Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group – A Global Luxury Brand



Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group – A Global Luxury Brand
vol.3 2011
The Magazine of Jardine Matheson
New Features for PIP Awards 2012
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Group Chairman Hosts London Dinner for China’s Vice Premier
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Hongkong Land Subsidiary Wins Premier Beijing Development Site
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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group –
A Global Luxury Brand
Reaching New Performance
The Pride in Performance (PIP) Awards Programme 2012 incorporates several new
features including a greater concentration on the five key elements distilled from the
past decade of entries. Combined, these elements of performance, world-class service,
innovation, teamwork and tenacity can help our businesses overcome challenges, achieve
growth and reach new heights. Through the PIP Awards Programme, we can learn from the
experiences of various Group businesses and share the key elements that have helped
them achieve success.
The Group’s good results for the first half of 2011 reflect the relatively resilient trading
conditions in Asia, particularly in growing economies such as Indonesia. While there is
some concern about the general global economic climate, the Group continues to perform
satisfactorily and to avail itself of new business growth opportunities as they arise.
One example of a business which is making the most of growth opportunities is Mandarin
Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG), the subject of our feature on pages 15-19. Highly regarded
as one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands, MOHG currently operates 27 hotels
in key destinations worldwide and remains in a strong financial position in spite of the
global downturn.
Anthony Nightingale
New Features for PIP Awards 2012
Senior Management Changes
Hong Kong has Competitive Edge for Business in China
Intelligent City to Drive Innovation and Growth
Opportunities …
Leadership 8
Hongkong Land Subsidiary Wins Premier Beijing
Development Site
Mannings Plus Aims High
Wellcome Taiwan Launches First New Concept Stores
Jardine Schindler Brings PORT Technology to
Southeast Asia …
Feature 14
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group – A Global Luxury Brand
Performance 20
International Recognition for Gammon Expertise
Guardian Singapore Clinches Pharmacist Competition
Employment Opportunities Accolade for Pizza Hut
and KFC in Taiwan …
Spirit 26
MINDSET Fun Day Promotes Mental Health Awareness
Mini-MINDSET Days Create Summer Fun for Service Users
IKEA Taiwan Supports Exhibition of Historic Dolls
Latest Jardine Foundation Scholars Commence Studies …
People 32
China Management Trainee Scheme Takes Off
Anniversary Celebrations at Astra
Hactl Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Customers
Enterprise at Work … Mariátegui Jardine Lloyd
Thompson Peru
At the Centre 2
New Features for PIP Awards 2012
Breakthrough Performances
The Pride in Performance (PIP) Awards
Programme 2012 will incorporate
several new features.
The first is a shift in focus from
the longstanding PIP values of
Performance, Enterprise, Energy
and The Right People to a greater
concentration on the five key elements
distilled from the past decade of
entries. These are:
1. Reaching new performance heights
to achieve business growth
2. Delivering world-class customer
3. Innovating and creating new ideas
to approach your business
4. Working as teams and enhancing
the competencies of our people
5. Overcoming challenges with
Another new feature is a
repositioning of the ‘Successful
New Venture’ category to ‘Successful
New Initiative’.
“We feel this broadens and better
reflects the overall aim of this
particular category,” said Jardine
Matheson Group Managing Director
Anthony Nightingale. “It can be a
small, new project, a new strategy,
a new venture or any initiative that
you and your team feel proud
of and which has achieved
business success.”
The other four categories of Customer
Focus, Marketing Excellence,
Innovation and Creativity, and
Business Outperformance remain
unchanged, but in recognition of
the increasingly important role of
sustainability in enhancing business
performance, this will also now
be taken into consideration in the
judges’ assessment of PIP entries.
The deadline for entries is
10th January 2012.
Senior Management Changes
Anthony Nightingale is to retire as
Jardine Matheson Group Managing
Director at the end of March 2012
after six years in the position. He
will be succeeded by Ben Keswick.
In addition, Adam Keswick will
take up the new role of Deputy
Managing Director.
main listed companies as well as a
commissioner of Astra.
has grown the businesses, both in
their traditional markets as well
as exciting new developments in
Southeast Asia and mainland China.
Ben Keswick
Ben Keswick will also succeed
Mr Nightingale as Managing
Director of listed Group companies
Jardine Strategic, Hongkong Land,
Dairy Farm and Mandarin Oriental.
Adam Keswick will join their boards.
Mr Nightingale will remain a nonexecutive director of the Group’s
Ben Keswick, who first joined the
Group in 1998, has served as Group
Managing Director of Jardine Cycle
& Carriage for the last four years. In
this position, he has played an active
role in the expansion of the Group’s
Southeast Asian interests, which now
account for over 50% of its profits.
For the past four years, Adam Keswick,
who joined the Group in 2001, has
served as Chief Executive of Jardine
Pacific and Jardine Motors based
in Hong Kong. During this time, he
Adam Keswick
“We are grateful for Anthony’s
extensive contribution during his
long career with Jardine Matheson,
and in particular his excellent
leadership as Managing Director,”
said Group Chairman Sir Henry
Keswick. “He has overseen a strong
period of growth for the Group and
will be stepping down as Managing
Director at a time when all our
businesses are performing well.”
At the Centre New Features for PIP Awards 2012
Hong Kong has Competitive Edge for Business in China
Hong Kong is the ideal base for
companies seeking to build strong
and profitable businesses across
mainland China, Jardine Matheson
Group Managing Director Anthony
Nightingale told an 800-strong
audience of business leaders at
‘Think Asia, Think Hong Kong’,
a weeklong Hong Kong Trade
Development Council promotion in
the United Kingdom.
Speaking in London at the main
symposium of the event on the topic
‘Hong Kong: Your Competitive Edge
for China’, Mr Nightingale said that
since 1997 Hong Kong had enhanced
its traditional roles as a leading
investor in China, a conduit to the
Mainland’s markets, and the natural
channel for the manufactured goods
produced in factories in the Pearl
River Delta. The progress that Hong
Kong had made placed it at the
Second left: Jardine Matheson
Group Managing Director
Anthony Nightingale responds
to a question during the
‘Think Asia, Think Hong Kong’
symposium with (first left)
Moderator Sir David Brewer,
Chairman of China-Britain
Business Council; and fellow
panel members (2nd right)
Levin Zhu, President of
China International Capital
Corporation; and Michael
Miles, Chairman of Schroders.
heart of China’s modern economic
development while providing a unique
vantage point from which to assess the
entire mainland China economy.
Mr Nightingale cited examples of
how the Group’s Hong Kong base had
provided it with the flexibility and
resources to address markets across
China aided by advantages such as
those offered by CEPA, the Closer
Economic Partnership Agreement.
“In summary, Hong Kong’s business
environment is transparent,
internationally familiar, and offers
the support needed to implement an
effective China strategy. Hong Kong is
China’s primary international finance
centre, and a key driver for the economic
integration in Southern China. As such,
for companies seeking to build strong
and profitable businesses across the
Mainland, I believe the ideal base is
Hong Kong,” concluded Mr Nightingale.
Group Posts Good Half-Yearly Results
The Jardine Matheson Group posted
good half-yearly results for the first six
months of 2011. Strong performances
from Astra and Dairy Farm offset the
effect of fewer residential development
completions by Hongkong Land as
well as a lower profit contribution from
Jardine Motors.
Underlying profit for the first six
months of 2011 was US$725 million, an
increase of 9% over the same period
in 2010. Underlying earnings per
share were 9% higher at US$2.01. The
gross revenue of the Group, including
100% of the revenue of associates and
joint ventures, was US$27.4 billion,
compared to US$22.8 billion in the
first half of 2010. An increased interim
dividend of US¢33.00 per share, up
10%, was declared.
Jardine Pacific recorded mixed results
from its businesses in the first half of
2011. Its recently enlarged IT group,
JOS, and its restaurant operations had
a strong six months, but its shipping
activities suffered from rate erosion
and Gammon’s earnings were affected
by two difficult projects. Jardine
Motors faced a poor market in the
United Kingdom and margin pressure
in mainland China. Jardine Lloyd
Thompson is trading well and the
outlook for the full year is encouraging.
Hongkong Land’s commercial
property activities enjoyed positive
market conditions and the group
remains active in the residential
sector. Dairy Farm continued to
explore acquisition opportunities in
existing and new markets in Asia.
More favourable conditions enabled
Mandarin Oriental to achieve higher
occupancy and increased room rates,
which led to improved profitability.
Jardine Cycle & Carriage produced
a strong set of results as Astra’s
businesses benefited from continued
economic growth in Indonesia.
“Trading conditions for the Group’s
businesses in Asia remain relatively
resilient, although concerns exist
that the global economic climate is
showing some signs of fragility,” said
Group Chairman Sir Henry Keswick.
“Despite the lower income from
residential developments and reduced
first-half profit in Jardine Motors,
the Group is expected to perform
satisfactorily in the second half of
the year.”
During his annual visit to Thailand to
meet business leaders and partners,
Jardine Matheson Group Chairman
Sir Henry Keswick paid a courtesy
call on to the then-Prime Minister
Abhisit Vejjajiva and then-Finance
Minister Korn Chatikavanij
at the parliament building
in Bangkok. (Both left
their positions following
the dissolution of
parliament in May 2011.)
Jardine Matheson Group Chairman Sir Henry Keswick with
then-Thai Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva during their meeting at the
parliament building in Bangkok.
Group Chairman Hosts
London Dinner for
China’s Vice Premier
Sir Henry was
accompanied on
his visit by Jardine
Cycle & Carriage
Managing Director Ben
Keswick and Thailand
Country Chairman
Dr Pisit Leeahtam.
Jardine Matheson Group Chairman Sir Henry Keswick
with China’s Vice Premier Wang Qishan.
Firsthand Look at Peru Economy
In his role as a member of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Business
Advisory Council (ABAC), Jardine Matheson Group Managing Director Anthony
Nightingale attended a four-day meeting in Lima, Peru. During his visit,
he also met with executives of Jardine Lloyd Thompson, which has had a
presence in Peru since 1993 and, as a strong and successful business, now
employs more than 100 people.
“We remain very positive about Peru and have every confidence that our
businesses there will continue to thrive,” said Mr Nightingale.
