progress. After
feasting on California burgers and the West's finest beer, the 479
faithful settled back for the award ceremony and the numerous
door prizes provided by the local vendors who supported the
The gathering tied in nicely with the 30th Annual Porsche
Parade that was being held nearby that same week. A special
thanks to the Porsche Club of America Parade staff for their
support of our event.
The evening concluded inside the museum with a showing of
"Made By Hand", a film produced by the Porsche factory in
1960 showing the making of the 356 Porsche from start to finish.
The organizers of this "low key" gathering were overwhelmed
bv the turnout for this event. The enthusiasm shown verified the
need for a Southern California Chapter of The 356 Registry.
Anyone in the Southern California area who is a member of The
356 Registry may join the Southern California Chapter by writing
to: 356 Registry, S.C.C., P. 0.Box 665, Sunset Beach, CA 90742.
". . .After selling my first original owner 356A Coupe in 1962,
I purchased my present Porsche, a 1962 Twin Grille D'Iteren
Freres Roadster, #89710. It now has 262,000 miles on the
odometer. Enclosed is the correspondenceregarding the 100,000
km badge . . ." John Jensen, Sun Mateo. CA.
Parking lot during Gathering of the Faithful. (Hal Thorns photo).
". . . Having recently moved to Princeton, NJ, I once again
have to search for a mechanic who is familiar with our marque.
Can anyone recommend a good shop around here?" Eric
Burgoyne, 135 Jefferson Rd., Princeton, NJ 08540.
Silver 356 owned by Tony Singer, Roslynn, NY. The inscription reads, "Au Champion D'Allemagne Voitures Sport 1952"
signed by F. Porsche.
"The Speedster is at Laguna Seca, driven by Tracy Bird, who
was promoting the first SCCA National Races in Tucson. This
shot was used on the race poster that was cosponsored by the
Catalina Rotary Club. . . " Jeff Gamble, Tucson.
"Just returned from another fact finding tour of Europe. Most
important to the Registry - (1 .) A visit to D'Ieteren in Belgium,
I visited with the son of the D'Ieteren who got the Porsche
Roadster contract in 1961. Talked for a few hours. Very productive. The D'Ieteren Registry (Peter Dicks - Canada) is very
interested, naturally, and has sent a copy of their Registry . I left
about 20 questions to be answered.
(2.) I visited the Porsche Garage (about 2 miles from Werke 1)
where cars not in the museum are kept. Enclosed are pictures
of #008 Gmund Coupe/Limousine and earliest known. Porsche
just bought the car. It was physically chained to some trees in
Austria. The white plastic cage to the right of #008 is the contraption that was attached to a 935 so a bicyclist could attain more
than 150 miles per hour. Saw many tractors in the garage plus
the 356C that was used to style a prototype of the 91 1 Notchback
Coupe. The ancestry of the 91 1 is pretty obvious - especially in
the dashboard and front trunk area." Gene Babow, Duly City,
C - 911.
"I sent an ad for a 'Bendheuer 1959 Porsche Coupe' which
ran in the last Registry issue on page 4. I am now responding
to my own question with the enclosed article from the British
mag., Classic and Sportscar. I assume these are the same, or
similar cars - probably the Belgium equivalent of Fiberfab . . ."
Steve Martin, Portland, OR.
Porsche special
Iread withinterest theitemin 'Worthy'
( W S ,May) about Michael Kleibenstein's 'Porsche Special'.
I don't know anything about the
Beubheuer company to which the
design isattributed, but Ido know that
this car is in fact Belgian, made by a
company called APAL (Application
Polyester Anne, Liqe). It still exists,
it's one of Europe's largest 'buggie'
producers, and it also produces a
Porsche Speedster replica. The fm
was founded in 1961 by Bruno Vidick
andEdmondPerry,andtheufmtcarthis APAL coup6 was seen at the
Brussels Auto Show in January 1963:
Between SO and 100 were produced,
many using the standard Volkswagen
1191cc engine giving 34bhp (DIN).
Others had larger Vokswagen engines,
and some had Porsche units. Most were
sold in Belgium, and I'm surethat there
arr many survivors. The present
address for APAL is Automobiles
APAL SA, Rue de la Fontaine 25,
B-4570,Blegny, Belgium.
The photograph I have enclosed
shows a coupe I spotted in Bmssels in
1976 (the rear view). The picture
suggests that Michael Kleibenstein's car
does not have an original rear end. The
car pictured from the front was known
to,me back in 1971, when it was fined
with an Alfa Romeo engine!
Bernard Vcnneylea
Enghien, Belgium
"On page 4 of No. 2, there is a picture of a '59 "Bendheuer"
Coupe, nee 356/B. I recently saw that car at the Nell Gwynn
House Garage in London. It appeared to be in good condition,
but in real life was not as sleek looking as in the pictures." Joel
Ginhorn, New York City.
". . . Thought I'd send along a few words on the West Coast
". . . I want to publically acknowledge the outstanding quality of a Speedster wiring harness I recently purchased from Y &
Z, Redlands, CA. Anyone know how many Speedsters were really
built? I'll exchange color pictures with any other Speedster owner
(SASE please)" Neil Bettenhausen, 6107 W. 75th PI., LA 90045.
"Overcast skies, dew soaked grass, lots of beautiful Porsches. " 1985 West
Coast Holiday
". . . Enclosed are photos taken at the 1985 East Coast Holiday XI. In spite of mother nature's uncooperative blend of rain
and chill, it certainly was great to see everyone enjoy this event
so much. Even those who learned first hand why our beloved
356's are referred to as bathtubs.
Now that I've had my annual dose of inspiration, it's time to
turn my attention towards getting the Speedster back together."
Eric Wahlberg, Pottstown, PA.
The "'Bestof the Best'': '60B Cab, '59 Carerra Coupe, '64 C Cab.
'52 America Roadster, '53 Pre A Coupe.
One of the guest speakers there was Larry Morris, Parts Merchandising Manager, Porsche Cars North America, Inc.. Larry
brought with him the promise that the factory was once again
going to support the 356s, that parts were once again going to
be available through the dealerships, prices were being reduced
and that Porsche would reissue parts now unavailable if the demand for these parts warranted it. This new wave of support is
to begin in November and will be centered at Porsche's Reno,
Nevada warehouse. Larry said he would like to hear from all the
356ers, he wants to know what we need as well as rebuildable
cores such as AF steering boxes and brake shoes. Here's his address and phone: Lany A. Morris, Parts Merchandising Manager,
Porsche Cars North America, Inc., 200 South Virginia Street,
Reno, Nevada 89501. 702/348-3145. Rodney Girard
"I recently had the occasion to visit a junkyard. After some
idle conversation, it was mentioned that there were a couple of
Speedsters in the back of the yard, that had been there for at
least 15 years! It was said I could come back in a couple of days
when it dried out in the back of the yard. The following week,
with camera in hand, the counter man pointed me in the right
direction . . . "Under the big tree". . . Dan Burke, Arlington, TX.
Sam Foster's RS60.
I want to start off this column with a
safety bulletin sent in by Don Morylak,
Park Ridge, IL. The bulletin was issued by
the New Hampshire Public Works Department on March 4, 1983.
"Contact Lenses and Electric Arcs.
Two recent incidents have uncovered a
previously unknown phenomenon of
serious gravity.
At Duquesne Electric, a worker threw an
electrical power switch into closed position
which produced a short-lived sparking. An
employee, at UPS, flipped open the colored
lense of his welding goggles to better position the welding rod. He inadvertently
struck the metal to be welded, producing
an arc.
Both men were wearing contact lenses.
On returning home from work, they
removed the contacts and the cornea of the
eye was removed along with the lense.
The electric arc generates micro waves
that instantly dry the fluid between the eye
and the lense, causing the cornea to be
bonded to the lense. The trauma is painless
and the operator never knows an injury has
occured until removing the contacts.
Anybody out there who wears contacts,
please take heed of the above! Spread the
word among your friends also. This is the
fist I'd heard of this problem, and I'm sure
there are others who didn't know the
danger potential around electric-arc
In an attempt to control oil consumption, Porsche finally added valve-stem oil
seals on the intake valves of the C, SC, and
912 engines. The valve stem of these
engines has a longer straight section so that
part of the stem is always in contact with
the oil seal. The earlier valves neck-down
too soon toward the valve keeper end of
the valve, so that when the valve is fully
open the stem is no longer in contact with
the seal. I have installed seals on the older
valves with mixed success. First, the type
of seal is critical. Some of them irnrnediately pop off the valve guide when the valve
closes, others seem to stay on fairly well.
The ones that stay on do help the oil consumption somewhat, although not as well
as on a C-type valve. On the 1960 - 63
engines using the Super rocker arms, the
exhaust rocker arm originally came with a
small oil hole to provide extra oil to the
guides during break-in. This oil hole was
supposed to be closed up after the first 1500
miles. This was published in some special
bulletin long ago. Does anyone know if the
factory still recommended closing these
holes on the 1964 and later engines?
Anyway, the earlier engines will use more
oil than the later ones for the above reason
alone. One solution is to replace the A or
B intake valves with the C valves. The head
diameter is the same, the oil seals will now
work, and all you need is a set of C retainers and keepers. By the way, don't put
seals on the exhaust valves! They work hard
and hot enough normally, don't starve
them of their required lubrication.
SCCA National Racing News.
Mid-Ohio July 12, 13. Good 356 turnout. Dave Helmick, East Stroudsburg, PA,
joined us with his speedster, while Steve
Scannell, Royal Oak, MI, also made his a p
pearance in a speedster. Bill Demeter,
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, was there with
his roadster, as was Stan Adams, Cincinnati, OH, with his T-6 cabriolet. Ed Clancy, Livonia, MI, was also there in my A
coupe, still running as an E-Production car
since the 1300 engine fell apart.
Practice produced no problems for my
car, but the coupe still had an electrical
gremlin. We changed everything that
hadn't already been changed since the
problem popped up at Blackhawk Farms.
Qualifying saw Dave Helmick first in
class with Steve Scannell second, Bill
Demeter third, Ed still had the gremlin but
qualified fifth, with the identical time that
Stan Adams turned for sixth place. Where
was I? The crankshaft broke on the first
lap of qualifying, so I was about forty-sixth
over-all with no qualifying time.
My son Erik and I bolted in the spare
engine and waited for raceday. Having to
start last on a tight track like Mid-Ohio,
with an old engine not as good as the one
that broke, certainly made it look like we
were not about to extend our winning
streak to six.
Our race consisted of E, F, G, HProduction and GT4 and 5. When the race
started, I had none of the problems I
thought I would getting bottled up in traffic. Most everyone seemed to be alert and
watching their mirrors. Dave and Steve
started battling for the lead, swapping back
and forth, while I moved up consistently.
The spare engine had enough power and
the car was handling beautifully on the old
springs (see last issue). By the twelfth lap,
I had caught Dave and Steve. That was
really a neat-looking 356 parade even if I
had to be the tailender. After two laps I
slipped past Steve at the end of the straight,
and then took Dave there after two more
laps. The checkered flag came out three
laps later and I had won number six!
Fourty-sixth to second over-all, first in
class! Dave and Steve finished second and
thud, respectively, while Bill Demeter took
fourth. Stan Adam finished seventh, while
Ed tried to fight the gremlins but lost,
finishing eighth.
Indianapolis Raceway Park, July 20,21.
I freshened up the spare engine; upon teardown I found three exhaust guides loose
and one piston cracked. I told you it was
old. The number one engine got rebuilt
also, and went along as the spare. I changed some wires in the coupe, and no more
electrical problem!
Ed was there with the coupe, Stan also
showed up, and joining us was Ron
Roland, New Haven, MI, debuting his
speedsterhoadster. I had the pole after
qualifying, with Ed sixth, Stan seventh, and
Ron having teething problems with his new
By race time on Sunday it was definitely
rain tire time. We were in the same group
as GTl and 2, so our poor little E-cars were
half-way down the grid behind most of the
ground-pounders. Well, some of those guys
don't know how to line up for a race, so
we had two no-starts. On the third pace lap,
my visor finally became so streaked from
wiping it with my gloves, that I could no
longer see where I was going. So, as
everyone took the green flag for the start,
I had to pull in the pits to try and wipe the
visor clean. A damp towel didn't seem to
do any good, so I joined the race about a
half-lap behind, holding the visor part-way
up with my left hand and driving with my
right. The shifting I did with no hands on
the wheel while going straight and the car
didn't seem to mind at all. Somehow, I
managed to stay on the road and finished
fifth over-all, first in class! Ed Clancy
finished seventh over-all and third in class,
while Stan placed sixth. Ron had a suspension failure and DNF'd.
Blackhawk Farms, August 17, 18. Ed
Clancy, Bill Demeter and Ron Roland all
made the trek to Illinois. Ed's weekend
ended during practice when a lifter broke.
I qualified first, with Bill very close behind,
second in class. Ron was having brake problems and ended up sixth in class.
The race was somewhat dismal for the
356 crowd. I won, but Bill also broke a
lifter while running second and DNF'd,
while Ron broke a shift coupling and also
DNF'd. Oh well, win number eight.
August 23.24, Watkins Glen. A very interesting weekend. Our 1972 Ford
motorhome died at Registration Thursday
night. Time for another timing chain.
Luckily one of the track tow-truck drivers
was camped at the circuit and towed us in.
Steve Scannell was there as was Dave
Helmick and George Moms in a speedster.
Friday morning practice produced a slip
ping clutch after two laps, so my lap times
weren't too great. While the race car cooled, I tore down the motor home to replace
the timing chain. The saint with the tow
truck even went into town and got a new
one for me!
Pulling the race car engine showed the
clutch slip was due to a faulty trans input
seal. By evening everything was finished,
including my back. The old pinched nerve
had returned. I wonder why.
Saturday morning qualifying saw Dave
on the pole under the E-Production record,
with Steve third, in spite of having too
short gearing. I was fourth, half a second
behind Steve, and I even had the right gears
and the good engine was even back in.
George Morris was fifth. I hadn't run the
E-car at the Glen since 1980 when the
chicane was still there, so I couldn't compare my old lap times. The car seemed
alright, although #3 cylinder head
temperature was very high. A quick check
of the usual causes didn't show anything
amiss, so I spent the rest of the day until
the race resting my back.
During the race, judging by the cars I
was running with, I realized I did have a
problem with power. The car got slower
and slower, until I f~nallyfelt a definite loss
of one cylinder. #3 cylinder head
temperature went off the guage at 650
degrees plus! I later pulled the spark plug
out of #3; the metal body was a strange color, and there was no inside left! The MSD
ignition had reacted to a probable high
resistance by producing more and more
voltage until there was nothing left of the
plug. The only damage was a badly warped
intake valve.
Dave won the race, Steve was third, and
I think George was fourth; I don't have the
result sheet.
Elkhart Lake Aug. 31, Sept. 1. My car
was the only 356 to show up. All the problems seemed cured; I set a new qualifying record, only half a second off Dick
Luening's race record.
A slight drizzle started to fall at the start
of our race, resulting in a slippery track.
Some drying occurred after a few laps, but
then three laps from the end it poured fairly
well, making it very slippery for our racing slicks. Everybody was very careful,
stayed on the track, and win number nine
was mine.
Mid-Ohio Sept. 7, 8. The last National
before the run-offs. I would have to work
hard, because Dave Helmick was back,
with his r z q running perfectly. We also had
Paul Newrocki, Birmingham, MI, in his
speedster, as well as gill Demeter and Ron
Roland. Dave out-qualified me by nine
tenths of a second, Paul was third, Bill was
fourth and Ron was sixth with an electrical
gremlin!! At least he found and cured his
at the track. Unfortunately, Bill's engine
broke the camshaft during qualifying, but
he installed my spare for the race, so all the
356's were ready on raceday.
