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Knight Frank French View - Unique Properties For Sale In France
french View
Unique properties for sale in France
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Bienvenue dans French View 2011/12
’est avec grand plaisir que
l’on vous présente
l’édition 2011/12 de French View,
dans laquelle vous trouverez
un échantillon des plus belles
propriétés proposées par Knight
Frank en France et à Monaco.
La conjoncture difficile ces
derniers temps nous a amené à nous
focaliser plus que jamais sur les
choses essentielles de la vie, tels
la famille, les amis, et nos objectifs
personnels. Nos clients nous
confient que c’est de plus en plus
leur désir de réaliser leurs ambitions
en matière de style de vie qui dicte
leur choix de vente ou d’achat.
C’est dans cet état d’esprit que
nous vous proposons, par un service
professionnel et avisé, assistance et
conseil dans le choix, ainsi que dans
le processus d’une transaction, pour
faire en sorte que cette expérience
soit pour vous non seulement
parfaitement réussie, mais
également une source de plaisir.
Il est primordial, aujourd’hui plus
que jamais, de déterminer le juste
prix, ainsi que peuvent témoigner
les vendeurs qui ont pu bénéficier
de notre stratégie très pointue ces
douze derniers mois.
Un nouveau partenaire vient
renforcer notre réseau – nos associés
les plus récents sont implantés à
Evian sur la côte française du Lac
Léman – notre réseau en France et
à Monaco ne cesse de s’agrandir,
agrémenté par l’équipe à Londres,
vouée exclusivement à en être
le complément.
N’hésitez pas à prendre contact
avec nous si vous désirez discuter
de votre prochain projet dans le
domaine de l’immobilier.
Paul Humphreys
Head of France, Monaco and The Alps Team
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Agents’ tales
Area guide
Côte d’Azur
Northern France
South West France
Welcome to French View 2011/12
elcome to the 2011/12
edition of French View,
featuring a selection of Knight
Frank’s finest properties in France,
Monaco and the Alps.
The difficulties of recent times
have caused many of us to
concentrate more than ever on the
really important things in life such
as family, friends and our personal
objectives. Our clients tell us
their decisions to buy and sell are
increasingly driven by their desire to
fulfil these genuine lifestyle choices.
It is with that in mind that we offer
a comprehensive, well-informed
and professional service to assist
and advise on the selection and
transactional process, ensuring that
your experience is as successful and
enjoyable as it possibly can be.
Crucially, correct pricing has
been the distinguishing feature
of properties sold in the past year
and successful sellers have seen
evidence of this informed strategy.
With a new addition to the
regions we cover - our latest
Associate agent is based in Evian
on the banks of Lake Geneva our network throughout France
and Monaco continues to grow,
complemented by our dedicated
London-based team.
Please do not hesitate to contact
us if you would like to discuss your
next move.
Paul Humphreys
Head of France, Monaco and The Alps Team
Written and published by Knight Frank: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this publication, the publisher cannot
accept responsibility for any errors it may contain. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in
any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of Knight Frank LLP.
French View 3
Agents’ Tales
La Vie!
From 15th century château security to those complete with escape tunnels,
Paul Humphreys and his team have encountered a bewildering and
enchanting array of scenarios when selling properties in France, Monaco
and the Alps. Here they tell French View some of their stories…
What’s the most unusual property
you’ve been involved with?
“There are quite a few actually. One
was a château that had a flint lock pistol
built into the entrance door in the form
of a 15th century burglar alarm. Legend
has it that d’Artagnan once lived there
and also that it was once visited by the
Duke of Wellington.
Another example was a château with
an underground escape tunnel running
beneath it and out to the Dordogne
River. But perhaps my favourite is a
château we are currently selling. Built in
1725, Château de Warsy was occupied by
the Germans during both World Wars but
astonishingly, was used simultaneously
by the French Resistance to ferry allied
airmen to England.
It has since played host to the
Manchester rock band James, who
recorded an album there.” (see p24).
What’s the most interesting sale you’ve
been involved in recently?
“It is not unusual for buyers to change
their remit during the course of their
search. It is after all a fundamental
part of the fine tuning and ultimate
decision process. However there are
those extreme occasions where the
original brief is completely transformed
throwing the planned schedule and
agent into disarray. Never has this been
more relevant than a recent visit from
a highbrow business woman whose
romantic vision was to find an isolated,
authentic Mas with rolling pasture,
vines and olives. Somewhere she would
escape the cacophony of the financial
markets, rediscover nature and succumb
to long lazy technology free days. After
seeing two domains of this kind she
asked rather nervously whether we had
a modern 7 bedroom village house, with
a low maintenance private garden and
pool. Much to her relief we did and a sale
was agreed that very day!”