ABAC is a body of regional business leaders that provides business-focused
counsel to leaders and officials of the 21-member Asia Pacific Economic
Cooperation (APEC) group of economies. The aim of the meeting in Peru was to
provide ABAC members with a firsthand look at developments in Peru’s economy
and the opportunities that it has to offer the international business community
in preparation for discussions with APEC leaders and officials in November.
From Left: Ignacio
Mariátegui, New
Business Director and
Jose Miguel Gonzales,
Managing Director, of
JLT Peru Re; Salomón
Lerner, Prime Minister
of Peru; Anthony
Nightingale, Managing
Director, Jardine
Matheson Group; and
Jose Ramón Mariátegui,
Managing Director,
Mariátegui JLT Peru.
Jardine Matheson Group Chairman
Sir Henry Keswick hosted a dinner
in honour of China’s Vice Premier,
Wang Qishan during his visit to
the United Kingdom to engage in
the Fourth UK-China Economic and
Financial Dialogue.
Accompanying Vice Premier Wang
to the dinner, which was held at
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London,
were 11 Chinese Ministers and
Vice Ministers. European guests in
attendance included business and
financial leaders as well as Jardine
Matheson directors Lord Powell of
Bayswater and Lord Leach of Fairford.
During the dinner, Sir Henry led a
discussion on global finance and the
international economy.
At the Centre Group Chairman Meets Thai Prime Minister
Intelligent City to Drive Innovation and Growth Opportunities
Jardine Matheson Group Managing
Director Anthony Nightingale has
praised the foresight of Chongqing’s
Municipal Government and its efforts
to see the creation of Chongqing as
China’s first ‘Intelligent City’.
Speaking at the 6th annual meeting of
The Chongqing Mayor’s International
Economic Advisory Council on the
theme ‘Transitioning to an Intelligent
City’, Mr Nightingale said, “The
environment created in an Intelligent
City allows the community to leverage
its technological infrastructure and
skills to raise levels of public service,
enhance business development
and new investment, and attract
key talent and business leaders to
drive innovation.”
Mr Nightingale also told his
audience that recognizing
the need to build on a
digital infrastructure to
provide innovative and
value-added solutions is
an essential component of
remaining competitive in
today’s corporate world.
Second left: The Mayor of Chongqing, Huang Qifan, at the welcome
banquet for his advisory council meeting with (second right) Group
Managing Director Anthony Nightingale and Jardine Matheson
(China) Chairman David Hsu and (first left) Jardine Matheson Group
China Representative Adam Williams.
He cited several examples
of ‘Intelligent’ Group
businesses – Hongkong
Land developing ‘Smart’ buildings
through a digital network; Jardine
Lloyd Thompson creating new
solutions for clients with its integrated
benefits management tool; Mandarin
Oriental building closer relations with
customers by combining databases
from its properties around the world;
and Mannings developing more
convenient healthcare services by
enabling its customers to receive
consultations from pharmacists via the
web or on their iPhone.
Mr Nightingale said that the transition
of Chongqing to an Intelligent City was
creating growth opportunities which
investors and services providers like
Jardines were looking for.
“We as a company look forward
to sharing in and assisting with
Chongqing’s great adventure into a
prosperous – and intelligent – future!”
Group Managing Director Visits Yunnan and Guangdong
Jardine Matheson Group Managing
Director Anthony Nightingale,
accompanied by Hongkong Land
Chief Executive Y K Pang and newly
appointed Jardine Matheson (China)
Chairman David Hsu, has visited
Group business interests in Yunnan
and Guangdong.
During his stay in Kunming,
Mr Nightingale met Xie Yihua, Deputy
Director of the Yunnan State-owned
Assets Supervision and Administration
Commission, and Liu Ming, President
of Yunnan Airport Group Company,
which operates Yunnan Airport Service
Ltd in joint venture with Jardine
Airport Services China at Kunming
International Airport. Both parties
expressed their satisfaction at the
performance to date and agreed
that with the new Kunming airport,
opportunities for the joint venture will
grow in the future.
In Guangzhou, Anthony Nightingale
met Lawrence Tang, General
Manager of Guangdong Revenco
Enterprises, a long-term business
partner of the Group with which
Dairy Farm set up 7-Eleven in
Guangzhou and Jardine Lloyd
Thompson (JLT) established JLT Lixin
Insurance Brokerage. Discussions
included opportunities for further
co-operation in the future.
Mr Nightingale also visited
7-Eleven, Manning’s South China
regional headquarters, Zungfu
(Guangzhou) Management
Company, a Mandarin Oriental
Hotel Group project site, Maxim’s
bakery operation in Shenzhen
and Zungfu Huaxing Company in
Dongguan, and attended a senior
management meeting in Guangzhou.
Left: General Manager of Guangdong Revenco Enterprises
Lawrence Tang with Hongkong Land Chief Executive
Y K Pang, Group Managing Director Anthony Nightingale,
Jardine Matheson (China) Chairman David Hsu and Group
Chief Representative, South China Zhou Zhaosen.
At the Centre Hongkong Land Takes
Significant Step in
Mainland China
Hongkong Land has taken a
significant step in the development
of its presence in mainland China
with the commencement of work on
Yorkville, the group’s first whollyowned residential project in the
country and one that is destined to
set a new standard for affluent living
in Chongqing.
Modelled after the traditional
lifestyle, mountains and lakes of
the city of York in England, Yorkville
will target Chongqing’s many
high-net-worth individuals. Located
in the North New Area of Chongqing,
one of the largest municipalities in
the world, and near the new TwoRiver New Area special economic
zone, the site covers an area of
almost 400,000 sq. m. and has a
total planned gross floor area of
nearly 900,000 sq. m. An entirely
residential project, Yorkville will offer
approximately 6,500 units comprising
townhouses, garden apartments,
high-rise flats and community retail
facilities. It is also adjacent to the
beautiful natural environment of the
forest park of Zhaomu Mountain and
Chong Guang Lake.
The significance of the project was
emphasized in May this year when
His Royal Highness The Duke of York,
Prince Andrew visited the ChongqingBritish Friendship Forest at Yorkville,
which symbolizes co-operation
between the British Royal Household
and Chongqing City. During his visit,
Prince Andrew unveiled a stone
monument commemorating the
Centre: His Royal Highness The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, examines details of the Yorkville project with
Vice Mayor of Chongqing, Ling Yueming and Hongkong Land Chief Executive Y K Pang and Executive Director
Robert Wong.
launch of Yorkville in a ceremony,
which was attended by the Vice
Mayor of Chongqing, Ling Yueming
and Hongkong Land Chief Executive
Y K Pang.
“The area is popular with
businessmen, dignitaries and
celebrities so it presents the ideal
customer base for us to develop
a high-end project like Yorkville,”
said Hongkong Land Executive
Director Robert Wong. “It is also
very accessible to Jiang Bei Airport,
making it an excellent choice for
those who need to travel frequently.”
Yorkville is one of the latest
additions to the high-end residential
and commercial portfolio, which
Hongkong Land has developed
across the region and in mainland
China. In Beijing, this includes the
highly successful Central Park and
Maple Place at Beijing Riviera, as
well as the group’s most recent
tender win to develop an integrated
retail centre on a premier site in
Wangfujing Dajie, a prime commercial
location and retail destination in
the city.
In Chongqing, Yorkville is one of
three major Hongkong Land projects
currently in progress, each of which
is expected to make a significant
contributions to the area’s economic
growth and social development. The
other two are Landmark Riverside,
where work has recently commenced,
and the well-received Bamboo Grove,
which has entered the latest phase of
its expansion.
Similarly, Yorkville will also be
developed in phases over a seven-year
period with initial pre-sales planned
for early 2012.
“Yorkville really does offer the best
of all worlds – luxury residences,
and convenient links both domestically
and internationally. We are very proud
that Yorkville will be our first whollyowned property in mainland China,”
added Mr Wong.
Hongkong Land Subsidiary Wins Premier
Beijing Development Site
Hongkong Land 95%-held subsidiary
WFJ Development Ltd (WFJD) has won
the tender to develop an integrated
retail centre on a premier site in
Wangfujing, located in the heart of
Beijing. Hongkong Land won the
tender with a bid of RMB2.9 billion
(US$455 million).
The site, named ‘Wangfujing
International Brand Center’, is
located in the western part of
Wangfujing Dajie, an area that
is already seen as the prime
commercial location and retail
destination in the city. The centre
will include a luxury hotel and will
house leading brands from around
the world. The total gross floor area
of the completed development will
be approximately 131,100 sq. m.
including three levels of basement.
Hongkong Land is to develop an integrated retail centre on this premier site in Wangfujing in the heart of Beijing.
“The site has an excellent location
in the heart of Beijing and will
benefit from the increasing demand
for premier retail outlets,” said
Hongkong Land Chief Executive
Y K Pang. “Given our strength and
expertise in developing and managing
high-end retail centres in major cities
in the region, we are confident that
Wangfujing International Brand Center
will become an international landmark
in the city.”
Mandarin Oriental, Paris Opens for Business
Mandarin Oriental has made its debut
in Paris with the official opening of the
new 138-room hotel located on the
famed rue Saint Honoré.
“This opening marks a major step in
the growth strategy of our group,”
said Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Director of Operations for Europe,
Middle East and Africa Christoph
Mares. “We are delighted to
inaugurate the latest Mandarin
Oriental hotel in the heart of
Paris, one of the world’s premier
The original Art Deco façade of the
luxury hotel has been complemented
by chic, contemporary interiors, which
combine Parisian sophistication with
art deco details and oriental touches,
and the hotel’s luxurious rooms are
some of the largest in Paris. Mandarin
Oriental, Paris offers a choice of two
restaurants and a bar along with a
cake shop. It also has a holistic ‘Spa
at Mandarin Oriental’ with a 14-metre
swimming pool, and a comprehensive
fitness centre and range of stylish
event space.
Mandarin Oriental, Paris is located on the famed rue Saint Honoré in the heart of the city’s entertainment and
high-end retail districts.
Leadership Hongkong Land Subsidiary Wins Premier Beijing Development Site
Royal Visitor for Jakarta Land Project
Left: Hongkong Land Executive Director, South Asia Robert
Garman briefs His Royal Highness The Duke of York on the World
Trade Center II (WTCII) project currently under development by
PT Jakarta Land, in which Hongkong Land has a 50% interest.
