genesis 2000


genesis 2000
Genesis 2000
Form Factor Convictable Tower / 4U
Width 7.0" (178mm) Height 17.8" (452mm) Depth 25.5" (648mm))
~ 66lbs (~30Kg)
Intel Xeon E5-­‐2600v3 (145W)
A Conver(ble Tower/4U Mid-­‐range server suitable for medium size enterprises Processor Sockets
2x LGA 2011-­‐3
AcRve Air
Powered by latest Intel 3rd GeneraRon Xeon E5-­‐2600 Processor, Genesis 2000 is the server of choice for most deployment scenarios. Genesis 2000 is ideal for companies hosRng their Exchange Server, ERP and website in house. The Genesis 2000 is constructed from high quality components usually found in more expensive severs to ensure maximum reliability. Chipset
Intel C612
Up to 1TB Quad Channel LRDIMM DDR4 2133MHz RAM with ECC
PCI-­‐E Slots
7x PCI-­‐E Slots 1 PCI-­‐E 3.0 x16, 6 PCI-­‐E 3.0 x8 SATA Controller
Intel C612
RAID Controller
LSI 3108 (2GB Cache) AID Modes
0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Drive Bays
8x 3.5” SATA/SAS Hot-­‐swappable Networking
Intel i350 Dual port GbE LAN
Power Supply
1200W high-­‐efficiency power supply w/ PMBus
IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM-­‐
over-­‐LAN support
Opera(ng Systems
Windows Server 2012 64/R2 Windows Server 2008 32/64/R2 Redhat Linux SuSE Linux VMware ESXi 5/6
Features •
ConverRble Tower/4U Chassis for maximum flexibility •
Power Switch, Reset Switch & 6x LED Indicators •
1200W High Efficiency PlaRnum Power Supply (94% efficiency) with PMBus •
100% Cooling Redundancy with Adjustable Air Shroud •
Advance IPMI Management •
KVM-­‐Over-­‐LAN with Virtual Media support •
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Genesis 2000 July 2015