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so many car care supplies on the market today, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which to use on your
precious collector car. Many of the companies we contacted are constantly releasing new and improved items. As we work to
test many of the products currently available we are constantly impressed with their quality. The fact is, most of the
products, when used correctly, do exactly what they say they will. So here we have some of the latest and greatest car
care supplies as well as some of our old favorites. We recommend you compare different products to determine what works
best for the job you're trying to accomplish. Once you find a product that lives up to your expectations stick with it. For
your convenience we have provided links on our digital edition which can be found by logging onto www.CarCollector.
com. Please check out all these manufacturers and their complete product lines. Happy detailing.....
The absorber® is NOT a leather chamois. Nor is it a terry cloth towel. But it’s probably the best
drying tool you’ll ever discover. The absorber® is made of a unique material called PVA (Poly
Vinyl Alcohol). The secret of the absorbers® power is it’s amazing uniform, sponge-like pore
structure throughout the product that enhances capillary action and gives the absorber® it’s super drying ability.
The Absorber® is available in 3 convenient sizes 29” X 18”, 27” x 17” and 17” x 13”
Adam’s ‘Eco-Friendly’ GREEN Wheel Cleaner is tough on dirt, gentle on your wheels, and easy on
the environment. It’s a true blue American solution to a green problem!
Adam’s GREEN Wheel Cleaner is a 100% water-based cleaner that safely and effectively cleans tires and
all types of wheels!
Buffalo Milke
Black Magic® Titanium™ Matte Tire Finish
The revolutionary Black Magic® Titanium™ Matte Tire Finish brings back that dark, velvety like-new appearance.
Matte Tire Finish provides enthusiasts with a sophisticated alternative to the “wet shine” look currently available.
Black Magic Titanium Matte Tire Finish helps transform tires to their original sheen, providing a rich, black, lowgloss finish. Products are available at
Buffalo Cream is a product offered by Buffalo Milke that restores dull, oxidized or
scratched paint on anything from cars and RV’s to boats. Buffalo Cream is actually
four products in one: cleaner, mild polish, glaze and a wax. It can also fill in and
removes small swirl marks and scratches.
Eagle One has introduced two new products that take wheel care and car washing to a new level. These products continue
Eagle One’s reputation for developing innovative appearance care products that provide great results, easily. Keep Clean
Wheel, developed with Eagle One’s proprietary technology, provides a protective barrier against corrosive brake dust and
road grime to keep wheels clean and shiny for up to two weeks. For the ultimate wheel care, use Eagle One’s All-Wheel &
Tire Cleaner to clean your wheels and tires. Follow up by spraying Keep Clean on your rims for the ultimate protection
from brake dust.
A second technological advancement is Easi-Dri Car Wash. Developed with sheeting action technology, Easi-Dri saves
time and effort by sheeting the water off the finish of your car without hand drying, leaving it clean and spot free. For
more information, visit
Portable Water Deionizer
You’ll Get A Spot Free Finish With Griot’s Water Deionizer. Oh those dreaded water spots. Wash your
car, rinse it and if the water dries, “OH SHEET”! Now you have to polish out all the spots. No more. If you
live in an area where your water is hard and full of minerals here is an easy to use solution. The 24” tall, 7
1/4” diameter tank comes filled with 13 lbs of our exclusive ion-exchange resins that remove minerals from
the water through a process that binds them to the resin. Because the majority of the impurities are (1 of 4) [5/8/2009 10:43:13 AM]
The easy, new waterless way to give your car that last minute quick
detail. The Glosser adds gloss to cars, truck, boats, motorcycles, RV’s
and much more. No water or toweling required. Clean Tools has put
cleaners and waxes right in the wipes!
Great for clear coat and conventional paint finishes. Use The Glosser like any last-minute detailer product. The Glosser is
the first cleaning tool that contains cleaners and waxes in a triceraphilic micro fiber wipe.
This company offers a Waterless Wash and Wax, Sheen Interior Care and a Tire Care Product. This product
can be found at many of the swap meets that take place across the country. The easy-on easy-off
liquid compound allows quick application and a superior deep paint
Waterless car cleaning was born in the roaring twenties, a time of fine living
and fine automobiles.
dissolved, deionization produces highly purified water, so no more spots! The two valves control the water
flow through the filter. This allows you to bypass the filter when it is not needed to prolong the life of the
resin. The tank is on a rolling caddy so you can easily wheel it to the water source, hook it up, and you’re
ready to rinse. Add our Brass Quick Disconnect Set for faster, easy use. The life of the resin depends upon
the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water. Want to know your TDS level? Check out Griot's
easy to use TDS meter. The resin is safe, disposable and replacement resin is easy to install. www.
