the Honda BF5 sales sheet


the Honda BF5 sales sheet
5 hp 4-stroke Outboard Engine
Optional charging coil
Optional 3 amp charging coil
available with short and long
shaft models.
Electronic ignition
Digital CD ignition is
maintenance-free and ensures
easy starting, smooth running
and optimised performance.
Safe operation
Honda 4-stroke engine
5 hp water-cooled, 4-stroke
OHC engine is quiet, with
low emissions.
A range of features including
oil pressure alert, start-in-gear
protection and a wrist-fit engine
kill-switch inspire confidence.
Low-maintenance and superb
fuel economy to keep running
costs to a minimum.
4-Front corrosion
protection process
4-stage coating process including
anodising, paint and clear resin overcoat
to protect against harsh ultraviolet rays
and prolonged saltwater exposure.
Low noise design
Underwater exhaust for quiet
operation – just 79dB(A) at
full RPM.
shaft lengths
Available in either
long or short shaft,
dependent on model.
More torque
127cc engine displacement
for more low-mid range
power and torque.
(incl. VAT)
Year Warranty*
Year Warranty
Domestic Use
Professional Use
*subject to an annual service
The BF5 integrates essential features that give the operator a maximum
level of comfort, safety and performance. This engine will power you out
to sea with no problem, yet is light enough for you to carry it back to
your car, thanks to the lightweight design and ergonomic handle.
The BF5 is a low maintenance unit, with frugal fuel consumption, yet
has plenty of solid torque and the ability to move heavy hulls with ease.