Offered at: $100,000


Offered at: $100,000
Tropical Mediterranean and Modern Style Home
Offered at: $100,000
This is a beautiful tropical home with a mediterranean and modern style with 5
bedrooms and 2 baths. This location feels very secluded even though you are 5 minutes
from the center of Leon and just 2 blocks from one of the best high school of town. This
home has a huge lush garden area and wonderful trees that provide a wonderful shade
Property Details:
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2
Address: Colegio Pureza de Maria 1
(sq Meters): 855.7
1/2 Size
C al Sur
Beaches near the property: Leon
Paved Roads
Storage Space
Address: 1/2 block east of Hotel Los Balcones.
Leon, Nicaragua. Central America
USA Phone: (415) 839-6690
Nica Phone: (505) 8672-3566
[email protected]
Developed By: MultiTech Labs

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