wireless pre-compliance testing



wireless pre-compliance testing
Novika is proud to announce the acquisition of equipment (MDO4104B-6) and software (SignalVu-PC) from Tektronix to perform pre-compliance testing for the wireless communication (WiFi and Bluetooth). These new acquisitions
allow offering to our customers a simple and effective method to test the Wireless communication of their products.
These tests cover:
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz Band) Tests
Signal Power
Spectral Density
Signal Bandwidth
Spectral Emissions
Spurious Emissions
Bluetooth Basic Rate (BR) and Low Energy
(BLE) Tests
Tx Output Spectrum (-20dB Bandwidth)
Frequency offset
Output Power
In-band Emission
Novika also offers a pre-compliance service for
the Ethernet physical layer. Click here!
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