Mark Harvey
What’s the strangest request you’ve ever had
from a client?
“I once had a buyer who was looking for
a property with stuffed animals and hunting
trophies on the walls. He didn’t seem to mind
which country or the area property was in.”
Paul Humphreys
Fred Schiff
4 French View
What’s the nicest thing a client has
ever said to you?
“I was instructed to sell a property
that had already been on the market
for some time without success. As
I had only just been instructed my
knowledge of the property was limited,
but I managed to find a buyer relatively
quickly and a sale was agreed.
However, only then did I discover that
the previous owner had died in the
house and wasn’t found for a number
of days. I decided that it was only fair to
relay this information to the buyers.
Though a little alarmed, they mulled
the situation overnight and came back
to say: ‘Firstly, we have decided to
proceed with the sale. Secondly, hats
off to you for telling us and jeopardising
the sale’.”
What’s the quickest sale
you’ve been involved in?
“We once listed a lovely
character property situated
just 25 minutes from the
coast. The very next day a
Norwegian family came to
visit and asked to view the
property - it was their first
ever viewing on the French
Riviera. They fell in love
with it before we walked
in the door and bought
it on the spot for the full
asking price. The sale took
less than 45 minutes from
the time I collected them
from their hotel. The right
property at the right price
is always a great pleasure
to handle as it can sell fast
and make for a good story.”
Fredrik Lilloe
What’s the most rewarding sale you’ve
been involved in?
“Rewarding in an unconventional
sense was a recent instruction of a
house in Provence, at which an awardwinning olive oil is produced and sold
at Harrods for £45 per bottle. When
visiting the new owners, they kindly
gave me a bottle to take home with me.
However this was at a time when
airports had banned passengers from
carrying liquids in their hand luggage,
so the owners kindly offered to post it
to me. I’m sure the postage costs were
close to the cost of the oil itself. So it
was a very kind gesture indeed.”
Mark Harvey
Matthew Hodder-Williams
If you could live in any of the properties
you’re selling at the moment, which
would you choose?
“When asked to view a property just
outside the village of Lorgues, inland
from St Tropez, I was pleasantly surprised
to find a very elegant but discreet pair of
wrought-iron gates at the top of a very
promising drive, at the end of which we
found the perfect Provençal country house
in all its glory.
A stone fountain stood before the
front door and exquisite ancient trees
provided welcome shade on what was
a scorching day. Inside was a dream
farmhouse kitchen and a further kitchen
with an open fireplace for roasting wild
boar, leading onto a glorious terrace
offering uninterrupted views for miles
across unspoilt woodland. From there
we walked through the ancient jardin à
la française, by the swimming pool, on
to a little wooden chalet to the early XVIII
century pigeonnier, then down to the little
Roman cemetery, past an orchard to the
olive grove of 1,000 trees, back through
a meadow past a pretty building home to
a family of geese and hens, a mid-XVIII
century grange, and a IX century cottage,
all set in swathes of lovely woodland.
As if that were not enough, there are six
horse boxes with a paddock and training
enclosure and a small vineyard. Of all
the houses I’ve visited in nearly 40 years,
including St Tropez’s glitziest, this stands
out by far as the one I most covet. And
at €5m I consider it to be the deal of
the century.”
Hugo Skillington
French View 5
Area guide and market overview
Paris is
by a wide
range of
striking period
dating back to the Second
Empire and late 19th century.
Whether Haussmannian, Belle
Epoque or Art Deco in style, a
building’s provenance is just
as important as its interior to
discerning buyers searching for
a piece of the city’s heritage.
As well as offering a
particular aesthetic, period
buildings are synonymous with
ample proportions – ceilings
may be 5m high in some of the
grander homes.
The combination of rich
period properties, scarce
new developments and the
cosmopolitan lifestyle it offers
residents, make Paris a stalwart on
the global prime property scene.
Market snapshot
According to Knight Frank’s
new Prime Global Cities Index,
luxury property prices in Paris
rose by over 22% in the year
to March 2011 – the highest
increase of all cities monitored.
