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Th e
(sometimes known as The Weekly Top 40) is an
internationally-syndicated radio programme created and
hosted by American radio personality Rick Dees. It is currently
heard on over 200 radio stations worldwide and the American
Forces Network. And now iRadio brings this programme
‘EXCLUSIVELY’ to the Guyanese listeners. To be aired on
iRadio 90.1 FM or live streaming www.iradiogy.com, every
Saturday from 16:00 h…
The news is produced by
The Heartbeat of Guyana
28 Garnett Street & Delph Avenue,
Campbellville, Georgetown.
Tel: 227-2826 or 227-2847
Contact iNews on
Rick Dees Weekly Top 40
Tune in to iRadio 90.1 Love FM or log on to www.iradiogy.com
for hourly news headlines. Get breaking news and the big
stories in Guyana and also from the Diaspora. Headlines are
from 08:00 to 16:00 h and a news brief at 18:00 h on Mondays
to Fridays. On the weekends and holidays there will be three
news breaks at 09:00, 12:00 and 15:00 h.
Hear tbeat
Website: www.iradiogy.com / Email: [email protected]
227-2826/227-2847 (ext 209, 210, 211)
E-mail: [email protected]
iRadio is also available on
IRADIO was given permission to broadcast on five (5)
frequencies that will allow the company national coverage.
The frequencies allotted to the company are as follows:
‘Weekly Bollywood Hits’
is aired every Saturday. This programme brings to you the
latest music and happenings out of the Hindi Film Industry and
targets the lover of Indian Music…
90.1 FM
(Coverage extends
to Regions
91.5 FM
2, 3, 4, 5, 10)
103.3 FM Essequibo
92.7 FM
104.9 FM
The main aim of the
company is to utilize
radio and internet
communication as
a medium for the
promotion of Guyanese
culture by highlighting
the customs and
traditions of ethnic
groups in Guyana.
The Guyanese East
Indian, African, Chinese
and Brazilian cultures
will be the primary
focus of the company
since these ethnicities
make up a large and
influential section of the
comes on every morning
(Mon-Fri), after inspirational
songs. Featuring WR Reaz,
this programme which
commences at 06:30 h
gives you traffic updates,
happenings across Guyana,
weather etc. It also offers
a call-in segment to allow
listeners to interact with the
‘Brazilian Fiesta’
is on Mondays to Fridays.
This one hour programme is
done by Brazilian, Rogeria
Ferreira and features mainly
Brazilian music, related
topics and conversations
targeting the Brazilian
community in Guyana…
‘Midday Munch’
The Heartbeat of Guyana
Program Content
A number of programmes
and segments have been
developed with high appeal
to the listening audience. The
programme guide is both
informative and entertaining
and targets all ages…
with Radha & Neil is a
60 minutes programme
beginning at 12:00 h with
former television personality,
Radha Motielall along with
Neil Marks. This programme
discusses current social/
political events and issues
with live feedback via
the telephone from the
on Mondays to Thursdays
from 13:00 h. The general
theme of the programme is
one of easy listening with
music genres including
contemporary (both
English and Indian) and
a few reggae selections.
Information relayed are of
a light nature; with some
light shed on world issues
and will include things like
DIY tips, home beauty
treatments and cleaning tips
using items in your home.
Malachai comes on
Mondays to Fridays with
‘Rolling Home’. This
programme is aimed at
bringing the listeners up to
date with important events
and activities that took place
for the day in Guyana, the
Region and around the
world. The announcer also
interacts with his listeners
via the telephone and social
media on various topics….
‘Quiet Storm’
with Basil P presents a
variety of music of all
Genres, while helping
listeners to relax after a
hard day at work…
Seegobin comes on at
19:00 h every Wednesday
with ‘Mid-Week Frenzy’.
He features a blend of music
while interacting with his
listeners via the telephone….
‘Night time Serenade’
‘Hard Talk’
with Christopher Holder is
on every Thursday. This is an
easy listening programme
comprising soulful music
of today and yesteryear interspersed with interesting
facts and stories of social
relevance. It also allows
for listeners interaction
through facebook, sms or
whatsapp. The programme
will also from time to time
accommodate guests for
discussion on a particular
social issue or topic or for
the promotion of a particular
with Christopher Chapwanya
broadcasts on Sundays.
This programme provides
a forum for frank and
open discussions on the
burning issues of the day
by engaging politicians from
both sides and other public
figures. The programme will
address contentious issues
head-on by directly engaging
those who oppose popular
programmes and policies…
with Christopher Holder…..
Fridays from 13:00 h. Music,
updates on weekend
activities, news and
conversation on light issues
of topical interest - listener
interaction will be through
social media.
V Rocks’
is a health and fitness
programme presented by
Guyanese singer ‘Vanilla’…
This programme aired on
Saturdays, encourages you
to lead healthy lives…
‘Under the Starapple
airs every Saturday from
10:00 to 11:00 hours.
Presented by Tennicia
DeFreita,s under the
Starapple Tree target the
youths (ages 5-13) with a
mostly educational content…
‘Filmy Duniya’
with Radha Motielall,
airs every Sunday. This
programme gives you old
Bollywood film songs that
are pleasant to the ear….
‘Chinese Lounge’
hosted by JADE is a platform
for exchanges with the
Chinese Community in
Guyana. Chinese Lounge
will feature brief introductions
to Chinese history, language,
culture and economics;
provide some answers and
solutions to questions and
problems faced by Chinese
nationals residing in Guyana.
‘Melodies & Memories’
with Neaz Subhan. The
programme airs every
Sunday and features “This
and That and a little bit of
everything else”.
The Heartbeat of Guyana
90.1Love fm