Due for completion in 2012, WTC II will be the first certified
environmentally sustainable building in the Jakarta Central
Business District and is expected to establish a new benchmark
for Grade A commercial buildings there.
Mannings Plus Aims High
The launch of four ‘Mannings Plus’
new concept health stores is the
latest step for the company towards
achieving its vision of becoming the
N0.1 professional health and beauty
corporation in Hong Kong, taking care
of the wellbeing of the community.
The new ‘Mannings Plus’ concept stores promote health and
The four new Mannings
Plus stores are located in
some of the city’s busiest
shopping areas – Causeway
Bay, the International
Finance Centre in Central,
Taikoo Shing and Tuen
Mun Town Plaza. Each
store offers professional
advice including free
consultations by in-house
dietitians, pharmacists and
health and beauty advisers.
“This unique combination of free
health tests and personal product
recommendations aims to provide
all-round professional health and
beauty solutions to health-conscious
consumers,” explained Mannings
Hong Kong and Macau Chief Executive
Officer Lily Chan.
Already, the exceptional customer
service at the new Mannings Plus
stores has received recognition.
Shortly after their launch, they
were awarded ‘Service Category
Leader’ in the Mystery Shoppers
Programme of The Hong Kong Retail
Management Association.
Latest JEC Contracts Demonstrate Breadth of Expertise
Jardine Engineering Corporation
(JEC) has been awarded several new
contracts in Singapore and Hong Kong,
which demonstrate the breadth of its
expertise in water filtration systems
and sewage treatment.
In Singapore, JEC is undertaking its
first environmental infrastructure
projects there with the award of two
swimming pool contracts. The first
contract is for the Singapore Armed
Forces Recreational Association’s
S$52 million (US$41 million)
clubhouse redevelopment at Toa
Payoh, while the second is for the Far
East Organization’s ‘Waterfront Gold’
residential development.
In Hong Kong, JEC has completed a major
contract to supply and install the water
treatment plant at the Kennedy Town
swimming pool for the MTR Corporation.
In the area of sewage control and
management, JEC has been awarded
the contract to design and install the
stoplogs, which are used to control
water levels, for the Tuen Mun Western
Trunk Sewerage project.
JEC provided the water treatment plant for the new
Kennedy Town swimming pool in Hong Kong.
Wellcome Taiwan has opened the first
two of its new concept ‘small’ stores.
Former X-Market stores at Tai-Shen
and Min-Xiang in New Taipei City
have been transformed into the
new small store format to focus
Wellcome Taiwan’s new concept ‘small’ stores
offer more convenience and choice for customers.
on satisfying the daily needs of
customers, in particular single
people and working couples who
are busy or have no facilities to cook
at home. Among the many products
and services that are not available
in traditional supermarkets, the new
stores offer ready-to-cook and readyto-eat food, and services such as a
hot water facility, microwave, fax/
copy machine, taxi hire, on-line game
cards, free Wi-Fi and a dining area.
“We hope that these new concept
stores will provide more convenience
and choice for customers
and become their preferred
neighourhood store,” said Wellcome
Taiwan Chief Executive Officer
Simon Chuen.
Jardine Motors Acquires New Businesses in
the UK
Jardine Motors has become the sixth
largest dealer group in the United
Kingdom by turnover following its
purchase of the Wayside Group, a
transaction that pushes its revenue
above £1.2 billion (US$1.9 billion).
The Wayside Group operates five
Audi, six Volkswagen cars, two
Volkswagen commercial, three Trade
Parts operations, one BMW/MINI,
two Toyota, one Skoda and one Seat
businesses, with a 2010 turnover of
£305 million (US$481 million).
JLT Lixin Celebrates
Fifth Anniversary
“This acquisition is a major step
forward in our strategic plan of
growing the business in the UK
and developing our relationships
with existing franchise partners,”
explained Jardine Motors Chief
Executive Alun Jones.
In addition, Jardine Motors has also
acquired three additional Toyota
and one Lexus business from
Thorndale Investments.
BMW/MINI Milton Keynes – one of the dealerships recently acquired by Jardine Motors.
JLT Lixin raises a fifth anniversary toast ‘to more
good years!’.
JLT Lixin recently celebrated its fifth
anniversary, an event attended by
clients, insurers, JLT Lixin staff, Group
Chief Executive Officer Dominic Burke,
and senior management of JLT Asia.
Since JLT Lixin was established in May
2006 as a joint venture between JLT
and Guangdong Revenco, its revenue
has increased fivefold, supported by
the establishment of the Shanghai and
Beijing offices in 2007.
Speaking at the anniversary
celebrations, which were held at
Roosevelt House (The Bund 27), the
former 20th Century headquarters
of Jardine Matheson in Shanghai,
Mr Burke highlighted how its business
in China has grown in tandem
with the rapid development of the
Chinese economy and insurance
broking market.
“Given its comprehensive breadth
of insurance products and services,
its strong reputation as a global
international broker with local market
knowledge, and track record of
satisfied clients, JLT Lixin is in prime
position to make the most of business
opportunities in China,” said Mr Burke.
Leadership 11
Wellcome Taiwan Launches First New
Concept Stores
Jardine Schindler Brings
PORT Technology to
Southeast Asia
Jardine Schindler launched ‘PORT
Technology’, its groundbreaking
elevator system, in Southeast Asia at a
special event held in Ho Chi Minh City,
PORT Technology represents the
third generation of the destination
dispatch control algorithm developed
by Schindler. It follows Miconic 10,
the industry’s original destination
control system invented by Schindler
and launched in 1992, and the 2003
Schindler ID, which enhanced security
control and upgraded algorithms to
improve building traffic flow.
“Miconic 10 and Schindler ID were
about the destination and moving
people in an efficient manner,” said
General Director Schindler Vietnam
Ralph Ludwig. “With PORT Technology,
it’s all about the seamless journey and
a system which offsets many of the
challenges found in today’s standard
operating elevators.”
Jardine Schindler has been operating
in Vietnam since 1995 and has
supplied over 1,500 elevators and
escalators to the market there.
THACO Launches First Hyundai Vehicles
Manufactured in Vietnam
Truong Hai Auto Corporation
(THACO), in which Jardine
Cycle & Carriage holds a 29%
interest, has launched the
first products resulting from
its strategic partnership with
Hyundai Motor Corporation
to produce and assemble
Hyundai commercial vehicles
in Vietnam.
Right: THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong and Hyundai Vice
Chairman Han Young Choi with one of the first Hyundai
vehicles to be manufactured in Vietnam.
At a ceremony held at
THACO’s Chu Lai Automobile
Production and Assembly Complex,
the first THACO Hyundai trucks to
be manufactured in Vietnam were
“This was a very important event for
THACO,” explained Chairman Tran
Ba Duong. “We carried out research
and development to ensure that the
products would be well-suited to the
conditions of Vietnam and produced
and assembled the vehicles under
strict processes in order to satisfy
the global quality requirements
of Hyundai.”
THACO will also develop a network of
showrooms and service workshops
to provide sales and service to the
global standards of Hyundai.
7-Eleven Hong Kong Introduces Own Coffee Brand
7-Eleven Hong Kong has further
expanded the fast food segment of
its business with the introduction of
its own new high-quality house brew
coffee brand – Daily Café.
personally tasted over 100 cups of
coffee. “We are advocating a totally
new coffee culture to our customers
and the feedback so far has been
most encouraging.”
Following extensive tastings
and trials and visits to 7-Eleven
stores in different countries to
exchange best practices in coffee
brewing techniques, Daily Café is
now available in ten Hong Kong
7-Eleven stores.
From left: Stefan Häfliger, New Technology Director,
Jardine Schindler Group, Ralph Ludwig, General
Director, Schindler Vietnam; and Rolf Schwerzmann,
Head of Top Range Business, Jardine Schindler
Group unveil the groundbreaking PORT Technology.
“Daily Café’s concept is based on
good quality and perfect taste at an
affordable price,” explained 7-Eleven
Hong Kong & Macau Sales & Food
Services Development Director
Winne Lau who, in her quest to
select a suitable coffee machine,
7-Eleven’s new high-quality house brew coffee
brand, Daily Café, is now available in ten of
its stores.
Jardine OneSolution (JOS) has
extended its geographical reach in
mainland China with the opening of
three new offices.
Strategically located in Tianjin, Suzhou
and Changsha, the new offices will
expand JOS’ coverage of northern,
eastern and central regions and help it
to support the growth of its customers
in China’s second-tier cities.
Since entering the mainland China
market in 1995 where it has operated
through offices in Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangzhou and Shenzhen during the
last decade, JOS has grown to become
one of the region’s leading IT products
services companies. Building on its
representation of renowned IT brands,
comprehensive service and support
capabilities, and a customer portfolio
spanning a wide spectrum of industry
sectors, JOS has achieved a compound
annual growth rate of over 40% in the
past five years.
“I am confident that the opening of
these three new offices not only brings
us closer to our major customers, but
also puts JOS in a better position to
broaden its customer base, especially
among local enterprises,” said JOS
China Managing Director Thomas Wan.
Cycle & Carriage Marks Milestones with Mercedes-Benz
Cycle & Carriage (C&C) has marked
the 125th anniversary of the patenting
of the first petrol engine-powered
automobile by Carl Benz in 1886 and
60 years of successful retailing of
Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Singapore
with a gala dinner.
Cycle & Carriage, then a small
local company, was first awarded
the franchise for Mercedes-Benz
in Singapore and Malaysia in 1951
against competition from much
larger foreign firms. Today the
company is one of the leading motor
distributors and dealers in Singapore
including the exclusive dealer for
Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
“Our enduring partnership with
Mercedes-Benz reflects both the strength
and quality of the brand and Cycle &
Carriage’s commitment to providing
excellence at all levels of its service to
customers,” said Group Motor Operations
Chief Executive Officer Cheah Kim Teck.
Cycle & Carriage has been celebrating 60 years of
partnership with Mercedes-Benz.
Over 250 guests attended the
gala dinner, which was held in the
Mercedes-Benz Center in Singapore,
the first to be set up outside Europe
when it opened in 2006.