Driven primarily by supply
constraints and growing interest
from overseas buyers, who
account for around 70% of
the premium market, strong
domestic demand has also
contributed. Knight Frank has
seen a new wave of instructions
from French vendors in the
€4-5m price bracket.
The beauty of
the French Alps
is that there is
both an area and
a resort to suit
all needs. Les Trois Vallées,
for example, is the ideal
choice for families and skiers
of all abilities, as it provides
a large area of mixed-ability
pistes as well as easy access
to a number of villages and
lift stations. Its key resorts of
Courchevel and Méribel remain
6 French View
as fashionable as ever.
North of Les Trois Vallées
and beyond the lake at
popular Annecy is Megève – a
traditional alpine village and a
particular favourite with those
who enjoy a more relaxed and
chic alpine experience, whilst
Chamonix and Val d’Isere
– covering geographically
separate ski areas – continue
to hold a place in the hearts for
many accomplished skiers.
Market snapshot
The 2010/11 winter season
saw an improvement on the
previous and we anticipate
further improvements in the
coming season, where realistic
pricing and strong buyer
demand should generate a
higher volume of sales. The
return of the French, coupled
with the growing number of
both Russian and CIS buyers
gives us confidence for a
dynamic ski season.
for its
properties which sit
scattered across plains,
atop ridges and hills, France’s
south west region has long
enticed discerning buyers
looking for the relaxed pace
of life and unique setting it
provides. The wild valleys and
meadows either side of the
Dordogne River provide the
perfect backdrop for candlelit
suppers under broad wooden
beams, complemented by
wine produced in the nearby
vineyards of Saint-Emilion,
Pomerol or the Medoc. Equally
so, Gascony’s patchwork
countryside dotted with ochre
farms holds host to its own
history, in which Merovingian
kings, musketeers and
Napoleonic heroes held sway.
Here, there is a village square,
riverside café and hillside
restaurant for everyone to fall
in love with.
Knight Frank sells the best
properties in the most
sought-after locations in
France, Monaco and the
Alps. This guide offers a brief
introduction to each of those
areas along with a snapshot
of how its property market
is performing.
Market snapshot
Those selling properties
priced between €750,000
and €1.5m have recognised
the need to price in line with
buyer sentiment. In the higher
price ranges, circa €2m+,
vendors are strongly advised
to seek comparable evidence
on prices before marketing
their property to avoid a
campaign that ultimately does
not yield results. Proactive
British buyers have returned,
albeit in smaller numbers
than before.
Nowhere is
the world’s
love affair
with France
than in Provence. Buyers
seeking a holiday home or
planning a permanent move
are enchanted by the hilltop
villages, beautiful mountain
ranges and Provençal lifestyle.
The Luberon’s mix of vineyards,
lavender fields and mountains
contribute to the region’s
enduring appeal, as does
its artistic connections in
rolling green hills of the Var.
The Cannes Film Festival,
Monaco Boat Show, Les Voiles
de St Tropez and other annual
events continue to contribute
to the region’s glamorous
reputation and global appeal.
The coastal parts of Cannes
and St Tropez draw crowds
to the numerous restaurants,
shops and festivals, while
those seeking a retreat may
do so in the surrounding
medieval villages.
Market snapshot
Prime spots in the
region remain the focus of
buyers’ attention, with St
Tropez, Mougins, Valbonne,
Villefranche, Cap Ferrat, and
Cap Martin always sought
after. Buyers are interested
in properties in the lower
and mid-price ranges more
so than in the past, and
there has also been a small
but notable increase in topend activity.
Best known
for its spring
waters, the
lakeside city
of Evian-lesBains rests on the southern
part of Lake Geneva near the
French-Swiss border. A vein of
history courses through the
region, from the very beautiful
and historic medieval town of
Yvoire - France’s oldest village
- to La Source Cachat, the
original source of the worldrenowned Evian water.
Properties range from
traditional Edwardian-style
family houses on the lake to
more contemporary homes
with swimming pools, tennis
courts and phenomenal
lakeside views.
Residents benefit from
proximity to Geneva for an
easy commute and the Portes
de Soleil both for summer
and ski trips to the nearby
areas such as Saint-Rémyde-Provence and Les Alpilles,
made famous by the many
artists who have lived here,
most notably Vincent Van
Gogh, who created some of
his most well known pieces
in Provence.
