2. Chupaderos / Technical facts



2. Chupaderos / Technical facts
2. Chupaderos
/ Technical facts
Municipality of Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León, México.
16,031 hectares.
100 km north of Monterrey, 120 km S70°E of Monclova, and 20 km N of Sabinas de Hidalgo.
The closest high voltage power line is 27 km away, and 3 km south, low voltrage.
Missisipi Valley Type
Silver, lead, zinc, gold, and copper.
Late Cretaceous Limestone and siltstone. Early Cretaceous limestone, Austin Formation.
No alterations, as the area is covered by Holocene colluvial.
155 g/t Ag, 2.5% Pb and 2.5% Zn.
According with adjacent geological context, in Providencia and La Iguana of Rio Alto Mining Limited,
it would be expected at least 1% of the 10’000,000 tons estimated by Rio Alto.
Early Stage
920 km2 of Regional Geology and 500 has, detailed. Ground and airborne geophysics.
Airborne magnetics revealed in 2002-2003, two remarkable anomalies, Candela and Chupaderos in the eastern
valley of Lampazos range, an anticline opened in Jurassic. Later search confirmed both anomalies as a probable
response of an intrusive mass estimated from 400 to 600 below surface.
A relevant element in the area is the very well known stratabound mineralization in the Cretaceous Cupido
imestone, two important exploration guides; also, it is highly probable to expect a complete system underground,
included skarn type deposits, associated to the Chupaderos anomaly.
Chupaderos is located within the alkalic belt Monclova-Candela. Pánuco mine, a Mo-Cu porphyry is related
to a pegmatite injection breccia 80 meters of diameter. North and 15 km lies a lead-zinc mine La IguanaVallecitos, extensively explored by Rio Alto Mining Ltd, a replacement and stratabound deposit in the very
contact of granodiorite multiple intrusions in Cretaceous limestone.
2. Chupaderos Project
The Chupaderos prospect is located in the town
of Sabinas Hidalgo, north of the state of Nuevo
León. It comprises an area of 16,031
ha. Located
120 Km straight SE of Monclova, Coahuila., and
25 km straight north of the county seat of Sabinas
Hidalgo, NL.
Nuevo León state: 16,031 hectares
Located in the alkaline belt Monclova-Candela,
oriented EW, which is the southern extension of a
group of similar rocks described in the Trans-Pecos
Texas province. The Panuco mine known, consist in
porphyry Cu-Mo-Au related to pegmatite circular
gap that is 80 m in diameter and is encased in alkaline
diorite intrusion an example closely related to the
ore bodies.
North to 15 km, is the Pal mine (The Iguana) silverlead-zinc, owned by Rio Alto Mining Limited, a
consistent body replacement and skarn along the
contact zone of granodiorite affecting a Cretaceous
The assigned area is covered by Quaternary
colluvium and alluvium, recognizing the NE area
of fences
Rancho Arroyo de los Sauces few small
outcrops of shales and siltstones of the Upson
(Kc Lu-Lm) Formation outcrops and the Eastern
formal limestone - shale of Austin (Kcoss Cz-Lu)
Formation and shale-limestone of the Eagle Ford
(Kcet lu-Cz) Formation. The latter two formations
are part of the anticline Vallecillo.
Aerial magnetic exploration was carried out in 20002003 showed two intense abnormalities, Candela and
Chupaderos, the latter located in the eastern valley of
the Sierra de Lampazos in an anticline that is open
in the Jurassic sediments .
Geology map
Subsequent work by magnetometry-radiometry high resolution confirmed
both anomalies, presumably in response to a deep intrusive mass that has high
magnetic susceptibility. Chupaderos anomaly was the only legally protected.
Based on the geological environment and the manifestations of mineral
mining claims adjacent Providence and Pal (La Iguana) ownership of
Mexican Silver Mines Ltd., for the resource estimate is considered 1% of
resources expected by the mining company that is 10’000, 000 ton, resulting
in several campaigns diamond drilling, surface and interior geology and
mine sampling. So for the prospectus is deemed Chupaderos 1’000, 000 ton,
grading 155 g / t Ag, 2.5% Pb and 2.5% Zn.

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