I succeeded in slipping past Dave at the
start. I then held first for about a third of
the race, until the track started getting oiled. My slight handling advantage then
disappeared and Dave took me at the end
of the straight. I couldn't seem to find any
advantage on him that would let me retake
the lead, when several laps from the end
his car started smoking. Not out the
tailpipe, indicating an internal problem, but
oil dripping onto the exhaust, obviously
some kind of leak. I pushed harder figuring that if he maybe had fluctuating oil
pressure he would have to slow down.
Well, he didn't slow down, and I realized
I wasn't going to pass him because his leak
was now severe enough that I couldn't even
follow him closely without skating off the
road. The officials finally gave Dave the
mechanical meatball flag, forcing him to
come in one lap short of the f i s h ! That
gave me win number ten for 1985. Paul
finished second, Bill was third, Dave was
credited with fourth, and Ron was credited
with sixth, after hitting the guardrail due
to the early-race oil. Dave's problem turned out to be that his deep sump extension
had come loose.
As I write this, I am tied for second in
the Porsche Cup North America point
standings with Derek Bell and Drake Olson
in IMSA 962's. They have three IMSA
races left, and I can only pick up more
points if I win the runoffs. I'll let you know
how that turns out in the next issue.
1951 - 1965 [email protected]
1952 - 1965 CUbM8lS
1954 - 1958 speedstWS
1956 - 1959 COnemS
1960- 1962 RoadslcKs
1959 Comet?, D
BN-4 Heater Harness
Behr Fresh-At Bbwer Harness
Send $1.00 Ibr cotolog
I suppose I could tell you about my new goat, the new feline
leukemia vaccine or about fund raising to move a 1929 wooden
rollercoaster, but I won't because I know what you want. You
want me to finish up this questionnaire nonsense and get on with
it. Well ok here goes, but anybody who wants to help with the
rollercoaster . . .
old business last issue's (and earlier) questions with new
2. Refusing to rest: the aluminum bumper question. Bruce
Baker who last time said there were, now retracts this statement. Jim Perrin, our historian, however, states that there
were A and he thinks B/C bumpers in aluminum. So far
no one can claim having a set.
15. Rear battery compartment - do indents face forward or
back? New information:
5447 back
10169 forward?
1954 forward
Some Eberspacher photos from Gerry Brown, Prescot,
Ontario, and a wiring schematic care of Jim Degnan.
Heater Wiring Diagram
1 Fuel supply control (magnate valve)
2 Thsmmo h'mge.ovsr mitd,
01 warm
bi cold
3 Mofor
4 Heat exhmpor
5 Glow plug
6 SaleIy w i t h
7 Wiring to terminal 32
8 Fuse box
9 Terminol rail
10 Duo1 mntod relay (fo
11 P"ll.hp. rwith
2 Wgring to lpnntion lock
#101289. Heater Pump, junction block for wtrmg harness, 2 ducts, L & R. Phoro
by G. Brown.
Round impression in lower door jamb. A new narrowing
in Cabriolets.
159144 No
159276 Yes
39. Door handles - round or square?
101289 Square
102678 Round
43. 1954 - 55, Fuel sender/gas gauge present?
51984 No
52619 Yes
45. T-6 fuel sender: top or bottom?
117544 Bottom
123416 Top
62. T-6 rear grilles: were they anodized? Results were mentioned last issue as being confusing but then were not listed
. . . Sorry.
Reutter Coupe
Karmann Coupe
159144 no
117544 yes
all yes
159152 no
118396 no
159301 yes
124562 yes
159469 yes
new stuff
63. All years. Is luggage rack present?
The earliest one reported was on a '59 Coupe #108303.
This was painted the color of the car. All others were grey
or chrome plated. They were manufactured by Leitz.
64. 1960 - 61 Is early (large) or late (small) style Reutter badge
large 113035
65. Karmann built cars: Is badge present? Is it painted or
200949 aluminum
211557 ceramic
213040 ceramic
The revised gauge chart
Black/white face XI0169
Early - greedred lights flat, not rounded - possibly this
tach could have been locally converted to Carrera with
VDO factory face.
.#108303. Photo by Jack Arc!.
gauges and dashboard
66. 1956 - 59 tach. Diameter of center button: Is it 12mm or
57250 12mm
82624 16mm
83498 12mm
84616 16mm?
Gauges dated 4/56 16mm
8/56 12mm
1954 - 55 Dipstick or case sender: oil temp. gauge present?
2 pc. case - cars with dipsticks 80785, 60684, 51984
Any 3 pc. case with dipstick temp. senders?
1952 - 54 Beck fuel gauge present?
51984 no
12362 (Am Rdstr)
52619 yes
1957 - 58 Oil temp gauge: Are numbered calibrations
83498 yes
101048 yes
83532 no
150153 no
1962 - 64 Are you aware of a change between T-5 and T-6
cluster gauges?
T-6 gas level indicator has an "0"to the left of the "R"
1950 - 53 Are instrument hoods present?
5430 10359
5599 10767
10960 12355
(wrong tach)?
Meeh Tach
159301-"63" SC
European police car
Elec Tach
(62 running change)
Green Lines
1 20
1962 speedometer. Green line location 25-40 or 30-40?
89322 - 25
117544 - 30
1 18398 - 30
Anyone else?
1964, Electric tach present?
K Coupe
R Coupe
159575 mech
215050 mech
130046 elec
160588 elec
218381 elec
1954 - 59, Any objections to the following color combinations?
Interior Color
Knob Color
. . . No objections.
1954 - 59, On Speedsters and Convertible D: Does knob
Some yes, some no. Two speedsters with black frames,
no ivory top frames although ivory and beige knobs seemed
to go with tan top frames. Grey knobs seem to go with
grey or in early cars, black frames. No grey conv. D top
frames were recorded.
1959, Are you aware of a 356A with black dash knobs and
steering wheel?
Two yeses, one with chassis #I5184 - Sorry no photos.
1956 - 58, Are connectors on the headlight switch pressin or screw-on?
83387 screw
102457 screw
150153 press
83836 press
102908 press
84294 screw
84400 press
1961 - 63, Are you aware of a change in the T-6 ignition
T-6 cars have a lockout on the start position, while T-5
cars do not. lnformation courtesy Jan Kolm.
1950 - 52, Describe the dashboard grab handle.
Most reporting-in didn't have them but 5212, 5430 and
10960 had VW type plastic handles with at least two being mounted above the glove box. 5447 has a metal later
style handle fitted.
1950 - 55, Are wood blocks or metal tabs used for positioning the metal battery cover?
80100 blocks
52616 tabs
80 160 blocks
52725 tabs
80200 tabs
80203 blocks
'52 Heuer Cab. #12347. Photo bv Rav Knight.
87. 1951 - 53, Are instruments black with white letters or black
with green letters?
10169 white
10465 green (2/52)
88. 1952 - 54, Do gauges say VDO or Viegel?
52473 Viegel
52619 VDO
per Ron Roland 11/53 Viegel - 6/54 VDO
89. 1952 - 55, Is glass on instruments flat or dished?
52725 dished
12328 dished
52857 flat
12355 flat
90. 1953 - 54, Coupe interior light. Is it small oval or large
clear plastic?
51794 small
51984 large
luggage area
81. 1950 - 53, Was trunk mat present?
11994 yes
12355 yes
12362 yes
82. 1954 - 57, Speedster, Was trunk mat present?
Contrary to popular belief, all respondents say yes including 80004.
83. Was hood seal secured by slotted or phillips screws?
83244 phi1
100981 phi1
105153 phi1
83369 phi1
101148 phi1
15147 phi1
83378 phi1
101289 phi1
84294 scot
102457 scot
84. 1954 - 61, Give color of original washer bag.
Colors listed
No real logical orientation of color to year or model.
85. Tool kits - Not alot of response.
Large plastic interior light. Photo by Richard Miller.
1956, Is separate starter button present?
81187 yes
56062 no
82626 no
1950 - 53, Rear view mirror - see photo and drawing.
1956 Cabriolet - Describe mirror attachment block.
No 1956 Cabriolets responded.
Do you know of a change between T-6 and 356C interior
rearview mirror?
Later versions were mounted by 3 screws - earlier break
Latest break aways.
126544 & 213720
Describe knob and location of fog light or gas heater
56 356A Coupe 1%" right of wiper
57 356A Coupe 1%" over lighter
Both use wiper switch
356C symmetrical to light switch on right side of clock.
Do sunvisors have hex nurs?
Yes, highest #10798.
1950 - 56, Is the sunvisor flat or curved at the end?
All hex nut visors are flat. See #96 - Exceptions?
1956 - 57, Are visors plexiglass or padded?
58986 plexiglass
61490 padded
1956 - 65, Is vinyl textured or smooth on sunvisors?
All textured . . . except #101148. Any others?
1956 - 65, Is a vanity mirror present on passenger side
I know they were optional equipment as early as 1958. Any
Are sunvisors identical left and right?
The question perhaps was not clear enough. Identical or
mirror image was what I was getting at . . .
1956 - 57 Coupe, Is headliner cloth or perforated vinyl?
All comers voted perforated vinyl . . . Any hold outs?
1950 - 57 Cabriolet, Describe headliner material.
Although there were subtle color differences, all seemed
to have the same "herringbone" cloth back to #5135.
1950 - 53, Give dimension in inches from pedal board to
gear shift lever.
Sync 13%"
non-sync 18"
1956 - 61, Did your car come standard with beige floor
All had tan or oatmeal carpet.
1960 - 63, Were arm rests originally installed?
earliest ones:
Ron Woods had arm rests with a chrome moulding on
109,708 - any comments?
1950 - 59, Are metal heater slides present or carpet flaps?
80799 no slide
83244 metal slide
10798 carpet flap
12362 metal slide but not identical to the later "A" style.
1950 - 53, Describe (photograph) shift knob. (See
Pedals, Change from square to late style. Brake and clutch
pedal occurred between coupe 51798 and 51984 (1954) can
you further narrow the gap?
1954 - 55, Is hand brake assembly made of four castaluminum pieces?
52619 2 cast and steel u-clamp.
1950 - 59, Steering wheel diameter.
Banjo style 15"4" and 165/d'
A type 15)/4" and 16)/4"
photo courtesy of Ray K
1950 - 65, Does your car have non-reclining seats?
Reclining seats were standard as of May '54 but . . . Reclining driver's seats were present on 10169, 11994.
Reclining passengers seat on 10158, 5 1984.
Many early cars as well as Roadsters had both seats as nonrecliners.
Non-Speedster fitted with Speedster seats.
356B GSGT per Bruce Baker.
Bench seat present?
Listed in 1955 accessories catalog.
89266 Roadster - also a 58 Cabriolet and 61 Coupe without
chassis #'s.
267-4451 area code 817
1950 - 53, Describe rear seat configuration.
no seats
11660 no seats
5135, 10169 - 31% x 15" w/central latch
5599 no seat-back
10767 no seat-back
11994 "A type"
full house
". . . two, you 're a collector,
three or more, and you 're a (fat!)
philanthropist. "
local car collector (1985)
"I may have to institute portion control." I almost dropped my fork, and about
a half second dropped out of my life.
Whew, at least she didn't propose Porsche
control, but then this issue has become
pretty much self regulating. Linda's Honda Accord, the only vehicle among the six
we currently own (or, as the case may be
own us) that always works (and well) fills
the absolutely last space available on the
property. There simply is no more room,
for Porsches or anything else.
When Linda and I agreed to share the
house, in the interest of fairness I offered
to move out one or more of my five spaceoccupiers. Her reply? "Why?" Ah, sweet
acceptance! That meant the wrecked '56
coupe, the "under-restoration"-since-1977
'58 Speedster, the functioning-but-rattylooking '58 coupe, the '56 MGA (still with
cracked water jacket), and the newly acquired, and as yet undriven, '71 International Travelall (a what!?) would continue
to occupy space and to provide me with
their usual mixed bag of pleasure and pain.
No, Porsche control probably could be
"I could tell this was a man's house,"
Linda told a friend, "There were five
mounted Michelins holding up the end of
one table in the family room, and a wire
wheel stashed beneath another. I opened
the hall closet to hang up my coat, and
found a jockstrap on the floor and a
Porsche engine on the shelf." What she
didn't see were the other engine parts in one
of the kid's closets (Owen also had cracked "A" heads for bookends), and the two
engine cases hastily evicted from the family room. Thus far, Porsche control has
meant only a little musical chairs, mainly
involving the tires' irrevocable retreat to the
garage and the cases' temporary exile to the
The friend counseled that at least I had
good taste in tires, and that perhaps Linda
should find Richard some new legs. The
table went. Linda's ex-mother-in-law, a
woman of much poise and class, was even
helpful: Elaine made much of the advan:
tages of a shiny, functioning Porsche in the
driveway rather than its components scattered throughout the garage and various
rooms in the house. Ex-husband Paul, a
civil-rights attorney leery of the high correlation between Porsche ownership and
conservative politics, warily inquired if I
had voted for The Gipper. No problem
there (I wrote in Frank Zappa for the '84
primary). Porsche control, it seemed, was
going to be a benign affliction.
But portion control may be in the offing: "You're getting handles, and we've
only been living together for a month."
"It's happy fat." said I, heading for the
scales. But the verified (honest weight - no
springs) increase of 5 lbs. on a 135-lb-frame
stands out like a pig in a python. Linda's
culinary expertise, particularly the muffins,
was extracting a heavy toll, and this excess
baggage was not being worked off by
regular and strenuous sessions in the
garage. The message was all too clear: more
Porsche, smaller portions (or is it fewer
We agreed to blame it mostly on 356
Registry activists Bob and Lois Franco.
After all, they were the ones who kept
reminding each of us, individually, that the
other existed. The final straw was the banquet at the '84 West Coast Holiday, where
I mistakenly neglected to observe Bob's
capacity for white wine. The results were
all too obvious the next morning, as Pike
padded around the parking area, entreating
his more temperate fellow Registrants to ".
. . not make any loud noises." You don't
want to know how I felt an hour or so
earlier. Nor shall I dwell on the pre-banquet
refreshments in the green cans. It was some
occasion: Tom Oerther both out West and
in full and calm command of everything,
while Pike . . . (Now you know why I never
write about the Holidays.)
Anyhow, out of that extended and
animated conversation amid the hanging
gardens of Boulder Creek came, indirectly, a dinner invitation from a certain Small
Blonde Person across the Bay. The rest, as
some would say, is history. Or rather
chaos. You should see what Linda's grand
piano has done to my already cluttered living roqm. (Yes, yes, it's only a baby grand,
but then a baby elephant is still etc., etc.)
But Porsche control has not been
I'm having second thoughts, though.
There is no more room at the inn. As we
sorted through duplicate kitchen stuff one
day after her move, Linda asked innocently
if we couldn't perhaps store the extra
things. "We could put up some more
shelves in the garage." Suppressing a laugh,
I led the way outside to the building, and
ushered her in for the first time. Silently,
she took in the wall-to-wall 356s and the
floor-to-ceiling shelving, all occupied.
What had Lady Linda gotten herself into?
Clearly, this man never throws away
Yes, Folks, we've got gridlock, right here
in paradise. Musical tires and engines 'twixt
house and garage is one thing, but try it in
a small suburban lot with six cars, one of
which has sunk roots. Space is not even the
worst problem. Four project cars are too
many: I end up spending most of the
weekend trying to figure out which one
needs me most. Something's gotta give.
Speedster stays; all else is negotiable.
Which victim will draw the short straw
first? Don't reach for your wallet just yet,
but bet on the wrecked coupe. Today,
anyhow. Watch this space for the inevitable
As for portion control, well . . . I
thought about it just the other day, at
lunch, while finishing off the previous
night's Fettuccini Alfredo (followed in
rapid succession by the rest of the justpicked raspberries and the last piece of
fresh peach-and-butterscotch pie). Too bad
the half-drunk bottle of Cabernet
Sauvignon had to stay at home (Ah, the
sacrifices we public servants m-ust make for
you!) But about the prospects ahead. Yes,
both Porsches and portions will continue.