Tunas Group Expands its Network
Astra’s Tunas Group has expanded its network by
opening two new branches, one in Jakarta and the other
in the city of Bengkulu.
Tunas Toyota Radin Inten in Jakarta is a brand new
Integrated Toyota outlet, which offers sales, aftersales,
spare parts and body paint services under one roof.
It also has a customer lounge in order to provide
the best possible facilities and experience to Tunas
Toyota customers.
The new Tunas Daihatsu branch in Bengkulu offers
customers Daihatsu global standards with a comfortable
interior, touch technology and aftersales service.
The new Tunas Daihatsu branch in Bengkulu offers customers Daihatsu
global standards.
Leadership 13
JOS Extends Geographical Presence in China
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group –
A Global Luxury Brand
The opening of Mandarin Oriental,
Paris at the end of June this year
marked the latest stage in Mandarin
Oriental Hotel Group’s (MOHG)
global expansion strategy, giving it
a presence in the heart of one of the
world’s premier destinations and
taking it a step closer to its goal of
being recognized as the best luxury
hotel group worldwide.
During the last two decades, MOHG
has grown its business from its
original flagship properties in Asia –
the acclaimed Mandarin Oriental,
Hong Kong and Mandarin Oriental,
Bangkok – to successfully operate
in major business centres and key
leisure destinations around the
world, providing 21st century luxury
with legendary service and oriental
charm. Today MOHG, in which Jardine
Strategic holds a 74% shareholding,
is the award-winning owner and
operator of some of the world’s
most prestigious hotels, resorts and
residences. These represent over
10,000 rooms in 27 countries, with
18 hotels in Asia, 12 in The Americas
and 11 in Europe and the Middle
East, either in operation or under
development. In addition, MOHG
operates or has under development,
12 Residences at Mandarin Oriental
connected to its properties.
“Our strategy remains focused on
positioning Mandarin Oriental as one
of the world’s leading luxury hotel
brands. Our current portfolio reaches
across four continents, and we remain
firmly on track with our development
plans,” said MOHG Chief Executive
Edouard Ettedgui.
Following on from its Paris debut,
MOHG will launch new hotels in
Guangzhou, Taipei and Milan in 2012,
make its entry into Shanghai in 2013,
and open the group’s first properties
in the Middle East in 2014. New
Residences at Mandarin Oriental are
also planned for seven properties.
“The spread of properties in key
destinations around the world reflects
the truly global nature of our business
today,” said Mr Ettedgui.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s flagship property, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong opened its doors in 1963.
As MOHG has grown, it has
developed a range of brand-defining
services, which together combine
to give the group’s properties their
exceptional reputation.
“Our Mission is to completely
delight and satisfy our guests,” said
Mr Ettedgui, “and we design and
deliver our services and products to
address their needs. We are committed
to continually getting better to keep us
the best.”
MOHG’s success can be measured
by the numerous prestigious awards
bestowed upon its properties
on a regular basis by influential
publications and industry bodies.
“Our long list of awards underscores
Mandarin Oriental’s international
recognition for outstanding service
and quality management and
celebrates our many core attributes,”
said Mr Ettedgui. “They also reflect
the quality of our people as well as
our role as an innovative leader in the
hotel industry.”
Feature 15
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group – A Global Luxury Brand
Key Elements Define Success
The success of MOHG’s properties around the
world is defined by its ability to create hotels
that offer excellence in architecture and design,
innovative dining, holistic spas, customer-centric
technology and the group’s core attribute of
legendary service.
From a design perspective, Mandarin Oriental
hotels reflect the best of the place where they
are located, but with oriental touches that are
evocative of the group’s Far East heritage.
A recent example of MOHG’s commitment to
innovative design and architecture is Mandarin
Oriental, Barcelona, which was recognized by
Wallpaper Magazine as the ‘Best New Hotel
Design’ in 2010. The prestigious Spanish
designer Patricia Urquiola was commissioned to
create the interior décor of the property, which
was once the head office of a bank.
The result is an intimate, luxurious hotel
featuring a contemporary, yet elegant
interior style, that is in keeping with the
open, cosmopolitan character of this great
Mediterranean city. This is combined with
exacting attention to detail, which is reflective of
the group’s oriental heritage.
The entrance to the contemporary and elegant Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.
A Holistic Experience at ‘The Spa at Mandarin Oriental’
In developing its spa facilities
over the last decade, MOHG has
succeeded in creating another highly
personalized product designed to
offer guests a complete holistic
‘The Spa at Mandarin Oriental’
has won international recognition
and a raft of awards, most recently
being voted ‘Best Spa Brand’
in SpaFinder’s ‘Reader’s Choice
Awards’ for the third consecutive
year. The group also has six Forbes
‘Five Star Spas’, more than any other
hotel group in the world.
A focus of ‘The Spa at Mandarin
Oriental’ experience is the signature
‘Time Ritual’ which encourages guests
to book time rather than specific
treatments, so that services can be
tailor-made. In addition, Mandarin
Oriental offers the unique service of a
spa concierge, to provide guests with a
resource that understands their health
issues and how best to address them
“In this way, the spa also becomes a
centre of learning and exchange as
well as a haven for contemplation and
discovery,” explained MOHG Director
of Spa Andrew Gibson.
Following on from the success of
its spa services, MOHG launched
its own signature spa therapies in
2009, together with a product and
homecare range, so that guests can
continue using specific blends at
Each aromatherapy-based product,
created by the award-winning
company, Aromatherapy Associates,
includes body and bath oils and a
range of candles, that have been
produced according to the oriental
principles of five elements: wood,
fire, earth, metal and water.
Feature 17
Innovative Dining Brings Acclaim
Mandarin Oriental hotels have long
been renowned for their excellence
and innovation in food and beverage
and for creating memorable dining
experiences. This is reflected in the
2011 Michelin Guide where no fewer
than nine diverse MOHG restaurants
around the world are honoured with a
total of 11 Michelin stars.
Increasingly, the Group is also being
acknowledged for its partnerships with
world-renowned chefs. These include
Chef Heston Blumenthal, who has won
international acclaim for his unique and
multi-sensory approach to cooking.
Blumenthal opened his first restaurant
Dinner outside of the village of Bray, at
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London in
January 2011. Prior to this, in Spring 2010
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park introduced
the award-winning cuisine of Lyon-born
chef Daniel Boulud in the French-inspired
bistro and wine bar, Bar Boulud, London.
Other talented members of the Mandarin
Oriental culinary team include Pierre
Gagnaire who opened his first US
restaurant at Mandarin Oriental, Las
Vegas at the end of 2009 following his
successful debut at Mandarin Oriental,
Hong Kong and, in Barcelona, Chef
Carme Ruscalleda who is the Director
of the hotel’s signature restaurant,
Moments, and currently one of only a
few women in the world to be awarded
a total of five Michelin stars.
is at Mandarin Oriental, Paris where
distinguished chef Thierry Marx has
been appointed Executive Chef and
Director of Food & Beverage and
oversees the hotel’s gastronomic
restaurant, Sur Mesure par
Thierry Marx.”
In Hong Kong, The Landmark
Mandarin Oriental’s two-star
Michelin restaurant, Amber, which
features the creative talent of Chef
Richard Ekkebus, was voted one of
the top 50 restaurants in the world, in
the prestigious San Pellegrino 2011
annual listing.
“With the opening of each new hotel
we have the opportunity to offer
guests the finest and most exciting
dining experiences available in the
hotel industry today,” said MOHG
Corporate Director of Food & Beverage
David Nicholls. “The latest chapter
The interior of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London.
Guest-Centred Technology Enhances Stay
Guest-centred technology has always
been a prime feature of Mandarin
Oriental hotels and the group
continues to lead the hospitality
industry’s digital revolution.
Recent technological advances
include the launch of ‘MO Hotels’,
a travel application available in
the iTunes App Store, which offers
travellers the ability to make or
modify ‘real-time’ reservations,
review detailed hotel information,
explore destination guides
and more.
MOHG continues to invest in the most advanced
Both in-room and throughout its
hotels, MOHG has invested in the
most advanced technology available
to give guests connectivity, while
at the same time making it highly
personalized and easy to use.
One of the best examples can
be found at Mandarin Oriental,
New York, which offers a host of
guest personalized features such
as interconnected messaging
services, Cisco VOIP phones with
enhanced capabilities and in-room
conference call capabilities. The
rooms also include home theatrestyle entertainment units with
surround sound speakers and an
extensive digital library of film and
TV programmes.
“We aim to provide technology that
is both efficient and seamless, and
which serves to enhance a guest’s
stay,” said MOHG Chief Information
Officer Monika Nerger.
Legendary Service
Underpinning everything that
Mandarin Oriental hotels do is
their legendary service, delivered
in a discreet and flawless manner
and designed to exceed guests’
expectations on a daily basis.
effective staff training programmes.
In addition, MOHG hotels are
regularly benchmarked by external
parties to ensure that they continue
to excel in all areas of operation.
“One of the biggest challenges
affecting our industry is attracting,
training and retaining good staff,
who are able to deliver the luxury
standards of service that our guests
expect,” said MOHG Director of
Human Resources Paul Clark. “This
is why it is so important for us to
have effective training programmes,
recruitment drives and succession
plans in place.”
Attention to detail such as noting
food and drink preferences to
creating innovative turn down
amenities and booking restaurants,
guarantee that guests are made to
feel special from the moment they
enter a Mandarin Oriental property.
Ensuring that these high standards
are maintained consistently across
four continents and over 10,500
employees requires rigorous and
The group is renowned for its award-winning
legendary service ethic.
Global Advertising Campaign Continues to Gather Fans
More than a decade after it was first launched, Mandarin Oriental’s
multi-million US dollar global print advertising campaign, ‘She’s/He’s
a Fan’, continues to gather ‘fans’ from around the world.
Mary McCartney is the official photographer of the campaign,
which connects the group’s well-recognized symbol – the fan – with
international celebrities who regularly stay at the hotels and are true
fans of Mandarin Oriental. Currently there are 23 ‘fans’ endorsing
the Mandarin Oriental brand including the three most recent –
American actor, director, screenwriter and producer Kevin Spacey,
French footwear designer Christian Louboutin and French actress
Sophie Marceau.
