Eenie Meenie “Uni” Mo.


Eenie Meenie “Uni” Mo.
Eenie Meenie “Uni” Mo.
By Cameron-lee Griffiths, Felicia Fyvie and Kira Stephen.
S6 pupils from Forres Academy were
given the opportunity to attend a
University Roadshow at Gordonstoun
School. It gave them the chance to see
and explore what various Universities
from around Scotland had to offer. The
Army and the RAF were also represented
and pupils were able to see what
opportunities they had to offer. James
Hanton (S6) said: “Even though I have
already made up my mind about my choices it was still really informative and would
have helped many people decide where they want to go.” Mrs Andrea Stevenson,
Guidance Teacher added: “I think it was a worthwhile day because it gave S6 pupils
an opportunity to talk directly to someone from each university. I hope it helps pupils
make the right decisions as it can sometimes feel like a big and terrifying step to