However, I'd judge the intensity to
diminish somewhat and assume a more
moderate steady-state. That is, if we intend
to restrict spare tires to the garage.
356 underbody finishing technique test
by Michael Licata
Editors note: Michael volunteered this article as a follow-up to
my paint and bodywork articles in the Registry: vol. 9 no. 6, vol.
10 nos. 1 and 2.
Bill Doyle will be back with more on the 2-literfour-cam rebuild
in the next issue. If you have any questions for Bill, his correct
telephone number is 209/275-1777.
Four-cam parts: Christoph Tanner, Porsche 356 Service,
Rebenstrasse 26, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Schweiz/Suisse/Switzerland.
Telephone 071 673744 (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.). Tanner has 2-liter
sodium-filled ATE 48mm intake and 41mm valves available. The
price is 106 Swiss Francs, or 43 U.S. dollars each. Packing and
shipping is $10 for 8 valves. Quantities are limited. Otherfourcam parts available are gasket sets and drive-shaft bearings.
Other 356 restorers might be interested in the results of an informal test I performed to evaluate the significance of various
procedures and materials commonly used in underbody rust protection. The test is so specific as to be of little value to anyone
not restoring a 356, and since the number of test samples
employed is statistically small, the principles learned should not
be applied too generally. Here are the test goals:
1. Evaluate the cost-to-benefit ratio of enameling a red oxide
primed surface before undercoating. Is the extra cost,
weight, and application time for the enamel justified by
greater longevity? (Ditzler DX-579, Metalprep - dilute
phosphoric acid - ed.)
2. Determine the significance of rinsing off pickling solution
before it dries versus rinsing it after it has dried. Many professionals say that it is worth the hassle of keeping the entire surface wet with pickling solution until it can all be rinsed off at once.
3. Determine the significance of pickling a rusted surface versus simply wiping it with solvent and proceeding to apply
red oxide primer. Red oxide primers are alleged to have the
ability to penetrate a soundly rusted surface and provide
substantial protection.
4. Determine whether or not undercoating is of benefit based
strictly on corrosion resistance. Many knowledgeable people feel that undercoating hurts more than helps because
it has been observed to bubble and peel, trapping moisture,
and aiding corrosion. Insulating ability, noise reduction,
added weight, and other factors are ignored here.
5. Evaluate the overall effect of promising combinations of
treatments. Not the last worc! on underbody finishing, but
these results might point the way toward more detailed
The test was conducted by preparing coupons of steel, finishing
them with various techniques, placing them in a test chamber
which accelerates corrosion, and counting the days until failure.
The test chamber circulated warm water over the coupons,
splashing them continuously though none of them was immersed.
Other test specifics include:
Temperature: 100 deg. F.
Relative humidity: 100%
pH: 6.5
UV level: 0
Dissolved chlorides: 28 ppm
Dissolved CaC03: 59 ppm
Total dissolved solids: 350 ppm
An effort was made to verify that results determined would
apply to steel used for replacement panels as well as to original
German steel. So where new steel was required, SAE 1010 rim
killed was used. Old steel came from the longitudinal of a T-6 B.
All coupons were scored on one side with a scribe to bring to
bear on the results the effect of abrasion that every car's underside sees. In addition, failures of a cosmetic nature were graded
less severely than failures that threatened the longevity of the steel
beneath. A cumulative rating equation was used to evaluate the
relative performance of the various finishing procedures:
Where: A = Number of days until scored side incipient failure
B = Number of days until scored side profound failure
C = Number of days until unscored side incipient failure
D = Number of days until unscored side profound
Incipient failure was defined as the first sign of rust of any
description. Profound failure was defined as the first sign of flaking, blistering, bubbling, or perforation. Space does not allow
the presentation of all the data, but an example of one comparison
is in order.
In reaching goal two stated above, determining the importance
of rinsing off the pickling solution before it dries, two coupons
were prepared. Coupon X was made of old steel, pickled, dried
before rinsing, and coated with red oxide primer. Coupon Y was
made of old steel, pickled, rinsed before drying, and coated with
red oxide primer. Test scores were:
Coupon X
A= 1
B =7
C = 16
So the rating was approximately 37.
Coupon Y
A= 1
C =7
So the rating was approximately 16.
Therefore, rinsing off the pickling solution before drying actually hurt more than it helped. Other conclusions were reached
using the same method but with different finishing procedures.
Here, then, are the test conclusions. 1) Coating the red oxided
surface with enamel before undercoating increases the life of the
finish by an average of 339%. 2) Allowing the pickling solution
to dry before rinsing it off increases the life of the finish by slightly
over 200%. 3) Pickling a rusted surface rather than relying on
the red oxide primer to soak through the sound rust increases
the life of the finish by 167%. 4) Undercoating increases the life
of the finish by 351%. 5) Having the overall best rating was
original German steel, pickled, dried before rinsing, red oxide
primed, flat black enameled, and undercoated. Worth noting is
that after about 65 days of its 71 day life in the accelerated corrosion rate chamber, this combination showed some separation
between the undercoating and the enamel which never compromised the steel itself. But perhaps if the car this finish was
applied to was to be used in climates which undergo the
freezehhaw cycle, the water in the separation zone would freeze
and burst the film of undercoating, exposing the more vulnerable
paint below. Still, had this combination failed at 65 days, it would
have outlasted all others tested.
Those interested in other aspects of the test are welcome to
send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to me at P.O. Box 902,
Blue Springs, MO 64015.
Michael Licata
marlow phillips private detective
It was one of those cases you only take
if you're really on the skids; unleaded
premium just went up two cents, the steel
in your belted radials is shining out at you,
and the flapping of your shredded fan belt
is about to drive you nuts. You want to
turn it down - it's an old story and a sad
one - but you know you can't afford to.
So you look into her teary eyes, and you
sigh, and you say compassionately, "Sure
lady, but it's gonna cost ya 'cause gas just
went up, my tires are bald, and my
fanbelt's totally shot.''
Her name was Angela Tyler. She was in
her twenties and she was kind of attractive
in a frail, shy sort of way. She was of
medium height, medium build, had dark
blonde or light brown hair, depending on
the light, and pale blue eyes. Up until a year
ago she lived in Ohio. She had come to the
West Coast to ". . .find some meaning for
her life." Which meant she came out here
looking for a rust-free 356.
She'd found one. A red Speedster with
no rust and no dents. She showed me a picture of it. It was a beautiful car, one I
wouldn't have minded owning myself if my
old Coupe hadn't been so faithful to me
all these years. I felt I owed it some loyalty.
She'd owned the Speedster about two
months. It hadn't been a happy time.
Things were O.K. at first, but lately the car
had taken to acting up on her. I listened
and wrote while she recited a whole littany
of little problems; blown light bulbs,
broken door handles, cracked mirrors . .
. Twice it had stranded her on the freeway
at rush hour. I underlined these excuses in
my notes - out of gas, though the gas gauge
read half full and a wire came off (she
didn't know which one but I guessed the
coil wire). As I wrote, I felt a common element connected each of the car's failures.
And there was something missing, but I just
couldn't put my finger on what.
She figured the car just didn't like her.
It's a common enough problem. One owner
can have nothing but trouble with a
Porsche, give up, and sell it in disgust;
probably spend the rest of his life driving
Fords. The new owner might drive it for
years with no problems at all. Some people are just not meant to own some
Porsches, no matter how bad they want to.
Like I said, it's a sad story, but that's life
. . . that's Porsches.
She wanted me to follow her around for
a few days and keep an eye on the
Speedster. She had some boyfriends she'd
dumped pretty hard and she didn't live in
the greatest neighborhood. She thought
there was a chance someone was messing
with the car behind her back. If that was
the case, things would be easy. I'd just
write 'PORSCHE VANDAL' across the
S.O.B.'s chest and string him up from a
freeway overpass. The police would understand and the P.C.A. would probably try
to give me a medal. I looked over the list
of complaints carefully, wrote 'Buy rope'
at the bottom.
On the other hand, if her worst fears
were realized and the car couldn't get along
with her, there was still time for her to sell
it and go back to Ohio. It was just that she
had to know, one way or the other. She had
the money to pay my fees and she said she
knew I was honest and capable 1 her way
of saying she hoped I wouldn't hop in her
car and bolt for Mexico the second her
back was turned.
She asked me how much of a deposit I
required. I mentally calculated what it
would cost for a couple of tires, a fan belt,
and some gas.
"Two hundred dollars," I replied.
"Here you are," she said, laying the
money on my desk. "I hope you'll be
("Discrete!" I thought. "With two hundred dollars I could disappear
completely! ")
"Of course," I replied. "You'll hear
from me as soon as I know something."
"I'd rather contact you," she said. "I'll
call you this evening."
She got up and left my office smiling.
She seemed relieved that some of her
troubles were on the way to being over. I
picked up the money and my notes, and I
left the office smiling, definitely relieved
that some of my troubles were on the way
to being solved.
I crawled into the coupe and put the
notes under one of the magnets I keep on
my dashboard. I use those little fruit
shaped refrigerator magnets to keep a
regular filing system on my dashboard.
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Personal notes go under the cantalope,
parking tickets under the watermelon, and
notes about any case I happen to be working on go under the casaba. The system
came in real handy one time when I was
in traffic court. The judge was kinda steamed about twelve outstanding parking tickets
he said I had.
"Oh, gosh your honor," I said. "They
must be under the watermelon on my
While he was thinking that one over I
had time to work up the verbal footwork
that let me dance outta there without payin'
any of the tickets. It pays to be organized.
I started the car and drove to the nearest
tire place. It turned out to be one of those
fancy west coast tire boutiques - "THE
SKID MARK" they called it - where they
have some weirdo wearin' white gloves put
on your tires. I told the guy at the counter
I wanted something round and black and
cheap that would fit an old Porsche and I
wanted 'em fast. He looked down his nose
at me and sniffed, but he got me the tires.
He handed me a complimentary bottle of
Perrier and asked me to wait in the
"lounge." The "lounge" turned out to be
this light, airy little place full of ferns and
stained glass and white oak furniture. It
nearly made me sick. I walked out onto the
street, threw the Perrier in the garbage, and
paced the sidewalk. There was something
troubling me, something in my mind that
I just couldn't kick. I paced back and forth,
racking my brain for an answer until my
car was ready. When the guy handed me
the bill (a hundred and ninety bucks!) I
took the chance that he might be able to
help answer the question that had been
buggin' me.
"Hey, bud," I asked. "Where does a
guy get a fan belt for one of these old
buckets around here?"
"In downtown San Francisco?" he sniffed, "you don't."
With only ten bucks left I was going to
have to put the belt on at home myself
anyway. Fortunately, I live out in the
'burbs where they still sell car parts.
About five o'clock, I pulled into my
driveway with a fanbelt on the passenger
seat. At seven, I was still trying to get the
damn thing on when the phone rang. I
picked it up with one greasy hand while I
rubbed the back of my head with the other.
I'd whacked it on the engine lid about a
dozen times in the last two hours.
"Did you learn anything about my car?"
It was her.
"I'll be honest with you Miss Tyler," I
said, though I wasn't feeling very honest.
"I didn't see anyone touch your car all
"Well, now my generator light is on, it
came on as I was driving home," she said.
I could tell the tears were starting to flow
"It so happens that that is an area of
auto mechanics with which I am intimately familiar, Miss Tyler. How about if I
come over and give it a look?"
"Oh could you please?" she asked, hope
returning to her voice.
Hope was something I had some of at
the moment, too. Hope that her problem
was a busted fan belt. I didn't know didley
about cars, but in the last two hours I'd
learned about 50 ways not to change a fan
belt. I figured in a pinch I could get one
on inside of an hour now.
As I pulled up in front of her house I
could see the Speedster sitting in her
driveway. It looked almost perfect, I
couldn't understand why it was giving her
so much trouble. There was something
about that list of breakdowns that I knew
held the answer, I had to pinpoint it. I
grabbed the casaba and the list off of the
dashboard and walked up to the car. I laid
the list on top of the front fender, with the
melon on top.
"Do you really think you can fix it?"
I jumped and turned around. That Tyler
broad creeps around like a cat.
"Well, I sure hope so ma'am," I replied,
wiping my hands on my suit nervously.
"Oh! Your papers slid off onto the
ground!" she daid, startling me again. "I'll
gather them up while you get started."
The list!! Suddenly it all came into focus.
I knew what the poor woman's problem
"Miss Tyler, I don't think you need to
be concerned about your car anymore. I
don't think anyone has tinkered with it and
I don't think it's acting up particularly
either. As a matter of fact, it's doing about
as well as can be expected."
What had Phillips deduced about Angela
Tyler's car? What did he mean ". . . it's
doing about as well as can be expected"?
Check this space next issue for the exciting
conclusion to "MARL0 W PHILLIPS PRIVATE DETECTIVE" (or write your
own exciting conclusion and send it in. If
it's better than mine we'll use IT!)
6: No. 4, 5 , 6
7: N o . 1, 4, 5, 6
8: N o . 1, 2, 3
9: No. 1, 6
10: N o . 1, 2, 4, 5
$3 each ppd in the U.S.
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356 REGISTRY index edited by
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and including Volume 6 ,
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Bill Block
During recent tests on a Porsche conducted by a Southern California aircraft
company it was discovered that at high
speed this weight differential reduces due
to the frontal design. At 60 mph there is
a 175-lb. downward air pressure on the
front wheels which gives an approximate
50/50 weight distribution. This air pressure
increases with the top speed and gives the
car its feeling of absolute stability at high
Auto, January 1953
1500 Coupe
Sloniger has been out of print and on the
remainder trail for some time. Everyone
must have listened to me and bought one
at about half price - at least I hope so;
there are none left. All of you did get yours
- right?
Dale Alexander has sent me proofs of the
1985 ALEXANDER DESIGN calendar.
This is a large and lovely calendar. It has
only 2 months of 356s. An airport scene of
a sunroof A and Speedster AND an uncompromisinglyclassic Cabriolet, gray with
tan top up, in front of Corinthian columns
and fountain. MY Cabriolet is a playmate!
The calendar lists at $25.00.
As well as the Brooklands 356 (47-65)
previously described, there is now a
Brooklands reprint of all of the R&T
Porsche articles, up through 1965, not just
the previously printed road tests. There are
some worthwhile pieces. One small caveat:
that means some early R&T road tests have
been reprinted four times. As with all the
recent Brooklands reprints the list is $12.00.
I suppose it is time for another listing of
neat books, suitable for being given or
received. Once again I shall arrange them
by list price.
EXPECTED - absolutely the best Porsche
book available.
- you shouldn't be doing work on 356
without this. P.B. Tweeks as well as
Porsche Special Vehicles (I think I am
allowed to mention them - as long as I
don't say the "S" word).
$60.00 PORSCHE POSTERS - a new
book showing all the factory racing posters;
large and lots of color.
$50.00 Miller and Merrit 356 SALES
LITERATURE - slightly expanded, hard
bound reissue of Porsche advertising
brochures. Useful for documenting
originality, indispensable if you collect sales
brochures, not needed if you have the
original edition.
$30.00 PORSCHE STORY - another expanded reissue of an earlier book. Worth
having for its 356 photographs. Leans
heavily toward racing.
$30.00 A, B, C's (& 912s) OF PORSCHE
SECRETS OF THE INNER CIRCLE two super books written by a Registry columnist. The first lists the engine parts you
need, And tells you why. The second takes
you through an engine rebuild and is the
single best available source of information
on buying a 356.
$17.00 TECHNICAL MANUAL, Elfrink
- a very good glove compartment sized
manual. Uses many factory illustrations.
The only small "inexpensive" book which
will not get you into trouble with incompleteness. Or buy it as an investment.
20 years ago it listed at $5.00 and was
available through the PCA for $3.50. The
list went to $10.00 when it was brought
back to print and since then, in the last 4
years, $12.50, $15.00 and now $17.00.