Market snapshot
Our most active market in
2010/2011. Prices typically
range from €750,000+ but
demand is stronger in the
higher price ranges, particularly
in the €4-8m range. The region
currently receives its largest
interest from British, Belgian,
Swiss and French buyers and
also has a notable track record
of North American, Australasian
and South African owners.
from the
border to
the St Tropez
peninsula, the Côte d’Azur
offers everything from
spectacular sun-soaked bays
in the shelter of the Alps to
the renowned vineyards and
Market snapshot
Following the growth of
international buyer interest in
Lake Geneva we are delighted
to announce our new associate
office in Evian, which focuses
on significant lakeside
properties offering privacy,
security and easy access to
both Geneva and the French
and Swiss Alps.
as a hub
for the
the Principality of Monaco is
also acclaimed for the high
level of security afforded to its
mainly international residents,
who also benefit from there
being a wealth of highly
regarded banking, financial
and other professional
service providers from which
to choose.
At just 2 sq km Monaco
is the second smallest
country in the world. Popular
areas include the Carré
D’Or, home to the Place du
Casino and Monte Carlo; La
Condamine district and the
Port, where apartments at the
striking new development
No 23 Boulevard de Belgique
are currently being sold,
(see p8 and 9); Fontvieille,
which is reclaimed land
bordering France on the
western side of Monaco,
and Larvotto, which is home
to the famous Avenue Princess
Grace on the eastern side of
the principality.
Market snapshot
Properties are in short
supply and prices remain
relatively high. The
authorities have passed a law
that substantially reduces
the registration tax, similar to
the UK’s stamp duty tax, by
around 40%, taking the figure
down to what is expected to
be around 4.5% of the value
of the property.
French View 7
Opportunity is rare, elevate your view
Completed new development
21 apartments with private terraces
Communal areas created and finished
by leading designer, Jacques Garcia
Buyers can appoint Jacques Garcia to
finish their own residence
Discrete management service and
additional concierge services on demand
Price on Application
8 French View
ap isit
ap ar th
po tm e s
in en ho
tm t b w
en y
French View 9
cote d’azur
Cap Martin
Spectacular Mediterranean views
4 bedrooms in the main house
Guest studio apartment
Guardian’s studio apartment
Sensational sea views towards
Menton and Italy
Recently renovated beautiful
contemporary villa
GUIDE PRICE €9,950,000
10 French View
cote d’azur
French View 11
cote d’azur
Waterfront villa
2 reception rooms
6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Staff apartment with private terrace
Swimming pool, sauna, wine cellar
Fantastic sea views
Price on application
12 French View
cote d’azur
Exceptional sea views
Open plan reception room
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Contemporary Florentine style villa
Infinity edge swimming pool
Panoramic views over Cap Ferrat
Guide Price €9,000,000
French View 13
cote d’azur
Terre blanche
An exceptional newly built villa
3 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Swimming pool, covered terrace
Access to the Four Seasons Spa and Hotel
Optional access to 2 golf courses
and club house
Guide Price €5,250,000
14 French View
cote d’azur
Les Parcs de st tropez
Exceptional sea views
2 reception rooms
6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Infinity swimming pool
Guest/staff accommodation
Mature gardens, enclosed courtyard and
extensive terraces complete the grounds
Price on Application
French View 15
cote d’azur
A most beautiful country house
3 reception rooms
4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Swimming pool and outdoor dining area
Further guest/staff accommodation,
caretaker’s cottage
In all about 42 acres
Price on application
Magnificent villa
2 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Infinity swimming pool and Jacuzzi
Situated in a private estate
Stunning views over the Bay of St Tropez
Guide Price €6,500,000
16 French View
cote d’azur
La Garde-Freinet
Country retreat
2 reception rooms
7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Infinity swimming pool, pool house
Caretaker’s cottage
In all about 12.5 acres of land with
spectacular far reaching views
Guide Price €5,950,000
La Garde-freinet
Charming Provençal estate
4 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Heated swimming pool with pool house
Guest cottage and caretaker’s cottage
Exquisite garden with country and
mountain views
Guide Price €2,950,000
French View 17
cote d’azur
Cap d’Antibes
A stunning contemporary villa
Triple reception room
6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Study and media room
Swimming pool
Landscaped private garden
Views of the Mediterranean
Price on Application
Charming renovated villa
2 reception rooms
4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Swimming pool
Pretty garden with countryside views
2 independent apartments
Guide Price €3,200,000
Charming estate
2 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Guest house and caretaker’s cottage
Landscaped gardens with swimming pool
Sweeping views down to the sea
Guide Price €2,990,000
18 French View
cote d’azur
Cap d’Antibes
Immaculate villa with sea view
Double reception room
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Office and media room
Large swimming pool
Immaculately presented
Sea view and close to beaches
