Nordost Releases first American made HDMI cable


Nordost Releases first American made HDMI cable
Nordost releases the First American made High Speed
HDMI Cable
10 September 2012
Fully manufactured and hand-terminated in the USA
DPL certified to 5M length
19 x 26AWG Micro Mono-Filament construction
Silver plated solid Core 99.9999 OFC conductors
High Performance air-spaced FEP Insulation
Fully shielded
Terminated with high quality gold-plated HDMI connectors
Passes picture perfect 3D signals and enhanced audio
$350 US for a 1M cable
Holliston, MA USA September 10th 2012. Nordost is pleased to announce
the introduction of their new Blue Heaven High Speed HDMI cable. This is the
first HDMI cable entirely designed, manufactured and hand-terminated in the
USA, and was built to overcome the quality control and performance
variability that is so apparent with mass-produced HDMI cables. Nordost’s
proven track record of developing and applying proprietary production
techniques and technology to create groundbreaking audio cables has
enabled them to set a completely new price/performance benchmark in the
HDMI field. The Blue Heaven HDMI meets the stringent DPL certification
standards out to a length of 5M, demonstrating its superior performance and
Constructed using 19 Micro Mono-Filament, air-space, silver-plated oxygen
free copper, solid core conductors, the cable employs a twin-axial design to
ensure consistent performance and shielding, as well as materials and
technological continuity with the other cables in the Blue Heaven family. The
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use of MMF construction and FEP insulation increases transmission speed,
reduces dielectric absorption and improves mechanical stability, resulting in
superior eye-pattern performance from a cable that finally brings the exacting
standards expected in two-channel systems to the realm of AV and picture
transmission. Despite the level of technology and materials employed and the
fact that each cable is hand-terminated, the Blue Heaven HDMI is priced at a
realistic $350 US for a 1M cable ($100 US for each extra meter).
Nordost will launch the Blue Heaven HDMI in active demonstrations at
TAVES (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show) in Toronto from the 28th to
30thof September and RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) in Denver from the
12th to 14th of October 2012. We believe in giving you the chance to assess
our claims for yourself.
For further information on Nordost’s Blue Heaven HDMI, please contact:
Louise Ford
VP Marketing
Tel: +44(0)1425 650392
Cell: +44(0)7908 919755
Email: [email protected]
About Nordost
Nordost is widely recognized as the market-leading manufacturer of audio and
video cable and power purification products. Based in Holliston, MA, USA,
Nordost produces high-quality audio and AV signal transfer solutions as well
as QRT AC distribution and treatment devices. Their products are distributed
to over 65 markets worldwide.
Photo attached – Blue Heaven High Speed HDMI cable
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