PORSCHE FLY - exactly what the title
suggests. Excellent discussion of full flow
oil systems.
$13.00 PORSCHES FOR THE ROAD extraordinarily beautiful photographs with
decent historical capsules. All color
photographs are current, all black and
white photographs are contemporary.
$10.00 LITTLE SPEC BOOK - another
nice inexpensive book by Harry Pellow.
Much like the factory facts book but with
a great section on breakdown and
$10.00 Brooklands 356 and R&T '50 - '67
- two softbound books of reprints of contemporary road tests.
$9.00 FACTORY SPECS - distillation of
all the specifications in the factory
We had an exciting time getting to the
East Coast Holiday. First we were almost
4 hours late leaving the D.C. area due to
the late arrival of Carl Cordell, well known
356 mechanic, and Jim Dingle, Porsche
parts man, and the VOA loaner Vanagon,
which was to serve as tender and carry my
daughter Lolly. In Delaware, the Cabriolet
developed a BIG vibration. Carl circled and
finally waved me over. One of the Velocce
tires had failed and blistered. We put the
spare on, pushed started the cab (classical
hot start problem). Outside NYC we were
separated in the usual traffic jam on the
Garden State and it started to pour. We
crept along at 70 KPH. The good news was
that the Cabriolet didn't leak. More good
news: the Vanagon caught up with us and
passed us. Bad news: the Vanagon missed
the Merrit Parkway turnoff three miles
later. It was pouring. About 9:30 we stopped for gas - still pouring. (Several hundred pounds of books in the Vanagon and
we are a tad late for the 7:00 start - on
the other hand we don't have the faintest
idea where the foggiest idea where the
Vanagon is.) The Cabriolet refused to start
- classical? hot? start problem. Suprisingly, the attendants were willing to push it
off. It was hard to push. It had another
flat. The station agreed to watch it overnight and we got the last - not the nicest
and at $65 not a cheap - room directly
across the street.
We called ahead. The Leapples, who had
driven a 944, "volunteered" to find a C
wheel and tire and watch out for Lolly remember Lolly? Patty was UPSET. Just
WHO ARE Karl and Jim? Lolly must be
worried sick. Several hours later, after calling various State Patrols, the Weekend
Headquarters and Steve the Oxenfeld, Lolly arrived. Worried? Right! She had no idea
we were missing. They had tired of fighting
the storm and had stopped for dinner.
Steve the Oxenfeld called and said that
Dick Gapen would be by with a tire the next
morning. WHO'S Dick Gapen? A guy with
a wheel and tire!!
Early next morning Dick called. He
couldn't locate a Rabbit wheel and tire. I
pointed out that we need a Porsche wheel
and tire. By 7:30 we are ready to go. Dick
is not only a super nice guy but rebuilds
transmissions for relaxation, and at
reasonable prices.
We made it to New Bedford in time to
lead a small covey BACK to Newport Road
Island. The rest of the weekend went well,
but damply. Except on the way home I confused Mike, Patty and Lolly at the George
Washington Bridge exit. I hope they enjoyed Manhatten. Funny, Patty didn't
seem to be at all worried about losing me.
A portion of the proceeds
donated to the
Northern California
356 Registry Chapter
Make checks payable to
356 PIN
2200 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
Charlie White, Editor
An important source of technical information about 356
Porsches can be found in the old factory service bulletins which
were published by the factory from time to time since the early
1950's. These bulletins were sent to Porsche dealers and included
a wide variety of information. Service bulletins provided information about specific service and repair procedures as they were
initiated by the factory or as they were periodically changed. They
also covered changes to existing procedures as outlined in the
Workshop Manuals. Service bulletins were used to announce new
or improved parts and changes and part numbers, and provided
information about corrective measures to be taken for specific
problems that would develop after cars left the factory.
Service bulletins were usually highly technical in nature and
often contained detailed data and specifications, stepby-step instructions, or detailed drawings and photographs. The Porsche
factory quite often implemented changes and improvements during a particular model run. Service bulletins were used to announce these changes, and would give the serial numbers of the
chassis or engines in which these new parts were first used.
Service bulletins were published well after the end of a model
run. For example, the last service bulletin issued for a 356-A
Porsche was dated in late November 1963, well into the era of
the 356 B T-6. Part of the reason for this was Porsche's attention to detail concerning its existing cars out on the road. Another
factor was the use of the same parts over several models years.
Service bulletins are fairly hard to find these days. The rough
paper they were printed on doesn't hold up well. I have close
to a complete set, or at least I think it is nearly complete, which
has been accumulated over an 8 year period. What follows are
some interesting samples of service bulletins. In retrospect, some
of the subjects are quite humorous.
SERVICE BULLETIN #26/59 abroad, dated September 17,
1959, was titled: c*Introductionof Vehicle Type 3568, "and provided detailed information about the differences between the 356A
and the new 356B. This detail totaled 21 pages of differences.
SERVICE BULLETIN #11/58 abroad, dated March 24,1958 was
titled: "Oil for VW steering Gear. " According to the bulletin,
all Porsches through the serial numbers provided below used the
V W steering gear, including all 356's and 356A's up to serial #:
SERVICE BULLETIN #18/58 abroad, dated July 8,1958, is one
of my favorites. It's titled: "Lubrication of the Additional Wind
Wings" (for 356A's). "In order to maintain smooth operation
of the wind wings (Part #644.542.051.00 left and #644.542.052.00
right) in spite of unfavorable climatic conditions, the lower hinge
fitted to the door panel, should be thoroughly lubricated with
graphic grease at the time of installation." German thoroughness
and precision at its best!
SERVICE BULLETIN #1/56 abroad, dated January 1, 1956, is
titled: "'Modifications- Type 356A Speedster." In five pages,
this bulletin details the changes in the 356A Speedster compared
to the 356 Speedster, including the elimination of most of the
VW parts . . . !
SERVICE BULLETIN #41/49 abroad, dated January 12,1960,
is titled: "Installation of Fog Lamps subsequent to Delivery."
This is a two page bulletin which details the installation procedures
for fog lights in the 356B Porsches. As most of us know, the wiring for fog lights, mounted under the front bumpers, is built into the wiring system of all 356B's and C's. This bulletin confirms
this fact. The fog lamps installed by the factory were Hella units
(Hella Type 128, 2nW-4-180 CC) which also had a spearate
Porsche part number (644.631.201.04). Specific mounting instructions were also included for the dash mounted switch. This
bulletin is reprinted herein in total.
SERVICE BULLETIN #28/59 abroad, dated October 20, 1959,
and titled: 'CConversionof Vehicles Type 356 and 356A into
Vehicles Type356B. "The text of this bulletin confirms that you
can't make a 356B out of a 356 or a 356A . . . . . .
SERVICE BULLETIN #41/59 abroad, dated December 10,1959,
and titled: "NotiJication of Car Theft."Apparently a 356-A 1600
Coupe was stolen in Dusseldorf, Germany on November 27, 1959.
It must have been an important customer to rate a whole bulletin
devoted to this theft! Incidently, the car was a red 356-A Coupe,
chassis #100753, Engine #P65-935 . . so whoever has this car
. . . . . they may still be looking for it! Car also had chrome
wheels, brown corduroy upholstery, and a windshield wiper on
the rear window.
in total, details the problems when standard tires are mixed with
radial tires on the same car. Interesting reading . . .
C o n m d with the no-1
e q u i p e n t of c a n l i t h conventionel tire8 our experiencca i n wing tirea of different
etructurea an One and the rEar v+ the r o l l w i n g :
SERVICEBULLETIN 11748abroad, dated June 23,1958, and
titled: "Light Metal Parts ContainingMagnesium. "This bulletin
dealt with the fire hazards inherent in light metal parts containthat on our cars of
ing magnesium. The bulletin states:
the Type 356A, about 95% of the light metal arts are alloved
without magnesium. The magnesium content of the remaiiing
light metal parts is not higher than 5%."
". . . .
SERVICE BULLETIN #I248 abroad, dated April 3,1958, and
titled: "Use of Different Tires." This bulletin, reproduced here
just onn- mcwe
Bill Mob.-, editor
in the beginning
The now famous Anniversary issue had
a story by Founder Jerry on how he
discovered Porsches. This is a topic of great
interest to me for it touches the old
nostalgia nerve. I discovered them (or as
my psychiatrist, Karl Lorenz would say "When I was imprinted by Porsches")
when I was moving from hot rods to sports
cars. When one is born and raised in
Southern Cal and is a muy macho guy, it
is difficult to avoid this transition. In high
school in San Diego County it was a '34
Ford three window coupe, dropped front
end, dual carbs, aluminum heads and all
that other good stuff - drag races on Sunday and the rest of the week trying to keep
the car running. On to San Diego State
where many of us maintained the hot rod
allegiance but where a different breed of
driver was emerging - the sports car enthusiast. Like Jerry, I began to see some
of my fraternity brothers in them - one had
a '54 Corvette and he let me drive it - I liked it! In '57, with the Army behind them,
three of my friends returned from Germany
with of all things, Austin Healeys! - one
was the old 100-4, another was the new
100-6, and one was a 100s with the leather
straps on the hood. After listening to their
stories about getting the cars off the dock
in New York and driving 'cross country,
all us old Ford guys drove our cars into the
bay and started looking for "sports cars".
I settled on a bright red '52 MG TD - I was
really living, top down cruising Mission and
Pacific Beach, all the way up to La Jolla.
Even took it to a Santa Barbara race weekend. . Then it happened! My buddy's dad
bought a Porsche?-a '57 Cab. He paid
$4200 for it (all the money in the world)
- bought it at San Diego Motors. Now
comes the really amazing part of this whole
discourse-he let his kiddrive it! I still find
this hard to believe but I'm glad he did
because my buddy took me on many a ride.
The thing I remember most about that car
was the magnificent padded top. With it
up, it was like being in a coupe. The zenith
of this total experience occurred when we
were allowed to take THE car to the opening of a new race track in Southern Cal yes fans, I was at Riverside on the first
weekend in a Porsche! I drove it all the way
back to San Diego on Sunday night!!!
From then on, there was no way out; I was
hooked. Well, I could go on about sports
cars in the good 01' days in California - I
could tell you about the TC I sold so I
could go back to school but suffice to say
that we've all scattered about the country
but we return on occasion to the land of
milk and honey, trying to recapture some
of those times. If any of you would like to
join us on these trips into the past, we'd
live to have you. I can't tell you when but
where is easy -just drop into Bully's North
in Del Mar, CA. and if you hear 356ese being spoken you know we're there . . a
footnote to all this - the '57 Cab went over
100,000 miles with nothing more than a
valve job. It got a door crunched in a parking lot altercation but that was the extent
of it. Often wonder where that car went.
My buddy's dad is 84 and drives a '66 912
- oh yes, I bought my first Porsche in 1971
- a very tired '62 Coupe but only $1800 was
invested. It became one of those ringeating-monsters that Harry talks about.
I'm now on my 7th and trying to become
wiser. I think it's terminal - no hope!
Over the past year I've had two kind
readers send me copies of old racing programs from Del Mar in San Diego County. One was from Bill Harlow (you
remember Bill; he sits at the front of the
Nostalgia Class). He sent a copy of the program from the 5th Torrey Pines race which
occurred on Nov. 27,28, 1954. The other
was from Bill Nickel (you also remember
Bill; he correctly identified the location of
Hour Glass Field - he even raced there). He
sent a program from the races at the Del
Mar Fairgrounds from April 28,29, 1962.
They had races in the very big parking lot
of the fairgrounds - home of the San Diego
County Fair and right next to the Del Mar
Race Track - horse type. Saw Lucy Arnez
there - people like Bing Crosby, Victor
Mature, etc. were always there. Desi Arnez
still goes - but I digress. It's fun to read the
old programs; even the ads are great. I've
sent two to Editor Jerry and maybe he'll
include them - they're for Speedsters from
the 1954 program. A careful study of the
programs revealed a plethora of Porsche
data. In 1954 at Torrey Pines, there were
187 entrants and eight of them drove
Porsches - 4% of the total. The cars were:
one each of the following - Super 1500,
Speedster, Super, Super Conv.; two each,
of the following - American and Super
Coupe. In 1962, eight years later at the
fairgrounds, there were 160 entrants and
28 of them drove Porsches - 18% of the
total - models too numerous to mention.
Obviously, others were also being hooked!
Eight of the 28 Porsche drivers (29%)
belonged to something called the Porsche
Owners Club Racing Team. I've never
heard of this group - can any of you help
- Is this still an active team? Two of the
Porsche drivers belonged to something
identified as P.S.C.C. Anyone know what
this is? . . . The old programs provided a
lot of information about each entrant;
name and name of alternate driver,
hometown, and make, model and color of
car. Now for one of my elusive great ideas
- I'd like to compare the Registry membership list with the names of the Porsche
drivers from 1954 and 1962 to see if any
of them are members. If they are, they
should have some great stories to tell might even be printable! They might even
have some photos from the good ol' days
of racing. Wouldn't those pictures make a
great display at a Holiday? How about
another Registry calendar using the best of
these pictures? The possibilities are endless!
One last thought in passing - one of the
Porsche drivers in 1962 was Alan Johnson
- I wonder if this is the same Alan Johnson
who now has the Porsche dealership in San
classified musing
Some of the offerings since last time - '"54
Speedster - 17th made - may be oldest left
- extra engine and transmission - $22,000"
and, "'55 Speedster - immaculate -new
throughout - best offer over $12,000."
How about an airplane ride? "'62 356BS90 -first time offered - 12,000 documented
miles - MINT - will pay for your flight here
if purchased - $21,500." How much do you
want to pay for this one? "'64 356 Coupe
- in restoration - as is $7,000 - completely
finished $11,995 - concours $17,500."
Moore OOGs leaving since Jerry's name
calling episode; "'65 356C - mint - 1 owner
- have all records - $6,900; '65 SC - 1 owner
- $7,000; '63 356B - original owner - stored
since '73 - 71,000 miles - excellent - (no
price). "
just one moore
brings us to contest time. When I was a
good 01' Ford boy in San Diego in the '50s
I'd spent every Sunday at the drag strip.
Would you believe that my buddy's dad let
us take that beautiful '57 Cab to the strip
and race it? If you can name that strip in
San Diego County, I'll send you either the
August, 1974 edition of Panorama or the
December, 1974 edition of Christophorus.
Take your pick.
"The ABC's of Porsche Engines" is the Maestro's Magnum Opus
his 700+ page combination Dictionary/Encyclopedia of
3561912 Porsches & Politics. describing with Words. Humorous
Stories and over 60 PAGES of Photographs the History and
Evolution of every Porsche engine part - Including What Goes
Wrong .... Goes Wrong .... Goes Wrong with Them! And WHY!
Those Terrible Traumas caused by Nature - and by Turkeys!
And how YOU can AVOID both the Traumas AND the
the INNER C I R C L ~
"Secrets of the Inner Circle" reveals the "Secrets" of BUYING a
GOOD Porsche! One you can be PROUD of! "Secrets" Contains
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WHAT the Owner says! KNOW what to look for - and look
OUT for! Then "Secrets" leads you by the hand through a
COMPLETELY OVERHAUL of your Engine - From
Removal to Break-In, even if you've NEVER worked on a car
before! Moreover. the Step-by-step, Proper Porsche Procedures
in "Secrets" are written so that anyone with an 1Q greater than
67.3 can rebuild hislher OWN Engine! THE RIGHT WAY!
I'hc I\l;lc\lro'\ VIDFO T:\I'E shon\ !ou things that uords can't!
I ihc ho\\ to d<)a I'ropcr I'orschc Tune-up - on his Typical Runell-tlic-"r~ll (i01.1) PI.:\Tt-.I). Sooper-Dooper Super-90 Engine!