Price on Application
French View 19
cote d’azur
Superb villa, garden and view
3 reception rooms
3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Guest house, heated swimming pool
Panoramic view
Lovely gardens in tranquil setting
Guide Price €3,250,000
Fabulous Croisette apartment
Double reception room
3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Underground garage
Views over the Bay of Cannes
Price on Application
Charming villa in Mougins
2 reception rooms
4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Swimming pool
Renovated throughout
Secure domain
Beautifully maintained gardens
Guide Price €2,400,000
20 French View
cote d’azur
Stunning refurbished villa
2 reception rooms
6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms
Guest house and double garage
Swimming pool
Landscaped gardens with sea views
Guide Price €5,900,000
Modern villa in Mougins
3 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Summer kitchen and dining area
Large swimming pool
Beautiful mature gardens
Price on application
Beautiful bastide
3 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Swimming pool, pool house,
summer kitchen
Landscaped grounds
Countryside views
Guide Price €5,300,000
French View 21
cote d’azur
A lovely and spacious villa
2 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Summer kitchen with dining area
Several terraces
Landscaped gardens with swimming pool
Guide Price €2,600,000
Beautiful Mas with views
2 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Large swimming pool, pool house
Situated in a gated residence
Terraces enjoying lovely views
Guide Price €2,250,000
Provençal villa with views
Reception room
3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Swimming pool
Renovated throughout
Outstanding countryside and sea views
Guide Price €1,390,000
22 French View
cote d’azur
18th century monastery
3 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Swimming pool
Caretaker’s accommodation
Outstanding countryside setting
and sea views
Price on Application
French View 23
northern france
Near orleans
Exceptional romantic château
4 reception rooms
11 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms
Swimming pool and tennis court
Courtyard with various outbuildings,
farmhouse with stables
In all about 44 acres
Price on Application
Rare and historic château
15 bedrooms
15 bathrooms in the main château
7 reception rooms
Guest house and separate staff house
Swimming pool, tennis court, cellars
English style park with 2 fishing lakes
Price on Application
24 French View
Knight Frank’s European Residential
Valuation team offers a range of services
from surveys to valuation. If you are thinking
of buying or selling a property in France,
Monaco, the Alps, or elsewhere in Europe,
please contact our experts to find out about
the full range of services available.
Tony Hill +44 (0)17 8929 7735 [email protected]
Michael Wilson +44 (0)17 8929 7735 [email protected]
Dreamy country setting
2 reception rooms
6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Swimming pool and guest house
Attractive landscaped gardens
30 acres of AOC oil producing
olive groves
26 French View
St Remy de provence
Exquisite Provençal estate
2 reception rooms
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Swimming pool
Guest house
Over 100 acres of land including
olive trees and organic AOC vines
Price on application
French View 27
In the heart of the Luberon valley
Grand salon
8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms
Outbuildings and guest accommodation
Swimming pool and Provençal courtyard
Approximately 6.5 acres
Guide Price €2,900,000
Hill top Mas with spectacular views
Open plan reception room
5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Panoramic views of the Luberon valley
Heated swimming pool
Olive grove and private drive
Guide Price €1,600,000
28 French View
Restored 17th century farmhouse
3 reception rooms
6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Outbuildings and caretaker’s apartment
Study, library and Provençal courtyard
In all about 59 acres
Guide Price €3,400,000
Views of Durance and Luberon valley
2 reception rooms
6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Outbuildings and guest apartment
2 swimming pools
In all about 9 acres of land
Guide Price €2,440,000
French View 29
6th arrondissement
Unique and practical
Double reception room
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
Stunning 2nd floor apartment
Situated in charming 17th century
Hotel Particulier
In the heart of Paris near the
Luxemburg Gardens
Price on application
16th arrondissement
Heritage with views
3 reception rooms
3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
On the 6th and 7th floor
Separate staff apartment
Terraces with stunning views
of the Eiffel Tower
Price on application
16th arrondissement
Security and location
Reception room
4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Spa and home cinema
Garden and terrace
Elegant townhouse in private
gated residence
Price on application
30 French View
Seine and Eiffel Tower views
Triple reception room
5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Separate studio apartment
Views over the River Seine towards
the Eiffel Tower
Price on application
Exceptional penthouse
Reception room
5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Duplex penthouse
Grand and sought-after building
Garden terrace with stunning views
Price on application
Period triplex apartment
Triple reception room
5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Staff apartment
