Dual Port, Four Barrel, Aluminium lnlet Manifold. Crane Cam and


Dual Port, Four Barrel, Aluminium lnlet Manifold. Crane Cam and
Offenhauser and John Woolfe Racing Limited have combined forces to produce this
NEW Dual Port, Four BarrelAluminium lnlet Manifold forthe RoverVS engine.
Of course, aftermarket inlet manifolds have previously been available for this engine,
but this one has been exclusively designed to enable the customer - for the first time to ultilise to the FULL, the large range of American performance products available. lts
use can now result in fantastic increases in b.h.p. and the maintenance of a very high
level of torque after 35OO r.p.m.- the tacho reading where the stock engine falls off
dramatically. These gains result in more power availability for better acceleration and
efficient high cruising speeds, as well as more pulling powerfortowing.
ln engine tests carried out by a well known and respected U.K. engine builder, a Range
Rover 3.5 litre V8 engine was used to confirm that the design criterion was met. The
stock engine was fitted with prototype J.W.R. Exhaust Headers, placed on a test bed
and connected to a Dynamometer. Performance figures were logged'
This same engine was then equipped with the brand new 7OO1 Offenhauser/J.W.R.
Dual Port, Four Barrel, Aluminium lnlet Manifold. Crane Cam and valve train
components - plus a Holley carburettor were added. The b.h.p. and torque figures were
again logged.
Ai you Can see from the graph, the results were to say the least - DRAMATIC! More
than one Crane Cam option was tried and the best combination resulted in an increase
of no less than 52o/o in b.h.p. over the standard engine. lt also showed an equally
impressive torque gain of som e 39o/o over the same standard engineln on-the-road teits the increased power availability was felt immediately - yet
amazing as it may seem, a 1Oo/o reduction in fuel consumption was achieved.
Rememberthatthis is in a Range Roverweighing some 4OOO lbs.
It should be pointed out that the Offenhauser/J.W.R. 70O1 lnlet Manifold is NOT a
race manifold. lt is designed for street performance and is most effective in the
35OO-55O0 r.p.m. range. lt is suitable for SD1 and Range Rover type vehicles as well
as MGB V8's, Morgan Flrr 8's and any genuine 3.5 litre-Rover V8'street performance >