French actress
Sophie Marceau is
a recent addition to
Mandarin Oriental’s
‘fan’ advertising
Unique Homes at The Residences at Mandarin Oriental
The Residences at Mandarin Oriental
offer owners both the comforts of
a private home combined with the
facilities and legendary service
of Mandarin Oriental, as well as
exclusive resident-only services
and amenities.
There are currently five Residences at
Mandarin Oriental located in New York,
Boston, Las Vegas, London and Macau
with seven more planned alongside
Mandarin Oriental hotels in Abu Dhabi,
Costa Rica, Dellis Cay, Grand Cayman,
Marbella, St Kitts and Taipei.
“The Residences at Mandarin Oriental
are a natural extension of our brand.
The opportunities that are forthcoming
show the growing acceptance and
increasing appeal of the brand to
owners and developers worldwide,”
said Mr Ettedgui.
Feature 19
Future Development Takes Brand into New Areas
In spite of the global downturn,
Mandarin Oriental remains in a
strong financial position and has
continued its expansion strategy
with 14 properties currently under
development. The group currently
operates close to 7,700 rooms in
27 hotels around the world.
In 2012, MOHG is on track to open new
hotels in Guangzhou, Taipei and Milan.
The following year MOHG will further
extend its presence in mainland
China with its entry into Shanghai
with a new luxury hotel currently
under development in Pudong. The
property will feature 362 rooms and
210 Residences at Mandarin Oriental.
In Beijing, the group will also manage
a luxury 241-room hotel as part of the
CCTV project, once construction is fully
completed by the developers.
“We are currently focusing on
positioning our brand in the key cities
of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai,
and are open to reviewing further
development opportunities on the
mainland,” said Mr Ettedgui.
In 2014 the group will make its first
entry into the important Middle East
market. Mandarin Oriental, Abu
Dhabi will feature 195 rooms and
50 Residences at Mandarin Oriental,
while Mandarin Oriental, Doha
will have 160 rooms and a further
95 serviced apartments.
Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai is scheduled to open in 2013.
MOHG is also expanding in The
Americas, where four new projects
are currently under development –
Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay, Turks
and Caicos, Mandarin Oriental, Grand
Cayman, Mandarin Oriental, St Kitts in
the British West Indies and Mandarin
Oriental, Costa Rica.
Across Europe and into Russia too,
Mandarin Oriental is extending its
luxury brand. In addition to Mandarin
Oriental, Milan, hotels are under
development in Marbella and Moscow.
MOHG is also planning its first
property in the Indian Ocean with
hideaway resort Mandarin Oriental,
Maldives, which is being developed
on its own pristine, private island and
will feature 114 stand-alone villas,
including 20 water villas and four
presidential villas.
“MOHG remains focused on becoming
the world’s best luxury hotel group
with a brand that is relevant to
guests who are prepared to pay a
premium for luxury services that are
meaningful and of value,” explained
Mr Ettedgui. “While global economic
conditions remain uncertain, MOHG
will continue to benefit from the
strengthening market position of its
hotels, its increasing brand recognition
and its growing portfolio of award
winning properties.”
Mandarin Oriental, Maldives is being developed on
its own exclusive island.
International Recognition for
Gammon Expertise
Performance 21
International Recognition for Gammon Expertise
Gammon Wins Prestigious
Award for Mole Project
Gammon’s innovative solution to an
engineering challenge in Singapore
has received international recognition.
At the Ground Engineering Awards
2011, which were held in London and
attended by over 350 leaders in the
geotechnical engineering industry,
Gammon was named winner of the
prestigious ‘International Project
of the Year’ award, together with a
commendation in the category of
‘Technical Excellence’ for the Mole
project in Singapore. This involved the
removal of a buried seawall at Marina
Bay South.
Gammon subsidiary Lambeth came
up with a design solution, which
ingeniously utilized the forces of
natural seawater as a stabilizing
component during the excavation. The
project was also engineered to re-use
20,000 tons of steel, thereby saving
significant material costs and time.
The successful excavation of the
Mole led to Gammon being awarded
the second phase of the even bigger
‘Mole 2’ project.
Gammon’s Kai Tak Development Foundations team with its 2010 Hong Kong Construction Association
Environmental Award.
“This award is a testament to Gammon’s
world-class management and
technical competence,” said Gammon
Construction Director John Clark.
Environmental Award from the Hong
Kong Construction Association in
recognition of its concerted efforts in
achieving environmental excellence.
Innovative Solutions Achieve
Environmental Excellence
The team developed and successfully
applied an innovative method to
treat and reuse soft marine mud for
backfilling by mixing the material
with premixed cement and insitu
granular material. The technique was
inexpensive, highly productive on
site, and environmentally friendly. The
method has subsequently become
the blueprint for other similar public
housing development projects in
Hong Kong.
Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Gammon’s
Kai Tak housing foundations project
team won the 2010 Environmental
Paper Award from the Hong Kong
Institute of Engineers’ Environmental
Division for its paper on ‘Green
Treatment of Marine Mud for Insitu
Backfilling’. The team also received
a 2010 Hong Kong Construction
Guardian Singapore Clinches Pharmacist Competition
Guardian Singapore pre-registration
pharmacists, Denise Wilma Adrian and
Aaron Chew, clinched first prize in the
‘Pre-registration Pharmacist Project
Competition 2011’ organized by the
Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore.
The competition forms part of a
mandatory requirement for preregistration pharmacists to complete a
project within the first nine to 12 months
of their training. Judging criteria
included presentation skills,
the project’s objectiveness/
ability to address the stated
issue, and its originality.
The Guardian team won the
community category, which
includes retail and polyclinic
pharmacies, with their project
on the frequency and barriers
of diabetes monitoring
among patients.
Guardian Singapore pharmacists are helping to raise the
standards of healthcare in the community.
Top 50 Spot for
Mandarin Oriental
Amber Restaurant
Richard Ekkebus, Director of Culinary Operations
and Food & Beverage at The Landmark Mandarin
Oriental, Hong Kong is celebrating the success of the
hotel’s Amber restaurant.
Amber restaurant at The Landmark
Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong has
become the only restaurant in Hong
Kong to achieve a ranking in the
2011 San Pellegrino ‘World’s 50 Best
Restaurants’ Awards organized by
Restaurant Magazine in the United
Kingdom, and the first to have
appeared on the list since 2005.
The 60-seat Amber, which serves
the best of modern French cuisine in
a stylish and sophisticated setting,
was voted into 37th spot in the top 50
by a distinguished panel of over 800
international leaders in the industry,
including highly regarded food critics,
chefs, restaurateurs and gourmands.
“Making our way into the top 50 was
only possible with the dedication of
our entire culinary team. It is their
professionalism, innovation and
passion that drive our exceptional
quality,” explained Amber’s twoMichelin-star chef, Richard Ekkebus.
World’s Best Service at Mandarin Oriental
Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai
Readers of prestigious publication
Travel + Leisure, US have awarded
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi,
Chiang Mai the No. 1 position
worldwide for service in the annual
‘World’s Best Awards’ survey. The
hotel gained top honours for best
service in both the ‘Overall’ and ‘Asia’
“We are extremely proud of this
recognition from the readers of
Travel + Leisure,” said Mandarin
Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai
General Manager Greg Liddell.
“This award is testament to our
daily mission of providing the
legendary service that Mandarin
Oriental Hotel Group is renowned
for, and to the commitment and
passion of our colleagues to create
lifelong memories for our guests.”
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai has
gained a top award for best service.
Best Performance from JOS
Jardine OneSolution (JOS) has
again received recognition for its
outstanding achievements from its
long-term partner Symantec.
A Platinum partner of the security
software manufacturer, JOS won
three best performing partner
awards in 2010, namely ‘Best
Security’, ‘Best Emerging Product’
and ‘Best Commercial’ reseller.
During 2010, JOS contributed the
most revenue to Symantec in terms
of security products
compared to other
Symantec business
partners in Hong
Kong. Thanks to a
drive to expand the
medium to small
enterprise segment,
JOS’ year-on-year
growth revenue and
the number of new
From left: The Jardine OneSolution team of Alistair Lam, Product
Symantec licenses
Manager; Yvonne Chan, Business Manager; Ivan Ip, General Manager;
issued to clients also
Mandy Chan, Head of Product Management, Desktop & Personal
Products Group; Clement Chiu, Senior Manager, Technical Consulting;
increased by 59% and
and Vincent Chan, Senior Manager pose with the best performing
awards from Symantec.
61% respectively.
Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s ‘Customer
Mania’ corporate culture and
innovative thinking has led to it
carrying off four more awards in 2011.
the Top 10 award in the ‘2011 Hong
Kong Marketing Smartphone Apps
Popularity Contest’, which was voted
for by the public.
Pizza Hut Hong Kong won
the Restaurant Category in
the ‘Yahoo! Emotive Brand
Awards’, which aim to recognize
companies with good brand
value and a strong emotional
bond with their customers.
Some 2.5 million votes were
received in the competition and
according to Yahoo! Hong Kong,
Pizza Hut’s success proves the
brand’s popularity with Hong
Kong people.
Following the launch of its
highly successful iPhone
App in 2010, Pizza Hut Hong
Kong scored another hit with
The success of Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s
‘Cheesy 6’ advertising campaign won it an
‘EFFIE Awards’ Merit Certificate.
Meanwhile, the company’s ‘Cheesy 6’
advertising campaign, which was
launched in February 2011, has made
an impressive impact as reflected
in its accolade of an ‘EFFIE Awards’
Merit Certificate. Regarded as
the most significant award in the
advertising/marketing industry,
the Effie award is testament to the
campaign’s marketing effectiveness
and success in reaching its
target customers and expanding
market share.
Finally, Pizza Hut Hong Kong
Marketing Director Richard Leong
has also been recognized by Yum!
with the ‘Pizza Hut Brand Builder
Award’. He was one of only two
recipients this year and received the
award for his efforts in invigorating
the Pizza Hut brand and generating
new business growth ideas.
Employment Opportunities Accolade for Pizza Hut and KFC in Taiwan
Pizza Hut and KFC in Taiwan have
been recognized for their efforts in
creating employment opportunities
with awards from the Ministry of
Economic Affairs and Council of
Labor Affairs of the Executive Branch
of the Government of the Republic
of China.
