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Our Client Contact Center speaks a foreign language…
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Your News - My Views
By Billy Eordekian
Upcoming Event!
Fresno May 10 6 pm – The Yard House at River Park
“Meet the Board” Social Event - Hosted by
Tire industry sales people and vendors welcome
Info or RSVP to EJ [email protected] / 1-866 690 0601
Dapper Tire Meeting March 8th
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Will Davi
Here are some ways to help you reduce your
Medical insurance cost
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Administration Services
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) have become increasingly important
components of consumer-directed health care plans and popular vehicles for
reducing ever-rising health care and dependent care costs. Both employers
and employees have much to gain from an FSA plan, including reduced costs through tax savings and more
responsible health care spending, plus increased health, productivity and retention. Ceridian, a leader in FSA
administration services, has the experience to help employers implement and maintain a successful FSA program.
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Administration
As the cost of health care continues to rise, Health Savings Accounts can help employers contain costs while
helping employees save pretax income for current and future health care expenses.
Contain costs, empower employees
When paired with a high-deductible health plan, a Health Savings Account offers an efficient consumer-directed
health care (CDHC) strategy to contain your health care costs while offering a truly competitive benefits package.
Health Savings Accounts can save you money in taxes as an employer and give your employees a "triple tax
advantage" by allowing them to contribute pretax funds, withdraw funds tax-free for eligible expenses and earn
tax-free interest on investments
Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) Administration
Employer-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangements offer significant savings, greater control and more
choice in your employer-sponsored health plan.
The value of a Health Reimbursement Arrangement
An HRA offers specific advantages over other tax-advantaged consumer-directed health care (CDHC) plans by
helping employers offset the rising cost of health care while also maintaining greater control over your plan
contributions and design.
 Significantly reduce taxes for your organization and your employees.
Reimbursements through your tax-advantaged Health Reimbursement Arrangements are tax deductible for
you as the employer and tax exempt for your employees. You save up to 10% on payroll taxes for every
dollar you contribute to your employees' HRA plans
Key Differences in Consumer-Directed Health Care Spending Accounts
While all three types of reimbursement or spending accounts associated with consumer directed health plans
(CDHC) offer valuable benefits to both employer and employee, it's important to consider the differences between
these plans when deciding which ones to offer as part of your benefits package.
Please call me (Will Davi) @ 510 440-9400 if you have any questions. We have many plans that we can offer
you and your employees.
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Servicing the needs of the CTDA-North
and its members since 1974
Yes, We have been servicing the insurance needs of the
CTDA—North members for
36 years
Workers’ Compensation costs have decreased. Have you
received the lower premiums from your carrier?
Preferred risks deserve preferred premiums. Contact us
today and let us show you how to save on workers’ comp.
We also offer Health Insurance
New address and contact:
Will Davi
CSTDA Insurance Service
42840 Christy Street, Suite 235
Fremont, CA 94538
Mailing address: P.O Box 7445
Fremont , CA 94537
Phone: (510) 440-9400 - toll free (866) 440 9144
Fax: (510) 405-8977
E-mail: [email protected]
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Our National City
Location has moved
to our location:
1339 E. Locust St.
National City
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Continued from page 13 - Your News My Views by Billy Eordekian
Continued from page 10 - Regional Roundup - Article by Chris Barry, Independent Tire Dealer Group
Hope the winter months haves brought you the business that you were looking for. I am writing my article this
month about a very successful independent tire dealer down in Mission Viejo Ca.
Bymar Tire was founded in 1976 by Byron King who had been in the tire business since 1952 working - on the
manufacturing side with B.F. Goodrich and Dunlop - on the wholesale side with a distributor called GardnerReynolds. So Byron brought decades of tire industry knowledge into his new venture. The name Bymar Tire
comes from?? You guessed it !! Byron’s first name “BY” and Byron’s wife’s name Marian “MAR” So ----boom ----there you have it ---- Bymar Tire was born.
I will fast forward you to today as Bymar Tire is now run by Mike and Rob King (two of Byron’s sons)! Mike
and Rob have operated the day to day needs of the company for the past decade and have expanded the company
each and every year!! It’s kind of ironic that the name “BYMAR” also could stand for BY Mike And Rob?
Bymar Tire treats all of its customers first class, and they are on first name with almost all customers.
In Mike’s spare time he likes to spend time with his family and especially his grandchildren. Mike is also an
avid LA Lakers fan!! Mike wants the Lakers to bring yet another NBA Championship home this year. Rob
enjoys watching his children play football, and Rob also enjoys watching his kids perform at “Theatrical
Performances” at Madre Dei High School. In Rob’s spare time he likes to play basketball, When he has the
opportunity he plays with Paul Ibbetson (service specialists) and “BIG GAME” James Worthy, who is a LA
Lakers legend!!
Bymar Tire is an original member of the Independent Tire Dealer Group. If you visit Mission Viejo - please stop
by and say hello!! Mike & Rob will always smile and say: “come on in”!!
San Gabriel Valley
Paul Arellano, Lakin Tire
(800) 96 LAKIN - [email protected]
It is what we do when people are not looking that really counts.”
Unknown Author
(This January 04, 2010 Modern Tire Dealer ® article explains the 30 cent fees some of you may have been
offered by some ‘fly by night’ hauler to collect your waste tires.)
According to the China Daily newspaper, the Chinese customs authority has seized more than 8,500 tons of used
tires smuggled from the United States, the largest amount in recent years. China bans importing waste tires due
to environment and health safety issues.
Smugglers pretended they were importing rubber and shipped the tires to the coastal city of South China's
Guangzhou via Hong Kong between December 2008 and February 2009, the paper reports. Customs officials
found 366 containers of the smuggled waste at the Dongjiangkou Port, which had been stored there for almost a
Transporting waste tires from the United States to China costs only $4 to $10 per ton, but smugglers could profit
by using the waste tires for oil refining and tire retreading, the newspaper reports. An investigation found the
suspects had tried to get a license for rubber imports to cover the smuggling efforts. Three suspects have been
The newspaper says “exporting waste to developing countries has become a growing business as developed
nations seek to reduce the environment cost on their own soil and smugglers eye great profitability from the
Since 2005, the Chinese customs has nabbed 44,275.8 tons of solid waste in 229 cases. More than 600 smugglers
have received criminal punishment.
*This information is provided to enable tire retailers to make an informed decision. If a customer asks: “What happens
to my old tires?” can YOU answer that question?
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