Auto34 Tire Changer Customer Testimonials Pouring In



Auto34 Tire Changer Customer Testimonials Pouring In
Auto34 Tire Changer
Customer Testimonials Pouring In
Read what service pros are saying about Hunter’s Auto34 Tire Changer...
“Benefits of the Auto34 that we see every day are:
• Cuts time in half...
• Very easy to operate....
• Eliminates technician(s) struggling...”
“I would recommend the Auto34 tire changer to
anyone working with 18” or larger rim diameters
with low profile tires and run flats.”
Jey Chandran
General Manager
Avenue Nissan
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“We mainly service Porsches and other high end vehicles
and if we damage a rim it can be very costly.”
“We have yet to find a wheel and tire the Auto34 can not
handle with ease.”
Peter Rutkowski
Performance Automotive, Inc.
Malvern, Pennsylvania
“After spending a fair amount of time researching our
options, the Hunter Auto34 tire changer was the clear
choice. It has not disappointed.”
“It makes all tire changes easier, quicker, and safer for
the tire, rim and technician.”
Alan A. Anacki
Bridgewater Motor Works, Ltd.
West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
“Our new Hunter Auto34 lets us service even the
most difficult tires.”
“With other equipment it was a struggle to service
these combinations.”
Carlo’s Auto Repair
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“The Auto34 is a must have machine for performance
wheels and run flat tires.”
“Hunter’s technology and service is a winning
combination for all that use their products.”
Randy Gauden
Randy’s Tire Service
Glenville, New York
“Our guys like it because it has lots of power
and doesn’t require a bead lever.”
“With only three switches to operate, it is also
easy to use.”
Chuck Davis
Service Director
Baron BMW
Merriam, Kansas
“...great investment, time saver and headache reliever!”
“No longer do we have to worry about wheel or tire
damage and it’s terrific that we don’t have to send out
any of the work.”
George Davis
Service Manager
Thompson Toyota
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
“I contacted a couple manufacturers... Each
one promised me that their machine was the
strongest and easiest to use.”
“Seeing this machine in action made it quite
simple to decide which one to purchase.”
Kevin Spezzano
Service Director
Bernardi Toyota
Framingham, Massachusetts
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