Eagle Energy Trust Investor Fact Sheet


Eagle Energy Trust Investor Fact Sheet
Eagle Energy Trust Investor Fact Sheet
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JULY 2 0 1 3
Q1, 2013 Working Interest Production
2,930 boe/d
Production Guidance – Full Year 2013
2,900–3,100 boe/d (average)
Annual Distribution
$1.05 per unit
Units Outstanding (As of June 21, 2013)
30.8 million
Market Cap (As of June 21, 2013)
$240.6 million
About Eagle
Eagle Energy Trust provides investors with a publicly traded oil focused, reliable distribution
paying investment, that has favourable tax treatment relative to taxable Canadian corporations.
Investors receive a portion of Eagle’s available cash on a monthly
basis which provides attractive income to unitholders.
Eagle’s strategy is to acquire onshore producing assets in the
U.S. that have predictable cash flows and low risk unexploited
development and exploitation potential.
Creating wealth for investors by combining innovation,
expertise, and opportunity
• Eagle’s petroleum assets have attractive metrics for:
– Significant “post acquisition” production growth, followed by long-term stability
– Strong returns on capital (2:1 recycle ratio)
– Sustainable cash flows that underpin distributions
Field Netbacks ($/boe)
• 95% of Eagle’s production is light oil
and natural gas liquids. Eagle’s assets are
concentrated in Texas within two key areas
– the Permian near Midland and the Salt Flat
Field near Luling.
• Eagle’s Midland assets in the Permian
are part of one of North America’s most
productive oil-weighted basins. Eagle owns
100% of the working interest in these
• Eagle’s Salt Flat Field produces light, low
viscosity oil along with small quantities
of natural gas. Eagle estimates current
inventory of greater than eight years.
Source: Scotiabank
Eagle Energy Trust
Investor Fact Sheet
July 2013
[email protected]
Management Team
Richard W. Clark
President, Chief Executive Officer
and Director
Kelly A. Tomyn
Chief Financial Officer
Wayne Wisniewski
Vice President, Operations
James D. Elliott
Vice President, Finance
Robert J. Cunningham
Vice President, Business Development
Dusty J. Dumas
U.S. Controller
Jo-Anne M. Bund
General Counsel/Corporate Secretary
Our targeted payout ratio allows us to
sustain growth and distribute income
• Upon completing an acquisition, Eagle will increase the historical rate of capital investment
in the near term to grow production, optimize operations, and maximize drilling inventory
of its assets. After this “ramp up phase,” each acquired asset will move into a “harvest
phase” where Eagle expects cash flow from each asset to:
– Sustainably support Eagle’s distributions on the units issued to acquire that asset
– Fund the capital to replace declines with approximately 50% of cash flow
– Deliver moderate annual production growth on that asset
• Eagle has increased total proved reserves, year over year and has a reserve life index
of 14.3 years.
Recycle Ratio
Source: Scotiabank
David M. Fitzpatrick
Former Founder, President, and
Chief Executive Officer
Shiningbank Energy Income Fund
Bruce K. Gibson
Former Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer
Shiningbank Energy Income Fund
Joseph W. Blandford
Former Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
Atlantia Offshore Limited
Warren D. Steckley
Chief Operating Officer and Director
Barnwell of Canada Limited
Richard W. Clark
President, CEO and Director
Eagle Energy Trust
• Eagle continues to lower operating costs to keep netbacks high and maintain a lean
balance sheet. Eagle is prudent in its use of debt, striving to remain below 1.5x annual
cash flow. Currently, Eagle‘s debt is 0.8x annual cash flow.
To deliver predictable monthly distributions
Stock Listing – EGL.UN
Scotia Capital Inc.
CIBC World Markets Inc.
TD Securities
National Bank Financial
Acumen Capital Partners
Canaccord Genuity
PI Financial
• Eagle pays out a portion of its available cash to unitholders on a monthly basis to provide
attractive income for investors. Eagle maintains sustainable cash flows that underpin
• Expected Annual distribution of $1.05 per unit or $0.0875 per unit per month.
Calgary Office
Houston Office
Eagle Energy Inc.
Suite 2710, 500 – 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2V6
Phone: (403) 531-1575
Toll Free: (855) 531-1575
Fax: (403) 508-9840
Eagle Hydrocarbons LLC
Suite 3005, 333 Clay Street
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: (713) 300-3245
Fax: (713) 300-3240

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