the Honda BF50 sales sheet


the Honda BF50 sales sheet
50 hp 4-stroke Outboard Engine
3 inline-cylinder configuration
makes the BF50 the lightest
50 hp engine available.
Safe operation
A range of features including oil
pressure, over-heat and over-rev
alerts and a user engine kill-switch
inspire confidence.
Adjusts air/fuel mixture
and ignition according
to demands, maximising
power and fuel efficiency.
programmed ignition
Easy starting, smoother running
and enhanced power, just when
you need it.
Honda 4-stroke engine
Clean, quiet, efficient and easy
starting 50 hp engine with superb
durability. Surpasses the World’s
most stringent environmental
regulations including CARB 2008
and EU-RCD.
Trim & tilt options
Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™)
System advances ignition timing during
full-throttle acceleration, resulting in
explosive hole shot torque.
Already a benchmark for 50 hp engines, the BF50 has been enhanced
at multiple levels thanks to Honda’s PGM-IG technology, an advanced
electronic ignition system that optimises timing, for better speed,
comfort and exhaust emissions. So, whatever type of lightweight
boat you have – aluminium, GRP, rigid inflatable – you get maximum
performance every time you open the throttle.
4-Front corrosion
protection process
4-stage coating process including
anodising, paint and clear resin
overcoat to protect against harsh
ultraviolet rays and prolonged
saltwater exposure.
(incl. VAT)
Year Warranty*
Year Warranty
Domestic Use
Professional Use
*subject to an annual service
Gas-assisted tilt or electrically
powered trim and tilt models