Pizza Hut and KFC Taiwan were
among only 26 enterprises
nominated for the ‘Contribution
Award of Creating Employment
“It is a great honour to receive this
award, which provides Pizza Hut
Taiwan with a great opportunity to
promote its image as an excellent
employer,” said Pizza Hut Taiwan
Chief Executive Officer Linda Hsu.
Meanwhile, since Jardines’
acquisition of KFC Taiwan last
year, the business has invested
aggressively to attract younger
consumers with more than 50
renovations to date out of 121 stores.
In addition, it has upgraded menu
offerings and customer service
while extending its community
“This award reflects some of those
efforts,” said KFC Taiwan Chief
Executive Officer Ricky Wong.
KFC Taiwan has
been recognized
for its efforts
in creating
Performance 23
Pizza Hut Hong Kong Carries Off Four More Awards
7-Eleven Singapore Celebrates Leading Brands
7-Eleven Singapore has recognized the efforts and
contributions from its business partners at the presentation
ceremony for its Leading Brands Awards 2011, which was
held on 7-Eleven Day, 11th July 2011.
7-Eleven Singapore’s leading brands competed in 29
categories with the inaugural ‘Top Leading Brand’ award
going to Tiger Beer, Asia Pacific Breweries Pte Ltd.
“Winning a 7-Eleven Leading Brands award means a lot to
our business partners as it also means being a leader in the
convenience sector,” said Singapore 7-Eleven Chief Executive
Officer Richard Seah who, along with Merchandise Director
Lilienne Chong, shared his views with Leading Brands
participants on the future direction and merchandising focus
of 7-Eleven Singapore.
From left: 7-Eleven Singapore Operations Director Maheswaran SOT
Thambunathan; Business Development & Marketing Manager Tan Siew Shuen;
Chief Executive Officer Richard Seah; and Merchandise Director Lilienne Chong
blow out the candles on the cake to celebrate 7-Eleven Day.
Insurance Industry Plaudits for JLT
JLT Achieves Second Place
in Top 50
Right: JLT Group
Strategy Director James
Twinning receives the
Insurance Broker of the
Year award from former
England rugby star Will
Jardine Lloyd Thompson’s (JLT)
achievements over the last year have
won it the highest plaudits from the
insurance industry.
JLT moved up from fourth into second
place in the Insurance Times 2011
Top 50 Broker list, overturning the
order of the top three for the first time
since 2008.
JLT achieved growth of 17% despite the
tough economic environment. This was
described by IMAS, which provides
the data for the annual survey, as a
‘great achievement’. Profits after tax
grew by almost one-third last year
to £90.7 million (US$142 million) for
the full year of 2010 compared with
£70.9 million (US$111 million) in 2009.
JLT Chief Executive Dominic Burke
said that further growth would come,
particularly in the group’s specialty
and reinsurance businesses, as well as
its underwriting agency Thistle.
JLT Named Insurance Broker
of the Year
JLT has also been named Insurance
Broker of the Year at the London
Market Awards 2011, which were
organized by the key industry
publication, Reactions.
The awards highlight top-class
performance and innovation within
the global insurance industry and
recognize the best insurance,
reinsurance and broking teams in
the London insurance market. They
are voted for by market and industry
peers and are known for their
rigorous and independent judging
process and for acknowledging the
insurance industry’s leaders.
“We are extremely pleased to win
this award,” said JLT Group Strategy
Director James Twinning. “The
awards help firms to differentiate
themselves from competitors and
contribute to raising standards across
the industry.”
Astra has won a tranche of
awards, which reflect its vision
and determination to be the best
possible company.
In the annual FinanceAsia awards,
Astra achieved first place in the
‘Best Managed Company’, ‘Best
Corporate Governance’ and ‘Best
Investor Relations’ categories and
third place in the ‘Best Corporate
Social Responsibility’ and ‘Most
Committed to a Strong Dividend’
categories. In addition Astra
President Director Prijono
Sugiarto and Director Simon
Collier Dixon were named
‘Best CEO’ and ‘Best CFO’
A further accolade came
from Investor Magazine
when Astra received the
award for ‘Best Public Company
in the Miscellaneous Industry
Sector’ of companies listed on the
Indonesia Stock Exchange. The
awards are intended to stimulate
an increase in the performance
of publicly listed companies, and
protection to investors, and to
encourage activities in Indonesia’s
capital market.
Centre: Astra President Director Prijono Sugiarto with his
‘Best CEO’ award from FinanceAsia flanked by (left) Credit
Suisse Managing Director Charles Gunawan and (right)
FinanceAsia publisher Jonathan Hirst.
Guardian Singapore Marks Achievements at
Health & Beauty Awards
Guardian Singapore celebrated its
achievements with its partners in
the health and beauty industry at its
annual Health & Beauty Awards.
Guardian presented 36 ‘Product
Category’ winners and 62 ‘Preferred
Choice’ awards for products ranging
from facial, cosmetics and body care
to over-the-counter items. A new
category was also introduced – ‘Best
Promoter Award’ – to recognize those
with good product knowledge who
had ‘gone the extra mile’ to delight
Guardian customers.
Maxim’s Quality and
Excellence Reflected
in Awards
Three Maxim’s Group restaurant brands in
Hong Kong – Maxim’s Chinese Restaurant,
Maxim’s Palace at the City Hall and Peking
Garden – have been voted into the top ten
favourites of mainland China consumers
in the ‘Quality Tourism Services (QTS)
Merchant Awards’. Maxim’s Group was the
only group to attain three awards under
this category and also attained the greatest
number of accolades in the overall awards,
which were voted for online.
Over ten brands of Maxim’s were
accredited with the ‘10-year QTS
Merchant Recognition’ tag. These
included Hoi Yat Heen, Kiku and Café
Landmark, which were presented with
Silver Awards and Maxim’s Palace at
the City Hall, Shanghai Jade and Hunan
Garden, which were accredited with
Merit Awards.
Meanwhile, Maxim’s Cakes’ Ngou
Cheung Store Management Development
Programme won the ‘Excellence Award
2011’ in the ‘Excellence in Training and
Development’ awards organized by the
Hong Kong Management Association.
The one-year training programme
successfully empowered supervisory
staff to change for the best in their
professional and personal lives.
Customers were involved too in
voting for their favourite brands
and the results in the ‘Best of the
Best Brand’ category saw L’Oreal
win the award for ‘Beauty’, Dettol
for ‘Personal Care’ and Brand’s
for ‘Health’.
Guardian Singapore’s Health & Beauty Awards
celebrate its achievements with its partners in
the industry.
The aim of the awards is to
encapsulate Guardian Singapore’s
values, help it to build supplier
relationships, nurture a learning
culture and celebrate success.
Right: Maxim’s Cakes Division Manager Molly Lam
receives the ‘Excellence Award 2011’ from Hong
Kong Management Association Council Member
James Thompson.
Performance 25
Astra is the Best
MINDSET Fun Day Promotes
Mental Health Awareness
Spirit 27
On Mental Health from
the Jardine Ambassadors
MINDSET Fun Day Promotes Mental Health Awareness
Over 150 Jardine Matheson Group
employees, together with 89 service
users from six NGOs, participated in
the MINDSET Fun Day to celebrate
MINDSET’s ninth anniversary at Wu Kai
Sha Youth Village in Hong Kong.
Chung hospitals, Baptist Oi Kwan
Social Service, the Mental Health
Association of Hong Kong, New Life
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
and the Phoenix Clubhouse teamed up
to participate in various games.
This annual event also aims to
promote mental health awareness
among Jardines employees and the
integration of the rehabilitated back
into society. Jardines staff and service
users from Castle Peak and Kwai
In one of the games, participants
were asked to display their team
spirit on stage by creating a short
performance to introduce their teams
and team slogans. The staff and
service users demonstrated their
creativity and sense of humour in their
performances, winning wide applause.
“Jardines employees’ active
involvement in this event reflects the
Group’s relentless efforts to promote
awareness of mental health issues.
I hope all participants will work
together to remove the social stigma
associated with people suffering
from mental illness,” said MINDSET
Governor and Jardine Matheson Group
Finance Director James Riley.
Latest Jardine Ambassadors Assume their Roles as Mental Health Advocates
At the launch of the latest Jardine
Ambassadors Programme to promote
mental wellbeing in the community, 39
new Ambassadors were inaugurated
watched by over 100 guests including
senior management and executives
from various Jardine Matheson Group
companies. MINDSET Chairman and
Group Managing Director Anthony
Nightingale also presented certificates
to the Jardine Ambassadors who had
served their two-year tenure as mental
health advocates.
The new Ambassadors subsequently
attended a two-day orientation camp
together with current Ambassadors
who are serving their second year
of service. On the first day, team
building exercises and the sharing
of experiences provided the new
Ambassadors with the opportunity to
gain a better understanding of their
roles. On the second day, Kwai Chung
Hospital Senior Clinical Psychologist
Dr Raymond Chan conducted an
educational session on basic mental
health knowledge for the new
Ambassadors and also explained
the skills and techniques required
for working with secondary school
students participating in the Health in
Mind Programme.
Centre: Jardine Matheson Group Managing Director Anthony Nightingale with the newest Ambassadors to join the Jardine Ambassadors
Programme to promote mental wellbeing within the community.
Mini-MINDSET Days Create Summer Fun for Service Users
A series of Mini-MINDSET Days
organized by Jardine Ambassadors
from various Group companies,
along with partnering agencies,
created a range of fun summer
activities for service users. Among
those participating were staff
members from Gammon, Mandarin
Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG),
Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT),
Jardine OneSolution (JOS), Jardine
Shipping Services (JSS), Hongkong
Land, Jardine Schindler, Pizza Hut,
Jardine Engineering Corporation
(JEC) and Jardine Matheson (JM).
Organic Time at Farm
Thirty service users from Phoenix
Clubhouse accompanied by Jardine
Ambassadors and staff from JEC
and JM began a visit to Kadoorie
Farm and Botanic Garden in the
New Territories with an organic
vegetarian lunch. This was followed
by a treasure hunt involving
teams of staff and service users
visiting 12 locations in the garden,
where they learnt about the
different agricultural industries in
Hong Kong.