2 parking spaces and 3 cellars
Glorious period building
Price on application
French View 31
south west france
A noble vintage
Important historic château
4 reception rooms
7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Swimming pool, garaging and stables
3 bedroom guest house, office and Chai
In all about 35 acres including vineyard
32 French View
south west france
Exquisite Gascon château and estate
Grand entrance hallway
6 reception rooms
7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Swimming pool, pigeonnier and
summer dining room
Guardian’s cottage, stables and
historic stone barn
In all about 39.5 acres
Guide Price €3,500,000
French View 33
south west france
Secret domaine
4 reception rooms
7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Self-contained guest wing
Lake, swimming pool and tennis court
In all about 32 acres
Guide Price €1,100,000
Hilltop farmhouse retreat
3 reception rooms
4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Guest cottage and pigeonnier
Swimming pool
In all about 22 acres
Guide Price €825,000
34 French View
south west france
Refined château on banks of Dordogne
4 reception rooms
7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms
3 bedroom guest cottage
Swimming pool, garage and orangerie
Direct river views
In all about 23.7 acres
Guide Price €2,550,000
French View 35
Courchevel 1850
Cospillot location
Living room and TV room
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
South facing balcony
Jacuzzi and steam room
Well located for Cospillot slope
Guide Price €9,750,000
36 French View
Courchevel 1850
An Alpine gem
Ski in ski out
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
Swimming pool and spa area
Garage and wine cellar
South facing terrace and mountain views
Price on application
French View 37
Exceptional Alpine chalet
6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Set in the heart of Meribel Village
Vaulted grand salon with dining room
Terrace with panoramic views of the valley
Ski room and garage
Guide Price €8,500,000
Step out onto the snow
3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom
West facing balcony
Walk to the slopes
Overlooking the Rond Point
Guide Price €1,225,000
38 French View
Contemporary chalet
Grand salon
3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna
Cinema room and garage parking
Demi Quartier location
Near the Princess ski lift
Guide Price €2,990,000
French View 39
Classically styled Val d’Isere chalet
Grand salon with fireplace
4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Contemporary interiors
Multimedia room and indoor/outdoor
Garage and south facing terraces
Guide Price €3,000,000
Luxury, space and breathtaking views
5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
South facing terrace
Guest chalet with 7 further bedrooms
Sauna, Norwegian hot tub, cinema
and cellar
Garage and workshop
GUIDE PRICE €2,995,000
40 French View
Lake Geneva
Chalet on the banks of Lake Geneva
2 reception rooms and 8 bedrooms
Waterfront with views across the lake
Landscaped gardens with lighting
Guest cottage
Boathouse and private pontoon
GUIDE PRICE €5,000,000
French View 41
why knight frank?
Industry statistics inform us that 74% of people start their property search online.
Putting that into perspective, catching the attention of potential buyers before
they make their trip to France, Monaco or the Alps is vital, and many now consider
it essential to use an agent with an international presence to achieve this.
ith 243 offices in
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Allied to this strategy,
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to £5m
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– 5%
£750k to £1.5m
Over €20m
– 5%
under £750k
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Neither Knight Frank LLP nor any joint agent has any authority to make any representations
about the property, and accordingly any information given is entirely without responsibility
on the part of the agents, seller(s) or lessor(s). 2. Photos etc: The photographs show
only certain parts of the property as they appeared at the time they were taken. Areas,
measurements and distances are approximate only. 3. Regulations etc: Any reference to
alterations to, or use of, any part of the property does not mean that any necessary planning,
building regulations or other consent has been obtained. A buyer or lessee must find out
by inspection or in other ways that these matters have been properly dealt with and that
all information is correct. 4. TAX: Tax may be payable in addition to the purchase price of
the property according to the national or local law applicable. Knight Frank LLP is a limited
liability partnership registered in England with registered number OC305934. Our registered
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This publication is published for general information only and not to be relied upon in
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whatsoever can be accepted by Knight Frank LLP for any loss or damage resultant from any
use of, reliance on or reference to the contents of this document. As a general publication,
this material does not necessarily represent the view of Knight Frank LLP in relation to
particular properties or projects. Reproduction of this report in whole or in part is not
allowed without prior written approval of Knight Frank to the form and content within
which it appears.
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