In those days, if you saw a perfectly polished Bentley or Rolls-Royce,
chances were good that it had been cleaned with KozaK cleaning and
polishing formula.
Over the years, millions of automobile enthusiasts and professional
detailers throughout the U.S. and Canada have sworn by the results they
have achieved using the KozaK cloth.
Headlight & Clear Plastic Resortation Kit
Meguiar’s Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit puts an end to cloudy, oxidized and yellowed headlights,
improving appearance and illumination. Meguiar’s, the leader in car care appearance products for more than a century,
has made the Headlight & Clear Plastic kit easy and simple to use without sanding or using abrasives that can
damage paint or other parts of your car.
New And Improved Meguiar’s® Scratchx 2.0™
The original ScratchX™ formula was a simple, easy-to-use way to remove isolated paint
imperfections fast. Now the surface care experts at Meguiar’s® have created ScratchX 2.0™,
featuring a new, advanced formula that completely eliminates isolated scratches, fingernail
marks, paint transfer, parking lot scuffs and other defects quickly and easily.
To achieve maximum results, immediately follow ScratchX 2.0 with a high-quality Meguiar’s wax
to preserve the finish.
Ultimate Quik Wax™
Meguiar’s rocked the surface care industry when it unveiled Ultimate
Quik Detailer with Hydrophobic Polymer Technology one year ago. Now
they’ve done it again with Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax, featuring the
same relentless water beading properties with the added protection of a high
tech, easy to apply spray wax. The two products work in tandem. When
Quik Detailer becomes slow to wipe off, its time for a coat of Ultimate Quik
Wax. Unlike conventional spray waxes, it does not leave behind white residue
on plastic and trim. Ultimate Quik Wax sprays on fast and wipes off
easily, allowing you to wax your entire car in record time.
IMAGE 10 has pleased the demanding eye of professional car detailers and automobile owners who exhibit at the most elite shows in
the world for 10 years.
They know what independent labs have verified: IMAGE 10 is safe for all paint finishes, incredibly long-lasting, produces a deep,
authentic shine, and is unparalleled for distinction of image.
Vinylex Protectant is from the Lexol leather-care line of products. Vinylex is specifically designed to clean and
protect your car’s interior vinyl surfaces. It implements a patented, one-step formula that actually nourishes vinyl,
rubber and plastic surfaces. Vinylex penetrates below the surface layer to nourish and revitalize underlying
plasticizers, thus reducing cracking. It works wonders on tires, trim, tonneau covers, interiors, dashboards and vinyl
tops too. With DH-60 UV sunscreen to block color-fading ultra-violet rays, Vinylex Protectant keeps surfaces
looking original and smelling like new. Vinylex is available at most major auto parts stores. For more details, log on
Metro 500 Auto Hand Vac
The knock against small car vacuums is that they aren’t powerful enough –
not the case here. This unit features an incredibly powerful 4.5 amp, 500watt motor rivaling many full-size vacs. Sealed suction measurement tests
show that the Metro 500 produces 60 inches of water lift which means it
can handle jobs like the full-size systems. It sports an elegant, stainless
finish and weighs just 2.7 pounds in a compact size, making it easy to get
into those hard-to-reach areas. It’s made in the USA and comes with a 5year warrantee. Cost: $70. Contact Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company,
Power Products
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners puts the power in your hands with the
first-ever line of car care products specifically engineered for use with
random orbital, high-speed and dual-action buffers. This means Mothers® can
now help you restore your car’s exterior to a brilliant shine with significantly
less time and effort.
Until now, car care products have always been designed for use by hand, and
then later approved for use with power buffers. But the new line of Power
Products was developed for use with your favorite detailing power tool right
from the start. From beginning to end, the Power Products have what you need to get the job done, starting with Mothers® PowerPolish™.
PowerPolish™ works directly with your buffer to remove scratches, swirl marks and water spots faster and easier, leaving your car’s paint
free from defects and in perfect condition to coat with a glossy layer of wax. And that’s where Mothers® PowerWax™ comes
in. PowerWax™ is engineered to give your car a protective shield that will help prevent future damage to your paint. Go to www.mothers.
com for information on all these products.
