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Wireless FAQ’s
10. Can I buy insurance for my phone? Yes, insurance is available on all Voitel Wireless
11. Is there any “Down Time” or service interruption if I choose to keep my same
number? No, your new device will begin working almost simultaneously with the deactivation of
1. How do I sign up? Simply log on to www.voitelwireless.com and select a device and a plan.
your previous device.
2. What devices are available? Voitel Wireless is offering custom-branded versions of the
12. How long does it take to receive my phone? Your custom-branded phone will arrive
Motorola “W315”, “W385”, “V3M” (RAZR) and the “Q”. Device Photos and additional information
approximately 7-10 business days after we receive your order.
can be found at www.voitelwireless.com
13. How will I be billed? All Voitel Wireless subscribers will be billed using our convenient
3. Can I choose the brand for my Phone? Yes, you can choose between a Voitel and a
auto-pay system. Each month we will simply bill your plan and usage charges to the credit card
Market America brand for your phone.
on file for you.
4. Can I keep my current cell number? Absolutely! Our quick and easy provisioning process
14. Can I cancel my service at any time? Yes, please contact customer service at 1-866-
will transfer your number to the Voitel Wireless system with virtually no down time at all.
624-3948 to process your cancellation. An early cancellation fee may apply.
5. Do I need to sign a contract? Yes, but you will only need to agree to a one year term.
15. Is there a warranty on my phone? Yes, all Voitel Wireless devices come with a 90-day
6. What if I want to change my phone number? You can change your mobile number any
warranty. Insurance is also available for your device.
time by logging into your account and selecting “update mobile number/ESN” or you can simply
16. What plans are offered? All available plans and rates can be found at
contact customer service.
7. How do I make an international call? To place an international call, simply press and hold
17. Are there roaming fees? In-network roaming is free. Out-of-network roaming is charged
the 9 key down for one-touch access. If for any reason the speed dial feature does not work,
at a rate of $0.57 per minute.
you can call 1-866-339-9011 to access the platform as well. There is no PIN required as our
platform will automatically recognize your mobile number and access your account.
18. Do I get any BV for my monthly bill? Yes, you get recurring BV equal to 8% of your
monthly bill plus a percentage of your applicable usage charges.
8. How do I contact Customer Service? You can reach customer service from 6am-5pm
Pacific time by calling 1-866-624-3948. After hours emergency service is available on an as
needed basis.
9. I already have Verizon service; do I need to purchase a new phone? No, you can keep
your current Verizon Wireless device and still use our service. Contact Customer Service at
1-866-624-3948 for assistance.
Wireless FAQ’s
Wireless FAQ’s