Loburger Summer school 2016


Loburger Summer school 2016
Meanwhile, the pupils, after the classes, will be
taken care of and looked after by our
pedagogical team, who are also responsible for
the smooth running and organization of these
extra-curricular activities
Loburger Summer school
Learn German
– effectively and successfully
Weekends are specifically
meant for Projects and
events like Excursions in
and around the Region,
Sight-seeing, meeting and
knowing the people and
their culture. Of course,
day excursions are also
being assiduously planned.
The structure and form of
these recreational and
leisure activities will be
done in accordance with
und in approval of the
Moreover, and most especially, the participants
will have the unique opportunity to use our
diverse leisure and recreational activities,
namely: the Sport Hall for playing Football,
Basketball und Beach Volleyball together with
the TV Room, the Billiard Room, and most
especially the Loburg Learning Center.
The meals for all participants will be prepared
and cooked by our Boarding Home Kitchen
Staff. This means; all participants will be having
full access to breakfast, lunch and supper as
18. Juli - 19. August 2016
[email protected]
The Pupils will be taught by our experienced
language teachers from the German Language
The Loburg Sommer School this year will be
commencing from 18. July to 19. August
2016. It is a duration of 5 weeks.
The lessons will take place in our preserved
language classrooms in the Loburg Castle.
The lessons for the Pupils in Class A who
already possess a basic knowledge of the
German Language, an equivalent of the B1
Level, will be entirely centered and focused on
the preparation of the imminent B2 German
Language examination, due to take place at the
end of the Sommer school.
The Pupils in Class B do in the rules acquire a
basic knowledge of the German language, an
equivalent of the A1 level. These pupils, unlike
those in Class A, are not going to be prepared
for a final examination that will permit and allow
them to study in Germany. Nonetheless, they
will be required and expected to take an
examination and eventually a Loburg Language
Certificate will be awarded to them at the end of
the language course, certifying that they have
fulfilled the requirements as prescribed by the
Language Faculty. The lessons for all groups,
both Classes A and B will accordingly and jointly
start every morning between 8.A.M to 1.P.M.
The pupils are privileged and opportune to
choose between the different classes,
depending on their foreknowledge of the
German Language.
Enrollment: With immediate effect or as soon
as possible.
Number of Participants: Per Group / Class:
Up to 15 Pupils
Registration Fees: 2.600 EURO with
Accommodation and Catering (Care) inclusive.
For the Pupils enrolled in Class A, who will be
visiting the Sommer school, the core theme will
be centered and focused on fortifying, widening
and deepening their knowledge of the language.
Unlike the other Pupils in Class B, their main
focus in the afternoon will be solely concentrated
on doing their Homework in tutored Study
groups in order to keep them abreast with the
learning materials.
The participants will
be sleeping in the
Boarding Home and
each is entitled to a
single room.
Both (Language)
classes will be taking place on weekdays:
Monday to Friday between 8. A.M to 1. P.M.