Mothers® PowerCone®
Announcing the innovative PowerCone® the versatile metal polishing tool from Mothers® Polishes • Waxes •
Cleaners. Built on technology derived from our exclusive PowerBall® line of foam polishing tools for cordless drills,
the new PowerCone® offers the same ease-of-use and spectacular results to quickly bring a shine to any
uncoated polishable metal finish, no matter how intricate the design.
Mothers® FX™ Wheel Cleaner
This advanced wheel cleaning formula allows even the most discerning automotive enthusiast to clean their car’s
wheels with minimum effort. Simply spray on and hose off. Mothers® FX™ Wheel Cleaner uses the latest in
cutting-edge technology to keep your car’s wheels looking like the day they were first installed, ensuring that
they will be free from brake dust, tar and road debris that would otherwise harm the finish.
100% Carnauba Paste Wax (2 of 4) [5/8/2009 10:43:13 AM]
As its name suggests, the new eco-friendly Oil
Eater cleaner-degreaser goes after grease, oil and
grime and is formulated to eliminate the need for
multiple cleaning solutions. Oil Eater quickly and
safely dissolves grease and oil on engines, tools,
concrete floors, equipment, walls and even clothes and
it will not harm the skin. It can also be used in a
parts washer and with a pressure washer. It
is biodegradable, non-corrosive, nontoxic
and nonflammable and contains no acids,
caustic abrasives or petroleum solvents. It penetrates rapidly, rinses off easily and leaves no residues. Oil Eater is available in a 32-oz.
spray bottle, 1-gallon bottle and 5-gallon bucket at auto parts retailers. For further information, visit
Water Sprite
S.M. Arnold Inc.’s WATER SPRITE is an exclusive proven PVA material that gently cleans and dries
fine finished surfaces. WATER SPRITE actually lifts off residual dirt and grime away from the surface,
leaving it clean and dry.
Mildew, bacteria or common household chemicals do not affect it. It is used in place of a sponge or towel and
when wet, can be used immediately upon
removal from its package. Available in a variety of packaging styles.
S.M. ARNOLD Select Lug Nut Brush
Designed to reach around any size lug nut. The handle features a soft thermal rubber grip
to prevent slippage when wet. The brush has three separate wire loops loaded with
flexible bristle to completely clean any dirt and grime caught around the lug nuts
The challenge was to overcome the tendency of high carnauba content
wax to be difficult to remove. And P21S has done it! The result is a wax
that provides incredible hardness, gloss enhancement and protection of
number one grade carnauba without the drudgery. In fact, it is as easy to
use as any wax you have ever worked with! Fully compatible with the
new scratch resistant clear coats and does not stain most rubber and plastics.
System One products were developed in a Southern California restoration shop
by Tom Horvath, who became known for his award-winning work on Exotics
and Classics. The X-3 Cutting Polish replaces the two other products for
polishing, and the glaze that Tom previously used. No glaze is required with X3 because this polish does not use diminishing abrasives that leave scratches
that need glaze to fill them. They also have a great spray wax that can be
turned into a detailer, and a tire dressing that leaves a natural-looking satin
finish. Their car and motorcycle kits come with a DVD to show you how to
use them. Their used in professional shops but are totally safe for the hobbyist.
Jay Leno’s detailer, Rosalie Fuchli uses System One in Jay’s “Big Dog
Garage”, so it must be good. To find a retailer, distributor, or just to get
more information, log on to
800-Turtle Wax
ICE Wheel & Tire Cleaner and ICE Tire Shine
Turtle Wax® has extended the ICE® car care line to include wheel and tire products with the introduction
of ICE Wheel & Tire Cleaner and ICE Tire Shine. Both products feature a unique approach in
cleaning, protecting and shining wheels and tires with the innovative ICE® Edge™ Brush, which works like
no other wheel cleaning system to get wheels and tires restored to factory fresh condition.
ICE Total Interior Care™
Turtle Wax® ICE® has become a fast favorite for cleaning, shining and protecting
the exterior of people’s cars. That same innovation is now being carried to the interior
with ICE Total Interior Care™.
The state-of-the-art formula includes a combination of fluids specifically designed
to address dirt and other elements that age the interior of a vehicle. It includes a micro
fiber cloth for easy lint-free cleaning and removes dust, tar, ink, and food stains with
just light rubbing. Available in both a trigger spray and easy-grip bottle, ICE Total
Interior allows users to choose where and how much product is applied. www.
Westley’s® Bleche-Wite® 800-844-1080
The best name on the market for cleaning tire blackwalls and whitewalls. The easy-to-use formula blasts away road grime and brake dust
on contact. (3 of 4) [5/8/2009 10:43:13 AM]
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