Making Pizza
Gammon staff demonstrate the best way to hit
the pins to service users from Baptist Oi Kwan
Social Service.
A briefing on the history of pizza and
Pizza Hut followed by a session where
teams created their own pizzas with
ingredients of their choice was the
fun activity for 30 staff from Pizza Hut,
Hongkong Land and Jardine Schindler,
accompanied by 24 service users from
the Mental Health Association of Hong
Kong. The event took place at the
Diamond Hill outlet of Pizza Hut where
participants also tucked into their
pizzas for lunch.
Bowling with Fun
Bowling skills were to the fore when
service users from Baptist Oi Kwan
Social Service joined staff and Jardine
Ambassadors from Gammon at Hong
Kong Bowling City in Kowloon Bay.
Participants were divided into four
teams to compete in matches followed
by karaoke singing and a buffet lunch.
Each person also received a framed
group photo to remind them of the
fun event.
Sailing Under the Sun
On a breezy and sunny day,
35 MOHG and JLT staff, along with
service users
from the ALOHA
Community Centre
for Mental Wellness
of the Richmond
Fellowship of Hong
Kong, enjoyed a
boat trip around
Victoria Harbour.
The outing started
with ice-breaking
games, followed by
a buffet lunch and
karaoke singing.
Social inclusion and acceptance were promoted through teamwork and
communication during the visit to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden for
service users from Phoenix Clubhouse.
Making their own pizzas was a highlight of the visit
to Pizza Hut Diamond Hill for service users from the
Mental Health Association of Hong Kong.
Outdoor Games Break Down
Despite the hoisting of Typhoon signal
number three, Jardine Ambassadors
and volunteers from JOS and JSS joined
members of Castle Peak Hospital for an
outdoor games session at Yuen Long
Taitong Lychee Valley. Following a series
of ice-breaking games, participants
enjoyed a barbecue lunch and the
opportunity to chat with each other.
“The activity offered me an opportunity
to make new friends and to learn about
information technology and shipping,”
said Castle Peak Hospital service user
Kam Choi.
Spirit 29
MINDSET Singapore Makes its Presence Felt
MINDSET Singapore, which was
established in early 2011, has been
making its presence felt through its
recent activities.
At the joint Dairy Farm annual
country promotion, ‘Wheels of
Harmony Nurturing a Community for
a Green Tomorrow’ held in Jurong
Central Park, MINDSET Education
and Social Enterprise teams set up
a booth and handed out pamphlets
relating to adult and youth mental
health issues.
“We managed to engage those who
dropped by the booth by explaining
what MINDSET is about and sharing
relevant mental health issues,”
explained Jardine Ambassador
Melvis Tan.
Singapore Jardine Ambassador Jocelyn Chan
demonstrates a children’s game at the Dairy Farm
annual country promotion held in Jurong Central Park.
In another activity, the MINDSET
Singapore Social Enterprise team
organized a roadshow at CityLink Mall
to showcase the artistic talents of club
members of Hougang and Simei care
centres, as well as to demonstrate to
the public that recovering patients are
also capable people.
Finale of 2009-2011 Health in Mind Programme
The completion of the 2009-11 Health
in Mind Programme was marked with a
Finale, which was held at the Rotunda,
Exchange Square, Central and attended
by over 200 participants, including
students graduating from the two-year
programme and representatives from
non-governmental organizations.
Eighteen students were rewarded
with a summer traineeship at various
Jardine Matheson Group businesses in
The event was an opportunity for
students to share their experiences and
discuss the changes in their attitudes
towards people recovering from
mental illness.
recognition of their particular efforts
in promoting mental wellness to their
peers, teachers and parents.
Performing at the
finale of the Health
in Mind Programme
2009-11, students
demonstrate through
drama some of
the mental health
knowledge they
have acquired.
Drama from Health in Mind Students
Health in Mind students from nine Hong Kong schools staged
dramas created by themselves to highlight issues of drug
abuse and eating disorders in the annual Health in Mind
Programme drama competition.
By applying the mental health knowledge and experience that
they had acquired through workshops and volunteer services,
the students’ plays also demonstrated to their audience the
right approach in dealing with people suffering or recovering
from mental illness. Competition was keen, but the top award
went to ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School for its performance
about the recovery of a youngster from an anxiety disorder.
A battle between an angel and the devil determine a teenager’s resilience to
drugs in one of the entries in the annual Health in Mind drama competition.
Family Emphasis at 2011 Cold Storage Kids Run
Right: Competitors set off in the 2011 Cold Storage Kids
Run, which this year emphasized the family element with
the introduction of the new ‘Happy Green Family Chase’.
This aimed to promote family bonding by requiring a
parent and child team to cross the finish line together.
A more challenging route of 1.6 kilometres for the
competitive categories in the Kids Run was also added to
the event, which took place at the Padang in Singapore.
The Cold Storage Kids Run was Asia’s first running event
for children when it was first held four years ago. The
annual event gives parents the chance to inculcate the
right habits of healthy eating and living in their children,
and the importance of keeping fit from a young age.
Guardian Malaysia Supports ‘Greening the Future’
Guardian Malaysia has supported a
‘Greening The Future’ programme run
by Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (YAWA)
or Children’s Environmental Heritage
Foundation, a non-profit environmental
organization that educates and
encourages the young to open their
hearts and minds to the beauty of nature.
In conjunction with World Environment
Day celebrated in June, Guardian
presented a cheque for RM30,000 to
YAWA. The funds were raised from
the ‘No Plastic Bag Day’ campaign
introduced in Selangor last year and will
be used to help upgrade the facilities
at the Selangor Forestry Department’s
220-hectare Sungai Buluh Training and
Development centre. As a tribute to
Guardian’s contribution, the centre’s hall
is to be named ‘YAWA Forest Guardian’.
The Guardian Malaysia team with the 100 seedlings
which they planted in support of ‘Greening
the Future’.
Following the cheque presentation, 20
Guardian employees and YAWA children
planted almost 100 seedlings, which
will be looked after by the Forestry
Department until fully grown and then
transferred to nearby forests.
IKEA Taiwan Supports Exhibition of Historic Dolls
IKEA Taiwan has lent its support to an
exhibition of historic dolls by using
children’s furniture and decorations to
create a ‘dream’ room for children and
their dolls.
The ‘Story of Dolls’, which is being
held in the Taipei Story House, an
historic building in the city centre, is
a display of dolls from the Japanese
colonial period to the present and
reflects the economic changes and
fashion trends of different eras in
Taiwan. IKEA Taiwan chose its
HENSVIK series of children’s
furniture to tie in with the
traditional English style of the
exhibition’s location. At the
end of the four month-long
event, IKEA Taiwan will donate
all the dolls it has supplied
to the children of the Downs
Syndrome Foundation and
the furniture to the Sweet
Home Foundation for people
in need.
The ‘dream’ room for children and their dolls created by
IKEA Taiwan.
The 2011 Jardine Foundation Scholars
have commenced their studies in
the United Kingdom. In total, there
are eight undergraduate and two
postgraduate scholars.
Of the undergraduate scholars,
Andrew Kwok from Hong Kong
and Li Yang from Shanghai have
gone up to Downing, Cambridge to
read medicine and mathematics,
respectively. Also at Cambridge, Wu
Jieyuan from Suzhou in mainland
China will read Engineering at Trinity
and Manini Kant and Dipsikha
Thakur, both from India, will read
Law at Magdalene and Classics at
Peterhouse, respectively.
Queen’s and Hoang Huu Phuc from
Vietnam who will read Biochemistry
at Exeter.
Meanwhile the two postgraduate
scholars, Vishnu Juwono and Adhyani
Wirajuda, who are both from Indonesia,
will read International History at the
London School of Economics, and
Critical Media & Cultural Studies at
the School of Oriental and African
Studies, respectively.
Jardine Scholars Li Yang from Shanghai and (right)
Andrew Kwok from Hong Kong with Group Managing
Director Anthony Nightingale.
Three scholars have gone up to
Oxford. They are David Chan from
Singapore who will read Economics
and Management at Trinity, Rita Teo
from Malaysia who will read Law at
Jardine Scholar David Chan from Singapore receives
his scholarship certificate from Group Chairman
Sir Henry Keswick.
Postgraduate Jardine Scholar Vishnu Juwono from
Indonesia receives his scholarship certificate from
Group Corporate Secretary Neil McNamara.
Jardine Scholar Rita Teo from Malaysia receives
her scholarship certificate from Jardine Matheson
(Thailand) Country Chairman Dr Pisit Leeahtam.
Jardine Scholar Manini Kant from India receives
her scholarship certificate from Jardine Matheson
(Thailand) Country Chairman Dr Pisit Leeahtam.
Jardine Scholar Hoang Huu Phuc from Vietnam with
Jardine Matheson (Vietnam) Country Chairman
Alain Cany.
Astra Relief Aids Mount Merapi Disaster Victims
Following the eruption of the Mount
Merapi volcano in Indonesia in October
last year, Astra has donated a relief
aid package totaling Rp5.3 billion
(US$601,248), which is being used
to help victims of the disaster rebuild
their villages and their lives.
In the hamlet of Krapyak, Seloboro
Village in Central Java, stone-laying
ceremonies have been held for the
reconstruction of education and health
care centres as well as a laboratory
for the public vocational high school.
On that occasion, Astra also handed
over 30 public bath units to the local
administration, which had been built
in the areas of Magelang, Sleman and
Klaten regencies and in the city of
Spirit 31
Latest Jardine Foundation Scholars Commence Studies
China Management Trainee Scheme Takes Off
The China Management Trainee
Scheme (CMTS), which was set up
to meet the increasing demand
from Group companies for suitable
managers to one day lead their
mainland China businesses, is taking
off. Ten new recruits, all of them
educated overseas, will be shortly
joining the next intake. This follows
on from the six trainees who were
recruited for the inaugural intake
this year.
Based on the successful Jardine
Executive Trainee Scheme (JETS),
which is now 12 years old, the CMTS
is a two-year programme, with
the first 12 months based in Hong
Kong, and the subsequent years
spent in mainland China. Unlike
their JETS counterparts, the CMTS
trainees need only to complete Level
1 of the CIMA (Chartered Institute
of Management Accountants)
qualification, but have the option
to undertake the full course if they
so choose.
