Decision-making tool
Direct Marketing
Site selection simulation
Prospecting Reporting
Dynamic redistricting Geo-business intelligence
Network development
Catchment areas
Geographic intelligence
Geomarketing puts geographical intelligence at the very heart of
information systems.
As a genuine decision-making tool, geomarketing aims to improve organizations’ sales performance
through superior market knowledge and by optimizing the geographical dimension of many
processes. Site selection, network management, geomerchandizing, prospecting, customer
retention, managing field operations (sectoring, appointments, delivery) and performance analysis are
all optimized.
Optimized networks
High quality customer relationship
Geomarketing studies enable to take stock
of the strengths and weaknesses of a
network and competitors and thereby make
the best decisions in terms of developing
a business (site selection, adaptation,
Adding geographical intelligence to
prospecting and customer retention
strategies allows the right message to be
sent to the right person. Thanks to the
customer typologies, local communication
campaigns and relationship marketing
are better targeted and personalized. The
return on investment is bigger.
Balanced sectors
An effective strategy
Geomarketing tools define the optimal
sectors to exploit the territories' sales
potential to the full and to improve the
efficiency and profitability of operations.
Thanks to a better redistricting of field
resources, mobile forces are more reactive
and the quality of the customer service is
Geomarketing provides decision-makers
with powerful analytical tools. Visual and
synthetic, geomarketing reports improve
the analysis and the management of
sales and marketing activities. The
latest technological innovations enable
collaborative work through a continuous
and controlled share of information.
is using geographical intelligence to optimize decision-making
processes as regards sales and marketing. Geomarketing fits into a wider dynamic: market
conquest and customer relationship development. It provides tools to enhance the knowledge
of customers' profile, to discover new income pools and to improve the efficiency and
returns on marketing actions.
Consumers, customers and prospects
have multiple geographies:
Census, Incomes, Consumption statistics,
Customer loyalty files...
Analyze - Optimize - Model - Simulate
Company databases,
Distribution networks, Enterprises & Services, Facilities...
Sales and marketing activities
expand on a geographic area:
Points of sale
& offices
Points of attraction
Geomarketing accompanies
each stage of development
Site selection
management of point-of-sale networks, new site selection, calculation
of catchment areas, geomerchandizing...
By virtue of its data reduction capability and the inclusion of the
socio-demographic and competitive environment, geomarketing
analysis enables to better understand a market. Thanks to
geomarketing, decision-makers analyze the potential of their
network, select the location of future sites efficiently, and adapt
their product and service offer to local consumption behavior and
" Analysis that we are conducting are definitely
valuable decision-making tools for our future
site location "
Truffaut - Expansion Service
customer typologies, customer areas, prospecting, direct marketing
activities (distribution of printed matter with or without address)...
Geography enables to considerably enhance the customer
knowledge. Geomarketing analysis enables to cross-check
customers' data with the socio-demographic and geographical
data of the target areas. This enables to devise priority targeting
strategies and deliver advertizing messages tailed to each
customer profile. The quality of prospecting activities is optimized,
response rates are improved and printing and postage costs
are controlled.
" Identifying the most relevant targets
represents 40% of the factors of success of a
door-drop advertising campaign"
Posterscope - Geomarketing Service
market coverage, sales potential exploiting, field knowledge,
Balanced customer portfolio, efficient organisation, lower
travel costs... By taking account of business components and
geographical constraints, geomarketing define the redistricting
best suited to a market and strategy, simulate new sales territories
and exploit their potential to the full. Be it mobile sales forces,
points of sales or even delivery zones, geomarketing models
and optimizes every sales sectors.
" Geomarketing helps us to improve
assignment of our customers and balance the
territories of our salesmen"
Lyreco - Sales Department
performance analysis, cartographic reporting, scorecards, web
distribution (Internet and intranet)...
The results of geomarketing analyses can only be used if they are
published as ergonomic reports and scorecards and if they are
visually easy to interpret and accessible. Very extensive formatting
and report automation tools dynamically linked to the map being
studied enable activities to be monitored accurately and to
a high standard. Assessing the variances between forecast and
actual enables to better anticipate the future and set objectives
appropriate to the sales potential.
" Geomarketing allows us to simplify the information
of our network in making them much more readable
and relevant to the local decision-makers"
Banque Populaire de l'Ouest - Marketing Department
The geo-optimization system
An expert of geomarketing for the past 23 years, GEOCONCEPT ensures full
optimization of sales and marketing activities: powerful software solutions
(geocoding and advanced geomarketing analyses), add-on modules (redistricting,
modeling and reports), Internet and intranet publishing tools (web portal and online
geographic business intelligence) and a comprehensive range of data ensuring
accuracy and reliability.
Reports for Geoconcept
Modeler for Geoconcept
Report design and generation module:
results, activity summary, map catalog
Modeling module:
segmentation, predictive
analysis and site selection
Territory Manager for Geoconcept
Redistricting module for
constraint-based geographical
division of territories
Geomarketing Analysis
Geoconcept Sales & Marketing
Standalone solution of advanced geomarketing:
creation of catchment areas, calculation of potential,
thematic analyses...
Geoconcept Universal Geocoder
Standalone workstation or web-service component:
batch geocoding of millions of adresses, reverse
geocoding, international geocoding
Web publishing
Geoconcept Internet Server
Online map publishing solution
& Business Intelligence
Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal
Web portal for publishing geomarketing
studies and online reporting
Compatible with Windows 8, the
Geoconcept solutions are running on
the latest generation of hybrid PCs for a
touch experience directly on the field
cartographic data
vector maps and satellite images
of different levels of accuracy and
geographical coverage...
socio-demographic data
census, typology, facilities, incomes...
specific data
retail networks, potential consumption,
automotive data, company data...
Routing and Scheduling
The Routing & Scheduling range offers numerous multiplatforms solutions for movement optimization: route
itineraries, filling schedules...
GEOCONCEPT commitment
To facilitate the rapid deployment of a solution, support it in everyday use and drive its development,
a team of consulting engineers and partners, experts in the full range of tools, define and support the
project until it is fully integrated with the information system.
Study, pilot and
modeling of sales
Training, e-learning
and certification
Assistance and
Support, maintenance
and TMA
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