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The Eagle`s View - Eagle Mountain City
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Eagle’s View
The city council and i
would like to invite you to
celebrate eagle mountain
city’s 20th anniversary at
a free community event on
august 27.
Eagle Mountain City has come a long way over the past 20
years, in large part because of our wonderful residents coming
together to create such a strong feeling of community. As we
look at the progress from a newly incorporated city of about
250 people in 1996 to a community of 30,000 by the end of
this year, it is truly astounding.
As a thank you to everyone in the community for making Eagle
Mountain City a great place to live, the City has organized
a free community event we hope you will enjoy. In honor
of our anniversary, let’s go Back to the 90’s! Please join us
on Saturday, August 27 at SilverLake Amphitheater, 7920 N.
SilverLake Parkway. There will be free dinner, activities, and
prize giveaways from 6-8 p.m., including equipment displays
from the fire department, sheriff’s office, and the city’s streets
department. Booths will feature information, activities, and
giveaways with city departments and your elected officials. A
K9 demo will also be presented by the sheriff’s office. 90’s dress
is optional but we hope to see some Zubaz pants, platform
sneakers, grunge tees, and scrunchies.
Children ages 4-17 are invited to particpate in a City Passport
activity. Complete an activity at each booth, get your passport
stamped, turn in your completed passport and receive a prize!
Don’t worry, we have something for the younger siblings too.
Passports may be picked up at any booth between 6 p.m. and
7:30 p.m. (the earlier the better to ensure enough time for
Following dinner and the activities, a DJ hosted dance will be
held from 8-10 p.m. The music will be a mix of current and 90’s
flashback hits. Brush up on some classic 90’s moves like the
Cabbage Patch, Running Man, Roger Rabbit, or MC Hammer
and you may win a prize! Fair warning, I have been known to
do the Sprinkler.
Hope to see you all there!
Mayor Chris Pengra
[email protected]
The Eagle’s View | August 2016 1
News Briefs
Print Newsletter Ending
The print version of The Eagle’s View will
end with this issue. The City will transition to
an E-newsletter only. You may subscribe to
receive the newsletter by email by signing up
for notifications at
and checking the City News subscription box.
Monthly issues will also be posted on the City
website, News section.
Please be aware that door-to-door solicitors
are required to obtain a solicitation license
from Eagle Mountain City (with the exception
of relgious/charitable groups). This process
includes a background check. Solicitors who
have a license are required to display it in a
lanyard necklace. The license has the City’s
name on it. If you are contacted by solicitors
without the license, you may report them
to Code Enforcement Officer Mike Malay
at (385) 329-6266 or [email protected]
Please include the company name and any
additional information so he may make
contact and advise of our policy. After hours
you may call the sheriff’s office dispatch at
(801) 794-3970.
Weekly Yard Sale Map
SStStreet Fair Hours 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(street flooding)
The City has created an interactive map for
residents’ use to advertise yard/garage sales.
If you are having a sale, you can enter the
date and location of the sale and a marker will
display on the map. Shoppers can view the
map and see all the sales in town at a glance.
Access the map at
If you are planning to post signs to advertise
your sale, pre-registration is required for code
enforcement or signs may be removed. Please
use the link on that page to register your
Finance Award
Eagle Mountain City recently received the
Award for Outstanding Achievement in
Popular Annual Financial Reporting, from
the Government Finance Officers Association
(GFOA) for our 2015 Popular Annual Financial
Report (PAFR). This report is available for
viewing, along with other budget documents,
on the City website under Government.
City Offices Closure
The City offices and Library will be closed
Monday, September 5 in observance of the
Labor Day holiday.
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