S1.l. l'or \'OI'RStII.l' the Good. B;ld and UGLY Points of
\\chcr i~ridI)cllorto ('arhurctor Kits! (And learn the Maestro's
I'cr\o~i;~lOpinion ol' \\hat he thinks is the BEST Kit!)
S1.F Ihc \I:\\ I'rohlcm most ;dl N E W Big Bore Kits have,! Watch
thc %1:1c\lroI)emonstratc the "Trick" Way To Tell if the Kit
!ou'rc ;~houtIO hu! has The Prohlem! And learn hou you can fix
The I'rohlcni liw S2.95 !kmerican!
Scc ~ h cI:l'li.ct ol'. Engine DISASTERS! Learn the CAUSE!
li'i~ric\zthe Intcrcsting & Ept.n\ive SculpturesProduced. And
ho\\ to AVOID them!
- "The Maestro Chronicles" contains all the Important New
Stuff Found/Learned/Discovered/Experienced since the
PuMication of the first three Books!
"Murphy is my Copilot" debugs your beloved. by describing AND GIVING THE SOLUTIONS TO - those common. NotSo-Common. and IMPOSSIBLY RARE Porsche Problems that
AREN'T so Impossibly Rare! Porsche Problems No One Else
Can Solve! Until NOW!!! Like what the Terrible Gasoline is doing to Pbrsches! And how YOU can Fight Back!
In ;I Nutshell: -"The ABC's ..." gives you a Bachelor's Degree in
.-"Secrets" gives you a PhD!
-"Murphy" solves your Impossible-to-Solve Porsche Problems!
Maestro Chronicles" gives you up-to-the-minute Experience!
Mmstro's Spec Book and Emergency Breakdown
Procedures" keeps you On The Road
-The VIDEO TAPE shows you things words can't!!!
-And TWO Fabulous Four-Color POSTERS for the price of
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Like Life, they are all Intertwined!
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der maestro
Harry Pellow, editor
things that go "clunk" at the light
As a Second Example of the Wonders of
the Silicon Valley, take one of the Founding Fathers of Fairchild. Please. One who
was There From The Beginning And
Knows it All - Including the Dirt. One who
just happens to have a 912.
And who, disguised as a Mild-Mannered
Manager, having No Mechanical
Knowledge Nor Aptitude, managed a Successful Rebuild of his 912, using the Procedures in Certain Limited Production
Publications, even though he had NEVER
worked on a car before! Computer Chips
yes, Cars no.
(Now, the Maestro KNOWS this is the
356 Resiptry and 912's don't count, but 912
ENGINES are REALLY 356 Engines with
Minor Modifications that sometimes find
their Way Back Home Again into 356's.
When you think about it, this is not a bad
thing, and really rather pleasing. The
Maestro thinks there's even a bit of Poetic
Irony there, perhaps Justice, that some of
the New(er) be sacrificed to the Old(er) for
the Preservation of things More
Now, to be completely honest, the Founding Father's Rebuild was not trouble-free
and the Maestro DID earn several bottles
of Chivas's Finest Regal for debugging a
few of the 912's Owner/Assembler's More
Interesting Itty-Bitty boo-boos.
Itty-Bitty BOO-BOOS
Like the 912 Isolated
Mount Oil Cooler that leaked Copious
Quantities of Castrol's Finest 'cause
"regular" Oil Cooler Seals were used instead of the Right Ones for an Isolated
Mount Oil Cooler. The Isolated Mount Oil
Cooler Seals are just a teensy-weensy bit
longer/taller/bigger because the Remote
Mounted Cooler sits just a teensy-weensy
bit higher on its vibration suppressing/Isolating rubber donuts!
Or take the minor problem of the Founding Father arranging distributor wires 180
degrees out of wack, so that every cylinder
was firing on its exhaust stroke. This made
Initial Fire-up Rather Difficult (like IMPOSSIBLE!), though Rather Interesting,
as the Manifold Backfired through the
carbs. illuminated the garage with bluetinged tongues of flame and put a Fire in
the Valley.
These are the kind of itty-bitty boo-boos
caused mostly by Being Impatient - exactly the characteristic needed to be a Founding Father of a Famous Silicon Valley
Computer Company.
Eventually, as Murphy's Demons were
Defined and Defeated, the 912 ran
sucessfully . . . for about two years, until
One Day in '85 when the phone rang.
"Maestro Here"
"Hi, I don't know if you remember me,
but I'm the 912 owner who gave you the
Chivas and Founded Fairchild . . ."
"Why, of COURSE!" Cried the Maestro
- "how could I forget the Chivas! So, how
are you doing! And what's wrong with the
"Why that's AMAZING, Maestro - how
did you know Something is Wrong with my
Because Satisfied Customers Hardly Ever
Call when things are going Well, almost
replied the Maestro's Center of Higher
Reasoning, which was translated into the
Maestro's reply "Just a Lucky Guess I
"Well, you're RIGHT! There is
something wrong with it! I've got carburetor problems! I just replaced the lefthand Weber, 'cause the old Weber wasn't
Running Right and the Boys at the Gas Station said it must be the carburetor. SO, I
got another Weber and stuck it on. But, ah
. . . I was in a hurry, and didn't hook up
the return spring to the new Weber, and .
"Oh, noooooooo," interrupted the
Maestro's Trend Analyzer - "I bet I know
what's coming next. You DIDN'T hook up
the second return spring! So you DIDN'T
have the needed double Redundancy!"
"Well, I thought the springs the Webers
have on their shafts were good enough . .
am not a Nazi Polka" with the Chad Mitchell Trio on the head of a pin, the Maestro
is never one to shirk from a challenge.
[Though some Challenges later turn into
the Labors of Hercules! Like cleaning the
Stables.]) So he replied: "How high did it
rev up?"
"Dunno. About 4,000 RPM I think."
"Did it sound like 4000 RPM, or did it
sound like it revved up HIGHER THAN
"Well, to be honest - I was looking at
the approaching garage wall at the time,
not at the tach. But it DID sound like it
Y E ,,
Susann Miller
x 11" Vertlcal The thrd edltion in a serles
96 p a g d w e r 120 black& white and color photograph:
Slze 81/2"
Top-Quality prlntlng and bindlnglhard and soft bound
Hardbound IS stgned and numbered for collectors
Highlights fmm Porsche b a r 1985-86:
Current productton cars Including the 911 & 944 Turbo
Full Spec~tlcatlons All prlce lists includtng optlons
The perfect Porsche house wlth architectural drawings
Porsche Posters
Porsche Parades 356 Reglstry
World Wlde Raclng The 956 and 962 Comparison
New Developments Susann Miller Drlving a 907
Competltlon Cars
Automotive Art
Order now for this pre-publication
price of
$15.00 m w n p ShIpMnp
Regular price will be $18.95
+ 2.05 shlpping
JANUARY 30th' 1986
"No way, Jose! The Weber return
springs by themselves are NOT to be relied
upon for returning the 11 + ,20 + year-old
ball sockets and both throttle shafts back
to their stops! You should ALWAYS use
TWO Solex 40PII Springs (or equivalent)
- one on EACH Weber! That way you'll
have the Necessary Double Redundancy!"
"Well, I was in a hurry," replied the
VOP, "and didn't do that. So when I took
it on a Beta Test Around The Block after
installing the replacement Weber, I could
feel the throttle sticking open. I managed
to make it back inside the garage, but had
to put the clutch down or go through the
wall. THEN I turned the key off!''
"Oh nooooooo," groaned the Maestro
- "You should have turned the key off
FIRST! Or AS you put the clutch down!"
"Yeah, well, that's Monday Morning
Quarterbacking. Anyhow, the engine Revved up. And now it won't start! Can you
tell me what damage I might have done?"
(Though this Task is akin, of course to
Predicting the Future, the Economy and
how many Hell's Angels can dance the "I
Porsche Year 1982 . . . . . .
Porsche Year 1983-84 . . . .
Porsche Year 1985-86 . . . .
. . .
.- -. lnF32:
.- - -.
Hlghllghts fmm Ponehe Vanr
1982 Porschef 924 Caweta GTS The 944 Ode lo the 935
Genmg Started ~n Racmg A Tllbute lo Pwsche LeMans
Automotwe An 6 Anlm I954 Faclory Tour Monlerw
Blbltography 01 Ponche Boo& 1.4% Camel GT Concept
Hlghllghts fmm Ponehe Ybar 1983-84:
1983 6 84 Porwhes Franklurt &lo Show LeMans 83
Plcklng Up Your Porsche m Germany 934 GTO Team
911 Alrcran Engme The James Dean Story Vasen Polak
Owng the l~rst956 Bu#ld#r-g
Ihe La51 935 The CanAm
Rmng 1Wrd Scale Models New Dmnlopmentr
$15 w
PORSCHE YEAR 1985.86(~anbaund)
OR SAVE S2S.W by orddtlg l h m 8dltlons
0 3 BOOK SPECIAL 198211983-841196546
30 W
40 W
1985.86 (Hardbound rlgned 6 numberedl
MLM Publlshlnp, P.O. Box 222. CMon, VA 22024
Yes, friends, you too can replace your exhaust valves by
the side of the road with this reproduction of the optional
356 Porsche Travel Kit, complete a s shown.
I wanted one for myself, but found enough pieces to
make two dozen of these. Please specify bag color when
ordering (Red-356A; Blue-356B; Gray356C), and transmission and engine type. (For maximum authenticity,
smear with undercoating and bounce your spare tire on it
a few times.)
VISA, MC, Money Order. Personal check, allow three
Price: $210.00 each, plus shipping.
REALLY rewed up!"
"Gee, that's too bad," said the Maestro,
automatically switching his Trend Analyzer
into Disaster Diagnosis Mode to read the
Disaster Data Base.
The Disaster Data Base contains That
Which Can Be Learned from Post
Mortems of Terrible Traumas and Unholy Terrors caused by Catastrophic Failure
- including the Decidedly Deleterious
Results of several serious Overrevs. Asked
the Maestro: "First off - we can presume
from the data that your overrev was in
Neutral - and not caused by a missed
"Oh, no. I just put the clutch down. Just
In Time. Just before crashing through the
rear of the garage into the Hot Tub. Why,
is a missed shift bad?"
"VERY bad," said the Maestro, "The
Disaster Data Base has Terrible Tales of
Missed Shifts that caused the Flywheel to
DOWEL PINS in a twinkling of an eye!"
(Mathematical Derivation and Physics of
The Event explained in the Back of the
1985 version of "The ABC's . . . Owner
went bankrupt.)
"Oh, noooooo," groaned the Founding
Father of Fairchild.
"But fear not, my son, 'cause you
DIDN'T miss a shift, so the flywheel
should still be connected to the crankshaft.
And the crank pulley should still turn over
when the starter does."
"Oh, YES," said the Frustrated Founding Father, "the pulley DOES turn when
I try to start it. Though it just won't start!"
"Is the pulley intact? And not broken into three pieces? "
"Oh, yeah - it's still there! Why? Does
the pulley fail TOO???"
"Sometimes. When the flywheel parts
company with the crank, the end play
becomes almost Unbounded. The crank
and pulley move back and forth, the pulley
smashes into the Third Piece of the Case,
rips out the center section of itself and takes
the Third Piece with it, as part of a CrankCase Murder-Suicide pact. Blood Brothers
that they are. (Well, Oil Brothers that they
are. And don't forget, Oil is thicker than
"BOY am I glad THAT didn't happen!"
"Well, you're not out of the woods yet!
If you "just" overrevved it, the Usual
Result is that the valves hit the pistons, and
either they or the pushrods bend. This is
not good, but not too bad either as new
valves, a new Big Bore Kit, pushrods and
gaskets cost little more than a case or two
of Rather Good Scotch. So, let's debug
your beloved bugged beastie."
"Fine with me," said the man who Knew
Well The Tales of the Wagon Wheel.
"First," said the Maestro - "I'll put you
into Robot Mode, via the Servo Control all
Customers have embedded in their head.
BEEEP! !!! You Vill Now Do EXACTLY
as I say! Go to the Freezer, Get The Frozen
Cheese. Ve must first determine how much
damage was done."
"To do this, Ve perform a series of simple tests.
Does the engine turn over freely?"
"Yes Master, freely it does turn. Except
on Compression! BOY, does it have Good
"No funny noises or anything."
"No Master, all is quiet on the Western
"So here's what you do: 1. Check the
valve gap on each valve -just like you were
adjusting the valves. If OK, proceed. If the
valve gap has inCREASED a little you may
have a bent pushrod; a LOT and you may
have a seized valve, a bent valve, a broken
cam follower head or broken valve
spring(s). And a More Serious Rebuild u p
coming in the Queue."
Since the Founding Father of Fairchild
has no phone in his garage (this to assure
privacy and avoid Venture Capitalists) he
must hang up, go out, perform the check,
and call back. So he hangs up. Goes out.
Checks valves. Calls back: "Valve gaps are
all like they should be - .004 to .006".But
it STILL won't start!
2. "OK," said the Maestro. "Now see if
the distributor wires have been twisted
around like Medusa's hair caught in a
"Nope, straight New Wave," said the
Silicon Soldier."
"OK," said the Maestro, "now check
the spark timing on #1 cylinder.
(Procedure: Crank the crank pulley's
"OT" mark over to Top Dead Center of
Compression/Ignition on #1 cylinder.
Look at distributor rotor. Is the rotor
directly over the notch in the body of the
(NOTE: this procedure only applies if the
Distributor Drive and Distributor have
been installed Properly. Since The Founding Father had the proper literature, P r o p
er Installation was a Given.)
Guy calls back. "Yes, the "OT" mark on
the pulley is lined up with the mark on The
Third Piece, and lo, the distributor rotor
is vertically above the mark on the
distributor body."
"NOW, turn the key on and move the
pulley back counterclockwisea ways, then
clockwise towards Top Dead Center, and
see if you see a spark at the points. If you
see a spark, stop immediately. Note where
notch in pulley is - should be '/a" to I/.?
to the LEFT of the notch in the Third
Piece! Repeat several times for Statistically Significant Data."
Guy hangs up. Goes to car. Performs
check. Calls back. By Murphy, there IS a
spark from the points! And it's about I//'
to the right of the "OT" mark notch! (Actually, 0.247" + / .024" 90%
That is good my son. So far, we have
determined that 1. Since the Valve Gap is
Proper, the valves and pushrods are not
grossly bent. And 2. The rotor is moving
& in the Right Place, 3. The static Timing
is about right and the distributor wires
haven't been twisted around like Medusa
And, since you noticed Decent Compression during the valve gap check, we have
two of the three things needed for Fire-Up
- Ignition and Compression! All we need
now is Fuel. So: try goosing the carb
linkage while you eyeball the business end
of the accelerator pump nozzle inside the
carb. See ifin Liquid Hydrocarbons do
ejaculate from this fertile orifice.
"Nein, mein Fuhrer this is Nicht Der
"You mean there's NO gas spurting out
the accelerator pump???''
"Yes, that's right, no gas."
"Do you have a lawnmower?"
"Why, yes, of course. Doesn't
everybody in California?"
"Got gas for that lawnmower?"
"Oh, yeah. Doesn't everybody . . . "
"Take a cap full of gas and put NO
MORE THAN ONE CC down each throat.
You know what a "cc" is, don't you boys
and girls? That's a Cubic Centimeter. And
that's not Terribly Much - less than a teaspoonful, but that's enough to cause a few
seconds of running. (But only a few
seconds of burning, should a backfire
Have a wet towel or your Halon Fire Extinquisher handy - just in case. It makes
your Fire Insurance Agent have fewer cor-
onaries and fear your phone calls less."
Guy hangs up. Puts gas in. Tries to fire
up engine. Calls back.
"Well, it runs - but not too well.
Backfires like hell! Almost had another
Fire in the Valley!"
"Humm," said the Maestro - "OK. Get
the engine idling at 1000 RPM or so. Then
pull one plug wire at a time off. See if the
RPM changes. If the RPM doth drop
significantly, that cylinder is WORKING.
