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Grow your franchise - Bella Manufacturing
Grow your franchise
with equipment funding
that’s made for you
The smart way to start
or grow a franchise
Owning or building a business is the dream of
many people. But start up costs and access to
quality equipment often narrows the available
options and bites deeply into precious working
That’s where GoGetta can help. We can help fund
your franchise with smart and flexible equipment
financing solutions that have fantastic benefits
specifically tailored to the needs of franchisees.
Unlike banks, we specialise in small business
equipment funding, lowering your risk and helping
you to grow without large capital outlays.
“Without GoGetta we wouldn’t have been able to
achieve our growth plans. GoGetta allowed us to
grow faster whilst taking the pressure off our cash
flow.” Todd Howard, Snap Fitness Victoria Point
In business, making the right funding choice
is essential. GoGetta helps broaden your
opportunities by providing a fast, simple approval
process and access to commercial equipment
straight away with our Rent.Grow.Own solution.
Unique to the marketplace, the Rent.Grow.Own
solution gives you peace of mind by providing
equipment rental at an affordable weekly rate.
This helps to reduce your risk while still offering
the flexibility to buy the equipment at any time you
choose. Plus, if you choose to buy the equipment
within the first 12 months, GoGetta will rebate
75% of the nett rent you’ve already paid. This
is just another way GoGetta looks after your
“GoGetta helped me get the equipment I needed
to support our business growth. Their quick and
easy application was great and the options provide
me with peace of mind.” Russell Groth, Harbour
City Plumbing
The best funding
decision you’ll ever
Our Rent.Grow.Own solution is perfect for those
who don’t want to be locked into a long-term
contract. Instead, GoGetta offers a simple
12-month agreement, so you have the flexibility
• buy equipment at any time during the first
12-months and receive a 75% nett rental
• return equipment at the end of the 12-month
agreement if it’s no longer required.
• continue renting the equipment and we’ll
continue to reduce the purchase price.
• switch to a* agreement after
your first 12 months. This offers the flexibility
of a rent-to-own long-term funding option
with weekly payments reduced by up to 30%,
continued tax benefits and the freedom to keep
cash flow for other business needs.
Are you part of a GoGetta accredited franchise?
To find out more please call the GoGetta approval centre on 1 8 0 0 4 6 4 3 8 8
Extra benefits for
accredited franchises
A number of additional benefits are available to
GoGetta accredited franchises, including:
• pre-approval. Franchisees need only complete
a simple, one-page application form. In most
cases there are no business plans to provide,
no asset and liability statements to complete,
and none of the usual financial hoops to jump
• a National Franchise Manager who thoroughly
understands the unique needs of franchises.
Better for business
GoGetta’s Rent.Grow.Own solution gives
franchisees peace of mind with:
pre-approval for
accredited franchises
• low weekly rental payments.
• low security rental bond - only 4 weeks.
• the ability to try before you buy.
• pre-approval for franchisees that belong to
an accredited franchise.
month term
• the ability to add further equipment as your
business grows.
• peace of mind knowing you’re not stuck
with equipment that isn’t right for your
• a 12-month agreement – no getting locked
into a long-term lease.
percent nett rebate
• renting is an ‘off balance sheet’ form of
funding, which means it doesn’t affect your
capacity to borrow for future expansion.
• rental payments are typically tax-deductible.
simple one
page application
• T
About GoGetta
How do I apply?
GoGetta are specialists in small business funding
and have been helping businesses for almost
thirty years. We offer flexible funding products
to aspiring business owners who want to build a
successful franchise. We understand the unique
challenges of the franchise sector and provide
solutions that enable you to achieve your full
To take full advantage of GoGetta’s Rent.Grow.Own® solution for your
franchise, call our Franchise Approval Centre on 1800 464 388 for
easy, over-the-phone approval.
GoGetta is a division of Silver Chef Limited,
a publicly listed company on the Australian
Stock Exchange since May 2005. Our national
vendor network allows us to provide services to
franchisees right across the country.
Alternatively download our simple, one-page application form via and email to
[email protected] or fax to 1800 884 431
For further enquiries on becoming an Accredited Franchise with
GoGetta contact our National Franchise Manager on 1800 464 388
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