The AS350 B3 - Airbus Helicopters


The AS350 B3 - Airbus Helicopters
The AS350 B3 integrates all the latest
technological innovations available. Its
powerful engine provides the operator
with the highest performance necessary
to carry out demanding missions in
mountainous areas or in hot countries.
This rotorcraft is also equipped with the
state of the art VEMD (Vehicle and Engine
Multifunction Display) for the management
and control of the main vehicle and engine
parameters. This instrument will ensure
the pilot an enhanced safety and a reduced
A S 3 5 0 B 3 Te c h n o l o g i e s
A state-of-the
-art workhorse.
The AS350 B3 :
A state-of-the-art workhorse.
The AS350 B3 is powered by a
TURBOMECA ARRIEL 2B engine of 847
shp (632 kW). It benefits from the
ARRIEL experience family that counts 13
million flight hours.It is also equipped with
a FADEC system (Full Authority Digital
Engine Control). The FADEC greatly
simplifies engine control but in addition
• Optimum performance in all conditions
The VEMD gathers all the conventional
the pilot can watch all limitation parameters
• Engine protection
electromechanical instruments on two 5’’
at a glance and concentrates on his
• Power plant monitoring
full color LCD screens and clearly shows
mission. It also improves maintenance
all vehicle and engine control information.
thanks to the automation of such functions
It allows several display modes: normal
as flight duration, number of NG and NF
ground and engine starting sequence,
cycles exceeded limitations and internal
normal flight operation, flight report and
functional testing. All over limits are
maintenance mode.
detected and recorded; they cannot be
This instrument considerably reduces the
erased by the pilot.
crew’s workload and improves safety as
• Fuel flow twist grip
on pilot stick
• Overhead control panel

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