SEMView – An 8K SEM Image Control System


SEMView – An 8K SEM Image Control System
An 8k SEM Active Image Control System
“See the Difference!”
History of STS Imaging Systems
SEMView – Features
• Connects to all SEMs
with a USB interface
• Various scan rates
allow images to be
captured from 512 to
8,192 pixels wide
• User selectable
filtering to increase
signal to noise ratio
• SEMView does not
override existing SEM
• Active state saving for
repeated system
parameters at start-up
and imaging.
SEMView Image Comparison
8192 pixel Image vs. 640 pixel Image
Same SEM (SEMView vs. No-SEMView)
8192 x 6144 Image – 1X Filter
AMRAY 1830
640 x 480 Image
SEMView Image Comparison
8k User Selectable Image Filtering
SEMView 8k Filter (1X)
SEMView 8k Filter (2X)
SEMView 8k Filter (4X)
SEMView Image Comparison
8k Image Filtering – Digital Zoom
SEMView 8k Filter (1X)
SEMView 8k Filter (2X)
SEMView 8k Filter (4X)
SEMView – Additional Image Acquisition Features
• Up to 5 Analog Inputs
• SE, BSE, CL, others
• USB 2.0 Interface
• Active Scan Generator for
Electron Beam Control
• External Interface for X-ray
control of SEM column
• Improved Kalman Averaging
• Multiple Scan Rates and
Frame sizes
• 4:3 and 1:1 Size Ratios
• Replaces Older Frame
Grabber, Scan Generator,
and Video Boards on all
SEMView – Software Features (Toolbar)
• File saving (.jpg, .bmp, .gif,
.tiff, or .png)
• Text & Symbol Annotation
• Measurements
• Wobble, Degauss, Tilt Focus
• TV Rate, Line Scan, Spot
• Pre-programmed SEM States
for Semi-Auto Operation for
repetitive tasks
SEMView Pre-programmed States
• Unlimited States can be
• Very useful for
repetitive production
• Each State has a
name that can be
appended and shows
when hovering the
• S0 State is typically used
for Start-up conditions
• S1 State and beyond (S2
- S∞) can be used for
the imaging of different
production parts, X-ray
set up conditions, etc.
SEMView – Software Features
Red (Scan Function Bar):
• Rapid Scan, Slow Scans,
RS “Frame” Averaging
Blue (Image Adjustment
• Contrast & Brightness
• Stigmation & Focus
• Magnification
SEMView – Software Features
Red (Tab Pane):
Software Controls for Gun,
Video, Stage, Loadlock, and
IR ChamberScope - (an STS
Blue (Quick Settings):
The controls outlined in blue
are multifunction controls
that allow user configurable
pre-set quick selection
values (green) of common
tasks that can be saved.