Keep an EAGLE eye on inaccessible machines with


Keep an EAGLE eye on inaccessible machines with
Press release
April 2015
Stéphanie Gonin-Briand
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Keep an EAGLE eye on inaccessible machines with ONEPROD!
On April 9, 2015, ONEPROD will launch the innovative
new features of its wireless EAGLE solution.
ONEPROD EAGLE is a continuous monitoring system
for rotating machinery, using wireless sensors.
The new ONEPROD EAGLE features include:
The addition of expanders makes it possible
to relay data transmissions between sensors
and the analysis software, so that even the
most remote machinery can be monitored.
EAGLE sensor
The smart functions embedded in the sensors facilitate monitoring of the most complex
With ATEX Zone 0 certification, EAGLE is a very cost-effective solution for harsh
environments, in particular in the oil and gas or mining industries.
"Instead of focusing only on simple machines, we wanted to enable industrial operators to enhance
the reliability of their entire installed base, without deployment constraints. EAGLE's built-in smart
functions and measurement capacities, combined with the use of expanders, open the door to an
extensive range of applications", explains Guillaume Lavaure, ONEPROD Product Manager.
Now, with EAGLE, operators can monitor all of their critical machinery, without cables and without risk.
ONEPROD is an ACOEM brand offering equipment and condition-based maintenance services
(CMS) to the industrial and energy sectors.
ACOEM offers comprehensive services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions in the
fields of monitoring, maintenance and engineering.
Facts and figures: Revenue of €55 million, with 400 staff in France, Sweden, Brazil and Asia.
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