Nordost Blue Heaven HDMI - The Listening Post Christchurch


Nordost Blue Heaven HDMI - The Listening Post Christchurch
“Born in the USA...”
The “one cable does it all” approach of HDMI might seem like
simplicity itself – until you look inside that cable. With no fewer
than 19 individual conductors, each with critical termination and
transmission requirements, it should come as no surprise that not
all HDMI cables are created equal.
With wide-bandwidth data, analog signals and even DC all
running through the same connection, balancing those
conflicting requirements and preventing interference is no simple
task. The Blue Heaven HDMI cable uses Nordost’s proprietary
Micro Mono-Filament, virtual air dielectric technology to create
a precision wound cable with exceptional geometrical accuracy
and consistency, electrical and mechanical characteristics.
Designed, manufactured and hand-terminated in the USA,
the cable is double shielded and uses gold-plated, fully shielded,
metal jacketed connectors to guarantee signal quality and
connection integrity. This combination of superior technology
and parts quality with painstaking attention to detail is what
makes the difference. The result is clearly superior performance
US Toll Free: +1 800 836 2750
that easily exceeds the HDMI standard and has gained the
demanding DPL Seal Of Approval.
You want the best picture, the best sound and you need
complete reliability. You want it all in one cable – a fit and forget
solution. Well, now you can have it, because we have sweated the
details. Nordost’s Blue Heaven isn’t like other HDMI cables –that is
why it sets the gold-standard for audio and AV performance.
Nordost Blue Heaven HDMI –
because the Devil is in the details.
Tel: +1 508 893 0100