“The CMTS scheme is a uniquely
structured programme that provides
me with the opportunity to develop
my career in China,” said inaugural
trainee Henry Xu. “One of my
favourite aspects is job rotation,
which allows trainees to take on
different roles in a business unit. This
opens my mind to the various facets
of the assigned business.”
During their first year in Hong Kong,
the CMTS trainees join their JETS
counterparts in the various leadership
development programmes, which
include several challenging outdoor
modules. For the inaugural CMTS
trainees, this recently involved
being divided into teams of four
with their JETS counterparts and,
accompanied by coaches drawn
from senior executives within the
Group, navigating through the hills
using map and compass. Hazards
encountered enroute included leechinfected streams, thick unforgiving
jungle, and the odd venomous snake!
Anniversary Celebrations at Astra
Astra has celebrated the 54th
anniversary of its foundation
under the theme ‘Innovating for
the Nation’. The main event, which
Left: Astra President Director Prijono Sugiarto
officially opens the 27th InnovAstra accompanied
by Chief of Corporate Organization & Human
Capital Development FX Sri Martono.
was held in Jakarta, was launched
with a futuristic dance performance
followed by a speech from Astra
President Director Prijono Sugiarto
and a musical drama depicting the
journey and history of Astra from
its establishment in 1957 until the
present day. A range of other events
held to coincide with the anniversary
included the opening of the 27th
InnovAstra, a competition intended
to develop innovation culture across
the Astra Group; Astra Arts Creation,
which encourages creativity through
different art forms; and ‘Gowes
Bareng Grup Astra’ when over 635
participants came together to cycle
together on a route around Jakarta.
Cycle & Carriage
Singapore Refreshes
Core Values with
Branding Campaign
Cycle & Carriage staff in Singapore demonstrate
the meaning of seamless teamwork and that
their individual roles create a significant effect
on the company as a whole.
Cycle & Carriage (C&C) in Singapore
is refreshing its core values with the
launch of a new internal branding
campaign under the banner ‘We Drive
First Class’.
The key message of the campaign is
to apply ‘First Class’ philosophy in
everything that C&C does and together
build the C&C brand from inside out.
“This branding initiative is a significant
milestone and is crucial to eventually
driving business performance and
profitability as well as staff retention,”
explained Group Motor Operations
Chief Executive Officer Cheah
Kim Teck.
C&C’s new mission is articulated
in four ‘pillars’ – First Class in
Relationship, Expertise, Product and
Teamwork. New core values of Care,
Excellence, Respect and Teamwork
also reflect the ‘first class’ philosophy.
“Our mission is to work as one team,
with our customers at the centre,” said
C&C Chief Operating Officer Eric Chan.
People 33
China Management Trainee Scheme Takes Off
Key Appointments for Gammon Chief Executive
Left: Gammon Chief Executive Thomas Ho is
congratulated on his appointments as Chairman of the
Climate Change Business Forum Executive Council and
President of the Hong Kong Construction Association
(HKCA) by (centre) HKSAR Chief Executive Donald
Tsang and (right) HKCA Permanent Supervisor Ho Sai
Chu. The key appointments reflect Mr Ho’s contribution
to the business community and his commitment
to long-term green and sustainable growth in the
construction industry.
JSA Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Jardine Sports Association (JSA) has
celebrated its 60th anniversary with
a gala buffet dinner attended by
more than 1,500 people from Group
companies and business units.
backed by the Hong Kong Southern
District Orchestra conducted by
renowned conductor Lu Xiaoyi. Party
games and a lucky draw also proved a
great success.
Current JSA Chairman James Riley
said that the fact that JSA had existed
so successfully for 60 years was a
reflection of the solid foundation laid
by his predecessors.
The celebrations included
performances from various staff
units and guest artistes, as well as
entertainment from the JSA choir
Guests of honour, former JSA Chairman
Robert Kwok, former Vice-Chairman
Eleanor Ling and Stanley Ko, received
a particularly warm welcome.
“And tonight’s performance by
the 100-strong JSA choir is a good
demonstration of our strength and
vitality today,” he concluded.
Hactl Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Customers
To mark its 35th anniversary this
year, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals
Limited (Hactl) organized a Customer
Appreciation Dinner, which was
attended by customers, partners,
board members, and Hactl veterans
with more than 35 years of service
with the company.
Highlighting the 35th Anniversary
theme, ‘Together Shaping the Future’,
the event was an opportunity for
Hactl to thank its customers for their
support and enjoy their company.
Following a welcome address from
Hactl Chairman Adam Keswick,
guests were treated to after dinner
performances by members of the
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, young
musicians from the Hong Kong
Children’s Chinese Orchestra and
rising pop sensations Mag Lam and
Hubert Wu.
The Hactl
team toasts
the guests who
attended the
company’s 35th
Mannings in Hong Kong and Dairy
Farm Singapore have both held events
designed to encourage their staff to
strive for excellence at all levels.
In Hong Kong, the 2011 Mannings
Store Manager meetings focused
on the company’s theme of ‘Be A
Leader’. Chief Executive Officer of
Mannings Hong Kong and Macau
Lily Chan encouraged those present
to lead by taking ownership,
empowering and engaging work
partners, inspiring others and having
pride in their achievements.
Service is Everybody’s Job at
Dairy Farm Singapore
Meanwhile in Singapore, ‘Service
is Everybody’s job!’ is the theme of
Dairy Farm’s first ever company-wide
service campaign.
The campaign aims to create a
distinction between Dairy Farm and
its competitors in the retail industry
through excellent service. To date,
a total of 7,074 team members have
been introduced to the campaign
and trained.
Get Together for
Jardine Foundation
Scholars in Singapore
A get together for Jardine Foundation
Scholars currently based in
Singapore and senior officials from
selected academic institutions in the
city-state has been held at Mandarin
Oriental, Singapore.
The event, which was attended
by Jardine Matheson Group
Chairman Sir Henry Keswick and
Country Chairman, Singapore
Boon Yoon Chiang, was hosted by
Group Managing Director Anthony
Nightingale and Group Corporate
Secretary Neil McNamara.
Jardine Scholars in Singapore
are doing well in their respective
professions and also participate
actively in community work. One
example is lawyer Vikram Nair, who
was elected a Member of Parliament
last May from the ruling People’s
Action Party.
Dairy Farm Singapore operations team members enter into the spirit of a service
excellence session held as part of the company-wide service campaign.
Since it was established in 1982,
the Jardine Foundation has granted
awards to 134 scholars to study at
selected Oxbridge colleges.
Farewell to Patrick Ng
Jardine Pacific Chief Executive Adam
Keswick bids farewell to Patrick Ng
who retired from Jardine Shipping
Services (JSS) at the end of July
following more than 47 years
service. Mr Ng joined the Group in
1963 and was promoted to General
Manager of Jardine Port Agency in
1993. He is credited by
British Prime Minister
David Cameron as
being his ‘first boss’
when Mr Cameron
was employed by
the Group for three
months during his
gap year in 1985 and
worked as a ‘ship
jumper’ for JSS.
Centre: Jardine Matheson Group Chairman Sir Henry
Keswick with some of the Jardine Foundation
Scholars currently based in Singapore.
People 35
Striving for Excellence in Hong Kong and
... Mariátegui Jardine Lloyd Thompson Peru
From left: Gonzalo Montes
de Peralta, New Business
Assistant Manager; Ignacio
Mariategui, New Business
Director and Felipe Alvarez
Calderon, Commercial
Centre Manager, of
Mariategui JLT Peru.
An innovative scheme by Mariátegui Jardine Lloyd
Thompson (JLT) Peru involving teamwork on a large scale
has created a profitable new line of business for the group
and improved the lives of several thousand taxi drivers in
the capital city of Lima.
The scheme involved JLT setting up a lending market to
enable taxi drivers in Lima to buy new vehicles run on green
fuel. This required innovative use of insurance, technology
for collection of the loan repayments at the petrol pump,
and GPS monitoring.
“Three years ago, there was no way a taxi driver could get a
bank loan to buy a new car, or find insurance cover, because
both banks and insurance companies were wary about
providing products for this sector of relatively low-earning
individuals,” explained Ignacio Mariátegui, New Business
director of Mariátegui JLT Peru.
Working with the Association of Taxi Drivers (ATP Partners),
JLT Peru established a network of interested parties to
tackle the situation and take advantage of Government
initiatives to encourage use of ‘green’ fuel. The aim was to
offer taxi drivers a programme for the renovation/renewal of
their vehicles and persuade banks to provide these drivers
with access to loans, through a range of insurance products
that minimized the banks’ exposure to default.
“We could see the opportunity, but there were many
obstacles in our path,” said José Ramón Mariátegui,
Executive President of Mariátegui JLT Peru.
“Banks did not trust the payment collection method until
it was proved it would work. GPS companies were cautious
because they thought taxi drivers were easy targets for
thieves and their GPS devices would be stolen. Service
stations, workshops and car distributors were enthusiastic,
but had few resources to align themselves with the required
technology. It took a lot of time and effort to get them
all around a table and to agree on how to make the ‘Taxi
Scheme’ work.”
Eventually JLT Peru’s leadership and drive won the day.
Three years later, the Taxi Scheme has facilitated loans
totalling US$100 million to Lima’s taxi drivers and they are
receiving the benefits of both medical and income protection
insurance. The taxi fleet has been renewed with some 5,500
new vehicles insured, monitored by GPS and using green fuel.
“Teamwork made all this possible,” said Ignacio Mariátegui.
“We have improved both the taxi service and air quality
in Lima, but, most importantly, the quality of life of
everyone involved.”
The project has also provided a significant and profitable
income stream for JLT Peru. In 2010, the ‘Taxi Scheme’
generated 10% of the group’s retail revenue. It also won
the Peru National Business Enterprise Creativity Award in
November 2010, in the category Financial Services sector.
Currently JLT Peru is planning to apply the business
model to other segments of public transport and in other
developing economies.
“We are implementing it in Chile and planning to expand it
to Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil. We are also exploring the
scheme’s application to the bus system with the same core
team of partners,” said José Ramón Mariátegui.
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