If there is NO change, that cylinder is
Guy hangs up. Goes to garage. Calls
back. "Well, looks like #3 and #4 cylinder
aren't doing anything!"
"Uh, oh," said the Maestro. "That may
be the Cylinder Head whose valves hit the
pistons! "
"What do I do now?"
"Well, there are a two possibilities - pull
the spark plugs and eyeball them. Ifin the
ground electrode has been dinged closed
against the center electrode, that may be
what's wrong! But if the plugs are OK,
you'd better do a compression test, 'cause
the valves may be bent!"
The guy hangs up.
The Maestro returns to the column. Until: SUDDENLY-Revelation Strikes - in
the form of a THIRD Possibility he hadn't
counted upon! It may NOT be #3/#4
cylinder that's bad. It might be the:
Odds of that very low, say you? True.
It Used to Be that Webers had a 2% DOA
(Dead On Arrival) rate. But recently the
DOA rate has increased to about 10-IS%!
So, this time, when the Owner calls back,
the Maestro is about to pop The Third
Possibility on him.
Guy calls - and says - "Y'know I've been
thinking - the New CARBURETOR could
be bad too!"
The Maestro, wind taken out of his sales,
(BEEP, BEEP - Pun alert!) says: "My son,
you have learned well. Put on the old
Replacement Dash
Excellent Reproduction
Includes Mounting Clips
Exact Fit
Dealer discounts
. . . . . . .$10500
. . . . . .$14800
(Ready to install)
"bad" Devil Weber that you Know, in
place of the new Devil Weber you don't.
And let me know."
Guy hangs up. Changes Webers. Calls
back. NOW it RUNS on #3/#4 Cylinder!!!
"How about THAT!" cried the Maestro
- "It runs OK on #3/#4 cylinder with the
old, "bad" Weber installed! And the NEW
Weber doesn't! Gee, looks like the Old Antidote to Murphy's Law holds true - It's
Almost Always the Last Thing You Did To
It That Made It Screw Up!"
Couple that with the Knowledge that
Assume makes an "Ass" out of U and Me.
Don't Assume ANYTHING. Except the
Worst. Then, if it IS the Worst, you're
prepared. And if it ISN'T the Worst, it's
therefore better! And thus, Almost Good!
In fact, in this case, it was almost Too
Good To Be True! There was apparently
NOTHING WRONG with the engine!!!
Murphy had blown a beautiful chance to
blow a beautiful engine. But the Owner had
used the Power contained in Knowledge
and Step-by-step Instructions to generate
a force field strong enough to hold off
Murphy! With a little help from his friends.
The Maestro. And the Porsche gods.
You can also be sure that THIS time The
Owner will install the SECOND Throttle
Return Spring!
And Replenish the Maestro's Scotch
Oh, - And the Real Cause of the "Stuck
Throttle"??? A new carb downcoming
Linkage rod with No lock Nuts on it!
Another manifestation of the Not-enoughtime-to-do-it-right, but always-enoughtime-to-Do-It-OVER Syndrome!
All linkage rods are divided into two
kinds - those with two right-hand threads,
and those with ONE right hand and ONE
left hand thread. The advantage of the one
right/one left hand threaded end is that by
loosening both ends, the MIDDLE can be
rotated - to make the rod Continuously
longer or shorter!
On the other hand, a linkage rod with
two right-hand threads, under the same circumstances, screws in one end as far as it
screws out the other, thus not changing the
length any. With two right-hand threaded
ends, you've gotta pop one end off and
screw ONE end in or out to change the
length. AND: you're limited to one-turn
Quantum Jumps in linkage rod length.
The one left hand thread/one right hand
thread linkage arm is Mo' Better, as you
can loosen both nuts, rotate the middle,
and adjust the linkage rod EXACTLY
where you want it to be, rather than in oneturn Quantum jumps.
With one Air Mass meter stuck in each
carburetor, and a Friend in the Driver's
Seat holding the engine at 2,000 RPM with
his foot to take all the slop out of all the
ball sockets, accurate linkage arm adjustment THEN makes a Big Difference!
As long as you remember to tighten the
nuts back down afterwards!
Because, like Jackie with a credit card,
a linkage arm with NO nuts is Unrestrained! Unrestrained linkage arms, under
forces still unexplained by Science, but
under the all-pervading Influence of Murphy, will either expand or contract. It matters not which way it swings. For if it expands, it holds one carb open. And if it
contracts, it holds open the other!
This is Murphy's way of saying - fix me
now or fix me (and whatever else I can
screw up) later.
So, gentle readers - ifin you loosen your
linkage arms to perform Necessary Adjustments, please make sure you tighten the
lock nuts back down again. Engines idling
at 5000 RPM while stuck in Rush Hour
Traffic on the Lawrence Distressway interferes with the Contemplation of the
Universe or the Newest Chip Design.
(P.S.: You want a Section of the Engine
Data Base that Warmly Envelops your
356/912 Engine? Including a Prediction of
its Date Stamp? Just send your Engine ID
#'s [on the Third Piece just below the
Generator Stand], your Case casting
Number and Engine Type Number [Both
are on top of the case below the oil filter
can, right by the fan shroud], to: The
Maestro, c/o HCP RESEARCH, 20655
Sunrise Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014. And
you'll Be Rewarded!)
%ochurer a d
RichardE Merritt
(The Original M&M B o o k ) REVISED
(28 a d d i t i o n a l brochures)
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312 b&w ppaer. nav hardbound.
wlurne. 83 10 all. an'' r 11" oblon?.
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VA 22024
Paul Macaluso, 1215 S. Selva Dr., Dallas,
TX 75218, 214/321-2869.
'55 Coupe #53770. Silvedred, tan
carpet. Recent total restoration of rustfree
original car. Rebuilt/detailed '63 Super
engine. concours winner GA/FL car,
garaged. $9,500. Curt Grote, 3631 N W
107th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32606.
'51 356 Coupe professional restored.
Red with Grey and black interior. 1300
'56 Speedster orig. Ariz. car. Neelson
engine. chassis Serial #lO75l. $27,000. interior, complete Siebold restoration, eng.
Phone 309/734-2956. Richard Ryner, 1217 rebuild in '79, has overriders, rare bench
East Broadway, Monmouith, IL 61462.
rear seat, deluxe wheel, only needs paint
'53 Coupe #51409, complete but needs job to bring back to showroom condition
restoration, usual body & pan rust, VW - $13,500. '62 twin grille Roadster S-90,
motor w/twin Solexes, $800 in Stoddard & complete restoration by John Nelson,
Tweeks parts including muffer, heat ex- everything rebuilt & rechromed, white with
changers, beehives, carpet set - $3000 or fawn interior, all concours specifications will consider parting out. Dave Obee, Box $21,500 or consider trades up or down. Bob
1361, Coaldale, Alberta TOK OLO Burnside, Box 3055, Palm Desert, CA
Canada, 403/345-5836.
92261, 619/341-4284.
'53 Coupe #50998, strong '62 1600
'57 Speedster, red, completely
super engine, 2nd owner, minor restoration restored, #84190 912 engine #1284678,741
and paint in '62, good condition, trans., not concours but dynamite street car
maroon/black. Drive as is or restore - - $15,000. Robert Friedlander, New Lon$6200. David Beilman, 11 West Ave., don, NH 03257, 603/526-4214.
Wayne, PA 19087, 215/688-7002.
57 Speedster #83522, car completely
'54 Speedster #80129 completely disassembled, dipped and primed. Pan out
restored, excellent condition, white w/tan & ready for new pan (included),
interior, new top side curtains, tonneau. longitudinals, jack spurs, rocker panels &
Chrome all re-done, all new rubber. Engine front frame members replaced. Rebuilt
European S-90 1720 cc, Norris cam, BBAB tranny, correct normal engine, roll
balanced. Have had car for last 15 years. bar, bra, tonneau, chrome & steel wheels,
Stored for the last six - $17,500 OBO. spare front & rear clips, new wire harness,
Trade for the right '80 - '82 911SC. Den- all new rubber & trim parts. Many spares.
nis Fox, Dana Point, CA 714/496-9640. Excellent project - $7500 firm. Ken Bunch,
'55 Speedster #80298, 1500s needs ma- 2012 Hanover Ave., Richmond, VA 23220,
jor restoration many parts missing (no w / ~ 804/358-2758.
frame. seats. or ennine). Comes with 2
'57 Speedster #83522. Completely
NOS doors, .new windshield, and a very
body & all parts dipped and
good hood - $2100 firm. '57 sunroof Carprimed, pan cut out & ready for a new pan
rera l500GS no engine, needs longitudinals (incl.), longitudinals & front braces replacbut never has had any accident damage, excellent doors & hood, in storage since '68 ed, correct normal engine, rebuilt tranny,
- $8000 firm. Jim McDevitt, 36 Colony spare front & rear clips, roll bar, bra, tonRd., Lexington, MA 02173,617/862-7722. neau, chrome & steel wheels. Many NOS
'55 Speedster #80866, for parts. No & Stoddard parts. Excellent project.
engine. Body in poor condition. Some parts $7,500. Ken Bunch, 2012 Hanover Ave.,
VA 23220. 804/358-2758.
available. New factory longitudinals, Richmond,
'58 Porsche Speedster: 356-A. Comrocker panels, dash top sheet metal. Stod- pletely restored, black with tan upholstery
dard floor pan, 16" wheels, too much to (leather), new Michelin tires. Detailed like
list - $3000 takes all. David T. Humphrey, new, chrome wheels. Car original. Price
7484 Brecksville Rd., Independence, OH $25,000. Call or write W. H. Lucarelli, 14
4413 1, 216/524-2304 eves.
Hawthorne Ct., Wheeling, WV 26OO3.
'55 Speedster #80466, 2 owner car, Days 304/232-3263. Eves. 304/232-8906.
solid, orig. rustless pan, white lacquer,
'58 Cabriolet, 151376, needs paint,
charcoal carpet, black vinyl all perfect. Ex- very little rust damage, has replaced pan,
tra trans and hard top. 16" wheels, new Webers, 050 distrib, fuel pump,
Dunlops, Konis, all new plating, 650 miles brakes, new P-3's and chrome wheels, etc.,
on orig. 1500 Super #P41151. Orig. win- top needs new skin but is all there and
dow sticker, owner's manual, etc. Nice - sound. Prefer to trade for a sound coupe
$20,000. New 1600 Super pistodcyl. in box to be a daily driver type. Offers. Tim Foley,
- $275 OBO. Nice '56 1600 Super #P80281 202/722-1789.
engine, complete, runs good - $1700. Lots
'58 Coupe #104390, Adria blue/red,
of engine, trans parts. Send SASE for list. fresh paint, undercoat, full carpet set. New
windshield, stainless steel brit. lines, shoes,
rebuilt transaxle, 12 volt, new floor pan,
longitudinals, etc. New Koni's KYB's
powered by 2.76 turbocharged Corvair,
fresh total rebuild, balanced, etc. Also
available complete 912 engine. Will sell
with either engine. Car is pictured on pg.
13 & 14 REGISTRY Vol. 10, #2 - $5500.
Tom Pixley, 881 Kelly, Traverse City, MI
49684, 616/946-0724.
'58 GT Carrera, engine #90905, oil
tank, oil filler connection, oil filter, NOS
GS muffler/headers and pre-silencers, 4
Rudge wheels, 160 mph speedo, set 547/5
82mm connecting rods certified by Rennsport, new GT bumper trim, excellent early hood, near new B/C hood, NOS early
B deck lid, 'A' front clip/hood, NOS 'B'
brake drums, NOS '55 transmission nose
mount. Sell or trade for parts listed in
Wanted. Reid Vann, 3853 Forest Park
Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108,314/533-7729.
'58 Speedster #84053, body work complete and painted black, needs interior and
engine rebuild. Many spare parts. Perfect
winter project - $12,500. Alan Hoeweler,
10549 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241,
5 13/563-4008 office hours.
'59 Coupe #lo7875 with '61 Super 75
engine, recent engine and transmission
overhaul. No rust, like new in appearance
and all mechanicals. Many spare parts and
accessories available - $11,850 OBO.
Randell Odom, 14526 Diplomat Dr., Tampa, FL 33613, 813/968-5090.
'59 Convertible D #86093, eng.
P73395, Calif. car, orig. pan, no rust, Ruby
Red lacquer, tan interior and top. Car is
show quality and 100% complete,
cosmetically and mechanically perfect $17,000 or trade down for everyday driving 356. Burton Smith, 764 Harris Pt. Dr.,
Virginia Beach, VA 23455, 804/497-7491
'59 Coupe #105046, Robin's Egg Blue
w/black interior. 3rd Calif. owner. Excellent cosmetic & mechanical condition
w/owner9s manual & all records.
Everything orig. Very slight tweak rear
bumper - $8600. Dave Williamson, 21940
Lamplighter Rd., Malibu, CA 90265,
213/836-0143 days, 213/456-3797.'
'59 Convertible D #86443, light blue,
2nd owner, excellent condition, all original
except for new floor pan, paint and
upholstery. Includes orig. tonneau cover,
tool kit, owner's manual, etc. - $12,000
OBO. Todd DerOvanesian, Jr., 1611 Cortez St., Miami, FL 33134, 305/379-6411
ext. 277 or 448-8446.
'59 Coupe, engine P68078 rebuilt,
restoration started, new Tweeks floor,
longitudinals etc. installed. Ready for body
work. 95% complete. Stored last 15 years
- $3800. Gale J. Ely, 7580 Welling, St.
Factory Trained
Expert Repair &
Restoration of:
(mechanical & electronic)
Fuel Gauges & Floats
Temp. Gauges & Senders
VDO & Others
Speedometer Inc.
718 Emerson St
Palo-Alto, California 94301
Phone: 4151323-0243
8:OO-500 Mon.-Fri.
2nd mechanic. All records - $9500. Melinda Lloyd, 16544 Denevi Ln., Los Gatos,
CA 95030, 408/354-0028.
'59 Coupe, 3rd owner of 17 years,
mostly orig. car, garaged, Silver Imron,
chrome wheels, orig. German spare, never
on ground. No rust. 8,300 orig. miles $9950/offer. Jim Badolato, 16713
Bethayres Rd., Derwood, Md 20855,
30 1/84O-9196.
'59 Cabriolet #152350, fully restored
6 years ago. Garaged and lightly driven
since. White/black. Both tops - $12,500.
Nick tinling, 1338 42nd St., Sacramento,
CA 95819, 916/445-7174.
'59 1600 Super Coupe - rebuilt engine;
new pan, battery bos, rubber; Ivory with
brown interior. Nordi steering wheel. Good
condition. $7,900. Gary Poeschel, Schaumburg, IL. 312/351-7018.
'60 TS Cabriolet, parked since '77.
Best offer. Bosch distributor, new 050, $25.
J. Richardson, 58 Heather Lane, Orinda.
CA 94563.
'60 Roadster #88065, many new factory parts including hood & nose piece,
floor pan replaced, no engine, excellent
parts car or restoration project - $2550. Jim
Drake, 10 Carmel Terr., Ormond Beach,
FL 32074, 904/673-3588.
'60 Cabriolet, Calif. car until '77. No
rust. Leather, AM/FM, 185-70 TA's,
chrome 5 % x 15, battery, tires, paint,
19460, 215/933-3461.
'60 Roadster, fully restored with no
rust. White with black interior. Leather
seats, Blaupunkt radio - $14,500. Bob
Calmes, 7460 N. Pacific, Fresno, CA
93711, 209/431-9632.
'60 Roadster #388073, complete professional restoration from bare metal.
Original Super engine has new crank &
Webers. Signal Red, saddle tip, interior.
Speedster seats & tonneau. European
lights, Comp T/A's on chrome wheels, absolutely perfect, ready for show or road,
complete records include all bills and
photos from beginning of project to conclusion - $22,000. Alan Freedman,
215/735-0423 eves. only.
