THE OLD EAGLE HOUSE SOCIETY I am aware that there


THE OLD EAGLE HOUSE SOCIETY I am aware that there
Douglas Buchanan (Chairman)
Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01344 775680 or 0794 1951 093
I am aware that there are website links in the text of this newsletter. I have left
them in just in case you have access to a computer at some time and you would
like to look up the reference.
Important visit for Eagle House pupils
This forthcoming weekend a large percentage of the pupils will be visiting the
battlefields in Normandy and the school choir is playing a major role.
John Skepper writes: “We will have nearly 250 children and staff at the Menin Gate
Ceremony, which takes place every night at 8pm, next Friday, 1st May, during which
the choir will be playing a part in the ceremony where they are singing a piece. They
are also leading the service at St. George's Chapel in Ypres on the Sunday morning
before returning on Sunday afternoon.” The school will be laying a wreath on behalf
of the Old Eagle House Society.
I am hoping to have photographs and pupils’ accounts in next month’s newsletter.
The embryonic stages of the digitised archives
SDS, the company working on this project, has sent me some links for us to look at
the potential of the forthcoming archives
Eagle House have Journals/Magazines and Photographs
Only Photographs currently in search system.
The PDFs have not been included in the search DB yet – this will happen in the next
few of weeks.
A letter found in one of the archive boxes when sorting them out:
Of Lady Ashton, West Heath, Oxford, Sunny.
26tn July 1937
Dear Parmiter,
I saw your letter in the Times saying you thought Eagle House the oldest preparatory
school. I think you will find a school called Twyford is older and I believe there is one
more still older such in one’s memory I have quite forgotten its name. Also if you
looked at the Eagle House register I think it says that Eagle House was in existence
somewhere in the north before it came to Hammersmith.
You will also wonder why I was so certain about these facts but I spent more than
ten years of my life at Eagle House and kept the word of boys? (ed) after the first
book had been published. I may seem somewhat uninterested. Mr Lockhart or
George Malan could tell you more perhaps than I am doing and I dare say you have
already had many letters on this subject:
I am always meaning to come and pay a visit but I never seem to be in that part of
England and too many years I lived abroad which prevented me coming after
Mr.Jones’ death.
Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Ashton
Rupert Baker’s (OEH 1962 – 67) biography of his father
He writes: I have just published privately a biography of my father, who was a
distinguished soldier. This may seem an act of vanity, but at least proves the adage
that everyone has one book in them.
Selling price is a no doubt unreasonable £10, plus if you want it £2 for a DVD of an
interview of Field Marshals Harding and Baker re the Cyprus emergency of 1955-8,
which is not publicly available. (There is a transcript of the interview in the book, but
you’ll miss out on archive footage etc).
All “profits” will go to military charity – do specify one or more if you wish.
This elegant volume, of which I have a few copies on the desk available for
inspection, may appeal to any of the following –
Ex RA or RHA types, or any other ex-military for that matter / Those with connexions
with The Tower of London / Veterans of WW II, Cyprus in the 1950s, the Cold War, or
Northern Ireland in the years leading up to Bloody Sunday / Military historians /
Those interested in politics and society in the late 1960s / Those interested in man
management techniques (clearly not inherited by the author)
[email protected]
News from Eagle House
St George’s Day
On St George’s Day, Year 6 were joined by pupils from Wellington College
International Tianjin and the Wellington Primary Academy for a joint activity day
based on the theme of ‘Dragons’. The pupils were divided into mixed groups to work
on a collaborative art piece resulting in the production of The Dragon now proudly
displayed in the Old Library. In English everyone wrote group Kenning poems to
describe a dragon.
The 98 Year 6 pupils shared lunch together and enjoyed getting to know each other
in the adventure playground and around the school. Both sets of visiting pupils also
delivered presentations on life in their schools. It was an amazing day and a
wonderful opportunity for pupils across three of the Wellington schools to mix and
work together.
Learning for Life at its very best!
School performing at Edinburgh’s Fringe
The school will be taking the production of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by
Joan Aiken adapted for the stage by Russ Tunney.
10th - 14th August @ 15.10 at SpaceTriplex (Venue 38) Tickets: £8.00 (£5.50 conc)
Fringe Box Office 0131 226 0000. If you are in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival do
support the young actors. You will not be disappointed.
Final words
If you have any inclination to write a short piece for this newsletter please do not
hesitate to send me a copy for publication.