Rose Hip Oil Other uses



Rose Hip Oil Other uses
Beyond the buzz!
If Rose Hip Oil is THAT good,
surely we can use it for...
• A manicure in a bottle! - apply a drop or two to cuticles at night and
massage. The oil penetrates the nail’s natural structure to help
reinforce leaving nails stronger and hands smoother.
• Lip Salve - yes even lips! Apply a drop of rose hip oil and watch it
instantly absorb for softer lip tissue and texture.
• Combat the rough, problem skin areas – rose hip oil is a quick
and easy remedy to soothe dry, cracked skin on the elbows, knees
and heels too!
• Eczema & psoriasis naturally – with nothing added, no fragrance
and pure, nourishing oil, rose hip oil is a great companion for skin
suffering these conditions, especially when gambling with
children’s skin. Keeps skin supple rather than the tight, stretched
feeling often associated with these
conditions and helps prevent flaking
• Injuries – to aid healing and prevent scarring. Also perfect the
red, dry, flaky skin left around the nose post-flu!
• Prevent pregnancy stretch marks – apply daily after bathing.
• Cradle cap yes, you read right! We’ve had delighted Mother’s
write to Sukin, to advise that rose hip oil soothes and softens the
crust formed on baby’s scalp and prevent scarring, for a beautiful
head of hair.
• Also fantastic for hair, use a small amount on your fingertips to
help smooth & tame flyaway locks. Essential for your hot & humid
summer holiday destinations where frizz and dry beach hair play
• Summer skin essential, instantly quenching dry, sun-exposed skin
helping to convert the beach blush to bronze without peeling.
• A great travel buddy to restore moisture lost in dry air environments such as planes and trains.
And for some ‘really unique uses,
try these:
• Mix equal parts with a pure tea tree oil and
apply to soothe insect bites or scratches.
• Add a few drops to a shake of mineral make-up
to turn your powder into liquid foundation.
• Kids covered in coloured-pen after school?
Rose Hip Oil on a tissue or make-up remover
pad can gently remove without the need for
harsh chemicals.