'61 356 B Hardtop Coupe, one owner,
completely restored & newly rebuilt engine
& transmission. Excl. cond. 714/722-8900.
'61 B Coupe, very rusty. For parts only or will part out. Make offer. Marshall
Reddin, P.O. Box 176, Fowlkes, TN 38033.
'61 Karmann Hardtop #200627. Repainted orig. yellow. New black interior/carpets. Rebuilt '66 912 engine
w/Webers. Brakes & front susp. rebuilt.
Has '65 12-bolt 741 trans. installed. Orig.
741 trans. & extra 741 gearsets included.
Has rust in one longitudinal & some bubbles in door bottoms. Car drives beautifully
& is very reliable. Must sell! $7500. Allan
Remand, 2551 - 56th Ave. S.W., Seattle,
WA 98116. 206/937-7466.
'62 Sunroof coupe #120159, original
Calif. car (black & gold lic. plates) - $9000.
Must see to appreciate. Bob Harville, 4209
Black Mtn. Rd., La Mesa, CA 92041,
'62 Karmann notchback 1600 Coupe,
no rust, old restoration, stored since '73,
motor out, complete '60 S-90rust out parts
Coupe, much NOS parts - all $9000. Ray
Setteur, 6917 Regency Dr., Parma, OH
44129, 216/845-3497.
'62 S Cabriolet, original pristine condition, only 38,000 miles on engine, body
never restored or engine rebuilt, white
w/black top and red interior, Reutter
#156178, engine #701172 - $25,000. Rob
Schaefer, P.O. Box 537, Rancho Santa Fe,
CA 92067, 619/756-2076 eves' & wknds.
'62 Cabriolet #I56365 T-6, Guards
Red/tan top, red leather, Bray carpet.
Redone in '84 whew paint, top, boot,
Konis, bra, Michelins, chrome & wheels.
Excellent engine, big bore cyls. Very sharp,
very peppy. Calif. car - $13,500. Denny
Hammond, 851 S. El M o h o , Pasadena,
CA 91106, 818/792-3240.
'62 T-6 Coupe #119219, ivory lacquer
w/red carpet and good black upholstery,
Sunday driver since professional restoration in '78. New electrics, rubber, brakes,
trim, tires, etc. Strong orig. engine w/all
new exhaust system. Complete and very
solid, garaged - $8900. Ken Martinez, 6293
109th Ave. N., Pinellas Park, FL 33565,
'62 Twin grille Roadster #89657, excellent condition, red/black interior. Super
90 prepared engine has 2500 miles. Can be
seen in San Francisco area - $15,900. Tom
Larson, 697 S. Blackhawk Blvd., Rockton,
IL 61072, 815/624-2621.
'62 and '63 356 B Coupes. '62 (120927)
completely restored recently. 4k on new
1600s engine. '63 (214072) T-6 Calif. car
75% restored - no rust, 1600s engine - all
nec. parts except front bumper. 3 spare
engines (2 1600s & 1 1600N) 1.spare 741
transaxel. Many parts, full factory tech.
data. Low-boy transport trailer, $13,000.
318/949-2012 after 5 p.m.
'63 Coupe. Red/black. Excellent
original type upholstry, repainted, rebuilt
S engine, C brakes, new Koni shocks,
$7250. Chuck Johnson, 9921 Juniper,
Overland Park, KS 66207. 913448-6299.
Porsche Polizei Car - '63 356B
Cabriolet. All documentation from
Porsche, and the German Police
(LandesPolizei) who owned it Originally.
Have Original plexiglas & metal "STOP"
stencil painted in German WWII Army
Grey, Special dual rear-view mirror, Blue
Light(s) for windshield & Spare Cabriolet
Hardtop. Pfundstein passed away. Contact
The Maestro, c/o HCP Research, 20655
Sunrise Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014.
'63 Polizei Car Cabriolet, all
documentation from Porsche, and the German Police (LandesPolizei) who owned it
originally. Have original plexiglas & metal
"Stop" stencil painted in German WWII
Army Grey, special dual rear view mirror,
blue lights for windshield & spare Cabriolet
hardtop. Pfundstein passed away. The
Maestro, HCP Research, 20655 Sunrise
Dr., Cupertineo, CA 95014.
'63 Super 90, new bare metal paint,
Gun Metal Gray, no rust car - $8500. Mark
Todorovich, 3l9/621-5540 ext. 371 work
63 Coupe, Euro., #127266, eng.
#730670, restoration to very high standards
w/NOS body parts, no plastic. Now ready
for paint of your selection. Eng. rebuilt and
detailed to SC spec. w/lt. flywheel, Weber
cam, Solex PI1 40's. Trans., brakes, susp.
all new or rebuilt. Complete car whew
bumpers, Koni's Nardi, manuals - $7500
OBO. Will complete to your specs. Charles
Purinton, 9911 96th Place, Mapele Grove,
MN 55369, 612/425-0722.
'63 Coupe, yellow, 12v radio &
cassette, new tires & wheels - $5500. G.F.
O'Donnell, Box 488, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438,
201/697-6922, 607/865-5439.
'63 Coupe #211225, brown/tan int.
rec. restored, carpet, headliners, seats, rubber, etc. 6K miles on overhauled engine,
new crankshaft, cam, big bore cyl., etc. 12v
conversion. Garaged - $8600. John P.
Davis, 905 Brookbury Ct., Virginia Beach,
356/912 High Performance Guide
Sound advice on increasing, or regaining
the performance of your 356/912 engine.
ALL the avid 356/912 Porsche owner
could ever find valuable when trying to
catch91lJs. @
Plus 6% tax
m California
Includes shipping in U.S.A.
1115 S o u t h Coast H i g h w a y
California 92651
VA 23464, 804/467-8930 eves.
'63 16004 Coupe ID#211523 engine
#P703703. Whitehed. One Calif. owner
for 22 years. All original paint, body parts,
engine, wheels, tools, manuals, etc. Never
wrecked or rusted. Excellent mechanical $9000. R. Keady, 41 Quail Way, Watsonville, CA 95076, 408/722-7525.
'64 C-tme ennine #Pe716436. iust
now in primer. Needs front fender work.
No rust, never hit except for fender. Excellent for f i s h restoration, numerous new
parts, in storage in Denver - $6500. Roger
Sanger, 32 Deer Forest Dr., Monterey, CA
93940, 408/424-0641.
'64 Coupe #216500, engine P711649,
w/exception of one paint job. Great for
concours or drive it every day as it has been
since '65 - $7600. Gene Lents, 190Avocado
St., Leucadia, CA 92024, 619/942-0646.
Two 16" rims, stamped 3 -'53, make
offer. K. Scheibengraber, 6025 W. Spencer
Pl., Milwaukee. WI 53218, 414/461-9829
'64 Coupe #13
gas tank, heater cans,
ior lights, folding rear
, W/S washer. Steve,
x 7 photos signed by Peter Coltrin - $35.
John Clark, 1984 Beaufort Ave., Comox,
B.C. V9N 4C3, 604/339-4167.
'64 Cabriolet #160901 with '67 1750 cc
recent rebuild engine, hardtop and new factory original black soft top. Originally red,
536 D St., San Rafael, CA 94901,
415/459-5395 after 7 p.m. PST.
'65 Coupe #222365, Champagne/black, one of the last C's built, 2nd
owner car which has been in Calif. for entire time. Excellent car in orig. condition
silver or white 'A' sunroof Coupe of comparable value. Also, Speedster w/s frame
- all 4 metal pieces - $400, requires only
metal plating, not damaged. Thomas D.
Casale, 808 Packer St., Williamsport, PA
Carrera motor, 692-1, #92006 from '59
GT Speedster, dash 3 updates, complete $8500 or trade for 547-3 core. GT gas tank
complete - $750. '55 Cab "Eurpean"
scripts - $125. 912 crank, 10-10, mag ok $350. Tom Sherwood, 415/593-9427.
'C' luggage, travel kit, NOS black
straps for luggage/ski rack, all in M&M
page 288, #9255, page 287 #9232, page 293
#9503 & #9512. Zenith 32NDIX carbs,
manifolds, air cleaners, all good. Derrington and stock steering wheels. Red
leatherette head rests, no hardware. Gas
tank, bottom sender unit, no holes. European heat exchangers, restorable. Make offers on all or part. Lee Whistler, P.O. Box
6, Santa Barbara, CA 93102,
A History of Sports Cars by G.N.
Georgano (lots of pictures); The Complete
Encyclopedia of Motor Cars (1885-1968);
100 Years of Porsche - Mirrored in Contemporary History. 614/888-7768. F. Acton, 261 Leland, Columbus, OH 43214.
356B/C NOS rear bumper PN 644 505
020 05 with original PN sticker and "Baked in Primer" sticker, $300. Roll Bar from
autopower, never used $150. Fits all 356s.
Open to offers and will deliver in Northern
California/Nevada, otherwise shipping not
included. Russell Ulrich, 19744 Echo Blue
Dr., PENN Valley, CA 95946.
A new grey complete interior carpet kit
for a 356B. $200. 309/734-2956. Richard
Ryner, 1217 East Broadway, Monmouth,
IL 61462.
Great intermediate car. While your
true Classic is restored, and afterwards.
Speedster replicar by Intermeccanica. Excellent cond. 1750 cc 90 + HP. Drive
anywhere, anytime. Annapolis, MD.
301/647-7225 daytime.
Video Tape - "Sights & Sounds of a
356 at Watkins Glen," as shown at '85 East
Coast Holiday. Historical, Instructional,
Inspirational. $24.95. Bill Noroski, 409
Volney Dr., No. Syracuse, NY 13212.
3 l5/457-1839.
Carpet backing set for Speedster seats,
charcoal color, original German wool,
brand new, $40 for the set. One,amber
parking light lens for B or C, $4 new in
box. Pair headlight lenses, 356 (HELLA)
New with rubber gaskets, $10. Linkpin set,
new, $10. Kingpin set, new $10. 356
Backup light, new $7. Front and rear 356A
bumper trim set, used, excellent condition,
without rubber, $20 for the set. ALL items
plus shipping. Neil Bettenhausen, 6107
West 75th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90045.
2 Distler Porsches, one red, one gray.
Good condition and complete - $295 each.
Charles J. Buysse, 9630 Almena Rd.,
Kalamazoo, MI 49009, 616/375-3804.
Brake drums and backing plates for Ulrich, 19744 Echo Blue dr., Penn Valley,
A/B. 2 new factory 5% x 15 painted rims. CA 95946. 916/432-2499.
Reasonable offer. W.R. Heidbreder, 8514
NOS compensator spring plus all conColonial Ln., St. Louis, MO 63124, necting hardware, 1 set of 'A' seats (good
314/725-9426 eves, 3141425-3463 days.
condition), 1 set of 'By seats (fair condi356 engine: 95% new parts; zero miles; tion), 1 Carrera tach (excellent condition).
meticulous rebuild supervised by the "Man Want B/C bumpers, will trade or sell above
from Reno." Assembled to SC factory items outright. Best offer. Gene Lents, 190
specs & tolerances with the following new Avodado St., Leucadia, CA 92024,
factory parts - case, counter weighted 61~942-0646.
crank, rods & bearings, pistons & barrels,
6:31 ring & pinion (new), roofs &
heads, valves, Cam, Solexes. All sheet fenders (T-5 & T-6), doors (356 & 912),
metal in Imron. One of a kind - $3500. Jon seats (356 & 912), 'C' wheels 5 % x 15
Wellinghoff, P.O. 14037, Reno, NV 89507, (painted). Bob Nelson, 215 Florida Blvd.,
702/789-0220 days, 7021747-3952 eves.
Merritt Island, FL 32953, 305/452-6542.
B/C parts: electric sunroof clip - $600;
1 std. 'B' crank (perfect) - $150.4 new
front & rear left & right NOS fenders - $450 KS, SC pistons - $100. A/B bearings - $25
ea.; 1 & r Coupe doors - $250. 'A' hood, set. Set of door handles, ignition switch
straight & solid - $300. Roadster door, w/key (all excellent) for B/C - $100. Albert
complete, rust free - $350. Stephen Salvatore, 2937 Leasa Ct., Marietta, GA
Holloway, 7920 Ridgewood Ave., Cape 30066, 404/971-3546.
Canaveral, FL 32920
'A' back seat-back section, 'A' hood
Parts: early rod bearings, 10 under (poor), 2 ea. 5 YZ x 15 new chrome wheels,
$10; 3561912 top gasket sets - $20; rod 4 ea. f & r bumper uprights, 16 to 12 volt
bearings std. 616.!03.142.02 - $20; rear radio converter, 1 Super hub cap. Monty
bumper guard with ex. hole for 'A' Feekes, Carmel, CA 408/625-3683.
644.505.03300 - $80. Jon Mergi, 222 In4 ea. 5% x 15 chrome wheels (5 lug
dustrial Loop, Orange Park, FL 32073, design for A/B) with 4 ea. Fulda
195/50VR15 tires mounted. Excellent
5 Pirelli Cinturat0 357 fabric radial cond. Tires have 800 street miles - $500.
tires. Would not drive Very far On them but Richard Gussler, 790 Robin Rd., Lexstill hold air and might be for a concour ington, KY 40502, 606/257-5078.
application. Offers. Bob Leif, P.0. BOX
4-Cam exhaust systems: street ex3732, Covina, CA 91722-5732, hausts for 1500/1600, C-11's; 4 into 1
8 18/337-4832.
header system w/all gaskets, nuts, OEM
Speedster tonneau cover, never used, chrome tips for C-II'S, excellent quality,
no Snaps - $20- Accessory steering wheel perfect fit, less weight, better performance
'A', leather covered, needs short Heliarc than stock system - $395 cashiers or cer14" diameter - $25. Rod Gillespie, 13 tified check only. Quantity discount
Bender Dr., Newark, DE 1971 1, available. William Doyle, 4842 W. Jac302/737-6786 after 6:00.
quelyn #101, Fresno, CA 9371 1.
B/C new parts: steel f & r bumper - 2081275-1777.
$149; outside orig. mirror w/rubber seal 1750 sc engine, excellent shape, 5000
$25; disc brake hub caps w/enamel crest miles - $2000. 1840 Garretson motor with
- $24 ea.; hood ornament crest - $8 ea. too much to list - $2600. Larry Chmura,
Wesley Minear, 1659 Valecroft Ave., 7701 Ridgewood ~ d . Alamo,
CA 94507,
Westlake Village, CA 91361,805/373-1771. 415/944-5300.
Parts: A/B Coupe window regulator
Steel wheels 4% x 15 - $8. B/C rear
left, VG - $100; B/C rear compensator bumper w/brackets - $100. 'A' gas tank,
spring w/all attaching hardware - $125; B heads, heater boxes, brake drums, B/C
A/B rt. king pin & axle assbly, just rebuilt hood trim - $10. Oil coolers. B/C f & r winlike new - $50; B/C battery floor w/hook, dow trim. Lots of other stuff. James
VG - $45; 'C' 4-disk brake chrome hub Anderson, 1129 Grant St., Evanston, 1L
caps w/crest, good - $40; 1 Carello 7" 60201, 312/328-4481.
quartz headlight w/bulb, VG - $15; ABC
1.5" extension for oil sump increase oil
supply - $15; 1 uni-syn, VG - $10. Bill
Debender, 445 Woodbridge, Chesapeake,
VA 23320, 804/547-2782.
B/C NOS rear bumper PN 644 505 Porsches (or Ferraris) For the Road 202 05 w/orig. PN sticker & "Baked in $13.00 (list $40.00); 2 Gotschke signPrimer" sticker - $300. Roll bar from ed/numbered Lithographs - $20.00
Autopower, never used - $150. Fits all 356s. ($75.00); Porsche For the Road - $13.00
Will deliver either in northern Calif./Nev. (list $40.00); Porsche 356, Jenkinson (list
otherwise shipping not included. Russell $15.00).
Parts Dept.
Stoddard Imported Cars
Late "A" 356C
Three Hole
Door Strikers
with plate
Left: 644.531.701 .O1
Right: 644.531.702.01
$13.75 ea.
Screw Set: one per car
Pulley and Bolt
Y//1~fu -
539.02.1 13
539.02.1 12
Front blinker with twist off lens (58-59)
Fuse box
644.61 2.801 .OO
Fuse box cover
Fuse box cover label (356-"A")
644.612.831 .OO
1 .50
Fuse box cover label (3568 only)
1 .50
Door switch (356AIB(T-5))
not SpdstrlConv. D or Rdstr.
644.615.601 .OO
Door switch (3568 T-61356C)
Wiper switches
- 644.61 3.501.001500
Black - 644.613.501.001700
Carrera twin ign, and fuel pump switches
Ivory - 644.613.501.011500
Black - 644.61 3.501.001700
Horn contact switch
Generator pulley nut
Flywheel shims (sizes .1 - .6)
4.00 ea.
369.02.1 07.( + size)
Clutch fork kit, all 741 trans. includes:
Forklsmooth shaftlbushingslroll pins
Black clamp for tire strap
Center bearing block
Early screw terminal relays:
Lights - 644.62.032
Horn - 356.62.032.1
Hood handle crests with correct curve and proper colors
356-356A heater slides
13.75 ea.
356 BIC chrome exhaust tips
7.50 ea.
NLA.111.547.00 (2 reqd.)
Original Formula Glasurit Paints
Instrument Repair
Carpet Sets and Tops
Engines and Transmissions
Books and Manuals
Complete Stoddard Catalog Available
New Books
Excellence Was Expected - $50.00, Porsche
Posters - $48.00; A,B,C's - $20.00; Secrets
Of The Inner Circle - $20.00; Little Spec
Book - $9.00; Brooklands 356 or R&T '50
- '67 - $10.00; Porsche Technical (356)
Manual, Elfrink - $14.00
Just Out
Porsche Story (3rd ed.) - $24.00; Porsche
906-956 - $26.00; Porsche 356 Brochures
and Sales Literature (signed) - $40.00;
Porsche at LeMans (in English) - $24.00;
Alexander Design Calendar - $20.00;
Grosse Buch Porsche Sondertypen (German) - $24.00; 1986 Automobile Year vol.
32 and Autocourse - $32.00.
Books pertaining to 911s and other interesting makes, including water cooled
Porsches available.
Block's Books, 10211 Connecticut Ave.,
Kensington, MD 20895. 301/949-7384.
are to appear. PLEASE limit your ads to
356 items. 91Is, 914s, etc., are all nice but
they are out of place here! If your ad arrives after the deadline, we will hold it unti1 the next issue unless you instruct otherwise. Send your free member ads to Brenda Perrin. 2041 Willowick. Columbus,
Ohio 43229. (Do NOT send commerciai
sdvertisino tn this addre
Bumper guard left front '59 high type
for overrider used in good condition, wiper
arms for Roadster, 2 sets needed. Cliff Berryman, 602/948-2570 days, 602/948-9367
Set of 4 chrome wheels, sun visors,
and black carpet set for a '60 Roadster.
Randy ~ i t t i l s t e t , Broomfield, CO,
303/469-75 17.
For '57 1500GS Carrera Coupe:
engine or parts. George Batcabe,
702/322-3745 home or 826-8700 office.
Stock steering wheel for Convertible
D. Eric Myer, 4536 Marvin St., La Canada,
CA 91011, 213/790-9698.
Roadster or Speedster or Cabriolet in
running condition but needing work. Set
of Rudge knockoffs complete, set of 5 %"
chrome 'C' wheels OEM, limited slip, in
excellent condition. Will collect. Cash
buyer. Michael Lederman, Via Polizzi - 1,
43100 Parma, Italy.
For '52 Coupe: headlight switch having screw down connections and parking
bulb bracket which fits under headlight
bucket. Alan Merickel, 3252 Storrington
Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32308.
'62 Twin grille Roadster, 'C' SC
Cabriolet, and Cabriolet w/Carrera engine,
in at least restorable condition. Joel J.
Einhorn, 444 E. 82nd St., #17-F, New
York, NY 10028, 212/249-1602 home,
212/510-1609 O ~ C .
Speedster or Cabriolet that needs help.
Do you have a 356 basket case? Did you
start working on it and got tired of it or
ran out of money or just forgot how to put
it back together? Want to get rid of it?
Want to put it back together? I'll help you.
David, 203/525-6600.
Anyone with experience replacing
head light sockets on a 356. Anyone know
of a source for these sockets?
For '55 Speedster: original Vigot jack,
ignition switch/key, headlight buckets.
Charley R. Folkes, 10441% Penrose St.,
Sun Valley, CA 91352,213/478-4095 days,
818/767-4372 eves.
Front bumper for 'A', original or steel
repro. K. Scheibengraber, 6025 W. Spencer
Pl., Milwaukee, WI 53218,414/461-9829
eves. before 10 p.m.
'A' interior light lens. Have 'A' ash
tray (complete) to sell or swap. Robert
Breslo, 2514 N. Mountain Ave., Claremont, CA 9171 1.
The 6 screws that hold the door latch
mechanisms to the doors on an 'A'. they
are flat head, flat blade screws with a 5mm
x .8mm thread and are lOmm in total
length. Also, need 1 Speedster top to windshield clamp (just the part that screws to
the top). Joe Reid, 180 Riverside Dr., Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, 201/766-7174.
Would present owner of Super 90
engine #806886 like to make the owner of
its original bearer happy? Also needed for
this '63 Coupe: 1 piece, 2 pieces or an entire blue interior. Speedster side trim and
a Roto Hoist. Bill O'Brien, 5 Circuit Rd.,
New Rochelle, NY 10805, 914/354-4178.
CHRISTOPHORUS collection. John
Clark, 1984 Beaufort Ave., Comox, B.C.
V9N 4C3 Canada, 604/339-4167.
550A #145, 16" alloys, all gauges,
547-3 case and crank. Used headrest, rear
pans, exhaust for patterns. Trade a factory
maroon wheel for a flat Nardi. Tom Sherwood, 415/593-9427.
'53 Radio, bumper trim, 15" wheels.
Steven Holloway, 7920 Ridgewood Ave.,
For '57 GT Carrera: GT sports mufCONDITIONS OF SALE AND fler in excellent condition. GT brakes,
4-Cam engine #90858. For 550A: 3 '/2 x 16
1. Seller will ship item within 10 days of: alloy wheel, engine #90106, gearbox
receipt of payment. If buyer pays with per- #690003. Purchase or trade for parts listed
sonal check, seller will ship within 10 days in For Sale. R. Vann, 3853 Forest Park
after check is honored.
Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108, 314/533-7729.
2. If buyer is not satisfied with item, buyer
'54 Speedster (80090) parts: Reutter
may return item at buyer's expense. Within proc. badge, rear view mirrors, gas tank
10 days of return of item to seller in same' measuring stick, tools for kit, top bows
condition as received by buyer, seller will! (low), seats, shine down license light frame,
refund the price.
sales literature, owner's manual, pre-A fac3. Seller assumes risk of non-delivery when: tory parts book, louvered generator housitem is shipped to buyer. Buyer assumes' ing cover, toy Speedsters. G. Miller, 3679
risk of non-return to seller.
Arlington Ave.-B, Riverside, CA 92506,
4. Unless otherwise stated, cost of shipp- 714/784-0888 in a.m.
ing will be in addition to price of item. ;
Engine case, late '60 to '65, with or
5. By placing advertisements in the 356: w/o front piece. Body panels: under tank,
Registry, sellers agrees to these conditions. $ luggage floor, engine closure. Will consider
By ordering, buyers agree to these; T-5 body shell for parts. Ken Foster, 24930
8 Loma Prieta Ave., Los Gatos, CA 95030,
In offering a car, please include your: 353-1800 eves.
asking price to save someone a cross coun- ,'
For '55 Coupe: steering wheel, hood
try phone call; chassis serial numbers also : handle. Randy Wellan, 16015 Lakeside
would be helpful. All ads must be receiv- ' Dr., Spanaway, WA 98387,206/537-2729/
ed by the fM€at x
k gl([email protected]&j~ 847-7293.
A pair of 60 mm front drums in [email protected] condition. Prepared to pay a good
price, as these are the Iast major parts needed for my GT Speedster project. Please
help! G. F. Leydorf, Jr., 1366 Yosemite,
B i n g h a m , Michigan 48008.
For '55 356 Original Speedster, tunnel cover, black rubber w/ridges, very good
to perfect. Door handles, square type 356
to early 356A, with locks & keys if possible, good or better condition. 3 or 4
Bumperetts short type chromed aluminum,
very good to like new condition. Black
hartz cloth top, low bow frame type, very
gwd to like new, side curtains, also black.
Chrome side curtain receiver sockets (4)
very good condition. Tom Funk, c/o LinCOGAssociates, 188 Industrial Dr., Suite
. 226, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126.
Sound deadening material for '61 B
Coupe engine compartment or source for
same. 356 REGISTRY lapel pin. John
Beyea, 809 E. Central, Santa Maria, CA
93455.805/922-5588 Evenings/Weekends,
805/928-1913 W ~ & ~ Y S .
Coupe cover plate,
Euro. heater
hanical tach for C
model. Marshall Reddin, P.O. Box 176,
Fowlkes, TN 38033. 901/285-8607.
An electric tach (VDO) which was
available on '64 & '65 C's & SC's. Lew
Nickell, 2821 Honeysuckle Way,
; :. Sactarnento, CA 95826.
Floor pan for 'C' Coupe and heater
. boxes for a 912 engine. Clark Griffith, Box
1538, Frisco, CO 80443. 303/668-5372.
For '50 Coupe, windshield for
passenger side. New or good used. Edgar
L. Roy, 11 Rendall Rd., West Roxbury,
MASS 02132.
For '62 356B Coupe: need complete
left ,vent window, and Blaupunkt radio.
Frank Butler, 326 State St., Boync City,
MIGH 616/582-2101.
For '56 speedster; 1) Speedsw wind. . shield top frame. 2) A pair of S
door tom. Donald E. H o k 2438 annon
Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94598.
'62- '65 Cabriolet driver'sdoor any
condiw &Q need: revuildable Super40
[email protected]@, d interior (seats, etc..), speed0 &
:bch. Jm
i Giordano, 11812 33'Ave. W.E.,
Seattle WA 48125. m(362-5684.
To complete a perf* '64 356 SC
qbriolek ktb Cabriolet sunvhrs, good to
perfect Condition, dso brackets, if possible; top boot, hartz cloth, very good t o
perfect condition; pop out windows for my
hardtop, can be from another hard top or
from Kannen Coupe '62-3. Also hardware
for attachment. Cabriolet top latches, need
3, but one or two will do must be nice.
same. Please drop me a note or call collect. condition, please): hood ornament & I'll pay your fair price. Tom Funk c/o Lin- emblem; concave lens; Vogle type
coln Associates, 188 Industrial Dr., Suite speedometer & cable; spuare type outside
door handle with or without key. Bob
226, Elmhurst, IL 60126.
W i diagram for a '54 preA Coupe Lawson, Box 3814, Carmeli' CA 93921,
(chassdis #52-781). I bought my car with 408/624-9303.
Speedster, 550 Spyder for vintage race
everything behind the dash disconnected,
nothing marked or labeled! 2) Schematic project. Also, restorable Speedster for
diagram for a 4 tube Telefunken radio. ID street. Ed Kollar, RR 2 Box 1230, Mor51V, #525148, and its power pac, Tup. Str. risville, VT 05661, 802/253-8731.
For '64 SC sunroof Coupe: proper
VGI, #533347. Also any leads on replacement tubes and parts. N.E. Denning, Jr., headliner material; complete red vinyl inBox 343, Diablo. CA 94528.415/432-1836. terior seats, panels, headrests possible; SC
To complete restoration of '51 Cabrio electric tach or S-90 mechanical tach plus
cash; oil sending unit SC/C case press. Neil
#10158: glove box pull (knob?) used '50
early '53. This is not oval as in an 'A9, Fretague, Summit, NJ 201/273-2117.
Restorable 'C' Cabriolet. Jim Drews,
magnetic glove box latch assy., or a
diagram showing what it looks like. Knob Box 6420, RD 1, Morrisville, VT 05661,
for turnsignal switch which is located on 802/888-2618.
Matched set 'C9 or 'SC9 heads with
top middle of dash (ivory). Ivory starter
button assy. (will trade a brown one). Pair complete, good rocker assy. Prefer not
of instrument hoods. John R. Klockau, flycut, must mag ok. Also need match set
2101 29% St., Rock Island, IL 61201, late rods to recondition. Will consider
whole engine if you're not too proud of it.
309/793-1700 days.
For '64 Cabriolet: anti-glare inside Any interest in a 356 group in Houston
rear view mirror in good condition. San- area? Ashley Lindstedt, P.O. Box 1513,
ford Kemper, 517 Dartmouth Ave., Silver Houston, TX 77001.
'57 - '58 Speedster or '64 - '65
Spring, MD 20910; 301485-0897 eves.,
Cabriolet. Desire straight, rust free car hav703/974-3 122 days.
'0 Back issues of the REGZSTR Y: A
ll ing solid original pan and equipment. Will
Vol. 1, all Vol. 2 except 6, all Vol. 3, all pay finders fee and/or your price for right
Vol. 4 except 5, Vol. 5, No. 1, 4, 5. For car. Send photos and related information
'60 Cabrio: cbrome strip behind passenger to be returned. Richard Johnson, 228 W.
window (for top), boot 5 L/2 chrome wheels Main St., Port Republic, NJ 08241,
(4) very good/excellent condition. Craig 609/652-0317 eves.
Late 'AYunroof Coupe - I am lookJeglum, 797 Videll St., San Lorenzo, CA
94580, 415/27&5342 after 6 p.m. (PST) ing for (like everyone else) an original,
Prior histm on '52 Coupe #I1981 and unrestored car with everything there.
'61 Coupe 116813, Current owner of '59 Mechanical condition not that importanl,
Coupe 108865, s b d proof of ownership but chassis condition is. Prefer 1959, but
and I will seat something you need. Ed will consider other years. T.L.C.
Statkus, 2630 W. $4th St., Chicago, IL guaranteed. Jerry Keyser, 2777 Cleveland
Av&, Columbus, Ohio 43224.
For 356C: key set K366, front hood,
Solex [email protected]~1Qkrb.Must be in g ~ o d
:"fysunerman, 2040 E. frqnt bumper, 5 3 " chrome wheels, pair of
condition. AMH,
Myrtle A&: ' "@penix, AZ 85020, fed brown leather seats;'66 912 VDO c q 602/861-2494,
bination oil pressureYamp gauge
(110.02/32~spec~.Pre A,91lSC, Spydei, '..904 PartsAhop Pactory ~ a h u a l i
TecMql Bull& R 8t T June and Aug.
*48. WNORlkhrIASprior'to 1958.Genaa4
YEAR: VW OREATS prior to Feb, 45-,
vice. ~ i c kM
" a t h ~ c i n161
~ Sunflower, William A. Block, 10211Connecticut Avp.,
McAllen, TX 7S5()F4 51W&@-0291.
Kensington, MD 20895, 301/949-7384.
For '65 S C chtoine wheel set; E m
Porsche Speedster Replicar kit. Prefer
heat exchangers; fog W t switch. G.K. unbuilt kit or unfinished car. IntermecBuesing, 10 Holland br.m Rye, NH 03870, canica, Classic; Executive, Apal, whatever.
Prefer w h o running gear. Please send
'60 Roadster side dass R&L. Prefer ~hotos(returned) if available. Steve HarNOS condition. Also, headlight optional hs, P.O. Box 402, [email protected]
Land, -Texas
screen ~rote&ors.Have traders. Jeff Gam- 7747%